Contributing to Official Accomplishment Collections

If you are familiar with previous chapters, and have learned how accomplishments work and which files are responsible for what etc., you are ready to contribute to official accomplishment collections.

Currently there is only one official collection - ubuntu-community-accomplishments - but we plan to maintain at least one more in the future.

Contributing is just about adding new accomplishments with their scripts, and maybe new icons.

Note: if you just want to translate existing accomplishments, go to instead.

  • When contributing to official collections, be sure to strictly respect the Guidelines!

  • If you are not sure whether your idea is appropriate, or if you encounter any other problems, you can contact us via the mailing list, or the IRC channel (#ubuntu-accomplishments)
  • Try to reuse existing categories. If you use a new category, remember to update CATEGORIES file.
  • If you use a new icon, be sure to include it in the trophyimages directory!

  • Please remove all print statements from your script(s) before sending it, in case you used them for testing.


First get the branch:

bzr branch lp:ubuntu-community-accomplishments

If you have added any new files, remember to run:

bzr add

Apply your changes, test them carefully (the script is ready for you!). If you are happy with the result, commit the changes:

bzr commit

To push the changes to Launchpad, use:

bzr push lp:~your-launchpad-login/ubuntu-community-accomplishments/your-branch-name

Finally, to propose it for merging into the main branch, go to this branch page in Launchpad (usually it's, and click 'Propose for merging'. Follow the instructions, write us a summary of your changes.

Done! We'll review your submission shortly and contact you in case of questions/problems.

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