There was no real agenda for this meeting besides getting to know each other.


[18:00] Polygon89: :D
[18:00] SlickMcRunfast: so the beta isnt stable at all?
[18:02] Polygon89: feisty beta?
[18:03] *** br24 has joined #ubuntu-arizona.
[18:03] rsthree: i'm running feisty beta on two systems
[18:03] br24: sorry, had to switch to the lappy
[18:03] SlickMcRunfast: ya
[18:03] rsthree: looks like most of the issues have been worked over, but i don't know that it's 100% stable.
[18:03] rsthree: or, at least, as stable as it will be at release-time
[18:03] Polygon89: well i hope its pretty stable... its like being releaesd in 4 days
[18:04] johnc: other than the kernel problems i had it was pretty stable
[18:04] Polygon89: i ran it on my comp, but they still havent fixed the "keyboard volume button doesnt work"
[18:04] rsthree: i ran into some horrible kernel issues a few days ago, but all is well again
[18:04] Polygon89: and also, i cant use hibernate or suspend cause it takes out alsa when it awakens
[18:05] SlickMcRunfast: rs3 how was Crossover
[18:05] Polygon89: other then that it runs fine
[18:05] rsthree: SlickMcRunfast, i never got 'round to it
[18:05] rsthree: just sticking with wine at the moment.  i'm quite a bit shorter on funds this month than i had anticipated, but i didn't bother with a trial either
[18:05] Polygon89: wine is getting better
[18:06] rsthree: indeed it is
[18:06] SlickMcRunfast: .
[18:06] Polygon89: i just tried steam recently and was suprised that they actually intregraded the wine tray icons into the traybar
[18:06] Polygon89: so instead of an annoying box, they show up next to native linux tray icons, i like that
[18:07] rsthree: excellent
[18:09] rsthree: so, i guess this is the lot of us?
[18:09] br24: it kinda seems like it
[18:09] johnc: seems to be
[18:09] Polygon89: did you guys pm everyone that had replied in that one big topic in the forum?
[18:10] br24: Im sorry, I failed that task
[18:10] johnc: yea i think we got everyone
[18:10] Polygon89: whatever
[18:10] Polygon89: its all good br24
[18:10] br24: thanks
[18:10] johnc: our lead time was pretty short though
[18:11] johnc: it was no prob br
[18:11] br24: I think most people really dont care whether there is a group here or not
[18:12] Polygon89: or maybe they dont check the forums daily like we do =)
[18:12] SlickMcRunfast: they must be collecting posts
[18:12] br24: could be
[18:12] SlickMcRunfast: got to get them beans
[18:12] rsthree: haha
[18:12] johnc: maybe we should post a sticky on the loco.
[18:12] rsthree: my bean count is pitiful, like < 30 and i've had an account for over a year
[18:12] * rsthree is a professional lurker
[18:12] Polygon89: heh
[18:12] br24: Im right there with ya
[18:12] Polygon89: i have 700, been here a year
[18:13] Polygon89: just posting random stuff
[18:13] br24: oh, and one other thing
[18:13] Polygon89: about 100 of that was trying to get wireless to work on breezy
[18:13] johnc: took me 2 yrs for 700
[18:13] br24: I really havent used irc much either
[18:13] johnc: me either
[18:13] Polygon89: all you really need to know is what you have already done lol
[18:13] Polygon89: joining a channel
[18:13] rsthree: ah, now i've been doing irc for awhile, but not as often as once before
[18:13] Polygon89: changing your nick
[18:14] br24: oh Im catching on
[18:14] Polygon89: and to send messages to people that are highlighted, so they can see them better in large channels like #ubuntu
[18:14] br24: just need to learn the commands
[18:14] Polygon89: put their name then a comma
[18:14] Polygon89: all you really need to know :D
[18:14] rsthree: (and use tab for nick completion in most clients) :D
[18:14] br24: of course, Im in the process of learning multiple things at the same time
[18:14] Polygon89: yep.
