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Adding new members to the Ubuntu Translations Coordinators team

As the role of a Ubuntu Translations Coordinator team member implies a great deal of responsibility and a good insight on the workings of Launchpad Translations, we will generally propose and appoint new members to the team ourselves. We are always looking for help, and the team is encouraged to actively look for new contributors.

Here are the main prerequisites for prospective new members to the team:

  • Be long-time contributors to Ubuntu Translations. Karma and translation team membership might be good ways of measuring this in this particular case.
  • Be familiar with Launchpad Translations and the Translations Lifecycle

  • Be active in the global Ubuntu Translations community, preferably be an Ubuntu member
  • Have good technical knowledge on gettext and on Ubuntu packaging
  • Preferably be a local team coordinator, although this should not be a requisite


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