February 9th, 2010, 13:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


Action Items from January 12th, 2009

  • JamieBennett to complete imx51 backportng documentation on boot-speed.

  • cooloney to investigate lucid kernel patches that may need back-porting.
  • ericm and NCommander to investigate what causes the gnome-panel crash/restart cycle.

  • asac, ericm, and NCommander to talk about Thumb2 issues after the meeting and report back.

  • cooloney to ping fsl for more reliable chip rev checking method.
  • cooloney to ping fsl about suspend.
  • NCommander to investigate ericm's xorg naming bug.

  • persia, asac, Gruemaster to discuss meeting rotation schedule and report back.

Standing Items

Action Items

  • ericm to smoke-test dove images to confirm that the gnome-panel crashes have now been fixed.
  • persia to investigate into moving the team IRC meeting to a more universally acceptable time.

  • StevenK to talk to seb about gnome-games refactoring.
  • StevenK to fill up armel img with langs without busting i386
  • asac to blog about the new ARM 2D netbook launcher UI.

  • JamieBennett to blog about the Casper speed-up work done for the live-cd images.

  • asac to file mov related Thumb2 bugs and assign them to the team.

  • asac to organize couple of sprints on thumb2 porting issues and get team attend/contribute


  • cooloney informed the team that he had continued work on the backporting of Lucid kernel patches. He noted that some were merged such as modules.builtin and he would continue work on the ubuntu/ directory and AppArmor as soon as it was available. He also indicated that he was working on USB and ethernet issues (such as bug #457878) on iMX51.

  • Gnome-Panel crashes that the team had been seeing on recent images was reported to be fixed. ericm was given an action item to smoke test the Dove image as he is the only one with hardware. plars indicated that he had tested hardware at the sprint but further testing was needed.
  • cooloney confirmed that our chip revision discovery method is the correct one after talking with Freescale.
  • persia took an action item to investigate into moving the team IRC meeting to a more universally acceptable time.

  • asac lead the talk into the current status of the teams work item burndown chart: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile-lucid-alpha-3.html. StevenK mentioned the mobile-lucid-arm-une spec was blocked on other specs and that he would talk to seb about the gnome-games spec later.

  • The size of the current ARM images was discussed. Dove was currently at 491MB and iMX51 at 520MB. The team decided to pack the remaining space with more language packs nearer the final release date.
  • plars reported that he had setup a place for pairwise testing on iso tracker (http://pairwise.qa.ubuntu.com/) and sent information to the mailing list.

  • JamieBennett informed the team that the default UI for ARM has now been switched to the 2D launcher which uses EFL libraries. Initial indications are good on the performance of the new UI but there are a few bugs. asac committed to blogging about the new UI.

  • JamieBennett also mentioned that work on Casper had lead to a 33% boot speed increase in all cd images, not just ARM ones. JamieBennett committed to blogging about the speed increases.

  • Work on the FTBFS list continued. dyfet and asac mentioned they were working on mov related items. asac committed to filing mov related bugs and assigning them to the team. NCommander noted that now python-qt4 was fixed, the list should be in a better shape.

  • Talk of a Mobile Team mini Thumb2 sprint nearer the beta-2 release date was initiated by dmart, the team thought it would be a good idea.
  • ian_brasil detailed the current state of Ubuntu Liquid remix. It was deemed not read for the Lucid timeframe but the team would continue to package dependencies in universe where possible and where not, into a ppa ready for Lucid+1.

Weekly Reports

Jamie Bennett (JamieBennett)

This Week

  • Ubuntu platform sprint, great to work face-to-face with the team.
  • Managed to finish off the 2D launcher spec and now we have a great looking UI in the images.
  • Testing and filed bugs against the new 2D UI.
  • Worked on finishing up the Casper speed-up spec. Managed to finish it with cjwatson's help and now live images are booting 33% faster.
  • Worked on office webservice integration for ARM UNE.
  • Team discussions and other unspecified work.


  • Bug hunting, general Ubuntu work, spec monitoring and UI/Casper regressions.

Alexander Sack ([[AlexanderSack|asac]])

  • work with dyfet on boost thumb2 porting; sponsored
  • ported evolution-data-server to thumb2
  • ported mono to thumb2
  • investigated mono breakage due to ulimit limit on builders; tried to tweak ulimit on jocote; mono fails in other places
  • discuss mono bindings for indicator-applet with kenvandine; seems we won't get rid of it in short term
  • work with JamieBennett on office webservice integration for arm une

  • work on UI for email webservice integration for arm une
  • participate debugging of thumb2 dove bugs during sprint

other contributions

  • work on thunderbird 3.0 with micahg
    • coordinate update of thunderbird-locales
    • evaluate issues with orig.tar.gz creation for tbird tags using mozclient
  • connman update for debian/ubuntu

Emmet Hikory ([[EmmetHikory|persia]])

  • Extend mk-sbuild-lv and pbuilder-dist to support easy emulated building on armel with common tools
  • Package and test support for DisplayLink USB video devices for use as projectors or form-factor testing on other hardware

Steve Kowalik (StevenK)

  • Successfully built armel images for UNE, and disable ubuntu-desktop images for armel.
  • Work with the desktop team in terms of UNE seed changes for armel.
  • Discuss changes with the DX team, in terms of failures of new components to build on armel.

