1. Introductions
  2. Team Reports
    1. Membership
    2. Web Design
    3. Newsletter
    4. WINE/VMware
  3. Proposed Teams
    1. Computer Recycle/Localization
    2. Server
    3. Thread Team
  4. Logo and Trademark Restrictions


Sun,29.04.2007|18:04( johnc4510) Meeting to order if you please. Thanks
Sun,29.04.2007|18:05( johnc4510) 1st item intro of new people
Sun,29.04.2007|18:05( johnc4510) huertanix:  would you mind saying a few words
Sun,29.04.2007|18:05( huertanix) sure
Sun,29.04.2007|18:06( huertanix) Hello everyone, I'm David Huerta, current President of the DeLUG, the DeVry Linux Users Group in Phoenix.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:06( johnc4510) huertanix: welcome
Sun,29.04.2007|18:06( huertanix) thanks
Sun,29.04.2007|18:07( johnc4510) huertanix: anything else we should know
Sun,29.04.2007|18:08( huertanix) Not much else from me for an introduction that I can think of.  I just upgraded to Fesity Faun, but use Slackware predominantly.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:08( johnc4510) great, and welcome to ubuntu arizona
Sun,29.04.2007|18:08( huertanix) Thanks again
Sun,29.04.2007|18:09( johnc4510) trmentry: your new i believe can we hear from you please
Sun,29.04.2007|18:09( trmentry) sure
Sun,29.04.2007|18:09( johnc4510) have at it
Sun,29.04.2007|18:10( trmentry) hello.  I'm chris.  i'm currently a cisco/juniper person at a large telcom company in the valley.  i finally got around to upgrading to fiesty on my main rig.  I have 2 other servers running gentoo.  and 1 ipcop box under the table. :)
Sun,29.04.2007|18:11( johnc4510) trmentry: diversity for trmentry
Sun,29.04.2007|18:11( johnc4510) welcome
Sun,29.04.2007|18:11( trmentry) thx
Sun,29.04.2007|18:12( johnc4510) DX00: your first meeting even though you've been around the irc here how about you
Sun,29.04.2007|18:12( DX00) hello everyone
Sun,29.04.2007|18:12( johnc4510) hi
Sun,29.04.2007|18:12( SloggerKhan) howdy
Sun,29.04.2007|18:12( DX00) My name is robert nieto and i work as the IT guy for one of the valleys govn't entities
Sun,29.04.2007|18:13( DX00) i've been a fan of ubuntu since i learn there was one
Sun,29.04.2007|18:13( johnc4510) glad you came
Sun,29.04.2007|18:13( DX00) thnx
Sun,29.04.2007|18:14( johnc4510) okay , i think that takes care of the new people
Sun,29.04.2007|18:14( johnc4510) on to the agenda and the 1st item
Sun,29.04.2007|18:14( johnc4510) Membership Team
Sun,29.04.2007|18:14( johnc4510) Team Leader-Ianmcorvidae   Team Member-Polygon89   Team Member-Azteech
Sun,29.04.2007|18:14( johnc4510) ian can you bring us up to date on things
Sun,29.04.2007|18:14( ianmcorvidae) Sure.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:15( johnc4510) thanks'
Sun,29.04.2007|18:15( ianmcorvidae) At the moment, we're still mostly working on communication and getting up to planning stuff.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:15( ianmcorvidae) Made a Wiki page at ArizonaTeam/Teams/Membership, have that done.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:15( ianmcorvidae) Lots of ideas floating around on the forums.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:16( johnc4510) Ian and his team have just finished the initial layout of the Membership Team's Wiki Page. It can be found here:https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Membership   That was fast work for the initial layout Ian. Congrats to you and your team. I'll be watching this page for furture upgrades!!
