Welcome to the Arizona LoCo Team planning page for the Intrepid Ibex 8.10 release. The link below shows general guidelines and suggestions from Ubuntu on running this type of event.


  • Initial plans are to have the Installfest as soon after the release date as is practical. Intrepid Ibex 8.10 is the next release, and it is due out in October of 2008. From past experience, these releases come out somewhere around the 18th of the month. (We need to decide what day of the week and during what time periods we want to do the event)
  • ASU LUG has offered to co-host the event with our team. They are offering dedicated rooms with hard wired internet. The LUG has about 40 members and a majority of them use Ubuntu. With the central location, the added LUG help and the pool of ASU students to attract, this should greatly increase our exposure and success.

  • Advertising should be of importance if we want to have a successful event. Local radio, colleges, libraries, newspapers, coffee shops, etc. should be informed and/or small window posters distributed too.
  • We should consider looking into having some cheap silkscreen T-shirts made up for the team members to wear, making us visible to the people looking for help.
  • I also believe we can request an "Event Package" from Ubuntu that I believe includes a banner.

Material Requirements

  • Manpower
  • Install Disks (Default and Alternate)
  • Power Strips & Extension Cords

  • Leaflets to pass out about our LoCo

  • Signs, banners, and/or posters
  • Some kind of cart to help people bring in the boxes
  • Cameras
  • GPG Key-signing materials(if we so decide)


ASU Campus, Phoenix


Date: Time: Location:



The President of the ASULUG at Arizona State University has committed to co-hosting the installfest. They are willing to furnish a room with hardwired internet on the ASU campus, and volunteers from their LUG to help. They have around 40 members and most already use Ubuntu. This would help our installfest by having a more central location, and also I believe we could attract more potential installs from the campus population. Of course there is also the chance of adding to our members list at the same time. A plus all the way around as far as I can see!

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