Michael Casadevall ([[MichaelCasadevall|NCommander]])

  • Did X0 stability testing on both old and new kernel
  • Debugging APT counters running backwards on Dove
  • Worked with Marvell in debugging and creation of a silicon patch that makes VFP behavior consistent across all ARM architectures
  • Tested UNE-2D on Dove/X0
  • Confirmed vldr execution hang bug didn't exist on X0 as best as possible
  • likewise-open porting continues (although limited work due to sprint and Marvell dove testing)
  • Confirmed that X0 is image-compatible with Y0/Y1
  • Rebuilt armel apport retracers

Oliver Grawert ([[OliverGrawert|ogra]])

This Week

  • sprint travelling
  • work on rootstock offline image builder:
    • add support for manifest (packagelist) file
    • add get_vm_kernel function to use the packaged versatile kernel from archive
    • add package caching options for complete offline mode after first run
    • change user/password handling to default to use oem-config on first boot of an image instead of hardcoding them at image creation
    • create a tasksel gtk ui to be included in teh rootstock-gui project
    • drop debootsrap version checks and various obsolete code bits
    • switch to noninteractive debian frontend (will get preseed file support soon too)
    • move locale handling to read /etc/default/locale from host instead of env
    • update documentation
  • lots of FTBFS givebacks
  • redboot update to latest freescale drop (now that we decided to not go with uboot)
  • various image tests for babbage (imx51)


  • finish rootstock gui
  • finish work on oem-config integration in rootstock
  • add preseed file support to rootstock
  • turn non FF critical items of rootstock into bugs for proper tracking
  • finish the two remaining powermanagement spec tasks (check pm-utils scripts, collect idle power stats, the latter depends on vendors shipping info and might extend beyond FF)

Paul Larson (plars)

This Week

  • Narrowed down bug #412959 to -O1 triggering the problem, and this now has a workaround in the package
  • Fixed the pybootchart gui crash on armel
  • Tested lots of kernels on Dove to see if bugs were fixed by them
  • Tested a new kernel on imx51
  • Made some progress on the suspend/resume blueprint
  • Activated pairwise tests on iso tracker, sent email to ubuntu-mobile mailing list announcing the project
  • Packaged moserial, and uploaded to revu
    • sent a man page and some other changes to upstream maintainer, which he has already integrated


  • Add the new netbook armel images to iso tracker before Alpha 3
  • Transition the pairwise testing to a new iso tracker for that explicit purpose
  • Work on suspend/resume blueprint

Tobin Davis

This Week

  • Helped Michael with narrowing down the apt counter issue.
  • Worked with Emmett on the lsb-lib testing. Implemented the changes recommended by the the engineers at the Linux Foundation.
  • Met with several team members outside Mobile that were looking for tools to stress the processor, given my testing background at Intel.
  • Gathered up all of the Marvel systems to make return shipping easier (and to make it easier for the team flying home).
  • Preliminary testing of new UNE image.


  • While I wait for info to return the Marvel boards, I will utilize them to enable more testing and lsb-lib development. So far they have proven good enough for this task.
  • Switching testing modes from desktop to UNE.
  • Get OLVER and T2C testing fixed and running on karmic & lucid.

David Sugar

This Week

  • Resolved arm alternate media blueprint and built preliminary canola2 lucid package
  • Resolved some ftbfs including boost
  • Tried qemu-static-arm from lucid, still lacks support needed for x86 pbuilder
  • Worked on libv4l and Marvell specific issues


  • Arm porting issues for thumb2 and arm ftbfs issues
  • Some small improvement in canola2 package for submission

