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Scheduled Activities:

  • The Arizona Team co-sponsors a Linux InstallFest on the First and Third Saturdays of each month with the Phoenix Linux User Group (PLUG) at UAT. We first started collaborating with them doing Installfests in 2008 and as a result now offer two per month instead of one. We currently have 1 portable server to host ISO's and have just added a PXE server to speed up some installs.

  • Ubuntu Hour Events are currently being held in Tempe, Surprise, and Sierra Vista, Arizona.
  • IRC meetings are held weekly on Sunday nights at 9 P.M. MST. The IRC channel is open 24 hours a day to help users with questions and communicate with team members. ubuntu-us-az on


  • State LUG Collaboration: Contact and pooling of resources with Linux User Groups (LUGs) across the state to promote events and further Ubuntu as a viable operating system. We have already established a relationship with:

  • Improve Global Jam participation: Schedule half of the install-fest session for Global Jam and invite chosen people for testing and debugging.

  • Release Party & Installfest: Do demonstrations of new features and installations for our team and local groups. Conduct release parties for LTS Ubuntu releases.

  • Prescott LUG: Attend meetings occasionally. Distribute CD/DVDs, exchange Ubuntu & FOSS information and demonstrate new programs.

  • Phoenix LUG: Attend East side meetings every month. Distribute CD/DVDs, exchange Ubuntu & FOSS information and demonstrate new programs.

  • Sunland LUG: Attend meetings occasionally. Distribute CD/DVDs, exchange Ubuntu & FOSS information and demonstrate new programs.

  • Local Ubuntu Advocacy: Continue to burn and distribute Ubuntu DVD/CDs for release parties, Installfests, and for team members to distribute to family, friends, neighbors, etc.


  • Team Communication

    • We have maintained our team IRC channel #ubuntu-us-az which we also monitor on a daily basis with our own stat reporting system Team IRC Stats.

    • We have published our own team newsletter on a weekly basis to help encourage non participating members or members who missed a meeting to keep abreast of the latest LoCo happenings Team Newsletter

    • We keep logs of our weekly meetings Meeting Logs

    • We have maintained our team subforum AZ Team Thread

    • We have maintained our team mailing list Team Mail List Archive

    • We have maintained out team wiki page AZ wiki

  • New Member Support:

    • AZ Team Forum Sticky about membership: Arizona LoCo Team Info

      • Our monthly Installfests at the University of Advancing Technology assists new users with DVD/CD's, installs, and training.
      • Our Team supports and attends the security events at Mesa Community College.
  • Team Branding (Designed and approved by team)

    • Team Logo and slogan: Logo/Slogan

    • Team Subpage Header: SubPage Header

    • We encourage all team members to adopt the following signature on the forums to further promote our LoCo. The "ArizonaTeam wiki | Arizona Launchpad | and Membership" we have added our email to offer a team related mail address and share documents on Google docs.

    • Established a Cafe Press Store to augment the available Ubuntu merchandise available at Canonical. It offers merchandise with our own team branding on it. Cafe Press Store

  • Team Server

    • Team Servers Page

    • We installed proxmox with 14.04 on the server and transferred our team web page to it. azloco Web site

    • Note:We have recently been given 2 Dell Poweredge 2900 and 1 Dell Poweredge 2950 servers in perfect condition for our team use. We will also be using them to educate team members in server development. We are looking for a new physical location for our servers.

  • Ubuntu Members:

    • Kenny Mc Henry (2009-02-20)
    • nhasian (2009-02-23)
    • j.scott.gwin (2010-07-06)
    • Todd Cole (2014-05-21)
    • We have held a workshop to instruct more AZ Team Members how to apply for Ubuntu membership. This process is on going.


  • We officially moved to Arizona in January 2014. I looked around the local area for a Linux User Group but too my dismay, the only computer user group was an Apple Group and they were not interested in Linux. I was introduced to Linux via Ubuntu 6.06 I believe and have been a Ubuntu/Lubuntu user since 2008. I discovered that there was something called a Ubuntu Local Community that existed in the state. I looked into it and joined. The members are helpful and a joy to talk to on line. I have met some of them in person at a Linux Installfest in the Phoenix area and a Linux Workshop in Tucson. The knowledge and abilities of the members vary from the “newby” to the experienced tech/system administrator. The old hands do not look down at you because you are not on their level but are eager to assist you with a problem or to answer a question. You can be as active as you want in AZLOCO. You can use what you know to help others and be helped by others who have more knowledge and experience than you do.

  • I've been working with Linux since the early days (circa 1995). There were various groups in the valley which I joined and shared information. The AZloco is very active, with meetings every week, irc channel monitored 24/7, so help is always available. We have bi-weekly installfests where we help people install Ubuntu and other flavors on their system, help them with configuration and administration. There are experienced people in the loco who share information about the latest technology. Every week there is good exchange of information. All in all, AZloco is a great group to be a part of.

  • I am an active member of the Arizona Ubuntu Loco since around 2011. What attracts me to this group is the sustained effort that it makes towards spreading and supporting free and open source software. The group has a core of dedicated people who add value to its members and to the community at large on a consistent basis through their installfests and peer-to-peer help on the irc channel. In addition, it is a great group to be around.

  • I've used Ubuntu for many years and joined the Arizona Ubunutu Loco a few years ago. I have attended installfest since 2012, helping community members to install and understand Ubuntu. I volunteered when the Arizona Loco was at the Arizona Resort during the Arizona Computer Conference. The team helps me to continue learning open source and Linux in general. I get a chance to learn, create, and grow into an open source advocate.

  • To whom it may concern
    • As a member of the Azloco and a student at the Los Rios Community College District in Northern California. I organized an online study group for the Linux classes. We used the resources of the Azloco video chat server and the web site. All students in the study group received the grade of A.

Ronald D. Ash

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