Sun,29.04.2007|18:16( ianmcorvidae) Beyond that, just looking for ideas and people to do them; I'd say especially in Phoenix, as all our current members, are in Tucson.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:16( ianmcorvidae) Get rid of that last comma. Sorry.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:16( johnc4510) anything else we need to know about ian?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:16( ianmcorvidae) Anyway, nothing much going on beyond 'Let's figure out what we're doing'
Sun,29.04.2007|18:16( ianmcorvidae) Not that I'm aware.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:17( johnc4510) okay thanks
Sun,29.04.2007|18:17( johnc4510) next item  web design team
Sun,29.04.2007|18:17( ToddB) Do we have one?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:17( ianmcorvidae) Some sort of one, yeah.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:17( johnc4510) slick is at a family thing so i will  fill in
Sun,29.04.2007|18:17( johnc4510) Web Design Team
Sun,29.04.2007|18:17( johnc4510) Team Leader-SlickMcRunfast   Team Member-ToddB   Team Member-Sloggerkhan
Sun,29.04.2007|18:18( johnc4510) The Web Design has been working on the main wiki page. Keep up the good work guys. Main wiki page here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/  The logo shown on the wiki pages is not permanent. It is there to show one option. Others will be shown until we decide on one.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:18( johnc4510) we will talk about the logo a little later
Sun,29.04.2007|18:18( johnc4510) on the agenda
Sun,29.04.2007|18:18( johnc4510) since slick isn't here i guess that's about all
Sun,29.04.2007|18:18( johnc4510) next item
Sun,29.04.2007|18:19( johnc4510) Wine/VMWare team
Sun,29.04.2007|18:19( johnc4510) Wine/VMWare Team
Sun,29.04.2007|18:19( johnc4510) Team Leader-br24
Sun,29.04.2007|18:19( br24) thanks
Sun,29.04.2007|18:19( johnc4510) This team has been established, and it looks like Wine will be the first up for study by the team. Both Wine and VMWare will be worked on, but only one at a time.  This team will be responsible for implementing a how to for the members to use. I also think we should incorported it into the forums as a way of giving back to the community. I give the floor now to br24 who will head this team.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:19( johnc4510) is that correct br?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:20( br24) correct
Sun,29.04.2007|18:20( johnc4510) any progress so far?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:20( br24) right now I am exploring ideas on what to present
Sun,29.04.2007|18:20( br24) so far I am working on finding apps that are windows exclusive
Sun,29.04.2007|18:20( johnc4510) sounds good we all look forward to hearing from you
Sun,29.04.2007|18:21( br24) how to install & configure wine
Sun,29.04.2007|18:21( br24) any known issues
Sun,29.04.2007|18:21( ianmcorvidae) Random interjection, I'm probably some degree of member of this team, too, or at least a collaborator.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:21( johnc4510) any comments folks  questions for br
Sun,29.04.2007|18:21( br24) I do have a question for everyone
Sun,29.04.2007|18:21( seamless) Is there a place on the wiki to submit application requests/ideas for you to look into?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:21( johnc4510) go
Sun,29.04.2007|18:21( DX00) really look forwared to seeing where you go, gratz br24
Sun,29.04.2007|18:21( br24) is anyone using/have used vmware?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:21( seamless) I have.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:22( ToddB) I have a little bit.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:22( DX00) i have
Sun,29.04.2007|18:22( trmentry) i know a hold up for some on switching to linux is gaming.   gaming is a big thing for me... so why I sitll will dual boot
Sun,29.04.2007|18:22( ianmcorvidae) Unsuccesfully :P
Sun,29.04.2007|18:22( trmentry) ihave vmware server installed at home on a gentoo box
Sun,29.04.2007|18:22( trmentry) running xp and 2003
Sun,29.04.2007|18:22( trmentry) that i use as rdp bastions
Sun,29.04.2007|18:22( johnc4510) br24: not sure i understand question
Sun,29.04.2007|18:22( huertanix) I use vmware virtual machines at work; win2k3
Sun,29.04.2007|18:22( br24) johnc4510, I want to know who has used vmware
Sun,29.04.2007|18:22( br24) myself, I have used vista
Sun,29.04.2007|18:22( SloggerKhan) I have
Sun,29.04.2007|18:22( SloggerKhan) not for windows, tho.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:23( br24) still have xp, 2k3 server
Sun,29.04.2007|18:23( SloggerKhan) I use wine for games
Sun,29.04.2007|18:23( johnc4510) br24: i see, when you make up your wiki page include a section for that
Sun,29.04.2007|18:23( br24) and other flavors of *nix
Sun,29.04.2007|18:23( azteech) ?help
Sun,29.04.2007|18:23>> SignOff: azteech ["Leaving"]
Sun,29.04.2007|18:23( trmentry) sloggerkhan how does wine compare to cedega?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:23( johnc4510) we will post our question there   is that what you had in mind?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:23( ToddB) I have a question if we're done on the current one.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:24( SloggerKhan) Never used cedega
Sun,29.04.2007|18:24( br24) from my knowledge, wine is free and cedega isnt
Sun,29.04.2007|18:24( seamless) Cedega works much better for games.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:24( br24) so Ive heard
Sun,29.04.2007|18:24( br24) but I think that kinda takes away from the concept of Ubuntu
Sun,29.04.2007|18:24( seamless) How does it and VMWare not?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:24( ianmcorvidae) Cedega works better, generally, but it's quite thoroughly a perversion of open source ideology, heh.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:25( br24) seamless, we are looking to converting people to Ubuntu
Sun,29.04.2007|18:25( trmentry) i've never been able to get games to run in vmware
Sun,29.04.2007|18:25( trmentry) due to the vmware using stripped down video drivers, etc.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:25>> azteech joins #ubuntu-arizona
Sun,29.04.2007|18:25( trmentry) i've tried. :)
Sun,29.04.2007|18:25( ianmcorvidae) welcome, azteech.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:25( br24) while cedega is preferred in the gaming side, not everyone plays games