Meeting Log

12:58 < cooloney> just in time
12:58 < NCommander> give me a moment to get setup
12:58 -!- dmart [~chatzilla@fw-tnat.cambridge.arm.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
12:58  * NCommander just got his laptop powered on
12:59 < NCommander> morning dmart
12:59 < NCommander> ugh
12:59 < NCommander> the wiki is timing out
12:59 < NCommander> can someone post the wiki page?
12:59 -!- Pici [~Pici@ubuntu/member/pdpc.professional.pici] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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13:00 < asac> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2010/20100209#preview
13:00 < MootBot> LINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2010/20100209#preview
13:00 < asac> oops
13:00 < asac> well
13:00 < asac> ;)
13:00 < asac> review doesnt hurt
13:01 < NCommander> thanks asac
13:01 < NCommander> ugh
13:01 < dmart> [LINK] http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/372469/
13:01 < MootBot> LINK received:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/372469/
13:01 -!- breinera [~breinera@emperor.NebrWesleyan.edu] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:01 < dmart> Oh, did the preview link work?
13:01 < NCommander> [topic] Action Item Review
13:01 < asac> JamieBennett: GrueMaster: ogra: ping
13:01 < MootBot> New Topic:  Action Item Review
13:01 < ogra> moop
13:01 < NCommander> hey ogra
13:02  * NCommander is lagging very badly
13:02 < JamieBennett> ere
13:02  * asac tries to find ericm
13:02 < NCommander> [topic] * JamieBennett to complete imx51 backportng documentation on
13:02 < MootBot> New Topic:  * JamieBennett to complete imx51 backportng documentation on
13:02 < NCommander>        boot-speed.
13:02 < JamieBennett> I suck
13:02 < JamieBennett> need to do that still
13:02 < NCommander> [topic]  cooloney to investigate lucid kernel patches that may need back-porting.
13:02 < MootBot> New Topic:   cooloney to investigate lucid kernel patches that may need back-porting.
13:03 < ogra> i think thats mostly implemented now
13:03 < asac> yes
13:03 < ogra> and we had a meeting where he presented a list
13:03 < asac> cooloney: ?
13:03 < asac> anything you still have in the pipeline for the backports?
13:03 -!- DavidLevin [~dslevin@67-210-33-186.ul.warwick.net] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:03 < cooloney> asac: i think some of them were merged
13:04 < cooloney> and uploaded
13:04 < ogra> today, yes
13:04 < cooloney> such as modules.builtin
13:04 < asac> cooloney: whats left?
13:04 < cooloney> populate_rootfs
13:04 < asac> or is all done?
13:04  * ogra is eager to see todays kernel :)
13:04 < cooloney> ubuntu/ directory changes will be next
13:04 -!- Lure [~quassel@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:04 < ogra> i thought there were no relevant ones
13:05 < ogra> at least thats what i got in the meeting
13:05 < cooloney> and AppArmor as soon as jj provide the git tree
13:05 < cooloney> ogra: right,
13:05 < ogra> so lets leave that out
13:05 < ogra> which means only AA left
13:05 < NCommander> [topic] ericm and NCommander to investigate what causes the gnome-panel crash/restart cycle.
13:05 < MootBot> New Topic:  ericm and NCommander to investigate what causes the gnome-panel crash/restart cycle.
13:05 < cooloney> all the candidates were listed in the wiki page
13:05 < NCommander> oops, sorry
13:06 < asac> i think thats all fixed by our kernel patch
13:06 < asac> (gnome-panel etc.)
13:06 < ogra> well, lets see how its on the real HW they release :)
13:06 < NCommander> asac: gnome-panel? As far as we know,m but I didnt get to abuse the board :-)
13:06 < asac> on the AA topic: i think it was said that AA backports are not needed, but good to have
13:06 < ogra> that test board isnt really what we'll get, no ?
13:06 < asac> i think its safe to assume its fixed
13:07 < ogra> asac, well, before cooloney idles in front of his desk ... its nice to have the AA backports :)
13:07 < NCommander> I think we can say the same for the next action item
13:07 < asac> NCommander: gimme an action to tell ericm to smoke test the panel a bit
13:07 < asac> cooloney: so yeah. please backport the bitgs
13:07 < cooloney> ogra: right, and according to JJ, it is not very hard to do that
13:07 < plars> I tested for the gnome-panel crash for a while over the sprint, and was unable to reproduce with the latest round of kernels
13:07 < ogra> right
13:07 < NCommander> [action] ericm to smoke-test gnome-panel on dove x0 with kernel patches
13:07 < MootBot> ACTION received:  ericm to smoke-test gnome-panel on dove x0 with kernel patches
13:07 < NCommander> asac, ericm, and NCommander to talk about Thumb2 issues after the meeting and report back.
13:07 < asac> plars: thanks
13:07 < NCommander> er
13:07 < NCommander> [topic] asac, ericm, and NCommander to talk about Thumb2 issues after the meeting and report back.
13:07 < MootBot> New Topic:  asac, ericm, and NCommander to talk about Thumb2 issues after the meeting and report back.
13:07 < ogra> plars, on X0 or older HW ?
13:08 < plars> no, on Y1
13:08 < ogra> ah, very cool!
13:08  * ogra takes back his staement from above then
13:08 < ogra> i thought we only had it gone on X0
13:08 < plars> but since we didn't have a perfect way to reproduce, and it didn't happen every time, it's also possible that I just got lucky
13:08 < NCommander> so on thumb2 issues, yX is hardware bugs and fubared. X0 with kernel patches is stable
13:08 -!- StevenK [~stevenk@mangled.wedontsleep.org] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:09  * NCommander fixed his spacebar!
13:09 < NCommander> woo
13:09 < NCommander> [topic] cooloney to ping fsl for more reliable chip rev checking method.
13:09 < MootBot> New Topic:  cooloney to ping fsl for more reliable chip rev checking method.
13:10 < StevenK> Apologies, I thought I already was in the channel
13:10 < cooloney> yeah, i think that is an old action
