1. Introduction - who you are, where at, why you chose Ubuntu, any *nix experience
  2. Feisty upgrade - any issues w/ upgrading, pros & cons, new apps, how to do things

  3. How to convert local people to Ubuntu
  4. Programming - what you would like to learn, who has experience in what
  5. Games - who's a gamer, what games, any *nix games others can play as a group


un,22.04.2007|18:08( SlickMcRunfast) here is the list br posted
Sun,22.04.2007|18:08( SlickMcRunfast)  1. Introduction - who you are, where at, why you chose Ubuntu, any *nix experience
Sun,22.04.2007|18:08( SlickMcRunfast) 2. Feisty upgrade -  any issues w/ upgrading, pros & cons, new apps, how to do things
Sun,22.04.2007|18:08( SlickMcRunfast) 3. How to convert local people to Ubuntu
Sun,22.04.2007|18:08( SlickMcRunfast) 4. Programming - what you would like to learn, who has experience in what
Sun,22.04.2007|18:08( SlickMcRunfast) 5. Games - who's a gamer, what games, any *nix games others can play as a group
Sun,22.04.2007|18:08( johnc) sticky is up on forum, our thanks to vorian
Sun,22.04.2007|18:08( SlickMcRunfast) that didnt work to well
Sun,22.04.2007|18:09( SlickMcRunfast) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=417097
Sun,22.04.2007|18:09* Vorian tilts a hat to johnc 
Sun,22.04.2007|18:09( SlickMcRunfast) lets get going
Sun,22.04.2007|18:09( Vorian) oops
Sun,22.04.2007|18:09( SlickMcRunfast) 1) self intro
Sun,22.04.2007|18:10( johnc) You guys start with the intr
Sun,22.04.2007|18:10( SlickMcRunfast) alphabetical
Sun,22.04.2007|18:10>> Stats #ubuntu-arizona: +o[1] +v[0] -o[11] Total: 12
Sun,22.04.2007|18:10( SlickMcRunfast) atoponce go
Sun,22.04.2007|18:10( SlickMcRunfast) if your here
Sun,22.04.2007|18:10( rsthree) he's dead, jim
Sun,22.04.2007|18:10( SlickMcRunfast) guess so
Sun,22.04.2007|18:10( br24) nice
Sun,22.04.2007|18:10( rsthree) [atoponce] is away (screen detached)
Sun,22.04.2007|18:10( SlickMcRunfast) azteech
Sun,22.04.2007|18:11( azteech) Well, real name is steve. Live in Tucson area .... chose ubuntu as it seems to fit my current style
Sun,22.04.2007|18:11( SlickMcRunfast) nice to meet you
Sun,22.04.2007|18:11( azteech) Have some previous experience with *nix, from red hat to unix based computers as a user in military.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:11( SlickMcRunfast) br
Sun,22.04.2007|18:11( br24) thanks azteech
Sun,22.04.2007|18:11( azteech) yw
Sun,22.04.2007|18:11( SlickMcRunfast) military?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:11( SlickMcRunfast) nice
Sun,22.04.2007|18:11( azteech) Retired
Sun,22.04.2007|18:12( br24) okay here I go
Sun,22.04.2007|18:12( br24) names Brian, in Tucson, chose Ubuntu after testing many distros
Sun,22.04.2007|18:12( br24) I would say about 2 yrs exp
Sun,22.04.2007|18:13( br24) mostly I taught myself
Sun,22.04.2007|18:13( azteech) nice to meet you brian
Sun,22.04.2007|18:13( rsthree) cool.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:13( br24) danke
Sun,22.04.2007|18:14( rsthree) ianmcorvidae?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:14( ianmcorvidae) Name is Ian McEwen, Tucson. High school student; started tu use Linux after Windows became too unstable on my home computer this January; had been intending to switch for some time. Chose Ubuntu specifically due to little experience with Linux, in general terms. *nix experience is limited to some use of Solaris workstations at the UA, my dad's work.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:15( ianmcorvidae) Sorry, was writing a long one, as you can see.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:15( rsthree) :D np
Sun,22.04.2007|18:15( br24) its cool ian
Sun,22.04.2007|18:15( azteech) lol
Sun,22.04.2007|18:15( ianmcorvidae) I'm a bit long-winded at times :)
Sun,22.04.2007|18:15( azteech) started to do same, then decided not ... lol
Sun,22.04.2007|18:16( rsthree) it's all good, so long as you don't incite snoring
Sun,22.04.2007|18:16( rsthree) or so i figure :)
Sun,22.04.2007|18:16( ianmcorvidae) I'll try not to, then.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:16( SlickMcRunfast) JohnC your turn
Sun,22.04.2007|18:16( johnc) I'm 53, (old) and live in tucson, been using ubuntu for over 2 yrs. like to play golf and have fun. A fresh brewsky is always welcome.Mostly self taught on linux.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:17( br24) brews are good
Sun,22.04.2007|18:17( johnc) u bet
Sun,22.04.2007|18:17( br24) as long as they arent macros
Sun,22.04.2007|18:17( rsthree) tucson dominates so far :)
Sun,22.04.2007|18:17( br24) thanks johnc
Sun,22.04.2007|18:17( SlickMcRunfast) yes...
Sun,22.04.2007|18:17( azteech) lol .... brews always welcome
Sun,22.04.2007|18:17( ianmcorvidae) Evidently.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:17( johnc) ofcourse rs3
Sun,22.04.2007|18:18>> Polygon|eatingdi is now known as Polygon89
Sun,22.04.2007|18:18( SlickMcRunfast) good timing polygon
Sun,22.04.2007|18:18( rsthree) just in time, Polygon.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:18( rsthree) :D
Sun,22.04.2007|18:18( SlickMcRunfast) your turn
Sun,22.04.2007|18:18( SlickMcRunfast) self intro
Sun,22.04.2007|18:18( Polygon89) whose?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:18( Polygon89) mine?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:18( br24) oh yeah
Sun,22.04.2007|18:18>> Stats #ubuntu-arizona: +o[1] +v[0] -o[11] Total: 12
Sun,22.04.2007|18:18( azteech) yeppers :D
Sun,22.04.2007|18:19( Polygon89) mark grandi, tucson (somehow i know ian, but i dont remember....) started using ubuntu since about two years ago, did it because windows kept crapping out on me and got some help from a long time linux user who played americas army with me
Sun,22.04.2007|18:20( johnc) nice to know you mark
Sun,22.04.2007|18:20( br24) thanks mark
Sun,22.04.2007|18:20( johnc) and tucson is reigning king so far
Sun,22.04.2007|18:20( azteech) nice to know you mark, john, Ian ...
