1. Introductions
  2. Team Reports
    1. Membership
    2. Web Design/Wiki
    3. Newsletter
    4. WINE/VMware
    5. Server
  3. Re-discussion of proposed teams/Idea session
    1. Computer Recycling/Localization Team
    2. Thread/LoCo collaboration Team
  4. Forum Signature Idea
  5. Logo voting process.
  6. Tucson Local Meetup
  7. Agenda for next week


Sun,06.05.2007|18:02( SlickMcRunfast) If everyone hasnt seen it yet you can find the agenda for tonights meeting here
Sun,06.05.2007|18:02( SlickMcRunfast) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Meetings/07May06
Sun,06.05.2007|18:03( azteech) SlickMcRunfast: thanks
Sun,06.05.2007|18:03( ianmcorvidae) A log will be posted after the meeting.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:03( ianmcorvidae) In case anyone needs it :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:03( azteech) ianmcorvidae: who ever knows with dial.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:04( ianmcorvidae) Hehe :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:04( azteech) :P
Sun,06.05.2007|18:04( SlickMcRunfast) so Intros
Sun,06.05.2007|18:04( ianmcorvidae) I believe the plan was anyone we haven't introduced before.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:04( johnc4510) yes
Sun,06.05.2007|18:04( SlickMcRunfast) looks like Chucks and DrPppr242
Sun,06.05.2007|18:04( azteech) that is what I thought
Sun,06.05.2007|18:04( johnc4510) pepse too
Sun,06.05.2007|18:04( chucks_) well i'll introduce myself
Sun,06.05.2007|18:05( chucks_) I'm chuck, based in chandler az.  I'm a software engineer with Boeing in Mesa.  Get to have fun and work on cool things
Sun,06.05.2007|18:05( chucks_) i'm a long time suse user
Sun,06.05.2007|18:05( chucks_) that recently converted to ubuntu
Sun,06.05.2007|18:05( chucks_) i think that covers the basics :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:06( azteech) chucks_: welcome
Sun,06.05.2007|18:06( johnc4510) nice to have you here chuch
Sun,06.05.2007|18:06( johnc4510) chuck
Sun,06.05.2007|18:06( johnc4510) duh
Sun,06.05.2007|18:06( azteech) lol
Sun,06.05.2007|18:06( chucks_) thanks :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:06( br24) welcome chucks_
Sun,06.05.2007|18:06( SloggerKhan) Welcome.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:07( ToddB) Hola.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:07( SlickMcRunfast) were you at the meeting last week ToddB?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:07( SlickMcRunfast) DrPppr242 your next. Self intro
Sun,06.05.2007|18:07( DrPppr242) sure
Sun,06.05.2007|18:08( ToddB) Yeah.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:08( DrPppr242) I'm Paul, I live in Chandler and go to ASU
Sun,06.05.2007|18:08( DrPppr242) I don't know much about linux or useful computer skills
Sun,06.05.2007|18:08>> dx00 joins #ubuntu-arizona
Sun,06.05.2007|18:08>> KingKongAintGotN joins #ubuntu-arizona
Sun,06.05.2007|18:08( DrPppr242) but I spend a lot of time in front of my comp
Sun,06.05.2007|18:08( azteech) dx00, KingKongAintGotN: welcome
Sun,06.05.2007|18:09( DrPppr242) and I start using linux and ubuntu about 3 months ago
Sun,06.05.2007|18:09( dx00) thx
Sun,06.05.2007|18:09( dx00) network problems
Sun,06.05.2007|18:09( DrPppr242) so I'm pretty new
Sun,06.05.2007|18:09( azteech) yw
Sun,06.05.2007|18:09( KingKongAintGotN) KingKongAintGotNothing on ME!
