February 16th, 2010, 13:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


Action Items from February 5th, 2010

  • ericm to smoke-test dove images to confirm that the gnome-panel crashes have now been fixed.
  • persia to investigate into moving the team IRC meeting to a more universally acceptable time.

  • StevenK to talk to seb about gnome-games refactoring.
  • StevenK to fill up armel img with langs without busting i386
  • asac to blog about the new ARM 2D netbook launcher UI.

  • JamieBennett to blog about the Casper speed-up work done for the live-cd images.

  • asac to file mov related Thumb2 bugs and assign them to the team.

  • asac to organize couple of sprints on thumb2 porting issues and get team attend/contribute

Standing Items

Action Items

  • asac to arrange the next thumb2 team sprint.
  • asac to blog about the ARM alpha-3 release.
  • asac and JamieBennett to discuss the web office spec and come up with a way of moving it forward.

  • NCommander to link power management spec to dove bugs
  • GrueMaster to produce a daily report on image testing and add that to the weekly meeting page.

  • ogra to produce a rootstock test plan.
  • NCommander to investigate KDE FTBFS issues.
  • Team to add individual summaries to standing items before meetings.


  • New Marvell hardware is starting to proliferate to the team and a commitment was made to test for the gnome-panel bug that was evident on older hardware revisions.
  • Talk moved onto rescheduling the meeting again. No real conclusion was made. persia didn't receive many responses to his call for a more appropriate time so the team decided to revisit the item again before the end of this cycle.
  • JamieBennett mentioned that he had blogged about the new 2D launcher at http://www.linuxuk.org/2010/02/the-new-ui-for-arm-based-ubuntu-devices/ and the casper speed-up changes at http://www.linuxuk.org/2010/02/ubuntu-live-cds-now-33-faster/

  • The team discussed filling up the cd image with extra language packs if room permitted. ogra informed the team that the best time to do this would be just before the beta's and the rest of the team agreed.
  • asac reported that the thumb2 mini team sprint went well and that there was a plan to have another. asac took up the action item to arrange the next one.
  • Talk moved to work items. It seems there are some work items that need more work, asac and JamieBennett agreed to discuss the web office blueprint after the meeting.

  • ericm stated that the Marvell kernel was in pretty good shape with the major outstanding issues being with suspend/resume and hibernate. (bug 516811 and bug 509006). Issues with kexec were still unresolved but were drawing to a conclusion.
  • plars indicated that he would like a launchpad team to track bugs related to the ARM image but not exclusive to ARM, a good example of this is the new 2D netbook launcher we have seen this cycle. It was concluded that ubuntu-mobile would do this.
  • dyfet and persia reported that they had some success with Thumb2 issues last week with a fix and upload of boost.
  • Talk moved to the KDE fail to build issues. More investigation is needed to discover what was happening and NCommander took up the action to do this.
  • ogra reported that ARM images were broken due to a problem with cheese.

Weekly Reports

Jamie Bennett (JamieBennett)

This Week

  • Investigated casper preseed regression due to recent changes. Turns out to be a product of closing the debconf-communicate channel in the wrong way which leads to the database still being open.
  • More testing of the 2D launcher.
  • Thumb2 research and mini-sprint with the team.
  • Suspend/Hibernate testing on iMX51, now works.
  • Blogged about the new casper changes - http://www.linuxuk.org/2010/02/ubuntu-live-cds-now-33-faster/

  • Mythbuntu documentation work.
  • General team admin, monthly team report, meeting minutes, e.t.c.


  • Imaging testing and bug hunting.
  • Mythbuntu bug fixing and official documentation proof-reading/editing.
  • Finish off packaging work started this week.
  • Blog about the new 2D launcher UI.
  • Give a talk to a local ARM embedded Linux business about Ubuntu and the work we are doing on ARM platforms.

Michael Casadevall (NCommander)

This Week

  • Worked for two days from Lexington office
  • Began investigation into OOo building issues on ARM and GCC 4.4
  • Did work on improving ARM softbootloader to the point of installable proof-of-concept package
  • Worked with OEM on showing them how to bring up their Dove boards.
  • Investigated making erlang Thumb-2 safe
    • Code uses handwritten ARM ASM for bindings, and does direct pointer manipulation in addition to generating its own code. Postponed due to OOo taking higher priority.


  • OOo investigation continues
  • imx51 board bringups

David Sugar (dyfet)

This Week

  • Investigated some mono issues
  • Trained persia to do some ARM porting
  • Worked on gmp arm issue and new arm patch for boost1.40
  • Investigated parrot arm issues; generates arm code
  • Finished desktop blueprint on sipwitch


  • Monday is holiday, Friday will be at scale/8x
  • Finish gmp issues and more arm porting issues

Paul Larson (plars)

This Week

  • Transferred the Pairwise testscases and tests from iso tracker to http://pairwise.qa.ubuntu.com

  • Submitted a patch for the QA website to add support for the new netbook-armel images. This has already been merged, so everything should be all set for Alpha 3 testing when it begins
  • Did some testing on netbook-launcher-efl, submitted some bugs
  • Implemented some more tests for the suspend/resume testing blueprint, which has already uncovered some bugs:
    • bug #521156 - pluging usb devices while suspended causes crash


  • Finish up suspend/resume testing
  • Setup and testing on some new hardware that arrived

Tobin Davis (GrueMaster)

This Week

  • Used extra Dove Y1 boards for pair testing and UNE testing. Posted several bugs so far. Bugs are being marked as invalid due to rapidly changing packages, some of which have little relevance to the bug filed.
  • Ran OLVER test suit on imx51 running karmic. Need to compare final results, but noticed segfaults during test execution prompted a rebuild on imx51 to see if it is a platform anomoly. Will do 3 way comparison of final results.
  • Will run lsb tests on Dove X0/Lucid as soon as it becomes available. Will also run on imx51 in parallel for comparison.
  • Getting some feedback from LSB developers on T2C report generation. Currently, tests run and results are fed into a single large XML file. Would like to have scripts that generate html summary.


