1. Introductions
  2. Announcements
  3. Newsletter Team
  4. Education Team
  5. Server Team
  6. Comp4Kids Team(Donations)

  7. Team Approval Process
  8. Next Weeks Agenda


21:03[notice(#ubuntu-arizona)] Meeting is on! Reminder to all members; please try to keep side conversations down during the meeting in order to keep it understandable and controllable.
21:04< ianmcorvidae> First, we have introductions.
21:04-!- Irssi: #ubuntu-arizona: Total of 20 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 19 normal]
21:04< t00na> http://xkcd.com/c293.html
21:04< t00na> oh, oops...
21:04< ianmcorvidae> Heh.
21:04< t00na> i forgot there was a meeting :D
21:04< ianmcorvidae> Ok, so. Introductions.
21:04< ianmcorvidae> johnc4510: You know who's new :)
21:04< johnc4510> nichipet is
21:05< johnc4510> paul is
21:05< johnc4510> think that's all
21:05< ianmcorvidae> Well, ok.
21:05< ianmcorvidae> paul928: Are you around, and would you be so kind as to introduce yourself briefly?
21:05< johnc4510> paul is marked gone
21:05< ianmcorvidae> Hmm, ok.
21:06< ianmcorvidae> nichipet: Are you around, and would you be so kind as to introduce yourself briefly?
21:06< nichipet> sure, ianmcorvidae
21:07< ianmcorvidae> Go ahead :)
21:07< nichipet> hi all. I live up in Flagstaff and attend NAU.
21:07< johnc4510> nice
21:07< nichipet> I've been familiar with Linux for about ten years, starting with Red Hat
21:07< johnc4510> expert
21:07< t00na> fun!
21:08< nichipet> hehe, not quite, I took a few years off and just ordered a laptop yesterday with Ubuntu
21:08< nichipet> I've been active on ubuntuforums.org for a week or so now
21:08< nichipet> that's about it :)
21:08< johnc4510> good stuf nichipet thanks for coming and welcome
21:09 * t00na applauds
21:09< nichipet> thanks, johnc4510
21:09< johnc4510> nichipet: can we know your first name please
21:09< nichipet> oh, sure. it's John
21:09< johnc4510> ty
21:09< johnc4510> i think i might be able to remember that
21:09< ianmcorvidae> Hehe :)
21:09< nichipet> hehe
21:09< johnc4510> :)
21:10< t00na> <monotone> Hiiiiiii Joooooohn...
21:10< ianmcorvidae> I'm presuming that's all for Introductions. On to Announcements: johnc4510?
21:10< johnc4510> yes
21:10< johnc4510> Ubuntu Live Conference started today in Portland. You can join #ubuntulive here on Freenode to see what everyone there is talking about. Converstions have been rapid today. Conference is on thru Tuesday.
21:10< johnc4510> some good stuf today   i sat in a bit
21:10< johnc4510> :)
21:11< johnc4510> Tucson members are having a meetup at Bookmans on east Speedway this next Saturday from 7-9pm. All team members are welcome. I encourage Phoenix people to hold similar get togethers to get to know your fellow team members. I also hope to get a full in state team meet together before the end of the summer and the start of the school year.
21:11< johnc4510> :P
21:11< johnc4510> Ian is going to work on the CafePress account this week, so hopefully soon we will be able to get stuff with team logo on it. Tshirts, mugs, hats, polos, etc Thanks for setting this up for us Ian!
21:11< ianmcorvidae> lol, when I get to it.
21:12< ianmcorvidae> ;)
21:12< johnc4510> :)
21:12< t00na> CafePress is fun,
21:12-!- dx01 [n=ssjgolle@ip70-190-146-74.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-arizona
21:12< dx01> hello all
21:12< ianmcorvidae> Hello.
21:12< evilgourmet> hello
21:12 * johnc4510 says that's about it for announcements unless a team member has any
21:12-!- bribri124 [n=bribri12@ip68-231-131-152.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-arizona
21:12< johnc4510> hi guys
21:12< t00na> hey dx01
21:12< ianmcorvidae> Well, I have one.
