1. Introductions
  2. Announcements
  3. Membership Team
  4. Newsletter Team
  5. Education Team
  6. Server Team
  7. Approval Team Discussion
  8. LUG Involvement
  9. Next Weeks Agenda


(09:00:12 PM) ***johnc4510 asks if all are ready to start meeting
(09:00:27 PM) wcrabtree: Yup.
(09:00:35 PM) ***slofgren bounces back into the room
(09:00:45 PM) ***johnc4510 calls meeting to order since there are no
(09:00:48 PM) slofgren: yep
(09:01:00 PM) ***johnc4510 says 1st on agenda is intros
(09:01:13 PM) ***johnc4510 asks wcrabtree to introduce himself please
(09:01:16 PM) johnc4510: :)
(09:01:22 PM) wcrabtree: Hello.
(09:01:31 PM) wcrabtree: Well, my name is William.
(09:01:37 PM) wcrabtree: I am very new to Ubuntu.
(09:01:40 PM) wcrabtree: :D
(09:01:49 PM) SlickMcRunfast left the room (quit: Read error: 54
(Connection reset by peer)).
(09:01:59 PM) wcrabtree: Hm.... Live in Glendale
(09:02:07 PM) wcrabtree: And Ideas of what to say flow away.
(09:02:16 PM) johnc4510: wcrabtree: hi and welcome
(09:02:19 PM) slofgren: work?
(09:02:21 PM) johnc4510: your doing fine
(09:02:26 PM) SloggerKhan: Hi wcrabtree
(09:02:42 PM) br24: welcom wcrabtree
(09:02:47 PM) wcrabtree: I curently work a store called Nothing but
Noodles but I am re locating to Discount tire.
(09:02:56 PM) johnc4510: wcrabtree: ask anyone for help on Ubuntu
(09:03:06 PM) johnc4510: wcrabtree: i buy all my tires at discount
(09:03:07 PM) johnc4510: :)
(09:03:08 PM) slofgren: ah..well welcoem to our little group
(09:03:17 PM) wcrabtree: Lol, thank you.
(09:03:24 PM) ***johnc4510 ok announcements
(09:03:51 PM) johnc4510: everyone has probably seen this thread
(09:04:11 PM) johnc4510: but if you haven't, please feel free to add to
(09:04:13 PM) johnc4510: :)
(09:04:41 PM) ***johnc4510 says he hasn't heard from ian this wk
(09:04:58 PM) johnc4510: so membership team probably has no
(09:05:14 PM) ***johnc4510 says he talked to rs3 this wk
(09:05:17 PM) johnc4510: via email
(09:05:30 PM) johnc4510: he has been tied up with work
(09:05:41 PM) johnc4510: but is going to start on newsletter again
(09:05:46 PM) johnc4510: thank god
(09:05:47 PM) johnc4510: :)
(09:06:02 PM) johnc4510: i assume you all got last edition
(09:06:07 PM) johnc4510: if on mailing list
(09:06:28 PM) ***johnc4510 asks if education team has anything
(09:06:39 PM) br24: sorry, I dont have anything for this week
(09:06:43 PM) johnc4510: ok
(09:07:00 PM) br24: I will report on a new team this week
(09:07:15 PM) johnc4510: dx and server team is meeting on monday to
finalize server install
(09:07:17 PM) johnc4510: br24: k
(09:07:29 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: any comment on that
(09:07:36 PM) johnc4510: server that is
(09:07:48 PM) slofgren: not really. We hope to have it running tomorrow
(09:08:02 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: that would be great
(09:08:02 PM) slofgren: DX00 and I will be working on it
(09:08:13 PM) slofgren: we will only accomplish a basci install
(09:08:23 PM) slofgren: and config the rest via ssh
(09:08:32 PM) johnc4510: and we are having a conference call before hand
(09:08:40 PM) slofgren: that is correct
(09:08:57 PM) johnc4510: to talk about what uses the server will have
(09:09:05 PM) slofgren: is anyone meeting with you johnc4510 for the
(09:09:23 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: not with me
(09:09:28 PM) slofgren: we wil talk about the server use and soem group
ideas Dx00 and I have
(09:09:33 PM) br24: slofgren, I am still interested in attending
(09:09:43 PM) slofgren: br24: get with johnc4510
(09:09:51 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: yes br24 expressed interest in call
(09:09:58 PM) johnc4510: can he conference too
(09:10:00 PM) johnc4510: ?
