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Artwork Team

The Ubuntu GNOME Artwork Team and the Mailing List serves as a get-together for people who create Artwork with and/or for Ubuntu GNOME. Besides a great visual design, our interests include the use of Free Software and open processes to get there.

What we do

  • Develop and distribute logos and other graphic design for related projects - Please, see Graphics.

  • Maintain marketing made to specification (posters, web banners, social media, etc.)
  • Create and make available artwork (wallpapers, themes, etc.)
  • Provide resources (art assets, advice, graphic elements) and encouragement.

Who are we

Ubuntu GNOME is a young project. While each and every member is doing their best to make Ubuntu GNOME even better, we are trying to build our team in the process. The Team Leader of Ubuntu GNOME Artwork Team is aldomann.


  • We always need help to create graphics and other resources to incorporate into Ubuntu GNOME specific apps.
  • There is a web area (please see Places), where you can share GNOME related photos, wallpapers, themes, icons and cursors.
  • Please note that we greatly appreciate your help with our specifications for the next version, or an upstream one. You may contribute to existing pieces following our specifications and that of Ubuntu's and GNOME's.

Places (web links)

  • Ubuntu Guidelines - Ubuntu general design guidelines.

  • GNOME Design - GNOME's Design wiki page, relevant artwork can be found there.

  • Gnome-Look - Stuff for GNOME: GTK themes, and other things.

  • DeviantART - Most theme makers post their GTK/GNOME Shell themes there.

Released Artwork

Artwork Creation Kit

The Ubuntu GNOME ACK provides you the SVG resources and tools necessary to create artwork for Ubuntu GNOME.

If you're new at creating artwork, we recommend you download Inkscape, an Open Source vector graphics editor.

  • sudo apt-get install inkscape

If you feel more confortable with bitmap graphics, we recommend you download GIMP, an Open Source image retouching and editing tool.

  • sudo apt-get install gimp

Additional Artwork elements

  • Firefox Theme - GNOME's Adwaita theme for Firefox.

  • Chrome/ium Scrollbars - Extension that replaces the Chrome/ium scrollbars with scrollbars that match GNOME's Adwaita theme. Free to download and very easy to install through the Chrome Web Store

  • Chrome/ium Theme - GNOME's Adwaita theme for Chrome/ium. Free to download and very easy to install through the Chrome Web Store

  • Chrome/ium Native Notifications - Get native Chrome/ium notifications for GNOME Shell. Free to download and very easy to install through the Chrome Web Store

Other Artwork teams

See Also

As adding value to the Ubuntu community is core to our purpose, we expect contributors to conduct team interactions as suggested by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

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