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My earliest experience with computers was during the early 1980s. At that time, my dad had bought (giggle) the TRS-80 color computer(giggle!). I did learn a little BASIC from that machine, but that was about it.


I heard about Linux from a friend at the office. At that time, I was taking a computer course for the company. Around that same time, the MS Blast was making headlines and I was busying myself by helping some of our customers to get through it.

Naturally, I was intrigued by alternative OS's as they are less prone to viruses.

One of my other friends told me about Ubuntu when I mentioned my troubles with RedHat 6(which was old by that time)

I attempted to install the Dapper Drake release on my old Dell (L1000R, which originally had Win ME on it), It failed due to lack of RAM, so last year, I sent out for the Edgy release of Xubuntu, and I have been running Xubuntu ever since that time.


I have since this time, ditched the Dell(but not the HD) and I am using a Gateway with 1GB of RAM on it. The speed is nice. Trying to edit some Window Manager Themes.

Xubuntu personal goals

In keeping with XFCE, I believe in a light weight OS that is easy on older systems(like mine). Efficiency is important.

Learning programming languages through various resources on the net, and through Ubuntu.

Eventually, the more I learn, I hope that it may help to make a career one day.

Here's a few good sites I have heard about through the forums







This is a good book to use for reference


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