Sun,29.04.2007|18:25( johnc4510) azteech: hello
Sun,29.04.2007|18:26( azteech) dang ... frozen xchat. had to reboot. Sorry I am late all.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:26( johnc4510) azteech: you'll have to catch up
Sun,29.04.2007|18:26( azteech) tks ian and john.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:26( br24) and I would think its hard to convince somebody to go to something that is free, yet pay for something like cedega
Sun,29.04.2007|18:26( azteech) was going to, which is why I set away, but froze.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:26( br24) sorry, hello azteech
Sun,29.04.2007|18:26( azteech) hi br24
Sun,29.04.2007|18:26( johnc4510) br24: did you see my msg about creating a section on your wiki page?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:26( johnc4510) for questions
Sun,29.04.2007|18:26( seamless) br24, it is the best option and we have already had one person say that they don't fully convert because of games since this meeting started.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:26( ToddB) What other Windows applications do we consider essential that have no reliable *nix/open source alternative?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:27( br24) I will take care of that
Sun,29.04.2007|18:27( ianmcorvidae) Long story short, Cedega and TransGaming used a flaw in the license for Wine at the time to effectively remove it from open source and then sell it without releasing a current and viable source code.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:27( azteech) anyone mention tax type software?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:27( br24) that is one I am aware of
Sun,29.04.2007|18:27( br24) the other "might" be sewing apps
Sun,29.04.2007|18:27( johnc4510) azteech: yes that is really lacking on linux
Sun,29.04.2007|18:27( trmentry) isn't some tax software web based now?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:27( seamless) ian, you can get the full source for Cedega with the proprietary parts removed.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:28( azteech) trmentry, yes.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:28( ianmcorvidae) I've heard of problems with Rhapsody, but that it can be used with WINE.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:28( johnc4510) i think turbo tax you can run from the web site
Sun,29.04.2007|18:28( br24) most people buy the disk though
Sun,29.04.2007|18:28( trmentry) not that i have an ipod... but itunes?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:28( ianmcorvidae) seamless: My knowledge is that that is a quite outdated version, and that the process for getting a worthwhile copy is arduous and annoying.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:28( ianmcorvidae) But anyway.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:28( seamless) ian, it's CVS only.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:28( azteech) also, there is a version (I believe) of taxcut online as well.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:29( ianmcorvidae) iPods do work with other software such as GTKpod, but there is not iTunes per se, much as there is not Windows Media Player.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:29( ianmcorvidae) There is an online version; it costs a bit more, though.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:29( johnc4510) well, looks like br will have his hands full   :)  :)
Sun,29.04.2007|18:29( huertanix) Rythmbox (sp) will work with most iPods.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:29( SloggerKhan) I wouldn't worry about itunes. R-box needs better support
Sun,29.04.2007|18:29( br24) hehehe
Sun,29.04.2007|18:29( azteech) true ian. One reason I buy the cd version, is if I have a problem (irs comes after me, for some unknown reason) then I can always load it up from cd, and not have to pray the online version still works.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:30( SloggerKhan) but works and has 2 music stores, more or less.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:30( ianmcorvidae) Yep.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:30( johnc4510) any other questions for br?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:30( johnc4510) next item on agenda
Sun,29.04.2007|18:30( ToddB) Don't think so.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:30( johnc4510) Newsletter Team
Sun,29.04.2007|18:30( johnc4510) Team Leader-johnc4510   Team Member-rs3
Sun,29.04.2007|18:30( br24) one sec
Sun,29.04.2007|18:30( br24) sorry john
Sun,29.04.2007|18:31( johnc4510) ok
Sun,29.04.2007|18:31( br24) would anyone like to assist me?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:31( DX00) another thing i would suggest looking for is subscription based network that can be used to purchanse music
Sun,29.04.2007|18:31( DX00) not necessarily itunes stores
Sun,29.04.2007|18:31( ianmcorvidae) br24: Well, as I said, I'm kinda half-member.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:31( ToddB) br, considering wherelse I'm needed, I'd be willing to help advise the team
Sun,29.04.2007|18:31( br24) very true
Sun,29.04.2007|18:31( ianmcorvidae) I'm certainly willing to be a tester, contribute what I already know, et cetera.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:31( DX00) but i've looked for another service like that where i can purchase music online
Sun,29.04.2007|18:32( br24) Im sorry johnc4510, I will let you decide on that
Sun,29.04.2007|18:32( br24) I am finished
Sun,29.04.2007|18:32( DX00) but i have not been successful on finding anything that will work with OSS
Sun,29.04.2007|18:32( johnc4510) no prob
Sun,29.04.2007|18:32( SloggerKhan) magnatune...
Sun,29.04.2007|18:32( johnc4510) johnc playing catch up  :(
Sun,29.04.2007|18:33( azteech) lol john.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:33( johnc4510) The most important announcement of the Newsletter Team is that very shortly, rs3 will be taking over as head of this Team.  Alright, alright, try to keep the applause down. You don't have to be so obvious about being glad I'm out!!
Sun,29.04.2007|18:33( azteech) bet not as much as I have to john.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:33( johnc4510) Seriously though, I know rs3 is as happy to get this assignment as I am to be rid of it. Let's all wish him the best!!