[18:14] Polygon89: so like
[18:14] Polygon89: br24, this is highlighted for you
[18:15] br24: Polygon89, thank you
[18:15] Polygon89: :)
[18:15] br24: no worries, I learn fast
[18:16] br24: so what is on the agenda tonight?
[18:16] SlickMcRunfast: just to chat
[18:16] rsthree: mix it up a little and all that
[18:17] br24: giggity giggity
[18:17] Polygon89: adium for mac os x honestly puts GAIM to shame. i wish this program was for linux.
[18:17] rsthree: giggity goo
[18:17] rsthree: stick around
[18:17] Polygon89: err pidgin, whatver its called now
[18:17] SlickMcRunfast: what does it have thats different?
[18:17] Polygon89: well nothing really as it uses the gaim library
[18:17] Polygon89: its just better implemented
[18:17] SlickMcRunfast: I think gaim need a smaller interface
[18:18] SlickMcRunfast: the text is always huge
[18:18] johnc: anyone using exaile music player
[18:18] Polygon89: away messages in pidgin are weird, soemtimes they dont mark you as away...
[18:18] rsthree: i'm suffering through rhythmbox still :D
[18:18] Polygon89: and i hate it how it resumes your status from when you exit
[18:18] rsthree: what's exaile like
[18:18] Polygon89: i use exaile, great program
[18:18] johnc: i really like it
[18:18] rsthree: in the repos?
[18:18] Polygon89: basic but functional program
[18:18] Polygon89: yeah
[18:19] johnc: everything seems to work
[18:19] Polygon89: album art, lyric, wikipedia, library, most file types, mini mode
[18:19] SlickMcRunfast: exaile
[18:19] Polygon89: playlists, last.fm supportr
[18:19] SlickMcRunfast: what do it do
[18:19] br24: what other complaints about gaim?
[18:19] Polygon89: away messages are screwy, it resumes your status after you quit
[18:19] Polygon89: looks really kinda bad, lol
[18:19] br24: I dont think Ive been able to get invisible to work for me
[18:19] Polygon89: i hate it how it has three seprate login windows for three different accounts
[18:19] Polygon89: it should be one unified one
[18:20] br24: that could be difficult to do
[18:20] Polygon89: and, when you enter  a wrong password, its a pain to enter the right one again, as you have to go to accounts -> modify, delete the password thats listed there, click enable account and then login again
[18:20] br24: unless there is a single login that uses the different logins
[18:20] Polygon89: that could work.
[18:21] rsthree: like a keyring sorta deal, right?
[18:21] Polygon89: yah
[18:21] br24: but then you could go back to square one if one of the providers go down
[18:21] Polygon89: providers?
[18:21] br24: like aim, msn
[18:21] br24: aim can give me problems at time
[18:22] Polygon89: well what i think hes saying
[18:22] Polygon89: is that you give one password
[18:22] Polygon89: if that pass is corrent, then itlogs you in to all of your accounts
[18:22] Polygon89: that way you only need to enter one login, and remember one pass
[18:22] br24: but you would have to have that account verify the account(s) you use
[18:23] br24: some may have different user names, pw's
[18:23] Polygon89: well its just a password, that encrypts or whatever the pther passwords
[18:23] Polygon89: as in you have a diaglog box that you put all of the account info
[18:23] Polygon89: for all your different im protocols
[18:23] br24: hey I agree, would make things a little easier
[18:23] Polygon89: and then you enter a universal password for that
[18:23] Polygon89: so, when you enter that one universal password, the program is like "ok" and logs you in to everything using the info that you provided earlier
[18:23] rsthree: does kopete already do this?
[18:23] SlickMcRunfast: nothing like this exists yet?
