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Ubuntu user since September 2010. I joined the ubuntu-tn on 16 April 2011 as normal member and I become a team cordinator in july 2011. I'm a members of the Tunisian Local Community. I’m a Web Developper and FOSS supporter and I love cats and chocolate.I feel like I have too many passions like Humanitarian and associative activities and reading.

When we speak about the Ubuntu Spirit, we are referring to the spirit of unity, love, peace and compassion, which expresses itself in a desire to help others and includes everyone.The philosophy is simple enough,it does require a massive shift in how we think about ourselves, how we see each other, and how we view every other living thing on the planet i love the way the community are that’s why it became my second family xD

Contact details

Ubuntu activity

  • Ubuntu Tunisian LoCo Team Member and member of Ubuntu Tunisian Team and Ubuntu-Tn Management Committee

    Ubuntu Coordinator of the Redaction Team : I participate actively in drafting content for the site or other media for the use of the Team. I also coordinate and mentor the activities of the other members who participates in the activities of the Redaction Team.

    Ubuntu Participate in drafting and validating WiKi pages for the ubuntu-tn Team

    Ubuntu Organizing IRC meetings and keeping order during meetings.

    Ubuntu Wiki updates - Event preparation, event report, uploading photos, other...

    Ubuntu LoCo directory updates - Updating LoCo dir with new important events etc...

    Ubuntu Personal blog - Blogging about few Ubuntu-TN events

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Flash Coffee - Meeting IRL with Ubuntu-TN members

    Ubuntu Always connected on the IRC Channels #ubuntu-tn, #ubuntu-fr Channel, to improve my skills

    Ubuntu Actif on the ubuntu-tn MLModest participation on the Launchpad

    Ubuntu Preparation of ReApprovalApplication2013 juin 2013


I was also present during many events which I helped during the preparations.


  • Ubuntu Education Freedom Day Tunisia


  • Ubuntu the Software Freedom Day 2013 in cooperation with Science Palace of Monastir 27 october 2013

    Ubuntu GNU30 Esprit: 28/29 September 2013

    • Simple participation, taking photos..
    • Translation workshop assistant
    • Photo album

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Global Jam13.09 13, 14, and 15 September 2013

    • Co-coordination and organisation of the event

    Ubuntu PSM 13.05 : 4 May 2013

    • Co-coordination and organisation of the event
    • Translation workshop assistant
    • Photo album

    Ubuntu Global Jam 13.03 : 1, 2 and 3 March 2013


  • Ubuntu Richard Mathew Stallman conference at Science Palace of Monastir

    • Organising and preparing for the event

    Ubuntu Support the opening event of the CLL "The Faculty of Science" Monastir

    Ubuntu Supervising the planning and taking part at the Software Freedom Day 2012 in cooperation with Science Palace of Monastir

    Ubuntu Supervising the planning and taking part at the TIME Private University of Tunis-Ubuntu conferences day and install partySamedi 21 April 2012

    Ubuntu Supervising the planning and taking part at the Global Jam 12.03 ( three days) 2, 3 and 4 March 2012

    • Translation workshop assistant and contributor
    • Article

    Ubuntu Supervising the planning and taking part at the IRL National Ubuntu-TN meeting at Hackerspace Tunis - National meeting to discuss community progress and main issues 29 January 2012


  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Global Jam 11.09 2, 3 and 4 September 2011(three days, more than 30 members) - The first UGJ for Ubuntu-TN, introducing five contribution activities to the local team (Training and contribution activites : translation, testing and upgrade, bug triagging, packaging, documentation)


I was also present during other events organized by Tunisian communities and associations

  • Ubuntu

    meshSayada: 14-15/11/2013 Photo album

    Ubuntu Social Media Club Tunisia

    Blogging & Social Media Event ~ Sousse: 12/01/2013 Photo album

    Ubuntu Wikipedia Tunisia

    Wiki Loves Monuments Ceremony ~ Sousse: 23/11/2013 Photo album

    Ubuntu Drupal Tunisia

    Ubuntu & Drupal install day 13.11: 16/11/2013 Photo album

Future involvement

  • Ubuntu Continue my involvement in the LoCo Team and planning of the certification (LPI).

    Ubuntu Preparation of an online magazine Mag_Ubuntu-tn

    Ubuntu Encouraging tunisian women to use Ubuntu and especially to participate in the Ubuntu community and to increase the visibility and contribution of women

    Ubuntu Become more active in Ubuntu Women Project

I leave you with this: Mr. Mandela, “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” And so it is! Smile :)


  • Ubuntu LunaPersa is one of the most active members in Ubuntu-tn LoCo team and the Management Committee. She's very smart and helps our community to be more organized and have a better communication between members.

    Ubuntu LunaPersa is one of my best friends that I have met in Ubuntu-TN. Luna is an active member in our LoCo team and. She's very smart and helps our community and help many people on ML, IRC, Forum and Facebook.

    Ubuntu Luna is the heart of Ubuntu-TN that does her best to bring everybody together and push the community forward. She is one of the most active Ubuntu-TN members for more than three years now. I hope she keeps moving forward with our community and inspires the new members.

    Ubuntu Luna is one of the fewest girl active in the Open source community and even in IT domain in Tunisia , she have a sense of organisation and also a big web developement talent. She is the one who really deserve to be as ubuntu member because she belive in the humanity and she wanna spread the spirit of opensource all over the world." She inspires me "

    Ubuntu Luna is one of the most active members in the Ubuntu-tn community. In the management committee she takes care, with determination, of writing monthly reports and other reports. Helpful, full of energy, and always available to help with a smile. She deserves to be the first woman as Ubuntu member in Tunisia and the Arab world.

    Ubuntu Luna is the best organized members int Ubuntu-tn , i like her method of event management, her attitude and her smiles.I never forget her presentation in ubuntu events and her help for all the members .

    Ubuntu Luna is one of most active members in the ubuntu tn community. she's is characterized by sensibility and neutrality. she always listen carefully to everybody. she has a sense of organization and also has a magic touch in the community. she is one of the fewest girl active in it domain in Tunisia, also she participated actively in ubuntu-tn. i'm so proud to seen someome like her, that's why I recommend her.

    Ubuntu Luna Persa is one of the most active members in our LoCo team. She was elected as a member in the management committee. She participate in most activies. I'm sure she deserve to be a Ubuntu Member.

    Ubuntu Luna Persa is one of the most active ladies in ubuntu-tn LoCo team. She participate in most of ubuntu-tn event, in reality and on the net, in the locoteam mailing list and via social networks. I recommand a lot her ubuntu membership.

    Ubuntu Luna Persa Is one of keys of ubuntu-tn , she work always harder to put us together and up to date about events and new procedure. She always fulfill his role in management committee and walk through to make ubuntu-tn in the front of opensource event and known everywhere in our country. I'm sure that ubuntu membership will be a good recognition to let here to go ahead.

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