Sun,29.04.2007|18:33>> ZachPHX joins #ubuntu-arizona
Sun,29.04.2007|18:33( johnc4510) anybody seen rs
Sun,29.04.2007|18:33( azteech) congrats, rs3
Sun,29.04.2007|18:33( johnc4510) ZachPHX: welcome
Sun,29.04.2007|18:33( ZachPHX) hello
Sun,29.04.2007|18:34( ianmcorvidae) Welcome, Zach.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:34( johnc4510) why don't you introduce yourself
Sun,29.04.2007|18:34( br24) hello ZachPHX
Sun,29.04.2007|18:34( azteech) ZachPHX: welcome
Sun,29.04.2007|18:34( johnc4510) we've already started
Sun,29.04.2007|18:34( ZachPHX) thank you all.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:34( ZachPHX) I'm Zach from Phoenix, president of the ASULUG.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:34( ZachPHX) john in here somewhere is my treasurer. im sure you all know him
Sun,29.04.2007|18:34( seamless) :-)
Sun,29.04.2007|18:35( azteech) glad to see you all here.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:35( ZachPHX) yep, so i'll at least look to see what y'all have to say if nothing else
Sun,29.04.2007|18:35( johnc4510) i believe we met him
Sun,29.04.2007|18:35( johnc4510) huertanix right
Sun,29.04.2007|18:35( johnc4510) glad to have you
Sun,29.04.2007|18:36( johnc4510) next items are some proposed teams
Sun,29.04.2007|18:36( johnc4510) Computer Recycle Team: The goals of this team would be two fold. 1.The gathering and recycling of old computers so that we could install Ubuntu or Edubuntu and then donate these computers to the Indian Reservations here in Arizona. 2.A secondary goal would be to develop an application to help the reservations to document their language and history. I believe that this is a very worthy project for our loco to develop.  The floor is
Sun,29.04.2007|18:36( johnc4510)  now open to discussion of this proposal.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:36( ianmcorvidae) Seems to be a good idea to me, if someone's willing to take it on.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:37( SloggerKhan) I think this would be a very long term sort of thing.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:37( br24) yes it would be
Sun,29.04.2007|18:37( SloggerKhan) At least so far as part 2 goes
Sun,29.04.2007|18:37( johnc4510) dang, can't find notes
Sun,29.04.2007|18:37( br24) johnc4510, dont forget about the newsletter
Sun,29.04.2007|18:37( azteech) are we looking to target all reservations?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:37( johnc4510) yes
Sun,29.04.2007|18:37( SloggerKhan) We need to do some research.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:38( ZachPHX) don't forget someone would have to support people with problems they might have and training for whoever these computers go to
Sun,29.04.2007|18:38( ZachPHX) and for the reservation app
Sun,29.04.2007|18:38( johnc4510) i can't remember who brought this idea up and can't find notes
Sun,29.04.2007|18:38( br24) and there might need to be some training involved
Sun,29.04.2007|18:38( johnc4510) john apologizes
Sun,29.04.2007|18:38( ianmcorvidae) Slogger, in the forum, as I recall.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:38( ianmcorvidae) At least for the second part.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:39( azteech) see training as an on-going evolution, not just short term
Sun,29.04.2007|18:39( SloggerKhan) It was me, I think. Mostly I was wondering if we help Navajo create a navajo localization.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:39( azteech) ian: that is who i believe also.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:39( SloggerKhan) If they felt that something such was needed.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:39( johnc4510) that's right sorry slogg
Sun,29.04.2007|18:39( ianmcorvidae) Random: There is an ISO code for Navajo, although none of the other tribes I know.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:40( ianmcorvidae) Also, there's already a KDE localization for Navajo, although no GNOME one.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:40( johnc4510) so now that i have been hunting notes, lost all of what is going on
Sun,29.04.2007|18:40( johnc4510) is this a good idea guys
Sun,29.04.2007|18:40( trmentry) having worked for a fed agency that helped native americans, i can say that nothing moves fast on decisions on the reservations at least from what i saw from IT persepective.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:40( johnc4510) i think so
Sun,29.04.2007|18:40( ianmcorvidae) Do we have a plan for who is leading this?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:40( trmentry) i think it is a good idea.. but will be a lot of talking with the tribes, etc.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:40( SloggerKhan) I would be willing to get some prelim info, as I do know a number of Navajo.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:41( johnc4510) could we start with the computer donations and work into language stuff?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:41( azteech) might I suggest we contact the local Feds on how to best start the idea?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:41( br24) what is the possibility of some organization/entity that sees the project and decides to assist?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:41( SloggerKhan) I think contacting the feds is the wrong way to go about it.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:41( SloggerKhan) The Navajo have their own government.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:41( johnc4510) i think contact res first
Sun,29.04.2007|18:41( trmentry) all tribes do.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:42( ianmcorvidae) More bureaucracy isn't what we need, either.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:42( azteech) understood, all have their own local governmental bodies. just not wanting to step on toes either ... is all.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:42( SloggerKhan) I suspect that we really need to find out if the PEOPLE are interested in such a thing more than their government.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:42( br24) I wasnt thinking about contacting somebody, I was just thinking some organization might see us doing this
Sun,29.04.2007|18:42( br24) providing we get that far
Sun,29.04.2007|18:42( ianmcorvidae) Yeah, it's not a bad idea.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:42( ianmcorvidae) We'd probably need to look for such an organization, though.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:42( trmentry) AFAIK - BIA is the Fed Agency with getting schools, etc setup for tribes on the reservations.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:43( johnc4510) SloggerKhan: seems like a good idea, please check out options and get back to us    I like it!!