Sun,22.04.2007|18:20( rsthree) i'm about to break the tucson streak :D
Sun,22.04.2007|18:20( Polygon89) heh
Sun,22.04.2007|18:20( ianmcorvidae) lol
Sun,22.04.2007|18:20( johnc) that's ok rs3
Sun,22.04.2007|18:20* rsthree is from yuma!  hah
Sun,22.04.2007|18:21( br24) sorry to hear that
Sun,22.04.2007|18:21( br24) hehehe
Sun,22.04.2007|18:21( ianmcorvidae) :P
Sun,22.04.2007|18:21( rsthree) my name's royal.  i'm originally from washington state, actually... :D
Sun,22.04.2007|18:21( azteech) nice to meet you royal ... have to find out where from in wa .. some time
Sun,22.04.2007|18:21( rsthree) but living down here indefinitely.  going to AWC then NAU-Yuma extension when that finishes.  been running ubuntu since breezy (5.10), trying to convert from windows completely and hoping to help others do the same.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:22( johnc) we'll get you out of Yuma, but nice meeting ya.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:22( rsthree) azteech, all around.  bremerton, port angeles, seattle, bellingham, et cetera :D
Sun,22.04.2007|18:22( br24) thanks royal
Sun,22.04.2007|18:22( rsthree) thank you!
Sun,22.04.2007|18:22( azteech) kewl, royal ..
Sun,22.04.2007|18:22( br24) my gf is from out there
Sun,22.04.2007|18:22( rsthree) nice
Sun,22.04.2007|18:22( azteech) was raised in eastern wa ...
Sun,22.04.2007|18:23( rsthree) (nod) a bit drier out that way :)
Sun,22.04.2007|18:23( azteech) almost like here, not as hot though
Sun,22.04.2007|18:23( rsthree) seamless, you ready?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:23( johnc) Yuma is the hottest!!!!!!!!!
Sun,22.04.2007|18:23( seamless) My name is John Schember. I'm a student at ASU and use Ubuntu because it's dead simple to maintain.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:23( rsthree) excellent
Sun,22.04.2007|18:23( azteech) by far the hottest ...
Sun,22.04.2007|18:23( Polygon89) welcome
Sun,22.04.2007|18:23( johnc) nice
Sun,22.04.2007|18:24( Vorian) (w00t ASU)
Sun,22.04.2007|18:24( br24) good stuff john s
Sun,22.04.2007|18:24( azteech) nice to meet you john s ..
Sun,22.04.2007|18:24( SloggerKhan) b00 AS-who? lol
Sun,22.04.2007|18:24( rsthree) haha
Sun,22.04.2007|18:24( br24) awesome
Sun,22.04.2007|18:24* Vorian is a buckeye
Sun,22.04.2007|18:24( Vorian) we love ASU
Sun,22.04.2007|18:24( ianmcorvidae) lol.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:25>> Stats #ubuntu-arizona: +o[1] +v[0] -o[11] Total: 12
Sun,22.04.2007|18:25( ianmcorvidae) Slick?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:25( rsthree) i lived in columbus for a year
Sun,22.04.2007|18:25( rsthree) miss it somewhat
Sun,22.04.2007|18:25( johnc) we love em when we beat them
Sun,22.04.2007|18:25( SlickMcRunfast) My name is Mark, I live in Tempe.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:25( Polygon89) hahaha@john
Sun,22.04.2007|18:25( SlickMcRunfast) Almost done at school in about a week
Sun,22.04.2007|18:25( azteech) Hi mark ... ntmy
Sun,22.04.2007|18:25( Polygon89) another mark, heh
Sun,22.04.2007|18:26( ianmcorvidae) lol.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:26( rsthree) graduating, then?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:26( azteech) 2 for john and 2 for mark ... lol
Sun,22.04.2007|18:26( br24) thanks mark
Sun,22.04.2007|18:26( johnc) any of you ASU people know Magie Huff?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:27( seamless) Don't t think so.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:27( johnc) nice girl, look her up
Sun,22.04.2007|18:27( johnc) tell her John Crawford says hi
Sun,22.04.2007|18:28( johnc) bathroom break, be right back
Sun,22.04.2007|18:28( rsthree) k
Sun,22.04.2007|18:28( Polygon89) k
Sun,22.04.2007|18:28( azteech) k
Sun,22.04.2007|18:28( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:28( Vorian) not ok
Sun,22.04.2007|18:28( Vorian) hold it
Sun,22.04.2007|18:28( Vorian) =]
Sun,22.04.2007|18:28( rsthree) hahah
Sun,22.04.2007|18:28( ianmcorvidae) lol.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:28( Polygon89) so..... i just installed feisty today and the one bug that i was hoping that got fixed (and is even listed as fixed in launchpad) still doesnt work for me.... it makes me sad =/
Sun,22.04.2007|18:29( rsthree) which?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:29( Polygon89) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/control-center/+bug/22876
Sun,22.04.2007|18:29( ianmcorvidae) Oh, and also: Slogger?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:29( SloggerKhan) I'm Dustin, UA student. Am a Southwesterner/American. Use Ubuntu 'cause it's free, only Linux that is easily usable as an everyday sort of OS on my laptop (Can't afford to spend days getting basic stuff to work. Need a working comp for school). (Tried gentoo (including kernel compile) w/ a friend of mine. More of a life than an OS.... ugh.  Also tried others.) Live in Tucson currently.  Have used unix and linux through SSH f
Sun,22.04.2007|18:30( SloggerKhan) Prepared a statement, guess you might say.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:30( Polygon89) ahaha
Sun,22.04.2007|18:30( Polygon89) was going to say, you type fast.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:30( ianmcorvidae) Yeah.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:30( azteech) ntmy, dustin
Sun,22.04.2007|18:30( ianmcorvidae) looks like it got cut off.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:30( ianmcorvidae) Just after "SSH"
Sun,22.04.2007|18:30( br24) thanks dustin
Sun,22.04.2007|18:30( ianmcorvidae) Also, pleased to meet you :)
Sun,22.04.2007|18:30( SloggerKhan) for CS/ENG class. Started using Ubuntu specifically about 1 year ago. Would consider myself mostly self taught.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:31( johnc) nice to meet ya Dustin
Sun,22.04.2007|18:31( SloggerKhan) Likewise. :)
Sun,22.04.2007|18:31>> Stats #ubuntu-arizona: +o[1] +v[0] -o[11] Total: 12
Sun,22.04.2007|18:31( Polygon89) welcome.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:31( ianmcorvidae) Vorian? You've said a bit, but might as well be official :)
Sun,22.04.2007|18:31( Vorian) hmm
Sun,22.04.2007|18:31( Vorian) ok
Sun,22.04.2007|18:31( br24) why not
Sun,22.04.2007|18:32( Vorian) Hi! I'm Steve Stalcup https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StephenStalcup.  I used to live in Gilbert (Power Ranch).  I was introduced to ubuntu in Arizona.  I really hate my job and want to move back to AZ, so if any of you can help me out (that would be awesome)
Sun,22.04.2007|18:32( Vorian) Anyway...