Sun,06.05.2007|18:09( johnc4510) welcome aboard Paul   glad you came  ask for any help you need
Sun,06.05.2007|18:09( DrPppr242) thanks
Sun,06.05.2007|18:09( SlickMcRunfast) welcome
Sun,06.05.2007|18:10( br24) DrPppr242, youre in the right place
Sun,06.05.2007|18:10( azteech) DrPppr242: welcome paul
Sun,06.05.2007|18:10( SloggerKhan) Well, once again hello and welcome.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:10( chucks_) welcome drpppr242
Sun,06.05.2007|18:10( SlickMcRunfast) pepse if your here? Self intro.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:10( azteech) DrPppr242: does nic = your preferred drink?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:10( SlickMcRunfast) is KingKong Vorian?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:11( DrPppr242) uh not really
Sun,06.05.2007|18:11>> Vorian joins #ubuntu-arizona
Sun,06.05.2007|18:11( ianmcorvidae) Guess not :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:11( br24) does that help SlickMcRunfast?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:11( ianmcorvidae) Hi, Vorian.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:11( johnc4510) SlickMcRunfast: don't think so
Sun,06.05.2007|18:11( DrPppr242) Doctor Pepper and the Emergency pump shut off switchs was a band name I came up with
Sun,06.05.2007|18:11( br24) greetings Vorian
Sun,06.05.2007|18:11( ianmcorvidae) Ok. Introductions done?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:11( DrPppr242) at a gas station
Sun,06.05.2007|18:11( SlickMcRunfast) I can logon to irc twice
Sun,06.05.2007|18:11( Vorian) hey
Sun,06.05.2007|18:11( SloggerKhan) Kong is on Ohio..
Sun,06.05.2007|18:11( br24) Columbus
Sun,06.05.2007|18:11( azteech) DrPppr242: ah, okay ... interesting choices
Sun,06.05.2007|18:12( ianmcorvidae) Are we finished with Intros?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:12( SlickMcRunfast) Guess so
Sun,06.05.2007|18:12( ianmcorvidae) OK.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:12( SlickMcRunfast) pepse seems to be a bot or something
Sun,06.05.2007|18:12( ianmcorvidae) I guess I'm the first team report :P
Sun,06.05.2007|18:12( Vorian) how gaat het?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:12* johnc4510 welcomes vorian to hotest loco 
Sun,06.05.2007|18:12( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: no
Sun,06.05.2007|18:12( Vorian) hoe*
Sun,06.05.2007|18:12( ianmcorvidae) Ok, john.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:12( Vorian) woo!
Sun,06.05.2007|18:12( johnc4510) SlickMcRunfast: what about KingKong
Sun,06.05.2007|18:13( azteech) hey there vorian.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:13( Vorian) columbus?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:13( Vorian) who
Sun,06.05.2007|18:13( azteech) still haven't heard from pepse
Sun,06.05.2007|18:13( Vorian) ?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:13( johnc4510) KingKongAintGotN: want to introduce yourself
Sun,06.05.2007|18:13( ianmcorvidae) I think Kong's not an arizona person :P
Sun,06.05.2007|18:13( johnc4510) ahh
Sun,06.05.2007|18:14( SloggerKhan) I think he's Vorian's friend or something.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:14( johnc4510) ah
Sun,06.05.2007|18:14( SlickMcRunfast) so next
Sun,06.05.2007|18:14( johnc4510) ok slick
Sun,06.05.2007|18:14( SlickMcRunfast) Team reports
Sun,06.05.2007|18:14( ianmcorvidae) Ok, next is team reports.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:14( johnc4510) yeah
Sun,06.05.2007|18:14( ianmcorvidae) I'm membership head, so...
Sun,06.05.2007|18:14( SloggerKhan) Or maybe is Vorian.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:14( ianmcorvidae) We haven't really done much yet, several folks still in school and such.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:14( br24) Vorian, u spreekt Nederlands?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:15( Vorian) ya!
Sun,06.05.2007|18:15( ianmcorvidae) So pretty much the same status as last week on that; any ideas are welcome, especially if you'll implement them :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:15( Vorian) erm
Sun,06.05.2007|18:15( Vorian) ja!
Sun,06.05.2007|18:15( ianmcorvidae) :P
Sun,06.05.2007|18:15( ianmcorvidae) Web Design Team?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:15( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: we know you've been busy with school
Sun,06.05.2007|18:15( Vorian) Het is fantastich!
