1. Introductions
  2. Announcements
  3. Membership Team
  4. Newsletter Team
  5. Education Team
  6. Server Team
  7. Computers for Kids (C4K)
  8. Membership Approval Team
  9. Next Week's Agenda


21:03[notice(#ubuntu-arizona)] Meeting is on! Hopefully I don't screw this terribly!
21:03< johnc4510> yea
21:03< ianmcorvidae> Ok, intros. I have no idea who's new and isn't.
21:03< Apple> im new
21:03< ianmcorvidae> Except apple.
21:03< ianmcorvidae> Yeah, go
21:03< Apple> :)
21:03< johnc4510> yes
21:03< johnc4510> and t00na
21:04< ianmcorvidae> Introduce yourself; how you got into ubuntu, where, why you're here, et cetera.
21:04< jacob2440> im kinda new
21:04< ianmcorvidae> Apple, you start.
21:04< Apple> well i'm apple
21:04< bluecat9> mmm
21:04< johnc4510> :)
21:04< Apple> i got into ubuntu by just being tired of windows
21:05 * johnc4510 claps
21:05< Apple> was looking around and found it
21:05< Apple> i'm here because i want linux and other oss  to be better noticed and more usable
21:06< Apple> and it's nice to  know that there are other ubuntu users local to az
21:06< bluecat9> Amen
21:06< johnc4510> cool, where ya from Apple
21:06< Apple> i'm a flagstffian
21:06< Apple> ^^
21:06< bluecat9> booo
21:06< bluecat9> jk
21:06< johnc4510> :)
21:06< Apple> he
21:06< Apple> y
21:06< ianmcorvidae> lol
21:06< jacob2440> Iwow
21:06< Apple> lol
21:06< johnc4510> excellent
21:06< bluecat9> welcome, Apple
21:07< ianmcorvidae> Welcome.
21:07< Apple> ty
21:07< johnc4510> and welcome
21:07< ianmcorvidae> A reminder to all members, before I forget: Please try to keep away from side conversations in channel. Makes the meeting very hard to run :)'
21:07< br24> welcome Apple
21:07< johnc4510> k
21:07< ianmcorvidae> (forgot to do that before intros)
21:07< ianmcorvidae> Anyway, who's next?
21:07< jacob2440> i will go
21:07< johnc4510> jacob2440:
21:07< jacob2440> My name is jacob
21:07< jacob2440> I found ubuntu after I spent 15 minutes installing itunes on my new lap top that had vista
21:08< Apple> boooo
21:08< bluecat9> hehe
21:08< bluecat9> cool
21:08< jacob2440> I also found it because I wanted a non-windows server
21:08< jacob2440> I am from Gilber AZ and go to ASU
21:08< jacob2440> and I am an accountant for Maricopa County
21:08< jacob2440> I also like long walks on the beach ;)
21:09< bluecat9> I hear that
21:09< ianmcorvidae> Agreed on the walks, hehe.
21:09< Apple> don't we all
21:09< br24> AZ will soon have one
21:09< ianmcorvidae> Anyway. Next?
21:09< jacob2440> Oh and I love this community
21:09< bluecat9> welcome jacob2440
21:09< ianmcorvidae> br, with global warming, yeah.
21:09< jacob2440> great people
21:09< ianmcorvidae> :/
21:09< ianmcorvidae> Aaaanyway.
21:09< Apple> welcome
21:09 * johnc4510 welcome jacob2440 
21:09< ianmcorvidae> t00na: Intro?
21:09< johnc4510> :)
21:09< ianmcorvidae> welcome jacob
21:09< ianmcorvidae> ,*
21:10< johnc4510> hmmm t00na was around
21:10< ianmcorvidae> Hmm.
21:10< ianmcorvidae> t00na: Are you here?
21:10< t00na> what?
21:10< Polygon89> im semi here
21:10< ianmcorvidae> Could you give an introduction for us?
21:10< Polygon89> just fyi
21:10< ianmcorvidae> Ok, poly :)
21:10< t00na> me?
21:10< johnc4510> yes
21:10< ianmcorvidae> Yeah, you
21:10< t00na> um... ok...
21:10< t00na> Hello
21:11< johnc4510> hi
21:11< t00na> How is everybody?
21:11< Apple> konichiwa
21:11< bluecat9> average
21:11< johnc4510> goooooooood
21:11< t00na> Yeah. Fabulous.