[18:24] Polygon89: no idea
[18:24] rsthree: i was thinking kopete had a feature like that
[18:24] Polygon89: maybe gnome keyring
[18:24] br24: I cant think of any
[18:24] Polygon89: but they would half to add some plugin to pidgin to do it
[18:24] Polygon89: and also, adium uses this wonderful thing called growl
[18:24] Polygon89: its kinda like a more pretty version of libnotify
[18:24] Polygon89: the thing that lets you know you have updates aviable and all that
[18:25] br24: interesting
[18:25] Polygon89: and other programs can use growl, so like xchat can use it and everything
[18:25] rsthree: any of you guys doing amd64, out of curiosity?
[18:26] Polygon89: nah.
[18:26] br24: nope
[18:26] johnc: nope
[18:26] SlickMcRunfast: na
[18:26] Polygon89: speaking of gnome-keyring, does anyone use network manager? anyone know how to get rid of the annoying "enter password for gnome keyring so network manager can access the wep key"?
[18:26] rsthree: i can't make up my mind whether to stick with it or not.  the benefits are insignificant from what i can perceive, though.
[18:27] br24: I am
[18:27] br24: although I havent worked on getting rid of the pw prompt
[18:28] br24: mostly use this away from home
[18:28] rsthree: i remember encountering that but i don't know how to get rid of it.
[18:28] Polygon89: i just want gnome keyring to remember its password
[18:28] rsthree: i just disabled network manager on both systems
[18:28] Polygon89: well i use it cause i like having the little bars that show signal strength
[18:28] rsthree: it'd be handy for a laptop with wifi, though
[18:28] Polygon89: cause i use wifi on my tower
[18:29] Polygon89: ill see if there is an option in feisty before i go submitting a bug report about it
[18:29] rsthree: (nod) i use wifi on one of my systems--it performs NAT for the other system, which goes without a wireless adapter.
[18:29] br24: well I have found something
[18:29] br24: (Link: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192281)http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192281
[18:30] br24: it is older though
[18:30] rsthree: i'm surprised it'd be so roundabout
[18:30] Polygon89: i think they should add the option in gnome keyring
[18:31] rsthree: yeah
[18:31] johnc: submit it for gutsy
[18:31] rsthree: i just opened keyring-manager and...well, it does just what the title suggests and nothing more than it has to :D
[18:31] br24: I also found something that says it should work with feisty
[18:31] br24: (Link: http://johnny.chadda.se/2007/02/21/unlock-the-gnome-keyring-upon-login/) http://johnny.chadda.se/2007/02/21/unlock-the-gnome-keyring-upon-login/
[18:32] Polygon89: lol its in the repos
[18:32] Polygon89: so no need to compile... yay
[18:33] rsthree: keen
[18:33] Polygon89: well i need to wait for feisty
[18:33] Polygon89: oh well, i can survive 4 days
[18:34] br24: shouldnt be too much a problem
[18:34] Polygon89: yep.
[18:34] Polygon89: also, i noticed yesterday
[18:35] Polygon89: on a random note: windows is physically incabable of taking screenshots of dvds
[18:35] rsthree: indeed
[18:35] Polygon89: if you do, the screenshot is all weird and its like it has two layers
[18:35] rsthree: i've never successfully screencapped video in windows
[18:35] Polygon89: and one layer never moves so its all messed up.
[18:35] SlickMcRunfast: vlc
[18:35] SlickMcRunfast: it has a screenshot function
[18:35] Polygon89: i tried playing a dvd with vlc
[18:36] Polygon89: it worked... kinda but then it crashed
[18:36] Polygon89: i dont think it liked my dvd codec or something
[18:36] br24: amazing, winders having a problem...
[18:36] rsthree: heh :D
[18:36] Polygon89: so i had to reboot to ubuntu just to take a screenshot
[18:36] Polygon89: was annoying
[18:36] rsthree: which reminds me.  for you guys, why ubuntu?