Sun,22.04.2007|18:32( Vorian) I love the LoCo project.  Like i said earlier, if you ever need anything let me know.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:32( br24) youre awesome Vorian
Sun,22.04.2007|18:32( Polygon89) cool thanks
Sun,22.04.2007|18:32( Vorian) pfft!
Sun,22.04.2007|18:32( br24) but Im not sure about the moving back to AZ part
Sun,22.04.2007|18:32( rsthree) haha
Sun,22.04.2007|18:33( Vorian) :(
Sun,22.04.2007|18:33( br24) tis okay lad
Sun,22.04.2007|18:33( Vorian) I loved it there
Sun,22.04.2007|18:33( johnc) thanks v, you've been a big help.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:33( br24) yes thank you Vorian
Sun,22.04.2007|18:33( azteech) kewl, vorian, ntmy ...
Sun,22.04.2007|18:33( Vorian) :)
Sun,22.04.2007|18:33( br24) always welcome in AZ
Sun,22.04.2007|18:34( johnc) come back anytime
Sun,22.04.2007|18:34( SlickMcRunfast) ntmy
Sun,22.04.2007|18:34( ianmcorvidae) Indeed.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:34( Vorian) thanks :)
Sun,22.04.2007|18:34( SlickMcRunfast) atoponce are you here?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:34( ianmcorvidae) He's apparently away on a detached screen.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:34( Vorian) atoponce is always away
Sun,22.04.2007|18:34( Vorian) I'll introduce him
Sun,22.04.2007|18:34( ianmcorvidae) Heh, ok.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:34( Vorian) He's from the Utah Team
Sun,22.04.2007|18:35( Vorian) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AaronToponce
Sun,22.04.2007|18:35( Vorian) he has a short temper and eats children
Sun,22.04.2007|18:35( johnc) ha ha
Sun,22.04.2007|18:35( ianmcorvidae) rofl
Sun,22.04.2007|18:35( azteech) lmao
Sun,22.04.2007|18:35( Polygon89) uh oh lol
Sun,22.04.2007|18:35( johnc) does he cook them first
Sun,22.04.2007|18:36( br24) awesome
Sun,22.04.2007|18:36( rsthree) hahaha
Sun,22.04.2007|18:36( Vorian) =]
Sun,22.04.2007|18:36( Vorian) This is what we do ----> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/
Sun,22.04.2007|18:36( Vorian) We are mentors for loco teams
Sun,22.04.2007|18:36( Vorian) I saw that you guys were having a meeting, so I though I would stop by
Sun,22.04.2007|18:37( azteech) way kewl
Sun,22.04.2007|18:37( Polygon89) cool
Sun,22.04.2007|18:37* Vorian shuts up now
Sun,22.04.2007|18:37( rsthree) appreciate it
Sun,22.04.2007|18:37( johnc) V, should i put you on the mailing list?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:37( Vorian) sure johnc
Sun,22.04.2007|18:37( johnc) ok
Sun,22.04.2007|18:37( SlickMcRunfast)  2. Feisty upgrade -  any issues w/ upgrading, pros & cons, new apps, how to do things
Sun,22.04.2007|18:38( ianmcorvidae) Haven't gotten around to it yet.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:38( SlickMcRunfast) I had  only 1 issue
Sun,22.04.2007|18:38( rsthree) feisty included sudoku!  best reason to upgrade, ever!
Sun,22.04.2007|18:38( Polygon89) johnc, do you have my email
Sun,22.04.2007|18:38( SloggerKhan) Feisty is awesommmmmmmmmmmm
Sun,22.04.2007|18:38( seamless) Feisty upgrade one two different systems went perfectly for me. Nothing broke. Everything worked as expected.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:38( johnc) Poly, yes
Sun,22.04.2007|18:38( ianmcorvidae) One could say it was a seamless upgrade, eh?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:38( Polygon89) i just upgraded to feisty today, its pretty cool, except for the volume bug which STILL is not fixed (even though it says it is), otherwise it went fine
Sun,22.04.2007|18:38( Polygon89) oh yeah! there was one problem
Sun,22.04.2007|18:39( azteech) well, since i am in the fringes, and can't get high speed, have held off on d/l'ing feisty.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:39( seamless) ianm, indeed
Sun,22.04.2007|18:39( SloggerKhan) Plus rhythmbox has Magnatune and Jamendo plugins.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:39( Polygon89) there has been this bug since breezy: ubuqity (or whatever the installer is called) cannot create the right menu.lst for beans.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:39( johnc) mine was really easy, no problems. Don't like compiz that well though. I thought beryl was better
Sun,22.04.2007|18:39( rsthree) for grub?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:40( Polygon89) yeah.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:40( johnc) yeah, i did have to edit grub for the correct kernel
Sun,22.04.2007|18:40( Polygon89) like for example, it set menu.lst so that the root partiton is at (hd1,0) when it really is at (hd0,0)
Sun,22.04.2007|18:40( SloggerKhan) yeah, swap for beryl, I agree. Compiz had artifacts on my machine.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:40( johnc) Slogger, configuring it is no fun either
Sun,22.04.2007|18:40( ianmcorvidae) My machine's too unstable for anything above fluxbox, heh.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:41( ianmcorvidae) And sometimes not that.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:41( Polygon89) i dont like beryl and compiz, i dont really see a point for them, and they make my computer spaz out sometimes.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:41( rsthree) ianmcorvidae, low-powered system?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:41( johnc) ianmcorvidae, i don't use it everyday, just to show people mostly
Sun,22.04.2007|18:41( ianmcorvidae) Not really, actually.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:41( ianmcorvidae) Just a bit screwy; it's only two years old.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:42( ianmcorvidae) I messed up some stuff with overclocking, I think, so it sometimes spazzes without warning, et cetera.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:42( rsthree) oh i see
Sun,22.04.2007|18:43( br24) interesting
Sun,22.04.2007|18:43( ianmcorvidae) When I actually have the money, I'll probably upgrade motherboard/cpu/graphics card
Sun,22.04.2007|18:43( ianmcorvidae) However, High School student :)
Sun,22.04.2007|18:43( Polygon89) hehe
Sun,22.04.2007|18:43( br24) in time my friend...