21:11< t00na> So this is the meeting...
21:11< johnc4510> yes
21:11< johnc4510> the start
21:11< t00na> Welcome... to the meeting...
21:11< t00na> Now... meet up!
21:11< ianmcorvidae> Oh, lol.
21:11 * bluecat9 passes t00na the guidance
21:11< johnc4510> lol
21:11< DX00> t00na: i think he meant an intro of who you are
21:11< ianmcorvidae> I meant introduce yourself :P
21:11< t00na> how was that?
21:11< t00na> oh...
21:11 * bluecat9 nudges ianmcorvidae 
21:11< t00na> :D
21:12< ianmcorvidae> No worries :P
21:12< jacob2440> lol
21:12< DX00> ROFL
21:12< t00na> i am tuna...
21:12 * johnc4510 nudges bluecat9 
21:12< johnc4510> :)
21:12< johnc4510> hi t00na
21:12< t00na> i... am a Linuxoholic.
21:12< t00na> I bought a computer... just so that I can run Beryl
21:12< Apple> nice
21:12< t00na> </intro>
21:12< johnc4510> cool
21:12< jacob2440> nice
21:12< ianmcorvidae> Heh, ok.
21:13< ianmcorvidae> No more introductions, I don't think.
21:13< ianmcorvidae> Announcements: johnc4510?
21:13 * johnc4510 says ah that's me
21:13< johnc4510> First I want to welcome our traveling man, Ian McEwen, back to the channel. Ian has the stats back up and running here: http://ubuntuarizonairc.thruhere.net
21:13< bluecat9> Here Herre
21:13< johnc4510> wb ian
21:13< Apple> wb
21:13< ianmcorvidae> Thanks :)
21:13< Polygon89> welcome
21:13< ianmcorvidae> Irc stats, by the way :)
21:14< ianmcorvidae> (john didn't say that)
21:14< bluecat9> hisss
21:14 * johnc4510 hangs head in shame
21:14< ianmcorvidae> lol, sorry.
21:14 * ianmcorvidae shuts up and lets announcements finish :P
21:14< johnc4510>     Ian is also hosting gtetrinet again, but I still can't compete with him, though I like to try! (johnc hangs head in shame!) For the new people, I'm sure Ian would be glad to have you join in. I know I could use the help! :)
21:15< johnc4510> ignore middle
21:15< johnc4510> hee hee
21:15< bluecat9> i can redirect tetrinet.penguinized.net also if the Ian so wishes
21:15< johnc4510> Computer Power Supply problems kept me from being here for Marketing Team meeting on Thursday. I would like to try again on Wed. if no objections. If none, I will send out email to those on volunteer list tomorrow.
21:15< johnc4510> bluecat9: ty
21:15< ianmcorvidae> bluecat, I think we'll be fine :)
21:15< bluecat9> ianmcorvidae, roger dodger
21:15< ianmcorvidae> But thanks for the offer
21:15< johnc4510> For anyone interested, Vorian is hosting his own repository for comp-fusion with nightly builds. I have been using comp-fusion now for about 2 weeks, and can report that it is solid on my box. You do need a graphics card set up and with direct rendering enabled. I have the repository and key commands to enable updates if anyone is interested, or you can get more specific info from Vorian himself.
21:16< Polygon89> post info here?
21:16< br24> maybe in the forum
21:16< johnc4510> hmm
21:16 * johnc4510 confused
21:16< johnc4510> what
21:17< br24> johnc4510, any info on comp-fusion
21:17< ianmcorvidae> john, put up the info on the repo into forums, if you would :)
21:17< bluecat9> Vorian's Repo:  http://debs.vorian.org/dists/feisty/extras/
21:17< johnc4510> br24: i have it  hang on
21:17< br24> ty johnc4510
21:17< johnc4510> # Vorians repository of nightly builds courtesy of "The Lord of Ubuntu"
21:17< johnc4510> deb http://debs.vorian.org/ feisty extras
21:17< johnc4510> deb-src http://debs.vorian.org/ feisty extras
21:17< johnc4510> For key:
21:17< johnc4510> gpg --keyserver subkeys.pgp.net --recv-keys E504A4BB
21:17< johnc4510> gpg --export --armor E504A4BB | sudo apt-key add -
21:17< johnc4510> Then: sudo apt-get update
21:17< ianmcorvidae> comp-fusion == compiz-fusion :)
21:17< johnc4510> Then: sudo apt-get upgrade
21:17< johnc4510> http://vorian.org/?p=89
21:17 * johnc4510 says add 1st 3 lines to source list
21:18< johnc4510> then terminal gpg keys one at a time
21:18< johnc4510> http adress is Vorian blog on comp-fusion
21:18< ianmcorvidae> Those that need help can ask myself, john, or Vorian later :)
21:18< johnc4510> ys
21:18< johnc4510> yes
21:18< ianmcorvidae> john, next announcement?
