The purpose of this page is to help on the planning of language pack exports and updates

Translations exports schedule

Translations from Launchpad are automatically exported on a regular basis as a tarball containing PO files for all languages. This tarball is then used by langpack-o-matic as the source to create the language pack packages.


From the u-t-c mailing list discussion, everyone seems to agree to drop Intrepid, so I believe we can do it straight away. I personally am not too sure about dropping Hardy, but I'd be fine with it if we define and document a clear procedure to request language pack updates. -- dpm 2009-11-10 07:47:03

Language packs

  • Automatic PPA uploads
    • Do we still want weekly PPA uploads for Jaunty, or once per month? Or stop them and generate them on request?
      • From UDS discussions, it seems that we still want weekly Jaunty PPA uploads -- dpm 2009-12-10 16:30:36

  • Language pack updates
    • What do we do for Jaunty? It will probably depend on what we decide for the PPAs. Do we want montly updates?
    • We should define a schedule for Karmic. Proposal: monthly updates, 2 weeks after the PPA upload being tested. E.g. announce a 16th Nov PPA for testing and release the first language pack on the 30th Nov.



We should probably discuss all this at UDS, but please, add your comments here. I'd still leave the Jaunty PPAs as they are, but perhaps reducing the frequency of uploads to monthly. In any case, we should update the text on the PPA page to reflect the current situation, since the current text is misleading. -- dpm 2009-11-10 07:47:03


Having the language pack PPA updated twice per weeks is very useful for both translators and developers.

PPA updates for latest stable release and current development release is a must. Since we have message sharing between series it would make sense to also update the series linked with the latest stable or development release.

Now for moving those packages from PPA to ubuntu-updates I think this should be done on demand for all stable releases and only if they fix some bugs or a major number of translations were updated. It is not of much use to update all languages each month since for 90% of them no significant strings were changes. Maybe we can use the same process as for SRUs.


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