Sun,29.04.2007|18:43( SloggerKhan) Will do so.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:44( ianmcorvidae) Next?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:44( johnc4510) next item server team.   i will post a short outline of direction i see and then let dx have the floor
Sun,29.04.2007|18:44( johnc4510) Server Team: Because of my lack of knowledge in this area, I will not list any goals for this team now. What I will tell you is that we have been very generously offered the use of a server by DeLUG. I am sure there are many ways we can put this offer to good use. Two obvious ways I can think of to use this offer are: 1.An educational/instructional tool to teach IT Aministration to our members. 2. As a web hosting tool for furture
Sun,29.04.2007|18:44( johnc4510)  loco web pages that we might develop. This last would also enable us to branch off a team into Web Page Development. At this time I am going to give the floor to DX00 to further enlighten us on how we lucked into this offer of a server, and to tell us in more detail how we use and benefit from this opportunity. DX00 the floor is yours with member questions and responses to follow.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:44( johnc4510) DX00: is that correct dx
Sun,29.04.2007|18:45( DX00) thanx johnc4510
Sun,29.04.2007|18:45( DX00) yes
Sun,29.04.2007|18:45( DX00) huertanix is the current president for the Devry Linux Users Group
Sun,29.04.2007|18:46( DX00) and i'm a member
Sun,29.04.2007|18:46( DX00) a server was donated to the group a while ago for whatever needs might be for the group
Sun,29.04.2007|18:46( DX00) since, we haven't really used it
Sun,29.04.2007|18:47( DX00) one idea we had was to build a web server
Sun,29.04.2007|18:47( DX00) using this server
Sun,29.04.2007|18:48( DX00) the main idea, as stated by johnc4510, is to use it to train and learn how to set up servers using linux
Sun,29.04.2007|18:48( DX00) Ubuntu in this case
Sun,29.04.2007|18:48( johnc4510) floor open to comments on how we could use this
Sun,29.04.2007|18:48( DX00) and since ubuntu does have a server version, i think this would be a really good project where we can all learn a lot from
Sun,29.04.2007|18:48( br24) which servers?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:48( ianmcorvidae) Would this be something for people nearby to the area only, or might there be ssh-based tutorials?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:48( ToddB) I like the idea, what web server would we use?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:49( ianmcorvidae) There is a donated server.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:49( ToddB) No, I mean what daemon.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:49( ianmcorvidae) AH.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:49( DX00) My thoughts are doing a LAMP server
Sun,29.04.2007|18:49( br24) my thoughts exactly
Sun,29.04.2007|18:49( ToddB) Sounds like a good plan to me.  What Apache branch?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:49( azteech) second the thought
Sun,29.04.2007|18:50( ianmcorvidae) I'd guess whatever's included with the Ubuntu Server LAMP version.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:50( DX00) we can really look at that later
Sun,29.04.2007|18:50( br24) what about an MTA?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:50( ToddB) For the record, I'd like to advise against using 2.x.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:50( DX00) we could also compile apache, php, and mysql, very good experience there
Sun,29.04.2007|18:50( ianmcorvidae) True.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:50( ToddB) I'd prefer we do that instead of using apt-get.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:51( huertanix) I concur
Sun,29.04.2007|18:51( br24) any reason why ToddB?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:51( ianmcorvidae) Well, Ubuntu Server it isn't even apt-get; it's included with the distro.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:51( br24) just out of curiousity
Sun,29.04.2007|18:51( ianmcorvidae) But yes, I agree.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:51( ianmcorvidae) It's more universally applicable, and you have more control over what versions you use.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:51( huertanix) actually, on second thought, that might make doing security upgrades trickier...