Sun,22.04.2007|18:43( ianmcorvidae) Indeed.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:43( SlickMcRunfast) get a job you bum
Sun,22.04.2007|18:43( ianmcorvidae) :P
Sun,22.04.2007|18:43( ianmcorvidae) Not as a University High School Junior :P
Sun,22.04.2007|18:43( br24) I do have a question
Sun,22.04.2007|18:44( ianmcorvidae) Although this summer, probably will.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:44( br24) for everyone
Sun,22.04.2007|18:44( rsthree) chute
Sun,22.04.2007|18:44( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:44( br24) anyone upgrade/install on a laptop?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:44( seamless) I did.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:44( ianmcorvidae) I have it on my laptop.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:44( SlickMcRunfast) i'm on a laptop
Sun,22.04.2007|18:44( ianmcorvidae) But not Feisty, if that's what you meant.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:44( SlickMcRunfast) dell inspiron 8600
Sun,22.04.2007|18:44( br24) hmm...not sure why I started like that
Sun,22.04.2007|18:44( rsthree) naw, did two desktops fresh but my lappy hasn't run ubuntu since 6.06
Sun,22.04.2007|18:44( br24) heres my situation
Sun,22.04.2007|18:45( br24) I used update manager on my main box, been working nicely
Sun,22.04.2007|18:45( br24) tried installing on the lappy, only for me to find out my wireless card has been blacklisted
Sun,22.04.2007|18:45( Polygon89) oo that sucks
Sun,22.04.2007|18:45( br24) I have found something on the forum, but I am still not getting it to connect
Sun,22.04.2007|18:46( Polygon89) blacklisted as in it will never or almost never get supported?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:46( rsthree) added to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:46( Polygon89) or blacklisted as not being loaded
Sun,22.04.2007|18:46( br24) yes it is
Sun,22.04.2007|18:46( br24) so I modified that
Sun,22.04.2007|18:46( rsthree) which if i may
Sun,22.04.2007|18:46( br24) device is seen now, but still doesnt connect
Sun,22.04.2007|18:46( br24) go ahead rs
Sun,22.04.2007|18:46( rsthree) which card, that is
Sun,22.04.2007|18:46( rsthree) chipset
Sun,22.04.2007|18:47( br24) dwl-650
Sun,22.04.2007|18:47( br24) uses r8180
Sun,22.04.2007|18:47( rsthree) oh, d-link?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:47( br24) yeah
Sun,22.04.2007|18:47( rsthree) oh snap
Sun,22.04.2007|18:47( rsthree) the ralink chipsets have given me only hell
Sun,22.04.2007|18:47( rsthree) except for early ones
Sun,22.04.2007|18:47( rsthree) or is that realtek?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:47( br24) I never had any problems with this
Sun,22.04.2007|18:47( br24) no its a d link
Sun,22.04.2007|18:48( br24) was working perfectly with network-manager on edgy
Sun,22.04.2007|18:48( Polygon89) hmm
Sun,22.04.2007|18:48( rsthree) :/ that's unfortunate
Sun,22.04.2007|18:48( Polygon89) did you trying googling your wireless card? i found that really helped me
Sun,22.04.2007|18:48( br24) but I am going to try blacklisting this and then install ndiswrapper
Sun,22.04.2007|18:48( br24) yeah been doing that
Sun,22.04.2007|18:48( Polygon89) cause if there is some bug with it not working with a newer version of nm, then more ppl would be talking about it
Sun,22.04.2007|18:49( br24) theres a post already about this issue
Sun,22.04.2007|18:49( Polygon89) is network-manager the problem?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:49( Polygon89) as in its not liking your card?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:50( br24) I dont think so
Sun,22.04.2007|18:50( br24) its almost as if there is a connection issue
Sun,22.04.2007|18:50( Polygon89) have you tried not using network manager but using the old gnome networking thing?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:51( br24) let me try that
Sun,22.04.2007|18:51( johnc) slick, shall we move on to the next topic?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:51( SlickMcRunfast) yea its about time
Sun,22.04.2007|18:51* ianmcorvidae votes yes, although resolving problems is not a bad topic in any case :)
Sun,22.04.2007|18:51( br24) yes indeed
Sun,22.04.2007|18:51( ianmcorvidae) Converting locals to Ubuntu, then.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:52( SlickMcRunfast) 3) we are the borg
Sun,22.04.2007|18:52( ianmcorvidae) lol.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:52( br24) assimilate everyone
Sun,22.04.2007|18:52( johnc) agreed ianmcorvidae
Sun,22.04.2007|18:52( SlickMcRunfast)  3. How to convert local people to Ubuntu
Sun,22.04.2007|18:52>> SignOff: Vorian [":porc::inca::dito::love:"]
Sun,22.04.2007|18:52( rsthree) haha
Sun,22.04.2007|18:52( johnc) nice guy
Sun,22.04.2007|18:52( rsthree) helpful guy, too
Sun,22.04.2007|18:52( ianmcorvidae) This is a category where I'm not sure where to even start, so someone else talk :P
Sun,22.04.2007|18:52( ianmcorvidae) Yeah.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:53( br24) well maybe I can start something here
Sun,22.04.2007|18:53( Polygon89) heh my friend already installed ubuntu, but he keeps windows cause of games.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:53( azteech) you giving up on us already, vorian ..