  • Get Dove X0 running.
  • T2C Test report automation
  • OLVER Test result verification from Linux Foundation. May reduce number of tests to match lsb production test suite 4.0 to eliminate false failures (about half the current tests).
  • Somehow document the time spent on QA testing.

Emmet Hikory (persia)

  • Learn lots about Thumb2 porting, and try a couple packages (with success in the case of lwp)
  • Investigate a strange build-dependencies installation failure for kdebindings (without success Sad :( )

  • Look at schroot FTBFS, also scan for give-back opportunities for armel
  • Review state of liquid stuff to try to figure out what can be part of lucid (by FF)

Oliver Grawert (ogra)

This Week

* debugging rootstock oem-config integration for the various frontends (very time consuming, still lots of oem-config bugs spotted) * started rootstock gui (mockup under http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/rootstock-gui.png ) * reviewed pm-utils scripts, nothing that gets in our way on armel (yay) * plenty of ftbfs give backs * tested nebook-launcher-efl (some bugs not filed yet (font or icon size not adjustable, plugged devices dont show up in the launcher etc))


* finish rootstock gui to be suitable for FF * turn non FF critical items of rootstock into bugs for proper tracking * still need to collect more detailed vendor info for idle power expectations on imx51 * post FF: upstream uboot patches for imx51

Dave Martin (dmart)

This Week

  • Had a call with some ARM and Ubuntu guys re browser benchmarking.

It seems there may be not much more we can do for now because of the lack of public rendering speed benchmarks.


  • Schedule another Thumb-2 porting session.
  • Fill the remaining gaps in the Thumb-2 porting wiki.
  • Try to bring lucid up on an SMP platform.

Alexander Sack (asac)

  • fixed mono for armel
  • organize thumb2 sprint
  • sponsor boost1.40, bluez, firefox, djvulibre
  • webmail integration
    • found a good .ini file with plenty of webmail readers
    • implemented treeview for displaying webmail options
    • started to implement on-demand favicon feature so we don't need to ship non-free/trademarked icons for google et such
  • office integration
    • discussing options with team and desktop team
  • release team meeting preparations and attendance
  • assigned couple of thumb2 porting bugs to team members.

Other contributions:

  • coordinated with ArneGoetje on localized search feature for firefox

  • emergency fix for busted langpacks during weekend lp:521876
  • get ubufox with yahoo default search provider finished
  • call on modemmanager with connman integration
    • discuss modemmanager 0.4 roadmap with upstream: focus on roaming, cleaning up dbus apis and other nice things - started to draft freedesktop wiki.

Steve Kowalik (StevenK)

  • General recovery from the sprint and terrible flights home.
  • A bunch of NBS work, since the list is growing at an unfortunate pace.
  • Pull apart go-home-applet, investigating why it is tied to netbook-launcher.
  • Keep an eye on images, particularly their size and build times.
  • Preliminary work in adding a whole bunch of languages to our images, but not cause a large blow out on i386.
  • Thursday archive admin duties.