(09:10:04 PM) slofgren: it would be col to have a couple of guys on the
tucson end there
(09:10:12 PM) bluecat9: i know you guys have meeting preperations in
place but I really think the meeting should be available to everyone.
Why not use Skype?
(09:10:18 PM) slofgren: I was thinking you gys could meet up?
(09:10:32 PM) bluecat9: It's too difficult for some of us to break
away.. ;)
(09:10:34 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: that's an idea
(09:10:40 PM) slofgren: bluecat9: I have zero experiance with skype
(09:10:47 PM) slofgren: I am open to it though
(09:10:58 PM) ***johnc4510 says br24 myself and slofgren can discuss in
morning about call
(09:11:01 PM) bluecat9: slofgren, as do I but it only takes seconds to
start a conference call
(09:11:08 PM) br24: johnc4510, agreed
(09:11:12 PM) slofgren: someone will bneed to walk we through it because
I have no time for a learnig curve by then
(09:11:29 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: that would be ok, but not everyone
has skype and the capibilitly
(09:11:33 PM) bluecat9: I'm just stating that the meetings (like
everything else) should be open
(09:11:41 PM) wcrabtree left the room (quit: "Ex-Chat").
(09:11:48 PM) slofgren: bluecat9: I agree fully
(09:11:55 PM) johnc4510: hmm
(09:11:58 PM) wcrabtree [n=wcrabtre@ip70-176-92-22.ph.ph.cox.net]
entered the room.
(09:12:00 PM) slofgren: hmmmm
(09:12:05 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: where are you at
(09:12:06 PM) johnc4510: ?
(09:12:16 PM) wcrabtree: Sorry, somthing happened to my cleint.
(09:12:17 PM) bluecat9: http://www.skype.com/go/getskype-linux-ubuntu
(09:12:22 PM) bluecat9: Tucson
(09:12:38 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: ah
(09:12:44 PM) br24: bluecat9, what part of town?
(09:12:52 PM) bluecat9: Vail
(09:12:55 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: how many on a conference call can we
(09:13:31 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: ?
(09:13:50 PM) slofgren: I guess a bunch
(09:14:23 PM) slofgren: I was hoping to limit how many I call because i
was doing it on my companies dime
(09:14:24 PM) bluecat9: I am not complaining that I cannot attend, I am
simply saying that we need to keep our meetings open
(09:14:29 PM) bluecat9: using a medium all can use
(09:14:39 PM) ***johnc4510 says that meeting is open
(09:14:53 PM) ***johnc4510 says if you want to attend via conference
(09:14:57 PM) slofgren: bluecat9: I agree and we will reconsider for
future calls
(09:15:26 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: is that ok
(09:15:26 PM) johnc4510: ?
(09:15:49 PM) ***johnc4510 says he can arrange for you to attend via
call if you want
(09:15:54 PM) slofgren: bluecat9 has a good point and we need to come up
with plans for things like this in the future
(09:15:59 PM) bluecat9: it's fine. I just want to ensure future meetings
are available to everyone, as long as they have a computer and internet
(09:16:29 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: then we will have to have someone who
can bring us up to date on skype
(09:16:55 PM) ***johnc4510 asks if anything else on this subject ?