Sun,22.04.2007|18:53( br24) I am in the process of starting my own biz
Sun,22.04.2007|18:53( johnc) well, i've only converted 1 person in over 2 years
Sun,22.04.2007|18:53( ianmcorvidae) Well, we need some sort of strategy, methinks.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:53( SlickMcRunfast) i think i just got one today
Sun,22.04.2007|18:53( johnc) but he's sold
Sun,22.04.2007|18:54( johnc) what's that slick
Sun,22.04.2007|18:54( Polygon89) its hard to convert people who are dependent on certain programs, aka games like most of my friends :D
Sun,22.04.2007|18:54( rsthree) br24, what manner of business?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:54( ianmcorvidae) Yeah, agreed.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:54( seamless) Selling ubuntu isn't hard. Getting people to look at it is.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:54( ianmcorvidae) That's actually why I stayed out of Linux for years.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:54( azteech) I have given out several of the cd's I received from shipit, but so far not one has installed the software. Have had feed back that the live cd was too slow, or they have been too busy to try.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:54( br24) I am attempting a computer repair/consulting business
Sun,22.04.2007|18:54( ianmcorvidae) seamless: indeed.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:55( johnc) sound good br
Sun,22.04.2007|18:55( ianmcorvidae) br24: Ok; thinking of trying to convert Linux through that?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:55( rsthree) that's one of the easiest ways to win a convert.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:55( rsthree) i would guess
Sun,22.04.2007|18:55( br24) heres my site
Sun,22.04.2007|18:55( br24) http://br.webhop.info
Sun,22.04.2007|18:55( azteech) seems to be the norm, seamless. To quote an old saying "can lead a horse to water, cann't make one drink"
Sun,22.04.2007|18:55( ianmcorvidae) Well, except for people that don't want to be told what to do, but that's a problem everywhere :P
Sun,22.04.2007|18:55( Polygon89) heh
Sun,22.04.2007|18:56( Polygon89) but half of the people who use computers wouldent care what they are using anyway
Sun,22.04.2007|18:56( Polygon89) as long as they could use youtube, myspace, aim/msn/ whatever and listen to music and sync their ipods they are happy
Sun,22.04.2007|18:56( br24) I may be able to convert 2 small businesses and 1 person
Sun,22.04.2007|18:56( johnc) br, nice site, bookmarked it to have a better look later
Sun,22.04.2007|18:56( seamless) Every semester at ASU we (the ASULUG) puts on an install fest. 99% of people who go keep Linux on at least one system. But very few people ever show up.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:56( ianmcorvidae) br24: Add "Ubuntu Linux" to your experience list, for one thing :)
Sun,22.04.2007|18:56( br24) thanks john
Sun,22.04.2007|18:56( br24) thats a very good idea ian
Sun,22.04.2007|18:57( ianmcorvidae) Is there some sort of already-established event in any of our cities that we could piggyback with?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:57( johnc) we had a few install deals at the tucson computer club i used to belong to, but they were never to successful
Sun,22.04.2007|18:57( ianmcorvidae) People are more likely to look at the bullet list than that paragraph underneath, heh.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:57( seamless) In Phoenix. There is ASULUG, and PLUG for big events and groups.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:58( ianmcorvidae) Well, but those are organizations that are already involved with Linux.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:58( johnc) that's true
Sun,22.04.2007|18:58( seamless) Well you did ask for already established.
Sun,22.04.2007|18:58( johnc) how do you spread the word on something like that?
Sun,22.04.2007|18:59( ianmcorvidae) That's true; I was thinking something more like a generalized computer fair, where our competition would be Windows rather than other distros :)
Sun,22.04.2007|18:59( seamless) I see...
Sun,22.04.2007|18:59( johnc) the linux subgroup of the club wasn't very large and the MS people thought we were nuts
Sun,22.04.2007|18:59( Polygon89) lol
Sun,22.04.2007|18:59( ianmcorvidae) Hmm, yeah.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:00( br24) I wonder if there is any type of group event with the local colleges
Sun,22.04.2007|19:00( rsthree) i will see what
Sun,22.04.2007|19:00( azteech) well in-trenched ms users seem to be the problem everywhere. They will eventually get tired of paying out to bill, but until they do, all we can do as a group is try to convert them, one at a time.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:00( br24) or if somebody can start something like that
Sun,22.04.2007|19:01( rsthree) is up at AWC.  it's not much, but it's something
Sun,22.04.2007|19:01( johnc) these are good ideas, just need to be refined. Lets all think on it for a week and have new ideas for next week. Slick, topic for next week. OK
Sun,22.04.2007|19:01( ianmcorvidae) Indeed.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:01( br24) good deal
Sun,22.04.2007|19:01( ianmcorvidae) University students, check on events at your university, if you didn't catch the hint :)
Sun,22.04.2007|19:02( ianmcorvidae) Are we to our next topic, or is there more that should be said on this?
Sun,22.04.2007|19:02( seamless) I got them covered. I handle all the Linux events at ASU. If Ubuntu LoCo wants to do anything there let me know. I can see about getting a room and what not setup.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:02( johnc) next topic, fine by me
Sun,22.04.2007|19:02( SlickMcRunfast)  4. Programming - what you would like to learn, who has experience in what
Sun,22.04.2007|19:02( azteech) Just one note. Went to the sipit site just now. They have changed the quantity anyone can order from 5 down to three cd's ...
Sun,22.04.2007|19:03( ianmcorvidae) Excellent, seamless.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:03( rsthree) seamless, awesome.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:03( br24) thanks john s
Sun,22.04.2007|19:03( azteech) shipit I meant
Sun,22.04.2007|19:03( ianmcorvidae) Yeah, they lowered it. I suspect a LoCo team could arrange more of them, though.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:03( Polygon89) azteech, if one of us has access to a cd labeler, we could just make our own cd's
Sun,22.04.2007|19:03( johnc) you can probably order more for a group thing, at least you used to be able to
Sun,22.04.2007|19:04( ianmcorvidae) Throw some ubuntu-arizona contact info onto the label so that new users will have support, too.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:04( Polygon89) and if we could get ahold of the label on the live cd or just make our own it would almost the same, except i dont know what you could do for a case
Sun,22.04.2007|19:04( azteech) agreed ian.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:04( ianmcorvidae) Cases can be bought.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:04( Polygon89) you could make buy a bunch of jewel cases,
Sun,22.04.2007|19:04( Polygon89) **buy
Sun,22.04.2007|19:04( ianmcorvidae) Yeah, or even sleeves.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:04( johnc) It was a special order thing that you had to call about i think
Sun,22.04.2007|19:04( azteech) Well, just ordered three, so if we can hold on, they will be here in a few weeks
Sun,22.04.2007|19:04( ianmcorvidae) Hehe.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:05( Polygon89) there are also other organizations that ship livecd's
Sun,22.04.2007|19:05( johnc) I'll order some too
Sun,22.04.2007|19:05( ianmcorvidae) Likewise.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:05( azteech) sorry to interrupt the meet train ...