21:18< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae:  that's it thank you
21:19< ianmcorvidae> Ok.
21:19< ianmcorvidae> Membership team.
21:19< ianmcorvidae> Heh, that's me.
21:19< johnc4510> that's you
21:19< ianmcorvidae> Heh, don't really have anything.
21:19< johnc4510> :)
21:19< johnc4510> k
21:19< ianmcorvidae> Although, john, talk to you after the meeting about that.
21:19< johnc4510> maybe next wk
21:19< ianmcorvidae> Anyway.
21:19< johnc4510> k
21:19< ianmcorvidae> Newsletter team. As I recall, this is jacob?
21:19< ianmcorvidae> Or am I nuts?
21:19< johnc4510> yes
21:19< johnc4510> but i will start
21:19< johnc4510> please
21:19< ianmcorvidae> k.
21:20< jacob2440> yes
21:20< johnc4510> Newletter Team
21:20< johnc4510> Jacob2440 put out the last newsletter and did a fine job for the first time. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Newsletters/07july08  Remember, you have to be signed up at ubuntu-us-az mailing list to receive it via email. https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-az
21:20< bluecat9> aye vn
21:20< johnc4510> jacob2440: next wk you can report any news on team you want    or now if you have anything
21:20< johnc4510> :)
21:21< jacob2440> i dont really have much right now
21:21< ianmcorvidae> Ok then, that's OK :)
21:21 * johnc4510 congrats to jacob2440 on fine jov
21:21< johnc4510> job
21:21< ianmcorvidae> Indeed.
21:21< johnc4510> :)
21:21< ianmcorvidae> Education team: br24?
21:21< jacob2440> thank you
21:21< johnc4510> :)
21:21< br24> I have made some updates to the Edu page
21:21< br24> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Education
21:21< johnc4510> cool
21:22< br24> added Chat Clients, Virtual Machines, and Web Browsers
21:22< ianmcorvidae> Useful link pages, I can attest.
21:22< ianmcorvidae> :)
21:22< johnc4510> br24: did you get an email i sent on some ideas i had?
21:22< br24> soon I will add Audio/Video Players, Email Clients, and possibly BitTorrent Clients
21:22< bluecat9> wd br24
21:22< br24> johnc4510, yes I did get the email
21:22< johnc4510> k
21:22< johnc4510> cool
21:22< johnc4510> :)
21:22< br24> soon I will be working on a beginners FAQ
21:23< johnc4510> excellent
21:23< br24> if anybody has any ideas on application categories, please say so
21:23< bluecat9> br24, lookin good
21:23< johnc4510> br24: nice job   thanks a lot  !!!!!!!!!!!  :)
21:23< ianmcorvidae> Thank you, br24 :)
21:23< br24> and in case anyone doesnt know, I am putting in sw categories
21:23< ianmcorvidae> Server team: DX00?
21:24< ianmcorvidae> Oh.
21:24< br24> sorry
21:24< ianmcorvidae> Say when you're done, br :)
21:24< br24> one sec
21:24< ianmcorvidae> No worries
21:24< johnc4510> k
21:24< br24> each category will have links to either Ubuntu Docs or its associated web site
21:24< br24> for each app
21:24< johnc4510> nice
21:24< br24> okay Im done
21:24< johnc4510> ty
21:24< johnc4510> :)
21:24< ianmcorvidae> OK.
21:25< br24> ty all
21:25< ianmcorvidae> Server team: DX00 
21:25< johnc4510> br24: nice job
21:25< br24> ty johnc4510
21:25< johnc4510> :)
21:25< ianmcorvidae> Is DX here?
21:26< johnc4510> he was
21:26< johnc4510> DX00: you here?
21:26< johnc4510> we can come back if he comes later
21:26< ianmcorvidae> Yeah, indeed.