21:12< t00na> hey bribri124
21:12< johnc4510> go ianmcorvidae
21:12< bribri124> greetings all
21:13 * t00na shuts up
21:13< ianmcorvidae> I'd like to announce, for john and myself, that we have new blogs up (johnc4510.wordpress.com and imcewen.wordpress.com, respectively) - we'd appreciate it if you stopped by, but don't feel obligated :)
21:13< ianmcorvidae> Any other announcements from anyone?
21:13< johnc4510> ty ianmcorvidae
21:14 * t00na feels very obligated...
21:14< ianmcorvidae> I guess no more announcements.
21:14< ianmcorvidae> lol, sorry ;P
21:14< johnc4510> t00na: you should
21:14< ianmcorvidae> Ok, Newsletter team.
21:14< johnc4510> jacob2440: you have anything for ys
21:14< johnc4510> us
21:14< ianmcorvidae> jacob2440 and johnc4510, I think you're the last two I knew associated with it:P
21:14< ianmcorvidae> Yep.
21:15< jacob2440> nothing regarding the newspaper team
21:15< johnc4510> i do
21:15< ianmcorvidae> Ok.
21:15< ianmcorvidae> Go ahead, john.
21:15< johnc4510> Jacob got the edition out last week. Nice job Jacob.
21:15< johnc4510> thanks jacob2440
21:15< johnc4510> also
21:15< jacob2440> oh, thank you. I hadn't heard anthing from anyone so I was hoping it went out wll
21:15< jacob2440> well*
21:15< evilgourmet> newspaper team?
21:16< johnc4510> bribri124: Brian, you going to explore any new teams this week for us?
21:16< ianmcorvidae> It was excellent, thanks jacob :)
21:16< evilgourmet> like press releases?
21:16< jacob2440> every wed. I send out a newletter
21:16< jacob2440> it has information regarding the last meeting and annoucments for the next meeting
21:16< johnc4510> evilgourmet: newsletter  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Newsletter
21:16-!- br24 [n=bribri12@ip68-231-131-152.tc.ph.cox.net] has quit [Connection timed out]
21:17-!- bribri124 is now known as br24
21:17< johnc4510> wb
21:17< evilgourmet> ok, yeah I thought you typed "newspaper" sorry
21:17< jacob2440> John, how do the new members get on the mailing list?
21:17< ianmcorvidae> jacob2440: They subscribe to ubuntu-az-us from the site.
21:17< johnc4510> jacob2440: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-az
21:17< ianmcorvidae> There's a link for the Mailing List on the wiki.
21:17< ianmcorvidae> Yeah, it points to that :)
21:17< evilgourmet> I get the newletter, every wednesday
21:18< johnc4510> new members can subscribe at that link
21:18< johnc4510> :)
21:18< jacob2440> ah gotcha
21:18< johnc4510> should have stated that sorry
21:18< johnc4510> you won't get newsletter
21:18< johnc4510> if you don't
21:18< johnc4510> sign up for mail list
21:18< johnc4510> :)
21:19< johnc4510> br24: you going to do a new team next wk
21:19< br24> right now, I have been talking with Michigan
21:19 * johnc4510 says br24 looks at other team to see what we might use to improve our team
21:19< johnc4510> br24: sounds good ty
21:19< br24> they are just trying to start up their team, so I encourage everyone to stop in and say hello
21:20< br24> I will also be taking a look at Pennsylvania
21:20< br24> who just got approved a few weeks ago
21:20< johnc4510> ok ianmcorvidae that's ut for newsletter
21:20< ianmcorvidae> Ok.
21:20< johnc4510> ty br24
21:20< ianmcorvidae> Education: br24 again :)
21:20< johnc4510> hee hee a busy man
21:20< br24> weeeeeeee
21:21< johnc4510> :)
21:21< br24> I am in the process of creating a page on Email Clients
21:21< br24> I am also working on developing the Beginners FAQ
21:21< johnc4510> oooooooooooh nice
21:22 * slofgren is here
21:22< ianmcorvidae> Excellent :)
21:22< ianmcorvidae> welcome, slof.