Sun,22.04.2007|19:05( SlickMcRunfast) ?
Sun,22.04.2007|19:05( ianmcorvidae) No problem, az.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:05( johnc) back to programming?
Sun,22.04.2007|19:05( seamless) Sounds good.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:05( ianmcorvidae) Indeed.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:05( johnc) not much experience here at all
Sun,22.04.2007|19:05( Polygon89) nor here.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:06( br24) I mentioned the programming after talking w/ royal
Sun,22.04.2007|19:06( rsthree) wanting to get some experience there.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:06( johnc) this one's on you guys
Sun,22.04.2007|19:06( SlickMcRunfast) all mine is on windows
Sun,22.04.2007|19:06( rsthree) :( all mine is on the apple ][
Sun,22.04.2007|19:06( rsthree) haha
Sun,22.04.2007|19:06( Polygon89) i think python is a very good one to learn
Sun,22.04.2007|19:06( azteech) I have dabbled a little with programming, back in the days of basic, but nothing in linux arena
Sun,22.04.2007|19:06( ianmcorvidae) As to programming, I'd love to learn, but that's about as far as I go; messed with Visual Basic in early middle school, messed with Ruby a bit in February, but certainly not experienced.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:06( Polygon89) from what ive heard
Sun,22.04.2007|19:06( seamless) I can manage my way around Python and C#.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:06( br24) I can work with perl and php, but I need to get better
Sun,22.04.2007|19:06( ianmcorvidae) Oh, and calculator programming (essentially stripped-down BASIC), I can do :P
Sun,22.04.2007|19:07( br24) I wont call myself experienced though...not yet
Sun,22.04.2007|19:07( azteech) have been wanting to learn php ... would help with doing web programming ... which I am dabbling in
Sun,22.04.2007|19:07( Polygon89) im planning to learn some python over the summer if i can, seems like a nice simple language that can do alot (since like half the programs on ubuntu are written in python)
Sun,22.04.2007|19:07( seamless) Python rocks.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:08( rsthree) same; i bought the o'reilly books on python that i'd heard all about
Sun,22.04.2007|19:08( ianmcorvidae) Others, are you getting all x86 CD's, or is it worth getting an x64?
Sun,22.04.2007|19:08( rsthree) planning to use them this summer to get rolling with that
Sun,22.04.2007|19:08( SlickMcRunfast) C/C++ fan here
Sun,22.04.2007|19:08( br24) I may be interested in learning python
Sun,22.04.2007|19:08( Polygon89) well 64 bit processors can run 32 bit stuff
Sun,22.04.2007|19:08( azteech) have ordered one x64 and 2 x86
Sun,22.04.2007|19:08( ianmcorvidae) Not the OS, though.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:08( ianmcorvidae) You do need the right kernel :)
Sun,22.04.2007|19:08( Polygon89) ah.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:08( SlickMcRunfast) the cds you order i hear are the last version
Sun,22.04.2007|19:09( rsthree) for introducing ubuntu to people, i'd just go with the x86 variant
Sun,22.04.2007|19:09( ianmcorvidae) Hmm.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:09( SlickMcRunfast) 6.10
Sun,22.04.2007|19:09( johnc) x86 here
Sun,22.04.2007|19:09( ianmcorvidae) No, they have Feisty CDs.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:09( azteech) that is what it says on the entry page .. we get the latest 7.04
Sun,22.04.2007|19:09( ianmcorvidae) Says it quite clearly, hehe.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:09( SlickMcRunfast) nice then
Sun,22.04.2007|19:09( rsthree) they skipped shipit for edgy
Sun,22.04.2007|19:10( ianmcorvidae) I'm going to get an x64; I know folks that build their own computers, so that may be necessary.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:10( SlickMcRunfast) so the programming topic is dead next?
Sun,22.04.2007|19:10( azteech) Agreed, would recommend keeping with the x86 version. The majority of the common folk will have x86 based computers.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:10( rsthree) haha yep, dead
Sun,22.04.2007|19:10( br24) kinda sounds like it mark
Sun,22.04.2007|19:10( johnc) dead
Sun,22.04.2007|19:10( ianmcorvidae) Yeah, little bit, heh.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:10( SlickMcRunfast)  5. Games - who's a gamer, what games, any *nix games others can play as a group
Sun,22.04.2007|19:10( Polygon89) i could of swore that the amd64 chips could run 32 bit sutff, cause i know people who run windows 32 bit on an amd 64 chip
Sun,22.04.2007|19:10( ianmcorvidae) We don't have any real intense programmer folks here.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:10( azteech) would seem that way, for the moment
Sun,22.04.2007|19:10( br24) pretty true, but not a prob
Sun,22.04.2007|19:11( SlickMcRunfast) i'm a programmer but just for windows right now
Sun,22.04.2007|19:11( johnc) maybe someone new will join soon that is a whiz at programming
Sun,22.04.2007|19:11( rsthree) Polygon89, they can
Sun,22.04.2007|19:11( ianmcorvidae) Heh, yeah.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:11( rsthree) i'm running 32-bit feisty on my a64 3200 right now
Sun,22.04.2007|19:11( ianmcorvidae) Hmm.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:11( SlickMcRunfast) win32api/c#/c/C++
Sun,22.04.2007|19:11( ianmcorvidae) Even the liveCD worked?
Sun,22.04.2007|19:11( azteech) well, from what I have read, a lot of windows only programmers are having to learn to program in linux, as a lot of their customers are turning to linux
Sun,22.04.2007|19:11( ianmcorvidae) Friend of mine couldn't get it to work with the LiveCD; I got him the x64 CD for that reason.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:12( rsthree) yeah, i used a desktop cd for installation
Sun,22.04.2007|19:12( rsthree) no sweat
Sun,22.04.2007|19:12( ianmcorvidae) Hmm.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:12( ianmcorvidae) Who knows.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:12( rsthree) (shrug)
Sun,22.04.2007|19:12( ianmcorvidae) Indeed.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:12( ianmcorvidae) 5. Games - who's a gamer, what games, any *nix games others can play as a group
Sun,22.04.2007|19:12( Polygon89) are we going on to games now?