Meeting Log

13:01 < NCommander> [topic] Action Item Review
13:01 < MootBot> New Topic:  Action Item Review
13:01 < ogra> mooo
13:01 < JamieBennett> baaa
13:01  * StevenK wavers
13:01 < asac> NCommander: maybe wait till all are here? ;)
13:01  * persia checks mail in hopes of last minute responders
13:01 < NCommander> asac: yup, just waiting a moment
13:01 < asac> good
13:01 < dyfet> hi
13:02 < davidm> hi
13:02 < NCommander> hrm
13:02  * dmart is here
13:02 < NCommander> no ericm or coolney
13:02 < asac> hi dmart
13:02 < dmart> hi there
13:02 < asac> i think in china its holiday
13:02 < NCommander> Oh
13:02 < JamieBennett> dmart: If you feel like adding your AR to the wiki please do :)
13:02 < ogra> still new year ?
13:02 < NCommander> ok
13:02 < asac> almost whole week afaik
13:02 < ogra> wasnt that on friday ?
13:03 < ogra> oh, k
13:03  * GrueMaster is here
13:03 < asac> arne said he is off whole week
13:03 < asac> ok lets get started
13:03 < asac> NCommander: go ;)
13:03 < NCommander> [topic] ericm to smoke-test dove images to confirm that the gnome-panel crashes have now been fixed
13:03 < MootBot> New Topic:  ericm to smoke-test dove images to confirm that the gnome-panel crashes have now been fixed
13:03 < NCommander> (I know no ericm, but I have stuff to say)
13:03 < asac> i think someone  of us can take that over now
13:03 < NCommander> gnome-panel looked fixed w.r.t to X0, and I can test later today if no one else is setup with X0
13:03 < asac> NCommander: i think you have X0 set up already?
13:03 < dmart> JamieBennett: ok, cam do.  Mostly wiki editing though...
13:04 < NCommander> asac: not yet, I'll get it later today
13:04 < asac> NCommander: i have to run at some point today to get an atx power thing for my board
13:04 < GrueMaster> My X0 came yesterday.  I'll have it online momentarily.
13:04 < NCommander> GrueMaster: want to take the action item?
13:04 < asac> then it will be up soonish too i hope
13:04 < GrueMaster> Sure, since I have to do testing anyways.
13:04 < asac> great
13:04 < NCommander> [action] GrueMaster to check gnome-panel on X0 and report if crashes have been fixed
13:04 < MootBot> ACTION received:  GrueMaster to check gnome-panel on X0 and report if crashes have been fixed
13:04 < plars> seemed to be fixed at the sprint, but I would say everyone booting on their new boards should just keep an eye out for it, since we didn't have a definitive way to reproduce it or not reproduce it
13:05 < NCommander> [topic] persia to investigate into moving the team IRC meeting to a more universally acceptable time
13:05 < MootBot> New Topic:  persia to investigate into moving the team IRC meeting to a more universally acceptable time
13:05 < asac> plars: we wanted to explicitly smoke test the board extensively when we first get them (we didnt have time to do that during sprint to full extend)
13:05 < persia> Right.  So, y'all failed to respond to my mail.  I got a total of three responses.
13:05 < asac> was there another?
13:05  * JamieBennett responded
13:05  * plars responded
13:05 < JamieBennett> so just keep it as it is
13:05  * GrueMaster responded.
13:06 < persia> No need to identify yourselves.
13:06 < persia> Anyway, a couple people wanted to move the meeting a couple hours later, but most seemed flexible.
13:07 < asac> any suggestion of time?
13:07 < persia> This or 14:00 is probably best.
13:07 < plars> So, seeing as how (presumably) the people that care about the meeting are here right now, please check ubuntu-mobile mailing list if you have it filtered, and responde to persia's email if you have an opinion on the time of the meeting
13:07 < asac> 1400 UTC feels good if StevenK and persia are fine
13:07 < persia> But 14:00 will slam into the TB meetings when DST comes, as the TB likes to move.
13:08 < asac> well. we should adjust it same as TB meeting i think
13:08 < ogra> ++
13:08 < JamieBennett> ++
13:08 < GrueMaster> If the TB likes to move, then they are more flexible about moving away from our meeting.
13:08 < persia> I don't.  Daylight savings is for silly countries!
13:08 < StevenK> I'd rather not start a meeting at 1am local time
13:08  * NCommander has no strong preferences
13:08 < ogra> StevenK, 2am better ?
13:08 < StevenK> Worse
13:08  * ogra hides
13:08 < persia> Plus, daylight savings changes in *different* directions in different countries at different times of year, and is messy.
13:09 < asac> we should say we always have meeting in the hour before TB ;)
13:09 < asac> ok ... so from what i understand all but StevenK would be happy with 1400UTC?
13:09 < persia> That's the 1am that was indicated as bad.
13:10 < asac> ok. any other suggestion?
13:10 -!- ericm [~ycmiao@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:10 < JamieBennett> keep as is?
13:10 < NCommander> hey ericm
13:10 < ericm> hi all, sorry late on this
13:10 < asac> ok ... seems needs more thinking/talks/decision
13:10 < davidm> 01:00 is bad, 05:00 is worse in some ways
13:11 < persia> Keeping it the way it is seems to be least bad given the ranges I was given.  The other time that works internationally is around 21:00 UTC, but most of the ranges I received didn't include that.
13:11 < GrueMaster> works for me
13:11 < JamieBennett> davidm: depends on if you have young children who get up at 5am ;)
13:12 < persia> asac: Let's not revisit this for at least a few months, and I'll send another mail.  This time is fine for now.
13:12 < asac> ok
13:12 < persia> NCommander: next?
13:12 < ogra> lets revisit it for next release in any case
13:12 < persia> ogra: Seems a good schedule.
13:12 < NCommander> [topic] StevenK to talk to seb about gnome-games refactoring.
13:12 < MootBot> New Topic:  StevenK to talk to seb about gnome-games refactoring.