13:10 < ogra> yeah
13:10 < cooloney> i got confirmation from fsl already
13:10 < ogra> i asked last meeting to have it dropped
13:11 < cooloney> our patch about the chip rev is right.
13:11 < NCommander> ok then
13:11 < cooloney> and the uboot might have some patch to fix that
13:11 < NCommander> [topic] cooloney to ping fsl about suspend
13:11 < MootBot> New Topic:  cooloney to ping fsl about suspend
13:11 < ogra> it has
13:11 < ogra> same issue
13:11 < ogra> i asked to drop it
13:11 < ogra> works and all
13:11 < NCommander> cool!
13:11 < JamieBennett> woo
13:11 < NCommander> [topic] NCommander to investigate ericm's xorg naming bug
13:11 < MootBot> New Topic:  NCommander to investigate ericm's xorg naming bug
13:11 < cooloney> suspend actually no further feedback from fsl,
13:11  * NCommander honestly has no idea what this AI was
13:11 < cooloney> thanks ogra
13:12 < NCommander> [topic] persia, asac, Gruemaster to discuss meeting rotation schedule and report back.
13:12 < MootBot> New Topic:  persia, asac, Gruemaster to discuss meeting rotation schedule and report back.
13:12 < cooloney> NCommander: lol
13:12 < asac> we didint reach consent on that
13:12 < asac> push forward
13:12 < NCommander> asac: c/o?
13:12 < asac> yes
13:12 < NCommander> asac: right, carry over :-)
13:12 < NCommander> [topic] Standing Items
13:12 < MootBot> New Topic:  Standing Items
13:13  * persia failed completely, and sends out the appropriate email
13:13 < NCommander> The burndown chart page seems to be broken (or old link)
13:13 < GrueMaster> you have my full consent to move it to a more reasonable time for the PST timezone.
13:13 < asac> that url is broken
13:13 < NCommander> [topic] Kernel Status (cooloney, ericm)
13:13 < MootBot> New Topic:  Kernel Status (cooloney, ericm)
13:13 < asac> hey
13:13 < NCommander> asac: whats the right URL?
13:13 < asac> please start on top
13:13 < JamieBennett> NCommander yes its broken, use the people.u.c link
13:13 < cooloney> fsl kernel was uploaded today
13:13 < cooloney> it includes some backport features.
13:13 < asac> please use the last weeks wiki to start a new weeks wiki ;)
13:13 < asac> last one was people already?
13:14 < ogra> http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html
13:14 < MootBot> LINK received:  http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html
13:14 < asac> sorry. lets continue with kernel
13:14 < asac> because NCommander already started that
13:14 < asac> we can go back afte3r that
13:14 < asac> cooloney: go ahead
13:14 < ogra> we're so greeeen
13:14 < NCommander> ogra: green?
13:14 < ogra> (back to kernel, yeah)
13:14 < asac> heh
13:14 < cooloney> i'm working on the USB issue
13:14 < asac> great.
13:14 < asac> mine?
13:14 < cooloney> and ethernet issue
13:15 < ogra> yeha, me wouls love to see bug 457878 fixed
13:15 < asac> any ideas whats going on for the carrier thing?
13:15 < ubottu> Launchpad bug 457878 in linux-fsl-imx51 "imx51 on board ethernet plug/unplug events not detected" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/457878
13:15 < ogra> *would even
13:15 < asac> cooloney: do you need help from fsl on that?
13:15 < cooloney> ogra: yeah, that is very annoy
13:15 < cooloney> asac: yeah, please help me to ping them.
13:15 < ogra> i personally think its not properly integrated with mii
13:15 < asac> cooloney: i will raise the ethernet issue on todays call
13:15 < cooloney> actually, i ping them before about this
13:15 < ogra> lets bring it up on the call
13:15 < cooloney> asac: cool
13:15 < asac> cooloney: can you forward me the mail you sent last time?
13:16 < asac> i will ensure they look
13:16 < cooloney> asac: ok, will do soon,
13:16 < cooloney> next time i will keep you in the loop
13:16 < asac> thx
13:16 < NCommander> ok to move onto burndown charts?
13:16 < asac> anything else on kernel?
13:16 < asac> ericm isnt here
13:16 < ogra> please test todays imx upload extensively
13:16 < NCommander> [topic] Burndown Chart
13:16 < MootBot> New Topic:  Burndown Chart
13:16 < NCommander> [link] http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html
13:17 < asac> [LINK] http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html
13:17 < MootBot> LINK received:  http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html
13:17 < MootBot> LINK received:  http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html
13:17 < ogra> we have some new features that were never tested before
13:17 < asac> oops ;)
13:17 < asac> [LINK] http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile-lucid-alpha-3.html
13:17 < MootBot> LINK received:  http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile-lucid-alpha-3.html
13:17  * NCommander kicks his lagging
13:17 < asac> so ... alpha-3 is what is our real goal
13:17 < asac> the full cycle chart is a bit lying to us
13:17 -!- ericm_ [~ycmiao@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:17 < asac> because stuff needs to be finishef by alpha-3
13:17 < ogra> bah
13:17 < ogra> but iots greener !
13:17 < ogra> *its
13:17 -!- Keybuk [~scott@wing-commander.netsplit.com] has quit [Read error: Connection timed out]
13:17 < NCommander> ugh
13:17  * cooloney is apt-get upgrading on his board
13:17 < asac> yes. it gives us a false pov
13:18 < ogra> pfft
13:18 < NCommander> :-/
13:18  * ogra likes the more positive pov
13:18 < StevenK> mobile-lucid-arm-une is waiting on everything else,
13:18 < asac> StevenK: waiting on what in particular?
13:18 -!- Keybuk [~scott@wing-commander.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:18 < StevenK> Such as chromium, office suite, etc
13:18  * NCommander agrees with ogra 
13:18 < asac> StevenK: those work items are in the other specs arent they?
13:18 < asac> imo we can kill them there
13:19 < asac>  GNOME games refactored and split: TODO
13:19 < asac> whats up with that?
13:19 < asac> can we set that to DONE?