21:22< br24> if anyone has any ideas, enter a post at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Education
21:22< evilgourmet> br24: if you want to send anything my way I will gladly write some
21:22< johnc4510> new members can link to our teams thru here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam
21:22< ianmcorvidae> Yeah. I'm working on a blog post on terminal programs, I might throw that in for ya :)
21:22< johnc4510> nice
21:22< johnc4510> ty ianmcorvidae
21:22< ianmcorvidae> That all, br?
21:23< johnc4510> ty br24    nice work again :)
21:23< ianmcorvidae> Ok.
21:23< ianmcorvidae> Well then. Server Team: dx01 ?
21:23< johnc4510> oh boy
21:24< ianmcorvidae> Presuming, of course, you're the same as dx00
21:24< dx01> hello all
21:24< johnc4510> howdy
21:24< dx01> yup
21:24< ianmcorvidae> heya :)
21:24< dx01> good news
21:24< dx01> i heard that we got a cdrom in
21:24< johnc4510> whoopy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21:24< slofgren> nice
21:24< slofgren> OS installed?
21:24< johnc4510> i'm so happy
21:24< dx01> not yet, we are trying to set up a date where we can go
21:24< ianmcorvidae> Excellent.
21:25< dx01> hopefully this week
21:25< slofgren> has it been tested to work?
21:25 * johnc4510 tells new members we have been waiting for a new cdrom to get our team server up and running
21:25< dx01> yes
21:25< slofgren> good
21:25< johnc4510> excellent
21:25< dx01> thats it for me
21:25-!- bribri124 [n=bribri12@ip68-231-131-152.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-arizona
21:25< ianmcorvidae> Sweet.
21:25 * bribri124 growls
21:25< johnc4510> dx01: ty   nice work
21:25< ianmcorvidae> Computers4Kids: Who's up?
21:25 * johnc4510 give dx01 a high five
21:25< martyd215> cdrom drive?
21:26< ianmcorvidae> Yes, to use to install Ubuntu Server
21:26< johnc4510> bluecat
21:26< martyd215> Oh okay
21:26< martyd215> I was confused as to why you were waiting for a cd when you could just download it
21:26< johnc4510> bluecat is not here  but
21:27< johnc4510> jacob2440: you were working on tax exempt status were you not   for donations to comp4kids team
21:27< jacob2440> i am
21:27< johnc4510> cool   how is that going
21:27< jacob2440> I have to classify our group as a certain non-profit, so i am reading tax codes to make sure I file us properly
21:28< johnc4510> great
21:28< jacob2440> I think I have the correct one, and will be contacting the IRS next week to make sure
21:28< jacob2440> then I will get everything finished
21:28< johnc4510> excellent
21:28< ianmcorvidae> Sweet.
21:28< jacob2440> then we need to talk about who can pull money out of the account
21:28< johnc4510> nice work  and ty for the update
21:28< johnc4510> ok
21:28< ianmcorvidae> Team Approval, then: john, do you mind if I do the initial stuff on this?
21:28< johnc4510> np please do
21:28< johnc4510> :)
21:29< ianmcorvidae> Ok. All team members that haven't should go look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Approval_Outline and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Approval_Outline/Resources
21:29< ianmcorvidae> The first is the outline for approval, the second is the volunteering sheet.
21:29< ianmcorvidae> They have both been updated since last week's meeting.
21:30< johnc4510> nice
21:30< ianmcorvidae> As the volunteer page especially shows, we can use all the help we can get on these projects.
21:30< johnc4510> true
21:30< ianmcorvidae> So, if you might be interested in a small role, please feel free to volunteer; we won't force you to be the leader :)
21:30< johnc4510> hee hee
21:30< ianmcorvidae> The CD donation and burning as well as the printer, ink, and paper sections are quite easy.
21:31< dx01> slofgren: got it your message, will do
21:31< ianmcorvidae> Since, they pretty much just involve donating materials for others to use.