13:12 < ogra> cycle switch is a perfect time to make a time swithc too
13:13 -!- fader|away is now known as fader_
13:13 -!- ian_brasil [~ian@201-75-47-113-ma.cpe.vivax.com.br] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:13 < asac> StevenK: ?
13:13 < asac> ok ... lets move on ... we can check when he is back
13:14 < asac> NCommander: ?
13:14  * NCommander skips StevenK's other action item
13:14 < StevenK> Argh, I've not done that
13:14 < persia> Well, gnome-games seems to now be essentially a metapackage.
13:14 < NCommander> [topic] asac to blog about the new ARM 2D netbook launcher UI.
13:14 < MootBot> New Topic:  asac to blog about the new ARM 2D netbook launcher UI.
13:14 < NCommander> Oh,a rgh
13:14 < NCommander> [topic] StevenK to talk to seb about gnome-games refactoring.
13:14 < MootBot> New Topic:  StevenK to talk to seb about gnome-games refactoring.
13:15 < StevenK> But if that's the case (as persia says), then it's unneeded
13:15 < asac> NCommander: make that a "asac to blog about arm alpha-3 summary"
13:15  * ogra pointed from planet to JamieBennett's blog entries for the two blogging items
13:15 < JamieBennett> I did something: http://www.linuxuk.org/2010/02/the-new-ui-for-arm-based-ubuntu-devices/
13:15  * persia double-checks
13:15 < NCommander> Safe to go on?
13:15 < asac> NCommander: ad d the action i mentioned for me
13:16 < ogra> and wipe the two other blog actions
13:16 < NCommander> [topic] StevenK to fill up armel img with langs without busting i386
13:16 < MootBot> New Topic:  StevenK to fill up armel img with langs without busting i386
13:16 < asac> NCommander: and carry stevenk's item forward
13:16 < ogra> both done in some way
13:16 < NCommander> [action] asac to blog about arm alpha-3 summary
13:16 < MootBot> ACTION received:  asac to blog about arm alpha-3 summary
13:17 < asac> nevermind for StevenK's item ... go on
13:17 < asac> NCommander: ^
13:17 < asac> oh
13:17 < asac> StevenK: did the lang fill happen?
13:18 < StevenK> I started it on, and then got distracted
13:18 < asac> will that happen for a3?
13:18 < StevenK> I was going to do it today if images built, and then cheese was broken
13:18 < ogra> yeah
13:19 < ogra> no indication why though
13:19 < ogra> nothing notable on the ftbfs list
13:19 < persia> StevenK: Confirmed: gnome-games now only contains /usr/share/doc/gnome-games/* (and /var/lib/dpkg/info/gnome-games*)
13:19 < StevenK> ogra: Because it was split into multiple packages and the NEW ones landed in universe.
13:19 < ogra> ah
13:19 < ogra> k
13:19 < asac> oh ok
13:20 < StevenK> ogra: And UNE only builds from main
13:20 < ogra> right
13:20 < asac> did the promotion happen now?
13:20 < ogra> which is good :)
13:20 < StevenK> I promoted them like 12 hours ago?
13:20 < asac> i ask you ;)
13:20 < StevenK> No paperwork, no mess, just fix the archive
13:20 < ogra> tnhen tonights build should be fine again
13:20 < JamieBennett> \O/
13:20 < asac> ok, so lets carry that action forward
13:21 < NCommander> [action] StevenK to fill up armel img with langs without busting i386
13:21 < MootBot> ACTION received:  StevenK to fill up armel img with langs without busting i386
13:21  * ogra doesnt think langpacks are that important atm
13:21 < ogra> we usually dont start to shuffle them before beta
13:21 < StevenK> Then we can leave it be, if you wish
13:21 < ogra> (historically)
13:22 < asac> i dont mind. if you say its better done at later time, scratch that item
13:22 < ogra> well, translations wont happen properly until the UIs are frozen anyway
13:22 < ogra> so they will still be inclomplete
13:22 < persia> Lets do translations later, because the size *will* vary a lot around UIFreeze
13:22 -!- st33med_ [~andrew@ubuntu/member/st33med] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:22 < ogra> right
13:23 < ogra> they are a good beta1 target
13:23 < asac> ok next?
13:23 < NCommander> [topic] asac to organize couple of sprints on thumb2 porting issues and get team attend/contribute
13:23 < MootBot> New Topic:  asac to organize couple of sprints on thumb2 porting issues and get team attend/contribute
13:23 < asac> we had one last week
13:23 < asac> we want to do that weekly
13:23 < ogra> first one happened and made us all look dumb :)
13:23 < asac> you also said we wanted another date, right?
13:23 < persia> Can we have the next one starting a little earlier in the day?
13:23 < ogra> (apart from dyfet who rocks wrt assembler)
13:24 < ogra> !
13:24 < asac> like one where we only work on stuff ... do we need that really? maybe we can make pairs that coordinate when they work together on their own?
13:24 < dmart> I linked an intro to ARM assembler from the porting wiki page now, in case anyone didn't see it.  Might help people get started.
13:24 < StevenK> If it's at the same time, I won't make it again
13:24 < asac> persia: i will try ... how many hours?
13:24 < ogra> how about 10:00 UTC ?
13:25 < asac> might be a bit bad for dyfet
13:25 < persia> asac: Even just 2-3 would make it better for me, but then I really just want to know someone is available to work around my inconfidence with assembler.
13:26 -!- Claudinux [~claudio@unaffiliated/claudinux] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:26 < dmart> Sprints are good, but if someone wants to have a go at this stuff at other times, I should still be availble on IRC some of the time.
13:26 < StevenK> 2-3 hours still makes it hard time of day for me to grok ASM
13:26 < asac> ok i will talk to you and StevenK after the meeting to see if there is any good time
13:26 < asac> right
13:26 < persia> asac: If you don't mind bad for you, I'm sure there's a time that works for dyfet, StevenK, and I.
13:27 < asac> well ;) ... dmart also might be good to have
13:27 < asac> if you want to organize a american/asia sprint outside of that its fine.