(09:16:59 PM) bluecat9: I will learn it now ;p
(09:17:00 PM) slofgren: bluecat9: teach us next meeting and then we can
all try it
(09:17:04 PM) bluecat9: aye
(09:17:08 PM) br24: I will learn as well
(09:17:13 PM) slofgren: next sunday is skype sunday
(09:17:24 PM) ***johnc4510 puts on agenda 
(09:17:27 PM) johnc4510: :)
(09:17:43 PM) slofgren: might be cool or a bog flop
(09:17:45 PM) bluecat9: cool
(09:17:48 PM) slofgren: *big
(09:17:51 PM) johnc4510: next is approval team discussion
(09:18:21 PM) ***johnc4510 says, or asks why more haven't volunteered
for projects?
(09:18:25 PM) johnc4510: :)
(09:18:39 PM) ***bluecat9 for one is not 100% clear on the process of
doing so
(09:18:55 PM) bluecat9: I'd also would like to see teams/projects
further defined :)
(09:19:05 PM) br24: bluecat9, lets get together and talk about skype
(09:19:12 PM) br24: we can add this to the Education team
(09:19:17 PM) bluecat9: It's hard to know what to join when the teams
are not defined
(09:19:19 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: go here and edit wiki page
(09:19:23 PM) johnc4510: to add your name
(09:19:24 PM) bluecat9: gotcha
(09:19:25 PM) bluecat9: ty
(09:19:35 PM) wcrabtree: Doing that right now :)
(09:19:37 PM) bluecat9: Can we further define our teams tho?
(09:20:06 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: have you read this page?
(09:20:07 PM) slofgren: johnc4510: I have not commited due to lack of
time right now not interest
(09:20:12 PM) bluecat9: johnc4510, yes
(09:20:16 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: np
(09:20:33 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: what do you think needs further
(09:20:59 PM) bluecat9: I am interested in 2 areas "education team" and
"computers for kids" but without further definition I don't know which
team I want to get involved with ;)
(09:21:32 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: comp4kids here:
(09:21:42 PM) bluecat9: I see 2 teams with "education" in the name and I
think are both of these teams focused on teaching/training?
(09:21:44 PM) johnc4510:
(09:21:55 PM) johnc4510:
(09:22:06 PM) johnc4510:
(09:22:18 PM) johnc4510:
(09:22:21 PM) johnc4510 left the room (quit: "Ex-Chat").
(09:22:26 PM) bluecat9: I think the education team should be focused on
teaching/training and the "recycling" team should be focused on just
that ;)
(09:22:29 PM) bluecat9: oops
(09:22:41 PM) johnc4510 [n=johnc@ip68-231-136-42.tc.ph.cox.net] entered
the room.
(09:22:44 PM) bluecat9: wb
(09:22:45 PM) slofgren: wb
(09:22:49 PM) johnc4510: sorry
(09:22:49 PM) slofgren: heh
(09:22:51 PM) johnc4510:
(09:22:57 PM) br24: bluecat9, the edu team is focused on exactly what
you speak of
(09:23:01 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: comp4kids site
(09:23:03 PM) bluecat9: br24, cool
(09:23:05 PM) johnc4510: above
(09:23:12 PM) bluecat9: johnc4510, I have read it :)
(09:23:19 PM) johnc4510: ah
(09:23:30 PM) bluecat9: but on our main wiki there appears to be 2
education teams
(09:23:42 PM) br24: bluecat9, we can talk about the edu team after the
(09:23:51 PM) bluecat9: br24, right on
(09:24:04 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: right now we are talking of comp4kids
(09:24:27 PM) bluecat9: let me rephrase my comments to, the team names
should be revised to reflect teams focus
(09:24:27 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: it's a spin off from ed. team
(09:24:40 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: ok i can agree with that
(09:24:50 PM) bluecat9: and I would like to see all teams focus further
(09:24:55 PM) ***johnc4510 makes note to revise main wiki page
(09:25:04 PM) johnc4510: k
(09:25:19 PM) bluecat9: or perhaps just a GO on we are going with what
we have in the team wiki pages
(09:25:24 PM) bluecat9: :)
(09:25:39 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: you should make suggestions on
improving these items
(09:25:41 PM) johnc4510: :)
(09:25:45 PM) bluecat9: will do
(09:25:52 PM) johnc4510: k
(09:26:38 PM) ***johnc4510 says that we need as many people working on
approval projects as we can get
(09:26:50 PM) ***johnc4510 begs if necessary
(09:26:52 PM) johnc4510: :)
(09:26:58 PM) johnc4510: on bended knee
(09:27:00 PM) johnc4510: :)
(09:27:03 PM) johnc4510: hee hee
(09:27:07 PM) slofgren: heh
(09:27:14 PM) ***johnc4510 says k
(09:27:16 PM) bluecat9: johnc4510, can you clarify that for me?