Sun,29.04.2007|18:51( ToddB) I feel compiling the server from source offers a greater amount of experience.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:51( trmentry) can install kibitz and people can then share ssh session with eashother
Sun,29.04.2007|18:51( br24) I do agree with your idea ToddB
Sun,29.04.2007|18:51( ToddB) Along with allowing greater customization.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:51( DX00) we can also include vmware software
Sun,29.04.2007|18:52( DX00) and have several installations
Sun,29.04.2007|18:52( ianmcorvidae) For the use of the WINE/VMware team, as well.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:52( ianmcorvidae) Presumably.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:52( azteech) one ?, does the server have enough capacity to host pages, as well as double (maybe temp) as email server for the group?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:52( DX00) not sure
Sun,29.04.2007|18:52( ianmcorvidae) Don't suppose specs are handy?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:52( DX00) huertanix any idea?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:53( DX00) i haven't looked at the server yet, but huertanix might now them
Sun,29.04.2007|18:53( azteech) ian: agreed. we may need to look at specs of server, to see its capabilities.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:53( huertanix) Its an old Dell rackmount server, around 1GHz with less than 1GB of RAM.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:53( ToddB) Something else I'd like to see with this is perhaps CVS and/or SVN.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:53( br24) so are we looking at connecting it through ssh, or use some other tool, say webmin?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:53( huertanix) I can't recall exactly how much HD space it had.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:53( ToddB) I'd advise against webmin.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:54( huertanix) Yes, webmin is a
Sun,29.04.2007|18:54( br24) I do agree with that
Sun,29.04.2007|18:54( azteech) another ?. what is the connection speed (if connection is available) at this time?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:54( DX00) i think doing a vmware would be good
Sun,29.04.2007|18:54( ianmcorvidae) CVS/SVN/Bazaar would be good.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:54( ianmcorvidae) Everything's good, really.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:54( DX00) that way we can install all kinds of stuff on one virtual server
Sun,29.04.2007|18:54( DX00) if anything just for learning
Sun,29.04.2007|18:54( ianmcorvidae) The goal is an all-around useful learning tool.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:54( ianmcorvidae) Yep.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:54( johnc4510) ok, looks like it is a go, dx we'll let you work with Delug and lets us know anything we need to know.   And a special thanks for the other from our visitors  right guys!!
Sun,29.04.2007|18:54( ianmcorvidae) Indeed :)
Sun,29.04.2007|18:55( johnc4510) everyone agreed?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:55( azteech) Indeed :)
Sun,29.04.2007|18:55* ianmcorvidae says I
Sun,29.04.2007|18:55( SloggerKhan) sounds fine
Sun,29.04.2007|18:55( ToddB) DX - I'd like to get on that team, talk to me after.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:55( johnc4510) good
Sun,29.04.2007|18:55( br24) thats a 10-5
Sun,29.04.2007|18:55( johnc4510) next item
Sun,29.04.2007|18:55( br24) 10-4 to be exact
Sun,29.04.2007|18:55( azteech) lol
Sun,29.04.2007|18:55( johnc4510) Thread Team: This team's goals would be to keep an eye on the loco's forum thread and investigate other loco teams sites for ideas that we could incorporate into our: forum web site, wiki page, furture web page, etc. They would generally keep an eye out for any information that would help us to improve our loco, benefit our project teams and increase our knowledge and membership. Scouts so to speak. The floor is now open to discus
Sun,29.04.2007|18:55( johnc4510) sion of this proposal.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:55( DX00) k todd
Sun,29.04.2007|18:56( ianmcorvidae) Sounds like a good idea, as usual as long as we have some good forum-crawlers to implement it :)
Sun,29.04.2007|18:56( ianmcorvidae) Might I include the Wiki as well as the Forums in that proposal?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:56( johnc4510) this is kind of a strange team, but might be helpful
Sun,29.04.2007|18:56( ianmcorvidae) Ideas == Good, I figure.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:56( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: sure
Sun,29.04.2007|18:56( ToddB) Honestly, I think that kind of scouting should be left up to the teams that are working on those projects.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:57>> Vorian is now known as LordVorian
Sun,29.04.2007|18:57( br24) I kinda think of it as a possible way of developing relationships with other teams
Sun,29.04.2007|18:57( azteech) lol vorian
Sun,29.04.2007|18:57( johnc4510) ToddB: good point
Sun,29.04.2007|18:57( ToddB) From a development standpoint, it doesn't make a lot of sense.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:57( johnc4510) br24: how much interaction would there be?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:57( ToddB) Sorry to be the Devil's Advocate.
Sun,29.04.2007|18:58( johnc4510) ToddB: no prob
Sun,29.04.2007|18:58( br24) there could be some at first
Sun,29.04.2007|18:58( azteech) do we now have forum moderators?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:58( br24) exchanging thoughts/ideas
Sun,29.04.2007|18:58( ianmcorvidae) No problem, Todd :)
Sun,29.04.2007|18:58( br24) kinda like with Vorian
Sun,29.04.2007|18:58( johnc4510) br24: no
Sun,29.04.2007|18:59( azteech) or is this to be the focal point of the team?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:59( johnc4510) should we research this more, or vote?
Sun,29.04.2007|18:59( johnc4510) someone
Sun,29.04.2007|19:00>> LordVorian is now known as heHATEme
Sun,29.04.2007|19:00( SloggerKhan) not exactly sure the idea is clear
Sun,29.04.2007|19:00>> Polygon89 joins #ubuntu-arizona
Sun,29.04.2007|19:00( br24) so what are you thinking what should take place?
Sun,29.04.2007|19:00( azteech) believe we need to do more research johnC
Sun,29.04.2007|19:00( ianmcorvidae) agreed.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:00( ToddB) Let's table this for now.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:00( br24) its a little unclear with me now
Sun,29.04.2007|19:00( ianmcorvidae) Also, welcome Polygon.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:00( Polygon89) had to eat dinner
Sun,29.04.2007|19:00( johnc4510) okay lets not scrap it but table it for now  OK?