[18:36] Polygon89: i tried suse
[18:36] br24: you may need to pay for support on that issue
[18:36] Polygon89: my wireless doenst work... *next!*
[18:37] Polygon89: i tried dreamlinux, its ok but really it just had everything that was on ubuntu already
[18:37] johnc: i tried a bunch of differnt ones, but ubuntu worked best and the forum support was the best
[18:37] br24: tried gentoo, suse, dsl
[18:37] br24: ubuntu was the second one for me after gentoo
[18:37] Polygon89: i tried sabayon linux, my wireless again didnt work, and when i posted on their forums, a developer basically said 'yes we know its a f---- bug, stop posting about it"
[18:37] br24: worked ever since
[18:37] rsthree: (nod) i think the forums do it for me.  but yeah, tried suse, gentoo, arch, fc5, slack10.2, a couple others
[18:37] johnc: i'd like to try gentoo, but install is a b   ch
[18:37] SlickMcRunfast: i got pulled because of the free cd
[18:38] SlickMcRunfast: aol got me with that one too
[18:38] rsthree: Polygon89, HAHA
[18:38] rsthree: that's helpful
[18:38] br24: took me 2 days to finish a gentoo install
[18:38] SlickMcRunfast: whaaa
[18:38] SlickMcRunfast: how
[18:38] Polygon89: yep.
[18:38] rsthree: i spent a weekend on gentoo back in late 2004 and said "screw it"
[18:38] br24: was fun at first, but got very old
[18:38] br24: especially after it broke on me
[18:39] rsthree: i'll absolutely sacrifice any interest i have in imperceptible performance gains to have precompiled packages made available to me
[18:39] johnc: i like the idea of being with the most up to date apps all the time though
[18:39] br24: indeed
[18:39] Polygon89: the downside of course if compling everything
[18:40] Polygon89: making sure you have all the dependencies
[18:40] Polygon89: the worst is compiling something when the program has no documentation on how to compile it properly
[18:40] rsthree: arch was a nice compromise in that regard, but i still found it a bit too involved for a desktop OS, at least given my present needs and level of interest
[18:40] johnc: arch has great artwork from what i've seen
[18:40] rsthree: (arch did a lot of compiling through installation/syncing with pacman)
[18:40] rsthree: (nod) i find arch tasteful at least
[18:41] johnc: i take it pacman is their package mgr
[18:41] rsthree: but, all this said, are any of you dual-booting windows or keeping a windows system handy, any of that? :)
[18:41] rsthree: yeah
[18:41] rsthree: it works a lot like emerge
[18:41] rsthree: er, portage
[18:41] br24: I still have one
[18:41] br24: only used for burning dvds
[18:41] Polygon89: i am, i use it for games.
[18:41] rsthree: (nod)
[18:41] johnc: no widows here. 2 years now
[18:41] rsthree: nice
[18:42] br24: I havent logged into it for about 4-5 months now
[18:42] rsthree: i still hijack my girlfriend's laptop occasionally when windows is called for, but it's too underpowered to run any recent games
[18:43] johnc: I started with dual boot, after a month or so of not using it, i just made the swithc
[18:43] br24: my gf wont let me get rid of winders on hers
[18:43] rsthree: (nod) :D
[18:43] br24: shes threatened me
[18:43] SlickMcRunfast: do it at night when she sleeps
[18:43] br24: um, she will know who did it
[18:43] rsthree: i find vista concerning, if not altogether scary.  we're hanging on to XP for as long as humanly possible on that laptop--it probably would not run vista well, if at all, anyway
[18:43] br24: she will be assimilated though
[18:44] br24: and theyre going to stop selling XP next Jan
[18:44] rsthree: yeah
[18:44] SlickMcRunfast: Dell still gives it out
[18:44] SlickMcRunfast: you just have to call in and ask for it
[18:44] br24: so other orgs are going to get their licenses from 3rd parties
[18:44] johnc: I sure would stick to xp if i had it
[18:44] SlickMcRunfast: I'm sure they will stock pile it
[18:44] br24: Ive played with Vista on vm
[18:44] johnc: have read terrible things about vista
[18:45] br24: almost everything I have is incompatible
[18:45] rsthree: johnc, you and me both
[18:45] rsthree: i want to find the link to it, but i think it's the "longest suicide note in history" whitepapers that convinced me of just how scary vista is :D
[18:45] rsthree: i forget what/where it is.  probably linked to from badvista.org
[18:46] johnc: i read an article today about dual booting vista and ubuntu. Lots of hoops to jump through
[18:46] Polygon89: lol
[18:46] Polygon89: yeah
[18:46] Polygon89: vista is still really buggy just cause nothing supports it yet
[18:46] rsthree: i heard it's a bit more involved than dualbooting xp and linux
[18:47] johnc: vista's new mbr is touchy and unfriendly
[18:47] Polygon89: its new, so i think its just because its new and not everything is documented yet
[18:47] br24: check this out
[18:47] br24: just found it, thought it was kinda funny
[18:47] br24: (Link: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/01/23/microsoft_incompatibilities_then_and_now/)
[18:47] rsthree: Polygon89, vista's hardware requirements go beyond bigger numbers; because there is such a rabid push for content-protection and DRM, video cards and the like must be made to very exacting specifications to be vista-approved
[18:48] Polygon89: yep.
