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Appointment of new teams to Ubuntu translators

Generally requests to appoint new teams will be done on the ubuntu-translations-coordinators mailing list or on the Answers system.

Here's what the UTC team can do to process those requests:

  1. We'll point the new team to how to start a new Ubuntu Translations team

  2. Once they've gone through the process, we'll make sure they are following the policies we've established for Ubuntu translation teams

  3. The steps in creating a team are detailed, but simple. We want to ensure we make it easy for new teams to start, but at the same time we want to have some structure and collaboration with upstream in the Ubuntu translations process. In order to balance these requirements, we make it a policy to have translation guidelines, but we will give some grace period to new teams to create them.
  4. Once all requirements are met, you can simply appoint the team here

  5. Remember to ask the new coordinator to announce the team creation on the Ubuntu Translators mailing list

Translation team owner role reassignment

The UTC team can also take care of reassigning new team coordinators to Ubuntu translation teams. The process for UTC team members to follow are already documented, so here are just a few examples of past requests, which might help as a guide and to speed up the handling of future requests.

Example requests

(i) The following are only for the benefit of the UTC team members. If you are here to request a change of translation team coordinator you should not need to worry about this and go here instead.

Example UTC e-mail from the UTC team

Here is an example e-mail sent to the Latvian team when a new coordinator was appointed. This can be useful for the Ubuntu Translations Coordinators as a basis for future e-mails.

Hi Konstantin, Raivis, Danko,

I hope you are all well.

I'm contacting you as administrators of the Ubuntu Latvian translation team regarding an issue affecting the team as explained here:

PÄ“teris is raising some concerns about the way the team works, the quality of translations and the collaboration with upstream. He is offering his help to collaborate on this and would like to step forward to lead the team.

Would you mind sharing your thoughts on this by replying to the support request at

Thanks a lot!


Example support request for ownership change to LOSAs

Here is an example support request to the LOSAs for a change of ownership of the Sinhala translation team. This can be useful for the Ubuntu Translations Coordinators as a basis for future requests.

After the discussion at, it seems that the current members of the Ubuntu Sinhala Translators team are no longer active. After contacting the current owner has already explicitly asked to be removed from all Ubuntu mailing lists (and activities), but so far has not given up ownership of the team (did not respond to the last message).

There is a new volunteer who has stepped up to be the new coordinator and to revive the Ubuntu Sinhala translation effort.

Therefore, I'd like to request Jeewantha Lekamwasam ( to be assigned as the owner of the Ubuntu Sinhala Translators team at



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