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Bedis ElAcheche

About Me

My name is ElAcheche Bedis, aka d4rk 5c0rp. I am a Tunisian technology enthusiast who followed a Software Engineering degree. I am a web and mobile developer.

The first time I have heard about the Tunisian community was in the UGJ 11.09 and I started following the community online and IRL since then.

Personal Linux Experience

I have first tried GNU/Linux in 2011 at UGJ 11.09, than it has become my primary operating system after two months.

As my knowledge about GNU, FLOSS and Linux have grown, I have tested many Linux distributions such as arch, mint and fedora
But currently, I am still loyal to Ubuntu as my main PC OS.


Since I have joined Ubuntu-TN I had the chance to learn a lot from the community and especially about the community. I first started helping the community creating some designs such stickers, covers, wallpapers and, posters I also developed some ubuntu-touch projects as an ubuntu-tn developer and I am tring to give any kind of help as possible as I can to our community.

Events : Conferences, workshops, install parties and others

Most Ubuntu-TN events are listed on our Events page. You can find events details, reports, photos and blog links on that page. Our monthly report may sometimes contain further details or information.

During these events I have worked with members of Ubuntu-TN community and sometimes with members of other FLOSS communities, organizations, universities and clubs. I am very thankful to everyone who contributed to these events in any way possible.


  • Ubuntu Ubuntu 14.10 Wallpaper Contest

    • - Top 12.

Here you can find the wallpaper.


  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Touch training session at Faculty of Science Monastir 13.11

    • - Ubuntu Touch Trainer: Ubuntu Touch HTML5 UI Components.

Here you can find the presentation.

  • Ubuntu Software Freedom Day at Science Palace of Monastir 13.10

    • - Discussion with the public about Ubuntu and FLOSS, answering questions and encouraging the public to convert to Ubuntu and FLOSS and staying at Ubuntu-TN Stand
      - Ubuntu Touch Trainer
      - Helping the main organisers of the event

    Ubuntu GNU 30th Anniversary 13.09

    • - Developing an Ubuntu Touch application
      - Helping the main organisers of the event
      - Taking pictures


  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Global Jam 12.03

    • - Co-coordination and mediatization of the event

    Ubuntu Software Freedom Day at Science Palace of Monastir 12.09

    • - GIMP workshop trainer
      - Taking pictures


  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Global Jam 11.09

    • - Sticker design
      - Testing, translation and bug tracking contributor
      - Taking pictures

Other contributions

My contributions vary from IRL events, but I also started with respected contributions over IRC, ML, forums, blogs, and other mediums. I have also done many individual contributions when possible outside Ubuntu-TN. I have assisted many Ubuntu users, shot photos, designed logos and posters...

Here, you can have a look on few of my contributions uploaded on Ubuntu-TN Artwork

Quick events and contributions

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Flash Coffee

    • - Meeting IRL with Ubuntu-TN members


  • Ubuntu Design contributions and suggestions for other designs

    • - Designing few posters, and Ubuntu Global Jam stickers

    Ubuntu Assisting non Ubuntu users migrate to Ubuntu

Future Goals

  • Ubuntu Get an Ubuntu Phone and become an Ubuntu Touch developer

    Ubuntu Reach a much younger public even in primary schools if possible

    Ubuntu Improve Ubuntu-TN performance and integrate new active members

    Ubuntu Open a FLOSS club at my institute

    Ubuntu Spread FLOSS philosophy


  • Ubuntu Bedis is one of the active persons in our LoCo, he is engaged in Ubuntu and Free Software with all his heart, and gives the maximum for this mission. As my little brother I see him working, and I know what he is able to do, and to give for FOSS.

    Ubuntu Bedis is one of my best friends and most active members in our LoCo team. He was elected as a member in the Freedom Fighters Group. He participate in most activities. I'm sure that Ubuntu Membership will be a good recognition to let him to go ahead.

    Ubuntu Bedis, aka The Artist, he is always ready to make a few mouse clicks and produce beautiful artworks. I can't imagine a Tunisian LoCo team event without a poster made by Beids and using only free software. His contribution to our community is important and I highly recommend his approval as an Ubuntu member.

    Ubuntu Bedis is one of most active members in the ubuntu tn community. He is a great artistic sensitivity and an even greater creative curiosity. His creativity always surpasses my expectations. Everything from color scheme to logos, it always seems to be better than I imagine. It is a rare talent to combine technical knowledge with art. I'm sure that ubuntu membership will be a good recognition to let him to go ahead.

    Ubuntu d4rk-5c0rp is a very active member of the ubuntu-tn team since the day he joined our first Ubuntu Global Jam in 2011. Since then, his contributions (design, training, help...) were important for our loco team and he has always been a friendly and helpful member.

    • - Neo31, Ubuntu Member & former LoCo contact, 02-04-2015.

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