13:19 < StevenK> asac: Right, but -arm-une has a work item for "drive all the other specs to completion"
13:19 < ogra> isnt that desktop team work anyway ?
13:19 < asac> and coordinate with -desktop team on the rest?
13:19 < asac> StevenK: document a high level summary of the arm UNE changes at the end of cycle: TODO
13:19  * ogra fuels up StevenK 
13:19 < asac> that one should be targetted for lucid-beta-2
13:19 < asac> or so
13:19 < asac> let me do that
13:20 < StevenK> Excellent
13:20 < StevenK> I'll talk to seb about gnome-games tomorrow
13:20 < StevenK> Or someone in his timezone can, I don't mind
13:20 < asac> ok
13:20 < StevenK> Personally, I fail to see the point, the armel UNE images are *tiny*&
13:20 < asac> i am fine with setting that to done/postponed or assigning it to didrocks
13:20 < StevenK> s/&//
13:20 < asac> ok
13:20 < NCommander> StevenK: how tiny?
13:20 < asac> then lets set that to DONE
13:20  * NCommander can't get on cdimage.u.c
13:21 < asac> in case we are happy with the current games
13:21 < ogra> NCommander, 500something
13:21 < asac> if not we might want to add more
13:21 < NCommander> ogra: wow.
13:21  * NCommander wonders how much the langpacks are eating up though
13:21 < asac> plars: mobile-lucid-bringup-testing
13:21 < asac> is blocking on what?
13:21 < StevenK> NCommander: dove is 491, imx51 is 520
13:21 < StevenK> *tiny*
13:21 < ogra> we'll get gnumeric and abiword in the next one though
13:21 < ogra> that will grow a bit again
13:21 < StevenK> Sure, but I'm guessing only to 550 or so
13:22 < ogra> unless we keep out these changes
13:22 < GrueMaster> What is our image size limit?
13:22 < plars> asac: the implementation in checkbox is done, just need to do some testing of the images with it.  I will try to get to it this week, but I'm also hammering out other things
13:22 < NCommander> ogra: I thought we were moving to google docs
13:22 < StevenK> 1G
13:22 < ogra> GrueMaster, img has 1G iirc
13:22 < StevenK> In the code, anyway
13:22 < StevenK> davidm has been saying as small as possible
13:22  * NCommander notes that can be changed if we have a valid reason to but IMHO, smaller images == doubleplusgood
13:22 < plars> such as the suspend resume, some transitioning of pairwise testing to its own iso tracker space, and getting the une-armel images setup for iso tracker for A3
13:22 < asac> ok
13:23 < asac> NCommander: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/mobile-lucid-arm-softboot-loader
13:23 < asac> still has one item open
13:23 < asac> kill or keep?
13:23 -!- Lure [~quassel@ubuntu/member/lure] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:23 < ogra> do we want to add as many langs to our images as possible btw ?
13:23 < asac> Retest kexec() on dove and imx51 final [3 hours]: TODO
13:23 < plars> asac: is there something else I should do to mark mobile-lucid-bringup-testing done?
13:23 < NCommander> asac: need to poke someone with an imx51 board to test
13:23 < ogra> if we have so much space
13:23 < NCommander> asac: it failed on dove.
13:23 < davidm> image needs to stay under 700M
13:23 < NCommander> who wants the action item?
13:23 < ericm_> cooloney, how's kexec on imx51?
13:23  * ogra will ask that later again in the image discussion
13:23 < davidm> Needs to fit a CD
13:23 < asac> NCommander: please give us instructions
13:23 < ogra> davidm, huh ?
13:23 < ogra> davidm, it cant
13:23 < StevenK> davidm: I'm happy to tread on the code to enforce that
13:24 < asac> plars: only what is left in the WIs
13:24 < ogra> davidm, armel img ... SD card images ... CD doesnt make any sense
13:24 < asac> plars: "Write a script to pull in arm specific system information (i.e. uboot version): TODO"
13:24 < asac> if you cant do that, postpone
13:24 < StevenK> Actually, it probably needs to be a little smaller, like 650, if you want to actually burn the .img itself to a CD
13:24 < davidm> ogra, Cd is only cheap way to ship images that can then be installed to USB stick
13:24 < persia> CD *does* make sense.  While not many boards can boot from CD, being able to put the image on a CD significantly eases distribution.
13:24 < plars> asac: ah, well I was going to just mark that one done (forgot about it actually) since we're pulling in all we can right now.  We can revisit later if more things become available
13:24 < ogra> davidm, DVD works too, no ?
13:25 -!- virtuald [~vld@unaffiliated/virtuald] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:25 < NCommander> ogra: DVD blanks cost more
13:25 < davidm> ogra, more expensive
13:25 < asac> plars: ok. then its done - implemented
13:25 < NCommander> and DVD burners are not ubiquious yet
13:25 < cooloney> ericm_: i did not test yet, it is supposed to fail, heh
13:25 < ogra> a few cents
13:25 < dmart> IMHO, >= 650MB does not qualify as "as small as possible" --- so fitting on a CD should not be a problem
13:25 < NCommander> cooloney: ouch. why?
13:25 < persia> ogra: Adds up when multiplied by a very large number :)
13:25 < asac> plars: i set it done
13:25 < StevenK> davidm: Does 520 quality? :-)
13:25 < cooloney> NCommander: oh, i got a bug about that.
13:25 < StevenK> Er, qualify
13:25 < ogra> dmart, its a question of languages we ship
13:25  * ogra would prefer to ship more langs
13:25 < NCommander> cooloney: so can I kill to action item to test kexec on ARM?
13:25 < StevenK> Sorry, I'm fading fast, not quite in the Australian timezone yet
13:26 < cooloney> NCommander: just try to fix it, heh,
13:26 < asac> we can ship 700M
13:26 < dmart> ogra, ~ how much space does each lang take?
13:26 < ogra> sure
13:26 < ogra> its just a waste imho
13:26 < asac> please fill it up with as many langs as possible
13:26 < NCommander> cooloney: ENOIMX51HW
13:26 < StevenK> Roughly 15MB or so
13:26 < asac> StevenK: can you do that programatically?
13:26 < NCommander> Can we take this off the meeting, and come back with a resolution?
13:26 < cooloney> NCommander: ok, let me do it