Sun,29.04.2007|19:00* ianmcorvidae says I.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:00( ToddB) Agreed.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:00( johnc4510) Polygon89: hi
Sun,29.04.2007|19:00( Polygon89) yo.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:00( azteech) evening polygon
Sun,29.04.2007|19:00( br24) hey poly
Sun,29.04.2007|19:01( ianmcorvidae) Next item?
Sun,29.04.2007|19:01( johnc4510) next item
Sun,29.04.2007|19:01( Polygon89) which is..?
Sun,29.04.2007|19:01( johnc4510) Agenda for next week?
Sun,29.04.2007|19:01( br24) were you going to say anything about the newsletter?
Sun,29.04.2007|19:01( ianmcorvidae) Um, lemme say a few things, if that's the end of your agenda.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:02( johnc4510) thread team and recycle team rehash
Sun,29.04.2007|19:02( johnc4510) already did
Sun,29.04.2007|19:02( br24) um, I dont think you got very far
Sun,29.04.2007|19:02( br24) I interrupted you
Sun,29.04.2007|19:02( johnc4510) was there something else ian
Sun,29.04.2007|19:02( johnc4510) no prob
Sun,29.04.2007|19:02( ianmcorvidae) Yeah, something I wanted to say, heh.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:02( johnc4510) okay newsletter again
Sun,29.04.2007|19:03( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: go
Sun,29.04.2007|19:03( ianmcorvidae) Everyone: On the Wiki, please add yourselves to ArizonaTeam/Members if you are not there, or create a homepage and link it if you are.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:03( ianmcorvidae) We need an accurate listing of our members.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:03( ianmcorvidae) That is all.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:04( ianmcorvidae) Also, john: logo.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:04( azteech) believe I have finished with updating mine for now, ian.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:04( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: right on thanks for that   also everyone get their personal wiki page going
Sun,29.04.2007|19:04( johnc4510) back to agenda?
Sun,29.04.2007|19:04( ianmcorvidae) Yep, several folks have it, but making sure everyone does it.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:04( ianmcorvidae) Agenda for next week, or this week?
Sun,29.04.2007|19:04( azteech) understood :P
Sun,29.04.2007|19:05( johnc4510) rehash of recycle team and thread team   what else
Sun,29.04.2007|19:05( ianmcorvidae) Well, for this week, we still need to mention the logo :P
Sun,29.04.2007|19:05( johnc4510) ofcourse summaries from teams
Sun,29.04.2007|19:05( johnc4510) coming up
Sun,29.04.2007|19:05( johnc4510) this is next wks agends
Sun,29.04.2007|19:05( ianmcorvidae) But may I suggest that we make agenda for next week a wiki page, and we can edit it as needed throughout the weekL
Sun,29.04.2007|19:05( ianmcorvidae) That way, it is also public.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:06( Polygon89) that works.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:06( br24) I agree with ian
Sun,29.04.2007|19:06( ianmcorvidae) I'd be willing to make that, as well as post logs for meetings.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:06( johnc4510) good, and that's what i'm trying to get started here    sorry if not clear
Sun,29.04.2007|19:06( azteech) agreed.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:06( ianmcorvidae) Yep.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:06( johnc4510) ideas please
Sun,29.04.2007|19:06( SloggerKhan) there's still logo
Sun,29.04.2007|19:06( ianmcorvidae) So, rehash of teams and team reports; although this is not covered yet, there will be a logo section next week.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:07( johnc4510) yes to be addressed in a moment
Sun,29.04.2007|19:07( ianmcorvidae) Not sure what else.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:07( johnc4510) announcements
Sun,29.04.2007|19:07( johnc4510) if any
Sun,29.04.2007|19:07( ianmcorvidae) Of course.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:07( azteech) maybe something along lines of team inputs to newsletter
Sun,29.04.2007|19:07( johnc4510) welcome of visitors
Sun,29.04.2007|19:08( johnc4510) azteech: GOOD IDEA
Sun,29.04.2007|19:08( ianmcorvidae) azteech: True. Throw that in with team reports, I'd say.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:08( azteech) along the lines of what I was thinking.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:08( johnc4510) got it anything else
Sun,29.04.2007|19:09( azteech) server status update?
Sun,29.04.2007|19:09( johnc4510) i may add to these ideas,  if i do i will let ian know to add to page
Sun,29.04.2007|19:09( Polygon89) server?