(09:27:39 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: we need more people volunteering
(09:27:42 PM) bluecat9: ah
(09:27:47 PM) bluecat9: ty
(09:27:55 PM) ***johnc4510 says ok, 
(09:28:09 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: how about lug involvement
(09:28:16 PM) johnc4510: discussion ?
(09:28:31 PM) wcrabtree: Be back soon I hope, emergency call.
(09:28:36 PM) johnc4510: k
(09:28:55 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: you herer
(09:28:57 PM) johnc4510: here
(09:29:16 PM) johnc4510: k
(09:29:27 PM) johnc4510: SloggerKhan: anything on comp4kids yet
(09:29:28 PM) johnc4510: ?
(09:29:29 PM) slofgren: yeah
(09:29:31 PM) slofgren: sorry
(09:29:33 PM) johnc4510: cool
(09:29:34 PM) johnc4510: go
(09:29:39 PM) slofgren: ok
(09:29:55 PM) slofgren: I actually don't ahve much. this week has ben
(09:30:00 PM) johnc4510: k
(09:30:13 PM) slofgren: I want to promote more Local computer/LUG
(09:30:25 PM) br24: johnc4510, I will let you know when I hear back from
this LUG I found
(09:30:39 PM) slofgren: I think we should eb joining local clubs and
supporting them through this group
(09:30:50 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: ok
(09:31:09 PM) slofgren: I see your roll and an umbrella to support al
Arizona computer clubs
(09:31:24 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: so in the major cities we should join
the loco lugs
(09:31:31 PM) slofgren: I think your server project can offer support
for them and link to theri sites
(09:31:34 PM) SloggerKhan: sorry
(09:31:43 PM) slofgren: s/your/our
(09:31:52 PM) johnc4510: SloggerKhan: wait a sec
(09:31:53 PM) johnc4510: k
(09:32:07 PM) SloggerKhan: k
(09:32:09 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: server is good for linking their
(09:32:37 PM) slofgren: anyway...that is all...any questiosn on that
(09:32:43 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: how would they help us to advocate
for ubuntu
(09:32:49 PM) johnc4510: or would they
(09:32:55 PM) slofgren: I am sorry i did not do more to provide better
(09:33:04 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: np
(09:33:07 PM) slofgren: we would convert theri souls
(09:33:19 PM) slofgren: or we would be informative
(09:33:21 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: ahh now you are speaking my language
(09:33:24 PM) br24: johnc4510, I think trying to introduce & integrate
Ubuntu into local LUGs can increase out teams efforts
(09:33:26 PM) johnc4510: :)
(09:33:39 PM) ***johnc4510 says he likes these ideas
(09:33:41 PM) johnc4510: :)
(09:33:51 PM) slofgren: maybe step into a lnux acepting group and
advocate linux/ubuntu
(09:34:03 PM) slofgren: they might be will to join
(09:34:18 PM) slofgren: I think we could offer them some hosting and
(09:34:21 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: so i guess first we need to identify
lug groups?
