This page outlines the different terminology in the Ubuntu Accomplishments project.

  • Accomplishment - an accomplishment is a single activity that can be accomplished in the system. Accomplishments live inside sets - an example is the 'Registered On Launchpad' accomplishment inside the 'general' set inside the 'ubuntu-community-accomplishments' collection.

  • Opportunity - an opportunity is a currently unaccomplished accomplishment.

  • Trophy - a trophy is what the user is awarded when they successfully complete an opportunity.

  • Collection - a collection is a group of different accomplishments sets that are grouped together in the same branch/package. An example of this is 'ubuntu-community-accomplishments'.

  • Set - a set is a sub-directory inside of a collection that contains a group of similarly themed accomplishments. An example of this is the 'development' set inside the 'ubuntu-community-accomplishment' collection.

  • Accomplishment ID - a scheme of unique names for accomplishments. An ID is always in form of <collection>/<set>/<accomplishment_name>. An example might be ubuntu-community-accomplishments/general/register-on-launchpad.

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