[18:48] johnc: another article i read showed vista idling ram at 50% on a 1 gig system
[18:49] rsthree: hahahahah
[18:49] br24: well I dont know about you all, but Im going to install Vista on everything
[18:49] Polygon89: linux kinda does that too, just beause it uses all the ram it can before resorting to swap
[18:49] rsthree: now, if i crack open "top" on this system, i have but 20mb of memory free roughly
[18:49] br24: all my machines, my coffee pot, old vcr in the closet
[18:49] rsthree: out of 1gb.  but i gather it's all about caching, prefetching, whatever else because i never seem to touch the swap
[18:50] Polygon89: yeah, swap is just virtural memory (and if you have like 1 gig it really doesnt need it) and it is also used for hibernate
[18:50] rsthree: (nod)
[18:50] johnc: i only have 512 and i hardly ever need it
[18:51] br24: sorry, was trying to bring in some humor
[18:51] Polygon89: hehe
[18:51] johnc: br,  i got it
[18:51] Polygon89: i use 300 mb usually, and a lot of that is because i run BOINC which uses a lot or ram
[18:51] johnc: sound converter uses into swap when i run it, but that's about all
[18:52] johnc: bathroom break brb
[18:53] rsthree: i don't think i needed to acquire 1gb but when i built this computer, i went nuts ;D  now it's just excessive, even a year or two later
[18:53] rsthree: i have 512 on the other system and it's fine.
[18:54] SlickMcRunfast: how many apps do you run at once?
[18:55] johnc: i'm back, and another long neck down the drain
[18:55] rsthree: right now, i have only some basic stuff.  evolution, gaim, xchat, rhythmbox, beagle sitting in the notification area
[18:55] rsthree: light duty
[18:55] br24: that doesnt sound promising
[18:55] Polygon89: beagle has a notification icon?
[18:55] rsthree: what's a good local brew, anyway?
[18:56] br24: where at?
[18:56] rsthree: Polygon89, i assume so.
[18:56] Polygon89: i installed beagle and it doesnt have an icon...
[18:56] rsthree: after installing beagle, i ended up with a magnifying glass in my notification area
[18:56] br24: never seen an icon for beagle
[18:56] rsthree: i think it's a feisty thing.
[18:56] rsthree: i mean, it's the generic search icon
[18:56] Polygon89: new version most likely
[18:56] Polygon89: oh...
[18:56] Polygon89: ok
[18:56] br24: rsthree, where are you at?
[18:56] rsthree: but it uses beagle when i invoke it
[18:56] Polygon89: thats an applet isnt it?