13:26 -!- njpatel [~njpatel@5ac614b1.bb.sky.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:26 -!- Lure [~quassel@external.hermes-softlab.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:26 -!- Lure [~quassel@external.hermes-softlab.com] has quit [Changing host]
13:26 -!- Lure [~quassel@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:26 < ogra> dmart, depends on the language, but an average of 15M might be the number here
13:26 < dmart> Filling up any space on a CD with langs is OK; its the size of the typical install we care about
13:26 < StevenK> asac: No, it involes handwavy crap, and I need to make sure I don't step on the i386 image
13:26 < cooloney> ericm_: it might be a common feature missing on ARM v7
13:27 < ogra> i.e. chinese is a lot bigger than german
13:27 < asac> StevenK: ok. so lets do that before beta and RC/final
13:27 < ericm_> cooloney, someone reported a success on omap
13:27 < StevenK> I can start doing that now
13:27 < ogra> dmart, right thats below 600M anyway
13:27 < StevenK> I can also fix the code to cry if it's above say, 600MB?
13:27 < dmart> sure
13:27 < ogra> for the live image
13:27 < asac> [ACTION] StevenK to talk to pitti how to fill up armel img with langs without busting i386
13:27 < StevenK> I don't need pitti
13:27 < cooloney> ericm_: is that because they applied the patches from Tony you posted to me?
13:27 < StevenK> I just need to do it
13:27 < ogra> right
13:28 < ericm_> cooloney, exactly
13:28 < ogra> just a simple seed change
13:28 < asac> StevenK: then skip the pitti part
13:28 < asac> ;)
13:28 < ogra> and a matter of us selecting which langs
13:28 < StevenK> [ACTION] StevenK to fill up armel img with langs without busting i386
13:28 < StevenK> NCommander: ^
13:28 < cooloney> ericm_: good, so i think we can file are bug named kexec fails on ARM v7
13:28 < NCommander> [ACTION] StevenK to fill armel image with lang packs without breaking i386/amd64
13:28 < ogra> [action] team to discuss which langs we want to ship
13:28 < MootBot> ACTION received:  StevenK to fill armel image with lang packs without breaking i386/amd64
13:28 < ogra> NCommander, ^^^
13:28 < ogra> :)
13:28 < NCommander> anyway
13:28 < cooloney> ericm_: then mark fsl, mvl and versatile v7 kexec bug as duplicated
13:28 < ericm_> NCommander, maybe we'll wait cooloney to see the result to kill soft-boot-loader or not, most likely not able to get this into lucid
13:28 < StevenK> We don't build UNE for amd64, fail
13:28 < asac> ogra: thats a none issue
13:29 < NCommander> [action] Team to discuss langs to ship on armel images by default
13:29 < ogra> asac, why ?
13:29 < MootBot> ACTION received:  Team to discuss langs to ship on armel images by default
13:29 < NCommander> Ok, people
13:29 < NCommander> we're getting off topic
13:29 < asac> because we follow the same fill up algorithm that is used by desktoP/une
13:29 < ogra> asac, we cant ship all, so we need to make a pick
13:29 < StevenK> So, shall I also change the code for .img oversize?
13:29 < asac> ogra: there are rules
13:29 < ogra> asac, but we can ship a lot more
13:29  * StevenK votes for tlh
13:29 < ogra> asac, there are
13:29 < asac> ogra: there are rules ;)
13:29 < NCommander> [topic] QA Status (GrueMaster, plars)
13:29 < MootBot> New Topic:  QA Status (GrueMaster, plars)
13:29 < ogra> ?
13:30 < plars> The pairwise install testing has a place now on iso tracker
13:30 < asac> ogra: lets discuss that offline.
13:30 < ogra> yeah
13:30 < asac> plars: great
13:30 < GrueMaster> Not much to report image wise, as we haven't had a new image since last week.
13:30 < plars> And has been announced on the mailing list
13:30 < plars> but...
13:30 < plars> it's moving (kinda)
13:30 < asac> GrueMaster: ok
13:30 < plars> [LINK] http://pairwise.qa.ubuntu.com/
13:30 < MootBot> LINK received:  http://pairwise.qa.ubuntu.com/
13:30 < plars> I just got that this morning
13:30 < asac> GrueMaster: did you make progress on a standardized weekly QA report?
13:30 < plars> so I'll be transitioning the tests over it today, most likely
13:30 < GrueMaster> Not yet.
13:31 < asac> GrueMaster: ok. just think about it. and maybe present it at next week meeting.
13:31 < plars> once that's done, we can run the tests off of there full time, rather than having to tip-toe around milestone testing
13:31 < GrueMaster> Since the image has changed from Desktop to UNE, testing will change quite a bit (other than install testing)
13:31 < asac> plars: will the QA team also do that for other archs?
13:31 -!- njpatel [~njpatel@5ac614b1.bb.sky.com] has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
13:31 < StevenK> asac: WRT -arm-une, there is no -beta-2 milestone
13:32 < asac> StevenK: i used beta-1
13:32 < ogra> there should be
13:32 < asac> if i did a typo, please fix that
13:32 < plars> asac: I haven't heard for certain what their plans are for that, for now, it's only on armel
13:32 < plars> but that will still benefit all archs
13:32 < asac> and yes, there is a beta-2
13:32 < plars> to some degree at least
13:32 < asac> plars: ok. lets show them how well it works
13:32 < asac> ;)
13:32 < NCommander> [topic] ARM Application status (JamieBennett, dyfet)
13:32 < MootBot> New Topic:  ARM Application status (JamieBennett, dyfet)
13:32 < JamieBennett> Looking fine, we have the 2D launcher UI (with a few bugs) and 33% faster live-cd boots ;) !
13:32 < asac> \o/
13:33 < StevenK> I have a drop-down for setting the milestone, and beta-2 isn't it
13:33 < NCommander> \o/
13:33 < asac> JamieBennett: can you make a few screenshots of both themes?
13:33 < asac> i would like to blog about it
13:33 -!- Pendulum [~stephanie@pdpc/supporter/28for7/Pendulum] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:33 < NCommander> JamieBennett: thats a win.
13:33 < JamieBennett> asac: Will do
13:33 < ogra> JamieBennett, did you find anything about the new casper issues ?
13:33 < asac> thx