13:27 < persia> dmart: You're in UTC, right?
13:27 < dmart> yes
13:28 < dmart> I can be available occasionally later if that helps
13:28 < dyfet> And I could try to be early
13:28 < asac> ok i will find a time and schedule ;)
13:28 < persia> Right.  We'll discuss times later (in -arm)
13:28 < asac> talk to you
13:29 < asac> go on
13:29 < asac> standing items
13:29 < asac> NCommander: ?
13:29 < NCommander> [topic] Standing Items
13:29 < MootBot> New Topic:  Standing Items
13:29 < NCommander> (sorry, RL pulled me away for a sec)
13:29 < NCommander> [link] http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html
13:29 < MootBot> LINK received:  http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html
13:29 < asac> [topic] http://macaroni.ubuntu.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html
13:29 < NCommander> [link] http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile-lucid-alpha-3.html
13:29 < MootBot> LINK received:  http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile-lucid-alpha-3.html
13:29 < ogra> still broken link, sigh
13:30 < asac> the wiki poage is again wrong ;)
13:30 < asac> macaroni doesnt exist anymore
13:30 < JamieBennett> asac: no you are!
13:30 < JamieBennett> wiki is fine
13:30 < NCommander> ogra: I updated it this morning. Refresh
13:30 < JamieBennett> :)
13:30 < asac> JamieBennett: seems you fixed it ;)
13:30 < asac> i had macaroni here ;)
13:30  * ogra too
13:30 < asac> ok
13:31 < JamieBennett> yeah, fast moving page
13:31 < ogra> :)
13:31 < JamieBennett> are there items there that stand out as problems?
13:31 < asac> i am behind.
13:32 < asac> thumb2 is blocked on two things: a) that we couldnt do the respin before a3 anymore
13:32 < asac> and lib-test
13:32 -!- leoquant [~leor@ubuntu/member/leoquant] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:32  * ogra still needs to finish the rootstock gui stuff ... working on it though and it will wipe the last three items from the spec
13:32 < asac> lightweight browser decision is pending a meeting with security team and robbie
13:33 < asac> and the webservice stuff needs to come after a3; at least email integration is a must imo. for office we might just follow what desktop team does
13:33 < JamieBennett> was a decision made there asac?
13:33 < plars> anything that can be done on those? both have 10 items with no start so far
13:33 < JamieBennett> (office)
13:33 < persia> I think we might need to just follow, because of FeatureFreeze.
13:34 < asac> StevenK: can we drop GNOME games refactored and split: TODO wi?
13:34 < asac> JamieBennett: we will try to go for chromium because of the performance
13:34 < StevenK> asac: Yes, persia has confirmed that desktop has already done it
13:34 < StevenK> We can't seed chromium until it's in main
13:34 < asac> StevenK: please update the blueprint then ;)
13:34 < JamieBennett> asac: what about the web office wi's
13:34 < ogra> desktop pull sOO.o back in
13:34 < asac> JamieBennett: but security update process is messy
13:35 < ogra> *pulls
13:35 < asac> JamieBennett: wanted to talk to you about that after meeting
13:35 < asac> not sure when you need to leave ;)
13:35 < StevenK> Yeah, we can't change components on a per-arch basis
13:35 < JamieBennett> I'm at the dentist after the meeting but I can do something later if your around
13:35 -!- mako [~mako@bork.hampshire.edu] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
13:35 < StevenK> JamieBennett: Anything bad?
13:35 < JamieBennett> StevenK: checkup 
13:35 < asac> i would still like to develop it and depending on how well it works either bring it in archive only or make it default on arm (but more likely the former as we are late)
13:35  * JamieBennett notes dentist is always bad
13:36 < StevenK> Ah. I had one of those last week
13:36 < asac> JamieBennett: have fun ;)... i feel with you
13:36 < asac> ok thats it on the blueprints for me
13:36 < asac> lets move on
13:36 < asac> (if you have any blueprint you feel stuck with or are completely out of work items, just let me know offline)
13:36 < asac> ANNOUNCE: ^ ;)
13:37 < NCommander> [topic] Kernel Status (cooloney, ericm)
13:37 < MootBot> New Topic:  Kernel Status (cooloney, ericm)
13:37 < asac> ericm seems to be heroic ...
13:37 < ericm> so far, waiting for x0 to test the remaining issues on dove
13:37 < asac> attending on vacation
13:37 < asac> ericm: didnt you take the x0 with you after sprint?
13:37 < ogra> or just not a party animal :)
13:38 < ericm> asac, no - returned to Marvell office
13:38 < ericm> ogra, heh - you know me well
13:38 < ogra> :)
13:38 < asac> ericm: right. ok. but you got a confirm that one got shipped to you?
13:39 < ericm> asac, not yet - since all Marvell Shanghai office are on vacation, I'd expect to receive it next week
13:39 < ericm> I'd expect some of you may have received the board?
13:39 < asac> yes
13:39 < plars> yes
13:39 < asac> i got one ... NCommander got one, plars and GrueMaster ;)
13:40 < ericm> so the remaining issues seem to be suspend regression and hibernation issue
13:40 < asac> ericm: bug id?
13:40 < ericm> asac, wait
13:40 -!- Yos [~Yos@pdpc/supporter/active/yos] has quit [Quit: brb]
13:40  * ogra points to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/mobile-lucid-arm-per-soc-powermanagement
13:40 < asac> bug 516811 ?
13:40 < ericm> bug 509006
13:40 < ubottu> Launchpad bug 516811 in linux-mvl-dove "[dove] system hangs with resume after suspend" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/516811
13:40 < ubottu> Launchpad bug 509006 in linux-mvl-dove "[dove] hibernation failed to resume" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/509006
13:40 < asac> hmm
13:40 -!- Yos [~Yos@pdpc/supporter/active/yos] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:40 < ogra> bug 502983
