1. Ubuntu Membership

BodhiZazen - First !!! - It is my pleasure to write in behalf of Iain. I have known him from both the Ubuntu forums where he as assisted with moderation and on the Beginners team. Iain is extremely knowledgeable and has written several tutorials for the Ubuntu Forums ( example ). Iain is a patient teacher and has helped me learn more about Ubuntu and (deb) packaging. Iain is an outstanding contributor to the community I fully support his membership.

paultag - Iain is one of those guys. Over the last year and a half, I have picked up a few things about Iain. Iain is always working tirelessly behind the scenes, taking things you mention offhand, and running with it, not only to completion, but expanded to things that you never even considered before. It's rare I can mention a piece of software not working right for me, and Iain not jumping up to patch it. His incredible enthusiasm, tireless effort and radical belief in the philosophy of Ubuntu -- humanity towards others -- really shines in every interaction I have had with him. He is a level-headed, fair and temperate moderator on the Ubuntu Forums, a model for future moderators and administrators. I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Iain on the Ubuntu Beginners Team, and watching ( or rather working beside ) his progress from lay-member to where he is today. He has proved himself, time after time, a valued and active member in the Beginners Team, Beginners Development Focus team, and without a doubt the Beginners IRC Focus team. His passion, enthusiasm and drive are qualities that I try to emulate daily. I am able to support Iain's membership without reserve, hesitation or qualification, and have no doubt he will continue in his outstanding work. All the best Iain, please consider his application favorably.

Silver Fox - Iain just doesn't stop helping out. He has a profound amount of knowledge at his disposal and I see him using it regularly when he is helping others. He is an invaluable member of not only the Beginners Team IRC Focus group but also to the Beginners Team. Iain is also a big contributor on Ubuntu forums where he serves as a moderator. Aside from that role on the forum he also writes superb howto guides that many have benefited from. I strongly support his application for membership as he really does deserve it for his outstanding contributions.

starcraft.man - Well seems like I'm a bit late, Iain's already gotten quite a few glowing reviews especially from paultag (suspiciously glowing? Brain Slug I suspect!!!). I haven't been around the longest but seen ibuclaw around always being helpful. When I'm helping in the beginners-help channel and have a bit of trouble finding a solution, I can rest assured that if I ping ibuclaw and he's around the problem will get solved. Well natured and extremely knowledgeable in general, writing those amazingly long forum how-tos. That's not even talking about his other work listed on this page. Only thing he seems not to have done is wiki work (Why no love ibuclaw? I stand corrected! See, so powerful he corrects my humor with facts. Stupid facts.). Barring him being an impostor softening us up to be taken over by our new Brain Slug overlords, I see no reason why he shouldn't get membership.

forestpiskie - Once again I am late to the party and everyone else gets the good bits. I got invited to join the Beginners Team by this bloke I met on the forums it was tinivole (ibuclaw) - he helped me to get through the awful trial by fire that is Bodhi's quiz Wink ;) I was fairly amazed to find out recently that he has never put himself up for Ubuntu membership as he seems to be everywhere posting on the forums - his work with his nvidia How To is exemplary. I fully support his application for membership and wish him success.

drubin - Finally! I was one of those people that happened to ask about Ian's membership status so glad he is finally applying for it. Ian has been there on irc and the forums for as long as I can remember over the last year and a half I can't think of a time when Ian wasn't there to help a friend in need. His devotion clearly shows by the groups he is active member of, his UF tutorials that are so clear and detailed even compiling your own drivers seems simple to new linux users. Ian's doesn't only deserve Ubuntu Membership but he embodies every aspect of what it means to be an Ubuntu Member. Good luck and encase for some reason I can't be there to cheer you on. Cheer! \o/ \o/ \o/

Joeb454 - What can I say about ibuclaw? He's always very helpful, sometimes too helpful, whereby he confuses me, and has to then help even more! But that's a good thing, because it'll get explained, and people learn. Ibuclaw also has an awesome sense of humour, though that may not be important to some, it helps in creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere whenever he's helping or talking to people. In short - I fully support ibuclaw's application for Ubuntu membership.

digitalvectorz - Brilliance comes in a myriad of forms. Iain not only exhibits some of these forms of brilliance - he himself is one of those forms. I've had the opportunity to collaborate with Iain on many occasions through the Beginner's Team and the Development Team. My advancement and desire to further myself in Perl and other programming endeavors has a great deal to do with the inquiries Iain would pose forth and the guidance he would offer while I was still blossoming as a programmer. After becoming a more permanent part of the Development Team and observing Iain from the other side "of the fence," His communication, his dedication, his drive, and his passion have only brightened the fire surrounding his brilliance. His astounding abilities coupled alongside his aptitude for teaching and learning engrave him as one of the core components to the (Beginner's Team) Development Team. It is my opinion that Iain is, and will continue to prove himself to be, an indispensable and integral part of the Ubuntu Community. -dVz

MattHelmke - I'll be at the meeting and sitting on the membership approval board, but for the record, I fully and completely support Iain's application for membership. He is a wonderful part of our forums community and staff. I also agree with everything I am reading from the others above and won't bother repeating their words.

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