(09:34:29 PM) johnc4510: slofgren: agreed
(09:34:45 PM) slofgren: I think local involve=ment is always good
(09:34:49 PM) johnc4510: k
(09:34:55 PM) johnc4510: agreed
(09:34:58 PM) slofgren: spelling is fun
(09:34:59 PM) johnc4510: :)
(09:35:11 PM) johnc4510: anything else on this discussion
(09:35:12 PM) johnc4510: ?
(09:35:15 PM) slofgren: naw
(09:35:21 PM) johnc4510: anyone
(09:35:22 PM) johnc4510: ?
(09:35:37 PM) SloggerKhan: I was out for most of it.
(09:35:53 PM) SloggerKhan: So not from me.
(09:36:11 PM) johnc4510: SloggerKhan: k, anything on comp4kids?
(09:37:25 PM) johnc4510: SloggerKhan: you around
(09:37:26 PM) johnc4510: ?
(09:37:28 PM) SloggerKhan: I did a couple of wiki edits before the
meeting. I wasn't here some of this week so not a lot done.
(09:37:37 PM) johnc4510: k
(09:37:53 PM) johnc4510: SloggerKhan: if you need help i'm always
(09:37:55 PM) johnc4510: :)
(09:37:59 PM) johnc4510: glad to help
(09:38:11 PM) SloggerKhan: I'm working on setting up an inventory wiki
(09:38:19 PM) johnc4510: cool
(09:38:29 PM) bluecat9: SloggerKhan, nice
(09:38:38 PM) SloggerKhan: There have been a couple
(09:38:48 PM) SloggerKhan: of people expressing interest in donating
(09:38:54 PM) johnc4510: great
(09:39:02 PM) bluecat9: Aye. I have 3 or 4 machines for the kitty.
(09:39:10 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: ty
(09:39:11 PM) johnc4510: :)
(09:39:27 PM) bluecat9: SloggerKhan, do they have to meet the minimum
specs outlined on the Comps4Kids wiki page?
(09:39:38 PM) SloggerKhan: No, those are open for discussion.
(09:39:45 PM) johnc4510: agreed
(09:39:49 PM) bluecat9: SloggerKhan, Okay. Than I have ~4. :)
(09:39:52 PM) SloggerKhan: It even says so on wiki.
(09:40:09 PM) ***johnc4510 says we need to start with what we can get he
(09:40:12 PM) johnc4510: :)
(09:40:17 PM) johnc4510: if ok with SloggerKhan
(09:40:34 PM) SloggerKhan: I'm thinking of changing the reqs from
hardware to ability reqs
(09:40:36 PM) bluecat9: If we're using donated PCs, let's just take
anything that will run Ubuntu :)
(09:40:45 PM) bluecat9: ..maybe even Xubuntu?
(09:40:49 PM) SloggerKhan: Like "able to run flash pluging"
(09:40:56 PM) SloggerKhan: or something
(09:40:57 PM) johnc4510: agreed
(09:41:03 PM) bluecat9: I installed Ubuntu on a PII 333 and it was slow
but it was okay..
(09:41:13 PM) bluecat9: with 196MB ram
(09:41:56 PM) SloggerKhan: We also need a way to establish a standard of
how we set them up, especially if we are keeping them all in their own
localities, as I think is the plan.
(09:42:02 PM) bluecat9: What about dropping the requirements and if
donated machines are sub-par we could just donate them to Salvation
Army, etc?
(09:42:13 PM) SloggerKhan: That's fine with me bluecat9
(09:42:19 PM) bluecat9: SloggerKhan, cool
(09:42:38 PM) SloggerKhan: I'd actually love to have some help to figure
the project out at this point.
(09:42:39 PM) bluecat9: SloggerKhan, if we want to take the work out of
it, we should just do a standard install with user/pass = ubuntu ?
(09:43:00 PM) johnc4510: SloggerKhan: anything else you want to discuss
(09:43:13 PM) SloggerKhan: Well, the thing that makes me think twice is
that I think kids will want/need educational software that isn't in
standard install.