21:26< johnc4510> k
21:26< ianmcorvidae> C4K team. Not sure who.
21:26< bluecat9> that'd be me
21:26< johnc4510> bluecat9:
21:26< ianmcorvidae> OK :)
21:26< johnc4510> yea
21:27< bluecat9> I renamed the link and URL for clarity and search engine optimization
21:27< bluecat9> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Computers4Kids
21:27< johnc4510> k
21:27< bluecat9> ..been slimming it down
21:27< bluecat9> to the basics
21:27< bluecat9> Computers For Kids
21:27< johnc4510> k
21:27< bluecat9> Need to pad up the page but the basics are in play
21:27< bluecat9> The idea is the same... get computers (with Ubuntu) for kids
21:28< bluecat9> K-12
21:28< bluecat9> I
21:28< bluecat9> have been researching funding
21:28< Apple> an idea for getting the computers
21:28< bluecat9> and have some idea's brewing
21:28< Apple> is freectcle
21:28< bluecat9> aye ;)
21:28< Apple> *freecycle
21:28< bluecat9> I have spoke with HR at my job
21:28< bluecat9> and they say if we are an official org they may be willing to donate ~$400
21:29< bluecat9> if upper management approves
21:29< johnc4510> excellent
21:29< bluecat9> others could ask their biz
21:29< Apple> deff
21:29< bluecat9> another idea is still in play, will announce more on that later
21:29< johnc4510> k
21:29< johnc4510> nice
21:29< bluecat9> johnc4510, any word on if we will become an official org or if we can send checks your way? ;p
21:29< johnc4510> bluecat9: excellent start
21:29< bluecat9> ty
21:30< johnc4510> official org as in official team?
21:30< bluecat9> that too
21:30< johnc4510> approved team
21:30< bluecat9> but perhaps a non-profit or something
21:30< johnc4510> oh
21:30< ianmcorvidae> Anyway.
21:30< johnc4510> approved team a ways off
21:30< ianmcorvidae> Membership Approval Team? Not even heard of this.
21:30< ianmcorvidae> Anyway...
21:30< jacob2440> we can file as a non-profit without team approval
21:30< johnc4510> ah
21:30< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: we will talk
21:30< johnc4510> hee hee
21:31< jacob2440> lol
21:31< ianmcorvidae> Um, ok.
21:31< bluecat9> anywho, the basics
21:31< bluecat9> im done
21:31< johnc4510> bluecat9: will discuss some of this later if ok
21:31< johnc4510> ?
21:31< bluecat9> sounds good
21:31< johnc4510> K
21:31< johnc4510> good jov
21:31< slofgren> sorry guys I am here. Late again
21:31< johnc4510> job
21:31< bluecat9> :)
21:31< johnc4510> slofgren: howdy
21:31< slofgren> hey
21:31< br24> wb slofgren
21:31< Apple> ehllo
21:32< slofgren> is it over?
21:32< ianmcorvidae> Heya, slof
21:32< ianmcorvidae> Darn close, but no :)
21:32< johnc4510> no
21:32< slofgren> ^^
21:32 * johnc4510 asks if it is his turn again?
21:32< johnc4510> :)
21:32< ianmcorvidae> Um, sure.
21:32< johnc4510> feeling talkative
21:32< johnc4510> :P
21:32< ianmcorvidae> We only have next week's agenda on this week's. So.
21:32< ianmcorvidae> Go ahead :)
21:33< johnc4510> Team Approval Talk
21:33< johnc4510> For new members here tonight here are links to Team Approval Outline and Volunteer page
21:33< johnc4510> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Approval_Outline
21:33< johnc4510> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Approval_Outline/Resources
21:33< johnc4510> Just go into the edit at top of page and sign up for what your interested in. If you need help ask myself or Ian and we will be glad to show you how to edit the page.
21:33 * johnc4510 says this may be news to ian too
21:33< johnc4510> don't remember
21:33< bluecat9> Does anyone need a clarification on what "Team Approval" is? :)
21:34< johnc4510> If anyone is looking to burn some cd's or dvd's for team here are some buys in Sunday's ads.
21:34< johnc4510>    Office Max and Office Depot have Memorex 100 ct. 52x cd-r's for 14.99
21:34< johnc4510>    Office Max has 50 ct. jewel cases for 15.99
21:34< johnc4510>    BestBuy has 50 ct. lightscribe DVD-R's for 14.99
21:34< slofgren> in "Marketing Project-CD Donation and Burning" what does that mean?
