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Mailing list

The main communication channel for Ubuntu translators is the mailing list, so any announcement should be posted there.

Ubuntu Translations project RSS feed

The ubuntu-translations project has an RSS feed for announcements. The relevant announcements posted on the mailing list should be put in there as well.

All members of the Ubuntu Translations Coordinators team have write access to the news feed.

Planet Ubuntu

We should blog more on translations! Smile :)

Consider letting the Planet know about any translations developments, be it a general announcement, Jams or any info about your translation team.


Important announcements should be put in the Fridge as well. The procedure is simply a matter of e-mailing the Ubuntu News team with the announcement or pinging dpm to post it.


Also consider spreading the word in the microblogging services, such as

  • TODO: we should probably create hashtags and such for !ubuntu-translators and #ubuntu-translations


We've got a big Facebook Ubuntu user group in Facebook. We should make sure that important announcements are also posted there. Let dpm know and he'll take care to get it published.


Important announcements which are useful for the whole Ubuntu community should also be posted in the Forums.


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