Sun,06.05.2007|18:15( DrPppr242) sorry I'm new would you explain what your team is?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:15( ianmcorvidae) Oh, sorry.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:15( ianmcorvidae) Sure.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:16* johnc4510   ian blushes
Sun,06.05.2007|18:16( ianmcorvidae) Membership team is the one associated with converting folks to ubuntu and from there, into LoCo team members.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:16( azteech) lol
Sun,06.05.2007|18:16( DrPppr242) thanks
Sun,06.05.2007|18:16( ianmcorvidae) Anyone else, or on to Web Design/Wiki team/
Sun,06.05.2007|18:16( ianmcorvidae) ?*
Sun,06.05.2007|18:16( SloggerKhan) -Oh, for membership team, I'm looking into booth at UA
Sun,06.05.2007|18:17( ianmcorvidae) Oh, excellent.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:17( johnc4510) great slogger
Sun,06.05.2007|18:17( br24) nice
Sun,06.05.2007|18:17( SloggerKhan) Won't know details till next week, though.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:17>> HuFflePuFf joins #ubuntu-arizona
Sun,06.05.2007|18:17( ToddB) Keep in mind that classes are over at the UA
Sun,06.05.2007|18:17( azteech) DrPppr242: list of current teams, and other info can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam?highlight=%28CategoryArizonaTeam%29
Sun,06.05.2007|18:17( ToddB) and finals are over on Friday
Sun,06.05.2007|18:17( johnc4510) HuFflePuFf: welcome
Sun,06.05.2007|18:17( SloggerKhan) Would probably be on the mall in august or spetember.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:17( HuFflePuFf) aloha
Sun,06.05.2007|18:17( ToddB) yeah, I'd participate in that
Sun,06.05.2007|18:17( DrPppr242) thanks azteech
Sun,06.05.2007|18:18( br24) as would I
Sun,06.05.2007|18:18( azteech) DrPppr242: yw
Sun,06.05.2007|18:18( johnc4510) HuFflePuFf: we have already started, but please introduce yourself
Sun,06.05.2007|18:18( SloggerKhan) Something to look into next year that it's too late to do this year is freshman orientations, which would be ongoing in the summer.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:18( HuFflePuFf) I'm just a computer lover from Snotsdale
Sun,06.05.2007|18:18( HuFflePuFf) I work on the East Side of Phoenix
Sun,06.05.2007|18:19( johnc4510) HuFflePuFf: are part of Ubuntu-women?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:19( HuFflePuFf) no
Sun,06.05.2007|18:19( johnc4510) sorry
Sun,06.05.2007|18:19( HuFflePuFf) why would you say that?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:19( ToddB) Speaking from experience, Orientation is kinda overwhelming
Sun,06.05.2007|18:19( SloggerKhan) And the last thing to do with regard to UA is ask OSCR to have pages or link to pages about Ubuntu, which they'd probably do.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:19( ToddB) I'd shy away from doing something like that during Orientation
Sun,06.05.2007|18:19( ianmcorvidae) He put stuff on their forum, wondering if anyone came as a result of that :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:20( Vorian) ianmcorvidae, who/which forum?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:20( johnc4510) HuFflePuFf: well i put this invite on their web site and with the name   I just wondered   sorry no offense
Sun,06.05.2007|18:20( azteech) johnc4510: tongue in cheek
Sun,06.05.2007|18:20( SloggerKhan) Yeah, i think orientation is not the best time.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:20>> SignOff: dx00_ [Connection timed out]
Sun,06.05.2007|18:20( HuFflePuFf) no problem johnc4510
Sun,06.05.2007|18:20( ianmcorvidae) Vorian: ubuntu-women
Sun,06.05.2007|18:20( ianmcorvidae) Anyway...