[18:56] rsthree: br24, yuma
[18:56] br24: ouch
[18:57] rsthree: br24, yeah, tell me 'bout it :D
[18:57] johnc: rs, I use to like one of the dark brews at PJ's brewer, but have killed too many brain cells to remember the name
[18:57] rsthree: Polygon89, yeah.  also opens if i tap F12
[18:57] br24: rsthree, yeah I remember now
[18:57] Polygon89: for some reason keyboard shortcuts dont work for me
[18:57] Polygon89: they dont work for beagle or tomboy... its weird
[18:57] br24: now that is one thing that bothered me with edgy
[18:58] Polygon89: that and i have to install an unoffical build of tomboy because the one in the repos is broken
[18:58] br24: I got all kb shortcuts working except for the log out
[18:58] rsthree: doh
[18:59] johnc: anybody know what file holds the preferred apps config. I'd like to change the music player from rhythm box to exaile
[18:59] Polygon89: no idea
[18:59] Polygon89: wait
[18:59] Polygon89: right click
[18:59] Polygon89: on the file that you want to open with exaile
[19:00] rsthree: hm.  good question.  i opened preferred applications and found it was stripped down quite a bit
[19:00] Polygon89: click "open with"
[19:00] br24: for file type, right click then go to open with
[19:00] Polygon89: and select exaile
[19:00] johnc: I meant for the player itself
[19:00] br24: should do the same thing
[19:01] rsthree: trying out exaile now
[19:01] johnc: My muti-media keys will only launch rhythm box
[19:01] rsthree: ooh
[19:01] rsthree: thanks for suggesting it :D
[19:02] johnc: rs, i really like exaile in gnome. intigrates nicely
[19:02] rsthree: it's like amarok without the crap
[19:02] Polygon89: lol
[19:02] br24: I may have to check it out
[19:02] rsthree: and kde-dependent stuff
[19:02] br24: if its that good
[19:02] rsthree: it does indeed integrate well with gnome
[19:02] johnc: Polygon,  righrt
[19:03] johnc: the only problem i have had is that when it is set to display album art on the desktop, it only shows on 1 desktop
[19:03] Polygon89: did you see if thats a reported bug?
[19:04] johnc: not yet, but i will.  Just started using it a week or so ago
[19:04] rsthree: i do have to admit that rhythmbox in feisty is quite a bit better
[19:04] rsthree: but exaile wins
[19:04] Polygon89: i used to use listen
[19:04] Polygon89: but for some reason i like exaile better
[19:04] johnc: to me it's kind of like ubuntu, it just works
[19:05] rsthree: true :D
[19:05] Polygon89: unlike itunes in windows
[19:05] rsthree: heh
[19:05] rsthree: horrible horrible horrible
[19:05] rsthree: :D
[19:05] Polygon89: once again, apple is incabable of creating an installer
[19:05] Polygon89: i try to install it
[19:05] rsthree: brb
[19:05] Polygon89: "error 5! registry is used by another process"
[19:06] Polygon89: or something like that
[19:06] Polygon89: this happened to me before for like 3 versions
[19:06] Polygon89: they fixed it, now it doesnt work again
[19:06] johnc: i considered apple before i found linux.
[19:07] Polygon89: its pretty nice (on a ibook right now)
[19:07] Polygon89: but linux wins overall :D
[19:07] rsthree: back
[19:07] johnc: expensive though
[19:07] rsthree: i have a soft spot for apple, but it'
[19:07] Polygon89: apple is a hardware company, microsoft / linux focus on software
[19:07] rsthree: s due in part to the fact i was raised on the apple ][+
[19:07] rsthree: and, later, the IIgs
[19:08] rsthree: i might get a mac eventually, if i decide i need to get serious about music again
[19:08] rsthree: because uh i sure as hell will not run a DAW on windows
[19:08] Polygon89: lol
[19:08] johnc: lol
[19:08] Polygon89: mac and linux are similiar enough, someone should create like macosxwine
[19:09] rsthree: haha
[19:09] johnc: that's a good one
[19:09] rsthree: i have to leave unfortunately
[19:09] Polygon89: ahh, later
[19:09] johnc: later
[19:09] br24: later
[19:09] rsthree: only one car between my girlfriend and i, and it's time to pick her up from work
[19:09] SlickMcRunfast: bye
[19:09] rsthree: later :D
[19:09] Polygon89: latas
[19:10] johnc: seems like we have a pretty good core group, if we can just expand it a little
[19:10] Polygon89: yep.