21:34 * johnc4510 thanks bluecat9 and will explain to anyone who needs it
21:34< johnc4510> slofgren: we
21:34< johnc4510> are going to burn the cd's ourselves
21:35< slofgren> yeah and give to who?
21:35< johnc4510> so we will have to donate the supplies
21:35< slofgren> that is easy and fine
21:35< bluecat9> johnc4510, on that note, we need a Donate Wiki page :)
21:35< johnc4510> libraries     coffee shop with free wifi
21:35< johnc4510> etc
21:35< slofgren> is there an event or just in gweneral
21:35< johnc4510> bluecat9: k
21:36< Apple> mmmm free wifi
21:36< johnc4510> so far just getting items ready to distribute
21:36< johnc4510> closer to time we will decide exactly who and where
21:36< slofgren> we shoudl offer to setup a captive portal for coffee shops that give them a chance to runs some ads for the shop and for ourselves
21:36< johnc4510> we have ideas
21:37< johnc4510> but other ideas encouraged
21:37< slofgren> ww could use the donated computers
21:37< johnc4510> ah
21:37< johnc4510> a good idea
21:37< slofgren> s/ww/we
21:37< johnc4510> I put a new thread on forum about Ubuntu Flyer's http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=494877  We've had some lookers, but no comments. Anyone have a thought about these flyers?
21:38< slofgren> what would we do with them?
21:38< johnc4510> you can post to thread with ideas
21:38< SloggerKhan> I still need to look at them.
21:38< johnc4510> slofgren: same kind of thing    coffee shop libraries   college get togethers etc
21:38< bluecat9> I think SloggerKhan could make some better ones :)
21:38< johnc4510> SloggerKhan: np   just post to thread
21:39< johnc4510> k
21:39< johnc4510> np
21:39< johnc4510> these were just to get us started with ideas
21:39< johnc4510> :)
21:39< slofgren> I think we could use them to help sponsor local LUGs install fest
21:39< bluecat9> they're good
21:39< johnc4510> good
21:39< johnc4510> slofgren: good
21:39< johnc4510> idea
21:39< johnc4510> yes
21:39< johnc4510> those are the kind of ideas to post to thread so we can all look
21:40< johnc4510> :)
21:40< johnc4510> thank
21:40< bluecat9> slofgren, perhaps the LUG's would be interested in being our Computer Repo's? :)
21:40< johnc4510> thanks
21:40< bluecat9> slofgren, We could just drop off and pick up
21:40< slofgren> would we be insterested as a group to work with LUGs and help them sponsor an event we could advertise ubuntu with?
21:40< johnc4510> slofgren: i have an idea on the lug for you to     talk this wk   ok?
21:40< johnc4510> slofgren: yes
21:40< johnc4510> slofgren: agreed
21:40< slofgren> should we skype?
21:41< johnc4510> if you want
21:41< slofgren> k
21:41< johnc4510> :)
21:41< johnc4510> just let me know
21:41< johnc4510> :)
21:41< slofgren> I am getting serouse lag here
21:41< bluecat9> All: Those who use Skype, please update your personal Wiki page and add your Skype contact ID :)
21:41< johnc4510> bluecat9: goood idea
21:41< slofgren> bluecat9: I can't access my wiki
21:41< johnc4510> ty
21:41< bluecat9> slofgren, sounds like a personal problem ;p
21:41< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae:  that's all from me right now
21:41< jacob2440> haha
21:41< slofgren> I just need to setup a new accoutn under new user name
21:42< ianmcorvidae> johnc, excellent.
21:42< slofgren> bluecat9: my account is jacked up
21:42< johnc4510> slofgren: ask vorian to help ya out on that
21:42< ianmcorvidae> Same agenda next week, I'd presume?
21:42< bluecat9> slofgren, ah, i recall now
21:42< slofgren> any server news?
21:42< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: agenda ?
21:42< ianmcorvidae> DX00: You here?
21:42< johnc4510> ah
21:42< johnc4510> yes
21:42< ianmcorvidae> for next week :P
21:42< johnc4510> yes
21:43< ianmcorvidae> looks like dx is not here.
21:43< ianmcorvidae> Therefore.
21:43[notice(#ubuntu-arizona)] Meeting's official segment is over. Keep talking, though :)

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