13:33 < StevenK> We have failing images currently, due to new components from the DX team
13:33 < JamieBennett> I'll blog about speedups too
13:33 < ogra> yay
13:33 < JamieBennett> ogra: no, started on it yesterday but got pulled into something else
13:33 < StevenK> Which is now blocked on mono
13:33 < asac> JamieBennett: are you on planet?
13:33 < ogra> JamieBennett, you are on planet, right ?
13:33 < ogra> heh
13:33 < ogra> snap
13:34 < JamieBennett> no
13:34 < ogra> get there first !
13:34 < JamieBennett> you have to be an ubuntu member no?
13:34 < NCommander> ogra: he has to be an Ubuntu Member to be on planet I believe
13:34 < ogra> hrm, right
13:34 < JamieBennett> I'm on a few other planets
13:34  * NCommander is hearing an echo in here this morning
13:34 < asac> ok
13:34 < asac> just blog and let me know
13:34 < asac> i can forward it
13:34 < JamieBennett> OK
13:34 < ogra> yeah, we can all link to it
13:34 < JamieBennett> :)
13:35 < NCommander> [topic] ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, dyfet)
13:35 < MootBot> New Topic:  ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, dyfet)
13:35 < asac> ok lightweight browser spec isnt decided yet
13:35  * ogra sees us all owning planet for a day all postin the same link :)
13:35 < asac> NCommander: thanks for moving so quickly
13:35 < StevenK> Ahhh, it's Ubuntu ubuntu-10.04-beta-2
13:35 < asac> dmart: can we discuss the feature comparison?
13:35 < asac> for lightweight browser?
13:35 < NCommander> asac: I'm trying to organize chaos^W the meeting
13:35 < dmart> asac, did you need more from me on lightweight browser?  I think I'd done all I can do for now...
13:36 < asac> dmart: you sent startup time?
13:36 < asac> comparison?
13:36  * asac has to make a wiki out of it
13:36 < dmart> Hmmm, maybe not
13:36 < dyfet> And I am working on mov related items in the ftbfs
13:36 < dmart> asac, do you want to continue that one offline?
13:36 < asac> dmart: startup time is an importnat one  ... would be great if you could get that
13:36 < asac> dmart: yes
13:36 < NCommander> python-qt4 was cleared last week
13:36 < asac> dmart: lets dot hat after this meeting
13:36 < dyfet> as was boost
13:36 < dmart> asac, OK
13:36 < NCommander> Which should unblock KDE which should make the FTBFS list a lot happier after 4.4 hits the archive
13:37 < asac> NCommander: moving quickly doesnt help removing chaos
13:37 < asac> NCommander: you just start a new topic
13:37 < asac> while another is still ongoing -> more chaos
13:37 < ogra> NCommander, where is my since two weeks promised likewise bug for the server team ???
13:37  * StevenK watches the mono build with interest
13:37  * ogra really just wants that bug
13:37 < NCommander> ogra: still ongoing. I filed a bug on it
13:37 < ogra> # ?
13:38 -!- DavidLevin [~dslevin@67-210-33-186.ul.warwick.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:38 < StevenK> You filed on a bug about that you need to file a bug?
13:38 < ogra> heh
13:38 < NCommander> ogra: don't have it handy (I'm having some connectivity issues, LP is going about as fast as molasses in winter ATM)
13:38 < ogra> apparently
13:38 < StevenK> Isn't that somewhat ... circular?
13:38 < asac> on arm porting we finished all swp to thumb2 ports
13:38 < asac> we are now moving to the "mov" bugs
13:38 < asac> dyfet: are oyu on that?
13:38 < dyfet> yes
13:38 < NCommander> asac: maybe we should do another mass bug filing and then split the bugs up
13:39 < asac> dyfet: want me to give you chunks or will you jus finish?
13:39 < dyfet> well, if you want to assign specific ones to do first, that would be okay
13:39 < ogra> is there any deadline when we *have* to have that ?
13:39 < asac> dyfet: ok i will assign you a couple for today and tomorrow
13:39 < dyfet> cool :)
13:39 < asac> dyfet: i think getting the list down to just a couple this week should be possible
13:39 < asac> and needed
13:40 < asac> NCommander: we already have bugs for the porting stuff
13:40 < asac> NCommander: want to help?
13:40 -!- Pretto [~pretto@ubuntu/member/pretto] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:40 < asac> i will assing you a couple of bugs if so
13:40 < asac> guess makes sense as you cant really do much for dove atm
13:40 < NCommander> asac: sure, although I'm limited to the porting box and dyfet's boards
13:40 < asac> [action] asac to assign thumb2 porting bugs to team
13:40 < asac> NCommander: thats ok
13:40 < NCommander> [action] asaca to assign thumb2 porting bugs to team
13:40 < MootBot> ACTION received:  asaca to assign thumb2 porting bugs to team
13:41 < dmart> Related to this, I was wondering whether a kind of sprint on the Thumb-2 issues would be a good idea --- I tacked it on the end of the agenda.
13:41 < ogra> didnt we have a spare babbage at the sprint ?
13:41 < NCommander> dmart: we'll get to that at ABO
13:41 < dmart> ok
13:41 < NCommander> ogra: one was dead, and one went with StevenK
13:41 < ogra> ah, i mean the dead one possibly
13:41 < NCommander> ogra: TBH, I forgot where the dead one went
13:41 < asac> dmart: you mean a real world sprint?
13:41 < asac> or irc sprints?
13:42 < dmart> asac, irc was my first thought
13:42 < JamieBennett> dead one went to GrueMaster
13:42 < asac> yeah
13:42 < asac> we can do that
13:42 < JamieBennett> StevenK took one and NCommander took one too
13:42 < NCommander> JamieBennett: I didn't take one
13:42 < NCommander> at least
13:42 < NCommander> I don't think I did
13:42 < StevenK> persia did
13:42 < asac> [action] asac to organize couple of sprints on thumb2 porting issues and get team attend/contribute
13:42 < ogra> dmart, asac, though a real world one around beta time would probably bee a good isea as well
13:42 < persia> I received one: maybe that's the one NCommander took
13:42 < ogra> *idea
13:42 < JamieBennett> Ah persioa took the 2.5 then
13:42 < asac> ogra: lets make that depending on how well we perform
13:43 < ogra> yeah, indeed