Sun,06.05.2007|18:20( SloggerKhan) Just bringing it up.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:20( SlickMcRunfast) next?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:20( ianmcorvidae) Web Design/Wiki team.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:20( ianmcorvidae) Slick, I think that's yours :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:20( johnc4510) HuFflePuFf: if you will give me your email address i will put you on mail list for newsletter
Sun,06.05.2007|18:21( azteech) we need a meeting bloopers page set up on wiki ..... :P
Sun,06.05.2007|18:21( SlickMcRunfast) yes but I havent had too much time for it
Sun,06.05.2007|18:21( johnc4510) yes
Sun,06.05.2007|18:21( ianmcorvidae) Just give a status report, doesn't really matter if nothing's happened :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:21( johnc4510) are we on web page?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:21( ianmcorvidae) I'll contribute some, though, as I did a bunch of wiki editing in the last week :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:21( johnc4510) design
Sun,06.05.2007|18:21( ianmcorvidae) Yes, we are.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:21( johnc4510) thx
Sun,06.05.2007|18:21>> SignOff: HuFflePuFf ["foo"]
Sun,06.05.2007|18:22* johnc4510 guess i scared him off
Sun,06.05.2007|18:22>> SignOff: KingKongAintGotN ["King Kong aint got nothing on JDONG"]
Sun,06.05.2007|18:22( ianmcorvidae) Slick, have a report, or should I just cover what I've done?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:23( Vorian) jdong?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:23( azteech) who knows
Sun,06.05.2007|18:23( johnc4510) Vorian: ?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:23( Vorian) I know him
Sun,06.05.2007|18:23( johnc4510) oh
Sun,06.05.2007|18:23( Vorian) thats weird
Sun,06.05.2007|18:23( johnc4510) maybe i offended him too
Sun,06.05.2007|18:23( ianmcorvidae) lol
Sun,06.05.2007|18:24* johnc4510 sticks foot in mouth
Sun,06.05.2007|18:24( br24) johnc4510, I dont think you did
Sun,06.05.2007|18:25( azteech) if they want to be a part of the group, they will be back.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:25( ianmcorvidae) Well, since Slick doesn't seem to be saying anything: I've added Newsletter, Meetings, and Member List sections to the Wiki, which you can see from the main page; I also created CategoryArizonaTeam as a category to place all our Wiki pages into for ease of finding.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:25( johnc4510) nice ian
Sun,06.05.2007|18:25( br24) thank you for all your work ianmcorvidae
Sun,06.05.2007|18:25( ianmcorvidae) Don't think there's much more to say there.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:25( SlickMcRunfast) sorry i'm on the phone. You did most of the work anyway
Sun,06.05.2007|18:25( ianmcorvidae) No problem, Slick.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:25( johnc4510) no prob slick
Sun,06.05.2007|18:25( ianmcorvidae) Next, Newsletter?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:25( ianmcorvidae) john, think that's yours.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:25( johnc4510) hey that's me
Sun,06.05.2007|18:26( johnc4510) 2nd edition went out last Wed. rs3 will be taking over once school is
Sun,06.05.2007|18:26( johnc4510)                    out. We are opening the newsletter to articles written by members, anyone
Sun,06.05.2007|18:26( johnc4510)                    wishing to submit an article can email me at johnc4510@cox.net We also plan
Sun,06.05.2007|18:26( johnc4510)                    to incorporate the new logo voted in tonight as part of the newsletter.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:26( johnc4510)                    Also any ideas anyone has to improve the quality of the newsletter, would
Sun,06.05.2007|18:26( johnc4510)                    be appreciated.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:26( SloggerKhan) brb
Sun,06.05.2007|18:26( johnc4510) man i type fast
Sun,06.05.2007|18:26( ianmcorvidae) :P
Sun,06.05.2007|18:26( DrPppr242) what sort of articles are in the newsletter?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:26( johnc4510) anyone got any ideas for press
Sun,06.05.2007|18:26( azteech) johnc4510: any further comments regarding our discussion for newletter earlier this week?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:27( ianmcorvidae) DrPppr242: Whatever you write :P
Sun,06.05.2007|18:27( ianmcorvidae) We're rather embryonic at this point.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:27( johnc4510) azteech: yes