13:40 < asac> ericm: both= or just the hibernation one?
13:41 < ubottu> Launchpad bug 502983 in linux-mvl-dove "CONFIG_HIBERNATION needs to be set for dove kernels" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/502983
13:41 < ogra> oh, thats fix released
13:41 < ericm> asac, both - yet last time suspend/resume worked alright on X0
13:41 < ogra> NCommander, can you make sure the above two atre linked on the spec
13:41 < plars> yeah, the option for hibernate is available now, it just doesn't seem to resume the session
13:41 < NCommander> [action] NCommander to link power management spec to dove bugs
13:41 < MootBot> ACTION received:  NCommander to link power management spec to dove bugs
13:41 < asac> ericm: so do you need testing?
13:41 < ogra> i think i saw saeed work on it in #ubuntu-arm
13:42 < ericm> asac, and Marvell reported their hibernation works - so can possibly get this solved
13:42 < asac> ericm: right. seems you are already working with plars on that
13:42 < ericm> asac, yes
13:42 < ogra> he was developing a patch (with lool's help)
13:42 < ogra> seems the kernel sends a worng keypress event
13:42 < ericm> ogra, that's for the power button, i.e. pressing the power button to invoke the suspend/hibernation/shutdown/restart dialog box
13:42 < asac> ericm: ok good. keep us updated.
13:42 < ogra> ericm, ah
13:42 < ericm> asac, sure
13:42 < asac> anything else on dove ?
13:43 < ericm> kexec works now
13:43 < plars> nice
13:43 < asac> NCommander: please dont link all bugs to spec
13:43 < ericm> the latest issue with initramfs being incorrect I guess affects imx51 as well
13:43 < asac> NCommander: specs are for feature implementation
13:43 < asac> not to track bugs
13:43 < ericm> asac, I've updated all the information on bug 517841
13:43 < asac> if its a bug tracking spec, then we should have milestoned it with beta-1 or 2
13:43 < ubottu> Bug 517841 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/517841 is private
13:44 < ogra> asac, err, we used to do that all the time
13:44 < asac> ericm: yes. i think kexec is fixed now (according to ncommander)
13:44 < ericm> I've yet uploaded a kexec kernel for imx51, not sure if anyone has tested that as well
13:45 < ogra> thats why the specs have the "related bugs" function
13:45 < asac> ogra: we can discus that later. some bugs are ok. but not all bugs
13:45 < ericm> asac, which fix, link?
13:45 < ogra> asac, well, the *related* ones indeed :)
13:45 < asac> ericm: kexec being broken ;)
13:45 < asac> NCommander said its now working
13:46 < NCommander> It is
13:46 < asac> NCommander: so what about 517841?
13:46 < asac> ericm: why is that bug private?
13:46 < ericm> asac, per request by Marvell engineers .....
13:46 < asac> ok
13:47 < asac> ok lets move on
13:47 < asac> time is running low
13:47 < NCommander> [topic] ARM Application status (JamieBennett, dyfet)
13:47 < MootBot> New Topic:  ARM Application status (JamieBennett, dyfet)
13:47 < asac> NCommander: QA is first
13:47 < NCommander> [topic] QA Status (GrueMaster, plars)
13:47 < MootBot> New Topic:  QA Status (GrueMaster, plars)
13:47 < plars> I wanted to talk about possibly setting up an LP team to subscribe armel/UNE image related bugs against, similar to what we did with UNR last cycle
13:48 < plars> The purpose would mainly be for collecting and tracking bugs that we care about w.r.t. the une armel image
13:48 < asac> plars: why cant we use the armel tag for that?
13:48 < plars> just wanted to see if anyone has strong opinions on this, or about what to name it
13:48 < plars> my suggestion was ubuntu-armel-une or ubuntu-une-armel
13:48 < asac> otherwise i would just suggest to use ubuntu-armel ...
13:48 < asac> err ubnutu-mobile
13:48 < plars> asac: the armel tag is used for *anything* found on armel
13:48 < asac> sorry
13:49 < plars> asac: and ubuntu-armel is for bugs that are confirmed to be specific to armel, and things that the ubuntu-armel team is working on
13:49 < plars> asac: many of the bugs we want/need to track around the une image are not specific to armel at all, but we still care about them since we are the main consumers of the 2d une interface right now
13:49 < asac> plars: yes, ubuntu-mobile i mean. i think thats the best general purpose team suitable for high level apps concerning mobile
13:50 < plars> I'm fine with using ubuntu-mobile, but didn't want to go use that without agreement first
13:50 < asac> any objections?
13:50 < ogra> none
13:50 < asac> lets try that. if someone shows up complaining about bug spam, we can review
13:51 < plars> works for me
13:51 < plars> next?
13:51 < asac> GrueMaster: daily qa report?
13:51 < NCommander> [topic] ARM Application status (JamieBennett, dyfet)
13:51 < MootBot> New Topic:  ARM Application status (JamieBennett, dyfet)
13:51 < asac> NCommander: ring ring
13:51 < asac> ;)
13:51 < NCommander> asac: :-P
13:51 < ogra> GrueMaster is first :)
13:51 < asac> GrueMaster: still your turn
13:51 < asac> ;)
13:52 < GrueMaster> Testing lsb lib on imx51 to compare the results seen on dove karmic.
13:52 -!- rbelem [~rodrigo@pdpc/supporter/professional/rbelem] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:52 < GrueMaster> WIP.
13:52 < GrueMaster> daily testing of new UNE images.
13:52 < GrueMaster> What more can I say?
13:52 < asac> maybe prepare a summary of the daily testing next week on the wiki
13:52 < asac> you can add that to the meeting wiki before
13:53 < GrueMaster> I'm still waiting to hear from the Linux Foundation folks to see if our testing is good.
13:53  * ogra would appreciate if QA could start rootstock tests after FF
13:53 < asac> like what days where the images good, what days they were broken
13:53 < asac> and if you find a bug on some day, maybe add that to that days column