13:43 < asac> but yes. we can keep that option i think
13:43 < dmart> ok, we can discuss further later
13:43 < asac> 14:44 < asac> [action] asac to organize couple of sprints on thumb2 porting issues and get team attend/contribute
13:43 < asac> NCommander: ^^
13:43 < NCommander> [action] asac to organize sprints on thumb2 porting issues and get the team to attend/contribute
13:43 < MootBot> ACTION received:  asac to organize sprints on thumb2 porting issues and get the team to attend/contribute
13:43 < asac> ok
13:43 < NCommander> got it
13:43 < asac> next topic?
13:43 < NCommander> [topic] Ubuntu Liquid
13:43 < MootBot> New Topic:  Ubuntu Liquid
13:43 < ian_brasil> we have been asked to stop public work on plasma-mobile..the reasoning went something like -> "The product is immature, and doesn't offer significant advancement over plasma-netbook at this time.  We expect significant improvements soon, and want to avoid bothering users with the incompatible transition.
13:44 < asac> ok
13:44 < asac> ian_brasil: so even not in univeres?
13:44 < persia> So, while we might end up with some bits and bobs, it's not expected to have something installable for lucid.
13:44 < asac> or just not an image?
13:44 < persia> Not an image, and quite possibly not a -meta
13:44 < persia> (still looking at alternatives)
13:44 < asac> but all the bits and pieces?
13:44 < ian_brasil> we wanted your opinions on what to do
13:45 < ian_brasil> we thought about continuing in a PPA
13:45 < asac> i would say that we should try to get all the bits and pieces in universe
13:45 -!- Lure [~quassel@ubuntu/member/lure] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:45 < NCommander> I say have a meta as a developers preview
13:45 < asac> if thats possible
13:45 < persia> Not necessarily, because upstream doesn't want some stuff shipped, and it messes up other stuff.
13:45 < asac> but keep meta and image postponed
13:45 < ogra> task would be cool
13:45 < persia> Look for more with lucid+1, but for now, kubuntu-netbook is probably the closest thing.
13:45 < ogra> then you could just use the alternate installer or rootstock
13:45 < asac> task is probably not going to fly
13:46 < asac> ian_brasil: so can you check if you can get all the individual pieces in? if not, we can do that in appa
13:46 < asac> ppa
13:46 < asac> i agree
13:46 < asac> we can also think about -meta in ppa ... if thats ok
13:46 < asac> -meta/task
13:46 < ian_brasil> all the pieces minus plasma-mobile
13:46 < persia> tasks in PPAs are hard, but metas are easy.
13:46 < persia> We can do a meta with plasma-netbook, maybe.
13:47  * NCommander can assist with making a meta
13:47 < ian_brasil> NCommander, great
13:47 < ian_brasil> so we continue as normal just minus plasma-mobile?
13:47 < asac> ian_brasil: right. so go ahead and get everything in that you can get in and do the rest in a ppa (if possible) ... document the location of that PPA in the spec
13:47 < ogra> yeah, if done properly you just need to move the seeds later
13:48 < ogra> to have the meta in the archive
13:48 < ian_brasil> that sounds great
13:48 < asac> ok good
13:48 < asac> anything else on liquid?
13:48 -!- Lure [~quassel@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:48 < ian_brasil> asac, no
13:48 < NCommander> [topic] Any Other Business
13:48 < MootBot> New Topic:  Any Other Business
13:48 < StevenK> Sleep
13:48 < asac> i think we already covered the sprint thing
13:49 < NCommander> Just a headsup
13:49 < asac> shoot
13:49 < NCommander> I'm not going to be online this morning
13:49 < ogra> i think we already covered everything in the chaos :P
13:49 < ogra> NCommander, please send me that bug # before going afk
13:49 < NCommander> I'll be in Boston for this afternoon and probably 1-2 days afterwords; long story.
13:49 < asac> ok
13:49 < dmart> asac: (i think we already covered the sprint thing) agreed - we can follow up after this meeting
13:49 < asac> what does that mean?
13:49 < asac> NCommander: so you take a few vacation days?
13:49  * NCommander is sitting in his car with his cell phone to be here
13:50 < NCommander> asac: no, working as normal, just not home
13:50 < asac> NCommander: working as normal with a cell phone?
13:50 < NCommander> asac: I didn't make it to Boston yet. I tethered my laptop to my phone to sign into the meeting :-)
13:50 < NCommander> Hence the lag.
13:50 < asac> hmm
13:51 < NCommander> and my laptop is propped up on the steering wheel
13:51 < asac> please take vacation or swap day if you travel ;)
13:51 < asac> anyway thanks for the heads iup
13:51 < asac> NCommander: please add your AR
13:51 < JamieBennett> :)
13:51 -!- njpatel [~njpatel@5ac614b1.bb.sky.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:51 < NCommander> asac: well, if everything went as planned, it would have been unnoticable
13:51 < asac> everyone else ... please add your activity
13:51 < NCommander> But I had a bit of car trouble
13:51 < NCommander> That's why I'm out this morning (I'll be swapping it out)
13:51 < asac> ok
13:51 < asac> NCommander: remember to add your AR ...
13:52 < asac> now
13:52 < ogra> and the bug #
13:52 < NCommander> asac: I'm doing so now
13:52 < StevenK> NCommander: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/images/B000IZGIA8/ref=dp_otherviews_3?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&img=3
13:52 < asac> everony else ... please add AR ... JamieBennett will send out the report in a few hours
13:52 < asac> ;)
13:52 < JamieBennett> will do
13:52 < ogra> StevenK, heh, that need sa special steering wheel, no ?
13:52 < persia> StevenK: Please don't encourage that sort of thing :p
13:52 < asac> ogra: thougth you had frinished your AR ... where is it?
13:52 < StevenK> ogra: Not that I've seen
13:52 < ogra> in your inbox since pre-meeting ?
13:53 < JamieBennett> asac: sent to me
13:53 < asac> ogra: kk
13:53 < NCommander> #endmeeting

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