Sun,22.04.2007|19:12* ianmcorvidae thinks so.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:12( SlickMcRunfast) ty
Sun,22.04.2007|19:12( SlickMcRunfast) I'm a gamer
Sun,22.04.2007|19:12( rsthree) i am a bit of a gamer
Sun,22.04.2007|19:12( Polygon89) im a gamer: gaming in general kinda suck on linux
Sun,22.04.2007|19:12( br24) sadly, I am not much of one any longer
Sun,22.04.2007|19:12( ianmcorvidae) As to that, I think we need to figure out Wine/Cedega stuff a bit if we want to attract gamers.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:13( Polygon89) there are really only 3 major games for linux
Sun,22.04.2007|19:13( ianmcorvidae) I am not either; haven't had time to mess with stuff.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:13( Polygon89) unreal tournament, quake, doom.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:13( azteech) gamer, of sorts. just loaded wine last weekend, to see if I can get wow to run.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:13( seamless) You missed Enemy-Territory.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:13( Polygon89) yeah that
Sun,22.04.2007|19:13( rsthree) you also missed gnome sudoku :(
Sun,22.04.2007|19:13( Polygon89) as well
Sun,22.04.2007|19:13( rsthree) hahaha
Sun,22.04.2007|19:13( ianmcorvidae) Hehe.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:13( azteech) agreed, ian.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:13( SlickMcRunfast) I hear ET runs better under wine
Sun,22.04.2007|19:13( ianmcorvidae) I like a lot of the included games, but that's not going to convert gamers.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:13( Polygon89) but other then that, 99.9% of games are for windows..
Sun,22.04.2007|19:13( br24) unfortunately
Sun,22.04.2007|19:14( ianmcorvidae) as awesome as Wesnoth is, it's not going to get Warcraft players over.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:14( Polygon89) i mean in windows i play games like half life 2 (plus mods), fear, prey, battlefield two, etc etc
Sun,22.04.2007|19:14( Polygon89) some people have gotten hl2 to work with wine but i havent...
Sun,22.04.2007|19:14( SlickMcRunfast) I watch alot of the linux gaming sites and people are still coming out with console games
Sun,22.04.2007|19:14( rsthree) i have to get going and pick up the missus
Sun,22.04.2007|19:14( seamless) I've only gotten hl2 working with Cedega.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:14( johnc) only linux games for me: lbreakout2, supertux, frozenbubble, and i was glad to see chess standard on Feisty
Sun,22.04.2007|19:14( rsthree) see you all later :)
Sun,22.04.2007|19:14( Polygon89) later rs
Sun,22.04.2007|19:15( johnc) bye
Sun,22.04.2007|19:15( br24) later royal
Sun,22.04.2007|19:15( SlickMcRunfast) bye
Sun,22.04.2007|19:15( SlickMcRunfast) http://happypenguin.org/
Sun,22.04.2007|19:15( ianmcorvidae) later, rsthree 
Sun,22.04.2007|19:15( Polygon89) yeah but i know im not going to pay 5 dollars a month to pay for a service that will help me run my games that i already bought
Sun,22.04.2007|19:15( ianmcorvidae) Yeah, I know what you mean.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:15( SlickMcRunfast) really good site for linux gaming
Sun,22.04.2007|19:15( Polygon89) a lot of other gamer think the same way
Sun,22.04.2007|19:15( br24) exactly
Sun,22.04.2007|19:15( Polygon89) another huge blow
Sun,22.04.2007|19:15( azteech) Lets face it, gaming in Linux, is rudamentary, at best ... for the moment. To win over the hardcore gamers, we have to be able to show that linux can play the latest/modern games
Sun,22.04.2007|19:15( Polygon89) was when the army stopped producing americas army for linux
Sun,22.04.2007|19:16( Polygon89) that day will come with unreal tournament 3: simultaneous release for win/mac/linux
Sun,22.04.2007|19:16( johnc) I'm going to take off too. I will send the emails on Wed. They should include the meeting reminder and a brief summary of tonights meeting. Anyone who didn't email me their address should do so. johnc4510@cox.net I'm very upbeat about this so far, you folks are a great bunch, and I see good things ahead. I wondered for a while if this was going to work or not. I believe it is. See everyone next week.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:16( ianmcorvidae) Yeah; and that requires DX9c support, which requires Cedega. Sadly.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:16( Polygon89) later johnc
Sun,22.04.2007|19:16( ianmcorvidae) Later, john.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:16( azteech) speaking of, does anyone know where I can get the linux version of america's army?
Sun,22.04.2007|19:16( SlickMcRunfast) cya
Sun,22.04.2007|19:16( br24) thanks johnc
Sun,22.04.2007|19:16( Polygon89) 2.5?
Sun,22.04.2007|19:16( ianmcorvidae) Can you access logs to finish notes?
Sun,22.04.2007|19:16( ianmcorvidae) Or should I send you a log after this meeting's done?
Sun,22.04.2007|19:16( seamless) oldversion.com may have it.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:16( azteech) later john
Sun,22.04.2007|19:17( Polygon89) and ian: ut3 is going to be a native linux release
Sun,22.04.2007|19:17( azteech) tks seamless ... will try that
Sun,22.04.2007|19:17>> SignOff: johnc ["Ex-Chat"]
Sun,22.04.2007|19:17( ianmcorvidae) Awesome.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:18( Polygon89) http://pcmedia.gamespy.com/pc/image/article/616/616445/unreal-tournament-2007-20050518050719434.jpg
Sun,22.04.2007|19:18( Polygon89) i think that counts as a "modern" game =P
Sun,22.04.2007|19:18( seamless) http://americasarmy.filefront.com/file/AASF_Direct_Action_v25_Linux_Full_Install;49654
Sun,22.04.2007|19:18>> Vorian joins #ubuntu-arizona
Sun,22.04.2007|19:18( azteech) believe you are right polygon
Sun,22.04.2007|19:18( Polygon89) lol
Sun,22.04.2007|19:18( azteech) wb vorian
Sun,22.04.2007|19:18( Polygon89) yeah hi
Sun,22.04.2007|19:18( br24) greetings Vorian
Sun,22.04.2007|19:19( Vorian) hey
Sun,22.04.2007|19:19( ianmcorvidae) Welcome back.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:19( Vorian) ty
Sun,22.04.2007|19:19( Polygon89) but other then that, most game companies think that linux isnt a profitable platform for games
Sun,22.04.2007|19:19( Polygon89) hense the reason why there are only like 3-4 well known games released for it
Sun,22.04.2007|19:19( seamless) It can't be profitable until the video card manufactures release better Linux drivers.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:20( Polygon89) yeah
Sun,22.04.2007|19:20( SlickMcRunfast) its changing slowly
Sun,22.04.2007|19:20( Polygon89) even then, ut2004 runs at least 2x faster in ubuntu then in windows
Sun,22.04.2007|19:20( SlickMcRunfast) ID and epic have been with linux for along time
Sun,22.04.2007|19:20( SlickMcRunfast) Introversion is now with it
Sun,22.04.2007|19:20( Polygon89) its good that we have those two very very very powerful allies :D
Sun,22.04.2007|19:20( Polygon89) what games does introversion make?