(09:43:23 PM) SloggerKhan: And the families may or may not have
(09:43:38 PM) ***johnc4510 agrees with that
(09:43:50 PM) SloggerKhan: That's why I am hesitant about standard
(09:43:58 PM) johnc4510: edubuntu ?
(09:44:02 PM) SloggerKhan: Maybe standard install + repo disk?
(09:44:24 PM) ***johnc4510 asks what is repo disk
(09:44:29 PM) bluecat9: SloggerKhan, agreed, we can give them that on
(09:44:33 PM) SloggerKhan: repository on cd/dvd
(09:44:37 PM) johnc4510: ah
(09:44:40 PM) johnc4510: agreed
(09:44:56 PM) bluecat9: I like the idea of sticking with Ubuntu, tho vs
anything else
(09:45:04 PM) SloggerKhan: Me too.
(09:45:11 PM) bluecat9: such as xubuntu, kubuntu, etc
(09:45:16 PM) SloggerKhan: xfce is not a fun thing to support for non
tech users.
(09:45:23 PM) johnc4510: agreed
(09:45:38 PM) bluecat9: ..just thinking as if I was to receive it...
what would be the best to encourage future use of Ubuntu
(09:45:40 PM) johnc4510: it has a high learning curve i would say
(09:45:55 PM) SloggerKhan: I think sticking with gnome is best.
(09:46:01 PM) bluecat9: Agreed
(09:46:02 PM) johnc4510: agreed
(09:46:13 PM) johnc4510: anything else
(09:46:14 PM) johnc4510: ?
(09:47:00 PM) ***johnc4510 says he lost most of meeting on disconnect,
can someone post the log for me here please:
(09:47:02 PM) SloggerKhan: not at the moment.
(09:47:31 PM) johnc4510: anyone?
(09:47:35 PM) bluecat9: ok
(09:47:40 PM) bluecat9: :)
(09:47:42 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: ty
(09:47:46 PM) bluecat9: If I have to...
(09:47:48 PM) bluecat9: ;)
(09:47:51 PM) br24: I will do it
(09:47:54 PM) ***johnc4510 say thanks
(09:47:57 PM) bluecat9: joking
(09:47:58 PM) johnc4510: to anyone
(09:48:02 PM) bluecat9: but that sounds good Brian
(09:48:04 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: np
(09:48:21 PM) br24: actually maybe I shouldnt...
(09:48:36 PM) ***br24 hangs his head low and asks for forgiveness
(09:48:46 PM) ***johnc4510 says that he is going to be working on cd
covers and support literature and flyers this wk
(09:48:59 PM) bluecat9: lol i got it
(09:49:06 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: ty
(09:49:09 PM) bluecat9: np
(09:49:21 PM) bluecat9: johnc4510, cool
(09:49:40 PM) ***johnc4510 say meeting is over unless someone else has
(09:49:41 PM) johnc4510: ?
(09:49:43 PM) bluecat9: johnc4510, have we discussed plans for CD
distribution as of yet?
(09:49:53 PM) johnc4510: bluecat9: not yet
(09:49:57 PM) bluecat9: k
(09:50:23 PM) johnc4510: thought we would get literature and burning
going first but we can discuss at next meeting
(09:50:29 PM) bluecat9: Sounds good
(09:50:31 PM) ***johnc4510 puts on agenda
(09:51:08 PM) ***johnc4510 encourages everyone to try to work on at
least one thing for approval this wk
(09:51:16 PM) johnc4510: :)
(09:51:33 PM) ***bluecat9 will get with br24 and SloggerKhan on that
(09:51:40 PM) ***johnc4510 says meeting is over thanks to all and
welcome to wcrabtree 
(09:51:52 PM) bluecat9: k, brb
(09:51:59 PM) slofgren: good meeting
(09:52:06 PM) johnc4510: bye all and thanks
(09:52:08 PM) johnc4510: :)

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