21:31< ianmcorvidae> So, please look into these two pages and volunteer where you'd like.
21:31< ianmcorvidae> We'll continue to update these pages with more tasks that may need completion.
21:32< ianmcorvidae> So check back every so often, although every Sunday, we'll tell you if they've been updated.
21:32< ianmcorvidae> johnc4510, take it from here :)
21:32< johnc4510> nicely done ty ianmcorvidae    i do have some more on this though
21:32< johnc4510> ignore last part
21:32< johnc4510> hee hee
21:32< johnc4510> We need to get an idea of how many, of what version of Feisty, and who has burned CD's for the team. I think the best way is to add an area on the volunteer page so that the people who volunteered to burn them can edit in that information.
21:33< johnc4510> Ian, as our resident guru on wiki page setups, could you add that to the page for us?
21:33< ianmcorvidae> Sure.
21:33< johnc4510> ty much appreciated
21:33< johnc4510> so, then as you burn cd's or make flyers you can add it to the wiki page
21:34< johnc4510> does that seem appropriate to all
21:34< johnc4510> ?
21:34< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: ?
21:34< ianmcorvidae> Seems effective tome.
21:34< ianmcorvidae> Adding right now :)
21:34< johnc4510> good
21:34< johnc4510> ty
21:34< johnc4510> next
21:35< johnc4510> Next, we need to work on the flyer and the jewel case insert.
21:35< ianmcorvidae> Actually, waiting a bit. Someone else was editing :)
21:35< ianmcorvidae> Yes, we do.
21:35< johnc4510> Most of us that are working on that project are going to be at the Saturday get together for the Tucson members.
21:35< johnc4510> So you folks need to be thinking about what we want in the way of design and content.
21:35< johnc4510> Then we can get it formatted correctly to let the people who volunteered to print them set up.
21:36< johnc4510> And of course present it to the other members for approval.
21:36< johnc4510> how does that sound to all
21:36< johnc4510> ?
21:37< johnc4510> ?
21:37< dx01> good
21:37< johnc4510> ty
21:37< jacob2440> good
21:37< johnc4510> ty
21:37< ianmcorvidae> Excellent.
21:37< johnc4510> just trying to make sure you are paying attention :)
21:37< johnc4510> hee hee
21:38< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: anything else on this project from you
21:38< johnc4510> or anyone else for that matter
21:38< ianmcorvidae> Nothing more from me.
21:38-!- br24 [n=bribri12@ip68-231-131-152.tc.ph.cox.net] has quit [Connection timed out]
21:38< johnc4510> br is having troubles
21:38< johnc4510> :)
21:38< johnc4510> he's going to be cussing cox
21:38< johnc4510> ok
21:39< johnc4510> ianmcorvidae: agenda for next wk?
21:39< johnc4510> is that next
21:39 * johnc4510 nudges ianmcorvidae 
21:40< ianmcorvidae> Sure.
21:40< johnc4510> hee hee
21:40< johnc4510> lo
21:40< ianmcorvidae> Anything different from this week?
21:40< johnc4510> olo
21:40< johnc4510> not from me   i hope to present flyer and jewel insert next wk
21:40< johnc4510> but that's all from me
21:40< johnc4510> except
21:41< johnc4510> while we don't want cross talk at meeting
21:41< ianmcorvidae> We do want talk :)
21:41< johnc4510> we do want participation
21:41< ianmcorvidae> :)
21:41< johnc4510> :)
21:41< ianmcorvidae> Agreed.
21:41< ianmcorvidae> Feel free to speak. Just don't get off-topic :)
21:41< johnc4510> yes
21:41< johnc4510> please participate
21:41< johnc4510> ty
21:42< johnc4510> that's all from me ian
21:42< johnc4510> ok i'll adjure meeting then    thanks everyone
21:42< jacob2440> haha
21:42< jacob2440> thank you
21:42< johnc4510> :)
21:42< johnc4510> lol
21:43< ianmcorvidae> Ok.
21:43[notice(#ubuntu-arizona)] Meeting off. Logs in a minute :)

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