Sun,29.04.2007|19:09( johnc4510) azteech: that too
Sun,29.04.2007|19:09( azteech) lol poly.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:09( Polygon89) <- confused
Sun,29.04.2007|19:09( ianmcorvidae) Polygon89: That's an approved team, so that'll be in with team reports.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:09( ianmcorvidae) Anyone may edit the agenda.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:09( ianmcorvidae) That's the point.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:09( azteech) yes, we have opportunity of use of a donated server, offered by the Devry LUG.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:10( Polygon89) ah.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:10( Polygon89) cool
Sun,29.04.2007|19:10( DX00) oh, sorry
Sun,29.04.2007|19:10( ianmcorvidae) Oh, yeah. You were gone.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:10>> heHATEme is now known as Vorian
Sun,29.04.2007|19:10( johnc4510) next item
Sun,29.04.2007|19:10( johnc4510) Team Logo: The one we have up on the wiki is not officially accepted by the team yet. There are some rules to the logo and trademark from Conical. Here is the Page: http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy  At the bottom is the Logo Useage Section. As far as I know those are the only rules, but we plan on asking Vorian if there are others.   You can submit your logo images thru Saturday of this week. Next Sunday we will decid
Sun,29.04.2007|19:10( johnc4510) e on the official logo for Ubuntu-Arizona Team.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:10( Polygon89) ok
Sun,29.04.2007|19:11( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: add to agenda vote on logo
Sun,29.04.2007|19:11( ianmcorvidae) Yep, I know.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:11( johnc4510) does this meet with everyones approval?
Sun,29.04.2007|19:11( johnc4510) on the logo
Sun,29.04.2007|19:11( SloggerKhan) fine w/me
Sun,29.04.2007|19:11( azteech) Vorian said he learned things in a discussion with the marketing folks at Conical. Might I suggest we may want to talk with them, before we make final selection?
Sun,29.04.2007|19:11>> ngtmagicks joins #ubuntu-arizona
Sun,29.04.2007|19:11( johnc4510) ngtmagicks: hi
Sun,29.04.2007|19:12( ngtmagicks) johnc4510: greetings
Sun,29.04.2007|19:12( ianmcorvidae) Vorian: you around?
Sun,29.04.2007|19:12( azteech) hi ngtmagicks
Sun,29.04.2007|19:12( johnc4510) ngtmagicks: please introduce yourself
Sun,29.04.2007|19:12* Vorian is backreading
Sun,29.04.2007|19:12( Vorian) logo
Sun,29.04.2007|19:12( ngtmagicks) I'm Nightmagicks aka Mike out of Queen Creek Az
Sun,29.04.2007|19:12( Vorian) Mark is very protective of the CoF logo
Sun,29.04.2007|19:12( Vorian) ngtmagicks, i used to live in power ranch
Sun,29.04.2007|19:13( ngtmagicks) currently running a dual boot on my desktop and my thinkpad is solo kubuntu  Vorian cool
Sun,29.04.2007|19:13( johnc4510) nice to have you here ngtmagicks
Sun,29.04.2007|19:13( ngtmagicks) Vorian:  used to?
Sun,29.04.2007|19:13* Vorian is in Ohio now
Sun,29.04.2007|19:13( Vorian) :(
Sun,29.04.2007|19:13( johnc4510) ngtmagicks: welcome
Sun,29.04.2007|19:13( ToddB) Hey, guys, I've gotta dip out.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:13( ianmcorvidae) later, Todd.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:13( johnc4510) bye
Sun,29.04.2007|19:13( ToddB) DX - we'll be in touch about the server thing.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:13( Polygon89) laters
Sun,29.04.2007|19:13( ianmcorvidae) logs will be up later on the wiki.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:13( SloggerKhan) later
Sun,29.04.2007|19:13( DX00) todd, send me an email
Sun,29.04.2007|19:14( johnc4510) just a couple of last things guys
Sun,29.04.2007|19:14( DX00) with your info
Sun,29.04.2007|19:14( ToddB) is your address on the wiki?
Sun,29.04.2007|19:14( DX00) ssjgolleta@anima-web.us
Sun,29.04.2007|19:14( johnc4510) We are almost finished, but first, I want to thank all the new folks who attended tonights meeting, we look forward to getting to know you better.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:14( ToddB) ok, I'll take care of that
Sun,29.04.2007|19:14( ToddB) later guys
Sun,29.04.2007|19:14( trmentry) i need to jump out for a bit too... something about feeding the kid. :)   ttyl
Sun,29.04.2007|19:14( ngtmagicks) sorry to be late. I forgot it wasn't at 7
Sun,29.04.2007|19:14( DX00) latz
Sun,29.04.2007|19:14( SloggerKhan) later
Sun,29.04.2007|19:14( johnc4510) johnc trying to run meeting over chatter
Sun,29.04.2007|19:14( johnc4510) We are almost finished, but first, I want to thank all the new folks who attended tonights meeting, we look forward to getting to know you better.
Sun,29.04.2007|19:14>> trmentry is now known as trmentry|AFK
Sun,29.04.2007|19:15( johnc4510) and finally
Sun,29.04.2007|19:15( johnc4510) Finally I would like to thank all the members who have worked so hard this week. You have all gone above and beyond in getting your projects started. johnc4510 gives everyone of you a big hand, a slap on the back and lots of :) :) :) 's. You EARNED it!!!!!!!!! Meeting ends

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