Sun,22.04.2007|19:21( SlickMcRunfast) small new company
Sun,22.04.2007|19:21( SlickMcRunfast) distopia
Sun,22.04.2007|19:21( SlickMcRunfast) defcon
Sun,22.04.2007|19:21( br24) well I am departing for the time being
Sun,22.04.2007|19:21( br24) 3:45 will come fast
Sun,22.04.2007|19:21( SlickMcRunfast) no
Sun,22.04.2007|19:21( SlickMcRunfast) darwinia
Sun,22.04.2007|19:21( SlickMcRunfast) wrong game
Sun,22.04.2007|19:21( Polygon89) oh them?
Sun,22.04.2007|19:21( Polygon89) i know them
Sun,22.04.2007|19:21( Polygon89) they release their games on steam
Sun,22.04.2007|19:21( azteech) well, believe that we as a linux community need to see what we can do to change the mindset of the big companies. but to do that, i think we need to show them that we are willing to pay for quality games. If the community as a whole doesn't want to, and want to stay in the GPL, then the companies probably will stay where they know the $ will come from.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:21( SlickMcRunfast) yes
Sun,22.04.2007|19:22( SlickMcRunfast) and now they are converting them to linux
Sun,22.04.2007|19:22( Polygon89) nice
Sun,22.04.2007|19:22( azteech) tc br21
Sun,22.04.2007|19:22( azteech) whoops br24
Sun,22.04.2007|19:22( br24) everyone have a good evening
Sun,22.04.2007|19:22( SlickMcRunfast) bye br
Sun,22.04.2007|19:22( Polygon89) well ill pay for games, just because im not paying for like a program to run my computer, im paying for a story, a game to entertain me.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:22( Polygon89) later br
Sun,22.04.2007|19:23( Polygon89) and not to mention there are also a ton of people who run wow with wine.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:23( SlickMcRunfast) and Blizzard doesnt want to port it
Sun,22.04.2007|19:23( SlickMcRunfast) even if they have a mac version already
Sun,22.04.2007|19:23( SlickMcRunfast) so sad
Sun,22.04.2007|19:23( Polygon89) there was some post saying they had a linux version but did not release it
Sun,22.04.2007|19:23( Polygon89) well the fact that it supports open gl is pretty good, makes it run well with wine.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:24( azteech) agreed, willing to pay for quality games, if they are available on linux. But feel a lot of the *nix community may not feel that way. I may be wrong though.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:24( seamless) They won't port it because that costs money to and wine doesn't.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:24( SlickMcRunfast) I would buy all my games over again if they were for linux
Sun,22.04.2007|19:24( Polygon89) blizzard is rolling in money, they are just lazy =P
Sun,22.04.2007|19:24( SlickMcRunfast) its nice that epic and id games install on both
Sun,22.04.2007|19:24( SlickMcRunfast) yea
Sun,22.04.2007|19:25( Polygon89) id ditch windows if source games were for linux
Sun,22.04.2007|19:25( Polygon89) the free third party mods are the best part.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:25( SlickMcRunfast) hl1 game run fine
Sun,22.04.2007|19:25( SlickMcRunfast) but source
Sun,22.04.2007|19:25( SlickMcRunfast) ...
Sun,22.04.2007|19:25( Polygon89) yeah cause its a quake based game, and quake runs both on dx and opengl
Sun,22.04.2007|19:25( SlickMcRunfast) run bad on dx
Sun,22.04.2007|19:25( azteech) well, it is not only the gaming world that is keeping me holding on to a windows version. We all just experienced it a week ago. How many of you did taxes on windows software?
Sun,22.04.2007|19:26( seamless) We need a mono like project for DX.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:26( SlickMcRunfast) no
Sun,22.04.2007|19:26( Polygon89) i dont do taxes but my dad uses mac, and uses parallels on his mac for a few thins, including turbotax
Sun,22.04.2007|19:26( SlickMcRunfast) we just need everyone to convert to opengl
Sun,22.04.2007|19:26( SlickMcRunfast) why keep fueling ms
Sun,22.04.2007|19:26( Polygon89) opengl is as good as dx anyway
Sun,22.04.2007|19:26( seamless) OpenGL is only graphics DX is a full media framework.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:26( Polygon89) you also have openAL
Sun,22.04.2007|19:27( Polygon89) and all those other openX things
Sun,22.04.2007|19:27( SlickMcRunfast) epic uses openal
Sun,22.04.2007|19:27( seamless) Which are separate components. Most companies want to use one platform not multiple. DX makes it easy. And makes it easy to get your game on the 360.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:28( Polygon89) yeah cause the code difference on a windows computer and the 360 is like 10%
Sun,22.04.2007|19:28( azteech) okay all, going to call it a night. Like John, tomorrow comes early. Nice to meet you all. Until the next meet, t/c
Sun,22.04.2007|19:28( SlickMcRunfast) bye
Sun,22.04.2007|19:28( Polygon89) yeah later az
Sun,22.04.2007|19:28>> SignOff: azteech ["Leaving"]
Sun,22.04.2007|19:28( ianmcorvidae) Ok, I'll be back in a bit. Need to restart.
Sun,22.04.2007|19:28( seamless) I'm going to get going too.

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