[19:10] br24: Im sure in time it will
[19:10] rsthree: oh yeah, before i jump out the door, i wanted to ask about that--if anyone has local ideas or plans or thoughts
[19:10] SlickMcRunfast: that is the plan
[19:10] rsthree: seeing as how we're all in the same state at least
[19:10] Polygon89: yeah
[19:11] br24: whatcha got on mind?
[19:11] Polygon89: im in tucson, there is phoenix, yuma..
[19:11] Polygon89: what kind of local thing?
[19:11] br24: what do you mean?
[19:11] rsthree: i wasn't sure.  i've never been involved in anything like a LoCo
[19:11] rsthree: i suppose none of us have? ;D
[19:11] br24: neither have I
[19:11] Polygon89: nope ;)
[19:11] johnc: not me
[19:11] johnc: we are pretty spread out for a local project
[19:12] rsthree: true
[19:12] Polygon89: well im sure there are more ppl
[19:12] Polygon89: i just noticed the az loco forum one day
[19:12] rsthree: well, we'll at least keep in touch enough and grow to perhaps incorporate some ideas later
[19:12] johnc: maybe a computer thing of some kind
[19:12] rsthree: not building rome in a day here
[19:12] br24: no worries
[19:12] Polygon89: yep
[19:12] rsthree: but yeah, i'm down to drive out of yuma at some point and hang out if nothing else
[19:12] br24: so lets start out with the basics
[19:13] johnc: right rs,  maybe just agree for now to meet here same time and place for a while and try to build interest
[19:13] SlickMcRunfast: this meeting was kindof last second so i'm sure more people will come next week
[19:13] Polygon89: yeah
[19:13] Polygon89: post a sticky about it
[19:13] br24: if you post it, they will come...
[19:13] rsthree: sounds good to me.  my sundays are almost universally open, but i can work in other dates/times now and again too
[19:13] Polygon89: does anyone hav eadmin powers for the local forum?
[19:13] Polygon89: err loco
[19:13] johnc: not me
[19:13] br24: nope
[19:14] rsthree: okay, now i'm actually gone.  see yas :D
[19:14] Polygon89: hmm, i guess a post should just suffice
[19:14] Polygon89: lol later
[19:14] br24: later
[19:14] johnc: but i think anyone can post a stick with permission from an adm
[19:14] SlickMcRunfast: banditti is the "leader"
[19:14] br24: but where is this leader?
[19:14] Polygon89: never seen him lol
[19:14] SlickMcRunfast: same
[19:15] SlickMcRunfast: I sent him a email
[19:15] br24: so much for that
[19:15] johnc: if you want i will see about the sticky
[19:15] Polygon89: that moderator guy is from az
[19:15] SlickMcRunfast: I guess if we hear nothing in a week we can ask an admin to give us the power
[19:15] Polygon89: wait i dont think hes the leader
[19:15] Polygon89: wait nvm
[19:15] Polygon89: i was thinking about brunellus
[19:15] johnc: i'm not sure we have a leader
[19:16] SlickMcRunfast: whos brunellus
[19:16] br24: so maybe some POC should be established
[19:16] Polygon89: Last Activity: 3 Hours Ago 04:12 PM
[19:16] Polygon89: brunellus is a forum moderator who is from az
[19:16] Polygon89: he posted a topic or something
[19:17] Polygon89: and banditti is the leader, at least his username is green and hes the author of the sticky... did anyone pm him?