Sun,06.05.2007|18:27( ianmcorvidae) So whatever we want in there, goes.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:27( DrPppr242) are they posted on the wiki?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:27( ianmcorvidae) Newsletters are, yes.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:27( br24) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Teams/Newsletter
Sun,06.05.2007|18:27( ianmcorvidae) Under ArizonaTeam/Newsletters
Sun,06.05.2007|18:28( br24) everything in here is on the AZ wiki
Sun,06.05.2007|18:28( ianmcorvidae) Yep :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:28( br24) sorry, gave you the wrong link
Sun,06.05.2007|18:28( johnc4510) azteech: it will come up during the thread team discussion
Sun,06.05.2007|18:28( DrPppr242) sorry I couldn't find them
Sun,06.05.2007|18:28( br24) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Newsletters
Sun,06.05.2007|18:28( ianmcorvidae) No problem, DrPppr242.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:28( azteech) DrPppr242: the link I gave earlier, has that listed as well.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:28( azteech) johnc4510: ah, okay.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:28( DrPppr242) thanks again
Sun,06.05.2007|18:28( johnc4510) DrPppr242: i have you on mail list also
Sun,06.05.2007|18:28( ianmcorvidae) Ok. Are we done with Newsletter?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:28( johnc4510) yes
Sun,06.05.2007|18:28( SloggerKhan) k
Sun,06.05.2007|18:29( ianmcorvidae) Oh. Random insert: Anyone that's new, please add yourself to the Member List on the wiki (you can find it from the main page)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:29( ianmcorvidae) Next, WINE/VMware team. br24?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:29( br24) not much of an update
Sun,06.05.2007|18:29( br24) I am researching for winders-only apps to use on wine
Sun,06.05.2007|18:30( br24) johnc sent me a good article on Dells Ubuntu concerning wine
Sun,06.05.2007|18:30( johnc4510) br24: have you installed wine yet?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:30( br24) yes
Sun,06.05.2007|18:30( johnc4510) good
Sun,06.05.2007|18:30( johnc4510) was it difficult
Sun,06.05.2007|18:30( SloggerKhan) No
Sun,06.05.2007|18:30( br24) I am testing TurboTax on it
Sun,06.05.2007|18:30( ianmcorvidae) From the main ubuntu repositories, or did you use the WineHQ repos?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:30( SloggerKhan) I've used both.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:31( br24) I used the reposit
Sun,06.05.2007|18:31( br24) wanted to test that first
Sun,06.05.2007|18:31( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:31( johnc4510) br24: are we going to be able to write some kind of how to for the rest of us?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:31( ianmcorvidae) Main repositories, you mean.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:31( dx00) hey br24, i talked to a friend that does all their VmWare stuff for his company
Sun,06.05.2007|18:31( SloggerKhan) Both install and configure the same. WineHQ version is a bit newer.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:31( br24) yes ianmcorvidae
Sun,06.05.2007|18:31( ianmcorvidae) johnc4510: THere are several good ones already on the Wiki in terms of installation.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:31( johnc4510) ok
Sun,06.05.2007|18:31( dx00) im trying to see if he can get us a server version that we can use unlimited
Sun,06.05.2007|18:31( br24) yes there are, although they may be outdated
Sun,06.05.2007|18:31( ianmcorvidae) SloggerKhan: Yes, but in terms of testing programs, it'll matter :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:31( br24) dx00, I would like that
Sun,06.05.2007|18:32( br24) I am also preparing to install QEMU
Sun,06.05.2007|18:32( SloggerKhan) Not saying it won't matter.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:32( ianmcorvidae) Yep.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:32( ianmcorvidae) Excellent.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:32( br24) an open source version of vmware
Sun,06.05.2007|18:32( johnc4510) br24: could we see about updating those as a give back to forum?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:32( johnc4510) or an updated version
Sun,06.05.2007|18:32( johnc4510) just an idea?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:32( br24) on the wine wiki or our wiki?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:33( br24) as for ours, I will be working on it this week
