About Me

Linux user since April 2007, Mandrake to Mandriva and Ubuntu user since May 2007. I joined Ubuntu-tn after a year as regular member then on August 2011, I joined the provisional team to become the events team coordinator.

On April 2012 the latter has been confirmed during an Ubuntu-tn physical meeting.

On February 7, 2014 I was approved as an Official Ubuntu Member during an irc meeting with the Ubuntu Membership Board

My main goal is to promote Ubuntu and FOSS in Tunisia, with a focus on Tunisian universities.

Being an active member in LoCo helped me to improve my skills and meet awesome people, who later on became dear friends.

I also found my present job (SysAdmin) thanks to a fellow Ubuntu-tn member.

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I was also present during other events organized by Tunisian communities and associations


Drupal Tunisia

Social Media Club Tunisia

Wikipedia Tunisia

Future involvement


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