[19:17] SlickMcRunfast: I sent an email
[19:17] johnc: not i
[19:17] Polygon89: try pming him, he was on 3 hrs ago
[19:17] johnc: good job slick
[19:17] Polygon89: hes part of the unanswered post team so he has to check the forums
[19:18] johnc: well, maybe just pm him again and see if he shows up next week
[19:19] Polygon89: ya
[19:19] SlickMcRunfast: I sent a PM just now
[19:19] johnc: good
[19:19] SlickMcRunfast: asking of he was still active in the AZLOCO
[19:20] johnc: if slick is agreeable he and i can pm our list again for next week
[19:20] SlickMcRunfast: no problem
[19:20] SlickMcRunfast: It would be nice if we could do more than 5 at once
[19:20] br24: thank you both for doing that
[19:21] Polygon89: lol
[19:21] johnc: how about everyone sending me their email address so we can keep up
[19:21] Polygon89: polygon89@gmail.com
[19:21] johnc: johnc4510@cox.net
[19:21] SlickMcRunfast: ketnay@gmail.com
[19:21] br24: bribri124@gmx.net
[19:21] johnc: anyone know rs
[19:21] SlickMcRunfast: nope
[19:22] Polygon89: i would just pm him about it
[19:22] Polygon89: are we setting up a mailing list?
[19:22] johnc: looks like me i guess
[19:22] Polygon89: cool thanks
[19:23] SlickMcRunfast: I could check his domain name for an email
[19:23] johnc: I can do that
[19:24] SlickMcRunfast: protected
[19:25] SlickMcRunfast: so why does Rythembox save playlists in the use/share folder and not in my home folder
[19:25] Polygon89: dunno
[19:26] SlickMcRunfast: firefox saves bookmarks in home
[19:26] SlickMcRunfast: same with exaile
[19:26] br24: but opera does not
[19:28] Polygon89: opera doesnt save your stuff in home?
[19:28] johnc: got dog duty to do. enjoyed it guys.  See ya next week if not before
[19:28] SlickMcRunfast: cya
[19:28] br24: laters
[19:28] *** johnc has signed off IRC ("Leaving").
[19:29] br24: normally opera saves everything under its folder
[19:30] Polygon89: know which folder that is?
[19:32] br24: .opera
[19:32] Polygon89: oh, so it does save it under home
[19:32] Polygon89: /home/.opera
[19:33] br24: yeah that is true
[19:33] br24: but thats typically a hidden folder
[19:33] Polygon89: yeah, like all other config folders
[19:33] br24: indeed
[19:34] br24: and I dont like having hidden folders showing
[19:34] Polygon89: yeah
[19:34] Polygon89: i was just worried cause i just backup my home folder, wipe my root drive and reinstall everything
[19:35] Polygon89: and was afraid all my opera stuff wouldent be saved cause i thought it wasnt saved in home
[19:35] br24: my apologies
[19:35] Polygon89: its all good
[19:35] Polygon89: and alas, i must be going as well. i have a smidge of homework left to do tonight
[19:35] br24: sometimes I miss those days
[19:35] Polygon89: its been nice talking to you all, until next time
[19:36] Polygon89: lol homework isnt the best thing in the wrold
[19:36] br24: have a jolly good time
[19:36] Polygon89: oh i will =P
[19:36] Polygon89: laters
[19:36] br24: laters
[19:36] SlickMcRunfast: later
[19:36] *** Polygon89 has signed off IRC ("Leaving - X-Chat Aqua").
[19:36] br24: well its just you and I
[19:36] SlickMcRunfast: and our old pal Slogger
[19:37] br24: probably having a ham sandwich with raspberry jelly
[19:37] SlickMcRunfast: lol
[19:37] SlickMcRunfast: I think he got mad at us alittle last time
[19:38] br24: sorry Slogger
[19:38] SlickMcRunfast: so i'm going for the beta
[19:38] SlickMcRunfast: burning the iso right now
[19:39] br24: do it man
[19:39] br24: me, Im just going to wait for the release
[19:39] br24: continue working on my site
[19:40] SlickMcRunfast: so are you a Gimp masater?
[19:40] br24: I wouldnt go that far
[19:40] br24: but I am teaching myself
[19:40] br24: among other things
[19:45] br24: well Im going to get going myself
[19:45] SlickMcRunfast: ok
[19:45] br24: will idle until next time
[19:45] br24: laters

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