13:53 < ogra> so i get some additional testing
13:53 < asac> ok
13:53  * asac notes that
13:53 < asac> ogra: can you make a testplan
13:53 < asac> ?
13:53 < ogra> asac, sure, i'll do that next week and send it around
13:54 < asac> like a wiki page of combinations to test to hit a few corners?
13:54 < asac> ok
13:54 < asac> ok lets move on then
13:54 < ogra> mainly for oem-config tests and indeed rootstock itself
13:54 < Keybuk> GrueMaster: tangent, I'm testing UNE on i386 daily now
13:54 < GrueMaster> And that does what for armel?
13:54 < plars> ah, good to know :)
13:54 < davidm> Keybuk, is that the 3D version or the 2D version?
13:54 < asac> ok we are in "ARM Application status (JamieBennett, dyfet)"
13:54 < asac> now
13:54 < davidm> Keybuk, they are very different
13:55 < asac> any news on that front or can we skip that?
13:55 < JamieBennett> not sure if dyfet has anything to add about Thumb2 stuff but I see no major topics to raise
13:55 < plars> GrueMaster: if you see something that you are unsure if it is specific to armel or not, Keybuk should be able to tell you easily
13:55 < asac> ok lets move on
13:55 < GrueMaster> plars: I also have x86 images that I compare with.
13:55 < asac> NCommander: next topic ;)
13:55 < dmart> Stupid question, but can anyone point me to where the UNE images appear?  I haven't been able to find them.
13:55 < NCommander> [topic] ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, dyfet)
13:55 < MootBot> New Topic:  ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, dyfet)
13:56 < plars> GrueMaster: ok, good I didn't know you were testing it on both i386 and armel
13:56 < asac> dmart: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/
13:56 < asac> ther under ports
13:56 < dmart> asac, thanks
13:56 < ogra> http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/
13:56 < MootBot> LINK received:  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/
13:56 < ogra> bah, to slow
13:56 -!- RainCT [~RainCT@ubuntu/member/pdpc.student.rainct] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:56 < dmart> MOVING ON
13:56 < asac> NCommander: dyfet: persia: did you make some progress on thumb2 porting end last week=
13:56 < dmart> oops, caps lock
13:56 < asac> ?
13:57 < dyfet> yes we did
13:57 < dyfet> on lwp, and we did get the remaining boose blocker closed I think
13:57 < asac> persia: dyfet: i saw you worked together. very good. did that end in uploads? what packages?
13:57 < ogra> \o/
13:57 < dyfet> (boost)
13:57 < persia> asac: A bit, but not too much.  We picked a bad time, so I was slow, and dyfet was distracted.  I did manage to get one correct upload though.
13:57 < ogra> dyfet is a hero !
13:57 < NCommander> asac: been working on OOo, so nothing new to report, but I've been looking at a strange KDE buld failure with persia
13:57  * ogra cant cheer enough 
13:57 < asac> NCommander: right i consider oOO to take some time, but i would think while its bulding you can help on thumb2 and ftbfs ;)
13:58 < asac> help on kde ftbfs is welcome
13:58 < ogra> NCommander, the kde stuff is muchly appreciated since it breaks rootstocks oem-config-kde
13:58 < asac> NCommander: maybe check if the kde issues corralate with the thum2 issues identified
13:58 < persia> ogra: It breaks lots of stuff :)
13:58 < ogra> persia, bah, i dont care about the other stiuff :P
13:58 < persia> asac: No, it's an issue with build-dep resolution.
13:58  * persia cares about liquid
13:58 < NCommander> asac: its a problem of dependency installing. I enlisted persia to help me on this
13:59 < asac> err ... on what?
13:59  * ogra just wears blinds 
13:59 < persia> asac: apt-get build-dep kdebindings fails.  manually installing all the build deps works.
13:59  * persia is still trying to figure out why
13:59 < asac> anyway. lets move on. i think we are making progress (even if slow) on the porting stuff
13:59 < asac> persia: right. i didnt really refer to that one though ;)
14:00 < asac> just talked about general help on kde being good
14:00 < asac> NCommander: next topic?
14:00 < NCommander> [topic] ARM Image Status (ogra, persia)
14:00 < MootBot> New Topic:  ARM Image Status (ogra, persia)
14:00 < ogra> broken due to cheese :)
14:00 < ogra> but overall good
14:00 < asac> right. thats what i figure
14:00 < asac> not muhc to say there this week i think
14:01 < asac> next?
14:01 < ogra> thats it
14:01 < ogra> AOB i think
14:01 < asac> Ubuntu Liquid?
14:01 < ogra> oh, right
14:01 < asac> should we remove that from the standing items list?
14:01 < rbelem> :-)
14:01 < NCommander> [topic] Ubuntu Liquid
14:01 < MootBot> New Topic:  Ubuntu Liquid
14:01 < persia> Please do.
14:01 < asac> rbelem: do you want to keep this item in the meeting?
14:01 < asac> if not, just ping me when you want a slot back in
14:01 < asac> ian_brasil: ^^
14:01 < persia> I *think* we'll get a -meta and -default-setttings into lucid, but it won't be ideal, and we don't really want anyone to use it.
14:02 < rbelem> nope
14:02 -!- jono [~jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
14:02 < persia> Lots of upstream work and fiddling work happening (probably in a PPA) for the rest of the cycle, for a real release in lucid+1
14:02 < asac> [ACTION] NCommander to remove liquid from standing item list
14:02 < ian_brasil> asac, ok..we are targeting lucid +1 now anyway
14:02 < NCommander> [ACTION] NCommander to remove liquid from standing item list
14:02 < MootBot> ACTION received:  NCommander to remove liquid from standing item list
14:02 < NCommander> [topic] AOB
14:02 < MootBot> New Topic:  AOB
14:03 < asac> i have something, but if you have something go ahead first
14:03 < persia> I had a user ask about hildon-gtk Ubuntu Mobile today (and realise this is a frequent question).  Is there consensus that people interested in this area should be redirected to the Mer project?
14:03  * NCommander is glad to have Mer take over hildon stuff
14:03 < asac> would we refuse contributions?
14:03 < ogra> is mer still existing now that there is meegoo ?
14:04 < asac> e.g. is there consent we want to get rid of hildon?
14:04 < rbelem> asac, nope
14:04 < asac> right
14:04 < ogra> asac, every looked at it ?
14:04 < ogra> *ever
14:04 < asac> so i dont think we should redirect them
14:04 < persia> asac: We can't do it right because of the libgtk variation.
14:04 < asac> rather catch them
14:04 < ogra> its painful
14:04 < rbelem> asac, it will be qt based
14:04 < asac> ok misunderstood rbelem's nope i think
14:04 < asac> so ok
14:04 < ogra> yeah, i think that nope was directed to me
14:05 < asac> ok so seems there is a consensus that we redirect ;)
14:05 < JamieBennett> asac: yes
14:05 < ogra> ++
14:05 < JamieBennett> for now until mer switches to QT
14:05 < rbelem> ++
14:05 < asac> so from my side i wanted to discuss to make the meeting more efficient.
14:06 < persia> Good.  Mind you, some mer folk are moving to Qt, but that's a different issue : at least their codebase works and is a basis for hacking :)
14:06 < ogra> we're only 6 min over time
14:06 < NCommander> If its clearer when to move topics, it would work better for me.
14:06 < asac> right
14:06 < ogra> :)
14:06 < asac> but i think the standing items could as well be filled in on the wiki up front
14:06 < asac> would it be ok for everyone owning those items to spend 10 minutes before the meeting to fill that in?
14:06 -!- Tonio_ [~tonio@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
14:06 < ogra> and NCommander asking before switching topics would help too
14:06 < asac> then we can just make a standing items topic ... and raise points we want to discuss rather than getting a full status report typed in ;)
14:07 < asac> yes
14:07 < NCommander> ogra: I've done that plenty of times, no one answers
14:07 < ogra> even if we loose a minute per topic or so due to that it would be better structured
14:07 < asac> NCommander: so usually you should ask ... anything else? can we move on? etc.
14:07 < asac> and give folks a minute or so to move on
14:07 < ogra> right
14:07 -!- rgreening [~rgreening@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:07 < asac> its just messy to have interleaving topics discussed. that makes things go longer summed up in my feeling
14:08 < asac> so anyone has problems with filling in the status on his standing items?
14:08  * GrueMaster would also like to see less non-essential chatter.
14:08 < asac> (i would take the work item standing item)
14:08 -!- jrdnyquist [~jrdnyquis@slayer.caro.net] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:08 < asac> GrueMaster: right. we can try to remind ourselves everytime it happens
14:08 < ogra> nope, fine with that
14:08 < asac> but its tough ... also its not easy to see what is really essential
14:09  * JamieBennett has to leave
14:09 < asac> what feels essential to you might feel non-essential for others and vice versa
14:09 < ogra> JamieBennett, good luck
14:09 < JamieBennett> :)
14:09 < asac> JamieBennett: good bye
14:09 < GrueMaster> I might be able to fill in the wiki if I had more that a few hours notice prior to the meeting.  I would request at least 24 hour notice.
14:09 < asac> ok thanks. i think we are over
14:09 < asac> [ACTION] everyone to fill in status on standing items for next week meeeting
14:09 < asac> NCommander: ^
14:09 < NCommander> [ACTION] everyone to fill in status on standing items for next week meeeting
14:09 < MootBot> ACTION received:  everyone to fill in status on standing items for next week meeeting
14:09 < asac> GrueMaster: notice?
14:09 < ogra> [ACTION] send out meeting reminders on time
14:09 < ogra> :)
14:09 < GrueMaster> Meeting notice.
14:09 < asac> GrueMaster: just add a reminder to your calendar
14:09 < ogra> yeah
14:10 < asac> you can get SMS and stuff like that
14:10 < ogra> gcal is great for that
14:10 < asac> for free
14:10 < GrueMaster> I do, but it is set to ping me 30 minutes prior (as a backup alarm).
14:10 -!- Tonio__ [~tonio@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
14:10 < persia> (depending on your local telecommunications provider)
14:10 < ogra> though still, we used to have the mail some days earlier
14:10 < asac> GrueMaster: you can add more than one notification for each entry
14:10 < asac> i have one 1 day before and 10 minutes
14:10 < persia> Fridays might be a good day for the mail to be sent.
14:10 < asac> by default
14:10 < ogra> or add a specific reminder entry :)
14:10 < asac> and you can change that individually as well (for things like this meeting reminder)
14:11 < ogra> persia, ++
14:11 < asac> ok ... i think we are done
14:11 < GrueMaster> And is there a way to add the wiki links to this reminder?
14:11 < ogra> i think there is
14:11 < asac> good point
14:11 -!- nigelb [~nigelb@unaffiliated/nigel-nb/x-7857692] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
14:11 < persia> GrueMaster: Write a cron job that builds the link based on the date at runtime?
14:11 < asac> [ACTION] JamieBennett to include wiki links to friday reminder; ncommander to include wiki link in weekly reminder
14:11 < asac> NCommander: ^^
14:12 < NCommander> [ACTION] JamieBennett to include wiki links to friday reminder; ncommander to include wiki link in weekly reminder
14:12 < MootBot> ACTION received:  JamieBennett to include wiki links to friday reminder; ncommander to include wiki link in weekly reminder
14:12 < asac> ok ... lets finish... anything else?
14:12 < ogra> thanks
14:12 < asac> thanks all!
14:12 < NCommander> #endmeeting

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