Sun,06.05.2007|18:33( SloggerKhan) There is also http://www.virtualbox.org/
Sun,06.05.2007|18:33( SloggerKhan) never used, but heard decent stuff. Just not easy to use.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:33( ianmcorvidae) Yep.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:33( azteech) would recommend on our wiki, 1st. then after polished (if any is needed) then give back to main forum.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:33( johnc4510) br24: ok    but could we incorporate that to the forum?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:33( br24) I have heard about that SloggerKhan, but havent heard much
Sun,06.05.2007|18:34( ianmcorvidae) Are we finished with WINE/VMware team?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:34( johnc4510) azteech: good idea
Sun,06.05.2007|18:34( br24) will do johnc4510
Sun,06.05.2007|18:34( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: ok i'm done now
Sun,06.05.2007|18:34( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:34( ianmcorvidae) Server/IT Administration team: dx00.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:35( dx00) ok
Sun,06.05.2007|18:35( dx00) we haven't done much so far
Sun,06.05.2007|18:35( dx00) tomorrow we are having a meeting with the DeLug people to look at the server
Sun,06.05.2007|18:35( johnc4510) dx00: tell us a little about the meeting coming up please
Sun,06.05.2007|18:36( dx00) we will be looking more in detail
Sun,06.05.2007|18:36( dx00) what will our goals be
Sun,06.05.2007|18:36( dx00) and were we are going to start
Sun,06.05.2007|18:36( dx00) a lot depends on the condition of the server
Sun,06.05.2007|18:36( dx00) from what i hear it needs some parts, like a power supply
Sun,06.05.2007|18:36( azteech) dx00: and did we get any further info regarding specs for the server?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:36( johnc4510) you said something about having your laptop to irc the meeting for us, is that right?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:37( dx00) yes, tommorrow i will have my laptop on me
Sun,06.05.2007|18:37( dx00) and i will be on the IRC channel telling everyone whats going on
Sun,06.05.2007|18:37( ToddB) Have we considered asking around for sponsorships?  There are a lot of Linux-friendly OEMs out there that might be willing to support us...
Sun,06.05.2007|18:37( azteech) what irc chan will you be on?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:37( johnc4510) dx00: super
Sun,06.05.2007|18:37( dx00) i don't really have a lot of the specs about the server
Sun,06.05.2007|18:37( dx00) we will be looking at it tomorrow
Sun,06.05.2007|18:37( dx00) anyone is invited to come
Sun,06.05.2007|18:37( ianmcorvidae) This channel, correct?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:37( dx00) its at 7pm
Sun,06.05.2007|18:37( azteech) dx00: k, tks
Sun,06.05.2007|18:37( dx00) yes
Sun,06.05.2007|18:38( ianmcorvidae) Any further questions for dx00?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:38( johnc4510) dx00: looking forward to it
Sun,06.05.2007|18:38( dx00) or at ASU west in the library if you want to stop by and see for yourself
Sun,06.05.2007|18:38( br24) johnc4510, I have a recommendation about the DeLug meeting here tomorrow
Sun,06.05.2007|18:38( ToddB) dx00 - see my question above.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:38( ianmcorvidae) If I could make it, I'd be there :P
Sun,06.05.2007|18:38( dx00) i haven't look at sponsorship yet
Sun,06.05.2007|18:38( br24) I would try to keep this channel somewhat clear for dx00 to put his info
Sun,06.05.2007|18:39( dx00) but it is something i think we should look at tommorrow
Sun,06.05.2007|18:39( ToddB) Ok.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:39( johnc4510) i'll be there
Sun,06.05.2007|18:39( johnc4510) here
Sun,06.05.2007|18:39( ianmcorvidae) We're usually dead enough that I suspect it'll be fine, br.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:39( dx00) any other questions?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:39( johnc4510) not from me
Sun,06.05.2007|18:39>> SignOff: Vorian ["09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0"]
Sun,06.05.2007|18:39( ianmcorvidae) I'll presume that means move on, then.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:40( ianmcorvidae) Rediscussion of proposed teams from last week.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:40( dx00) if anyone is interested in joining the team (other than the ones already there) shoot me an email
Sun,06.05.2007|18:40( dx00) ssjgolleta@anima-web.us
Sun,06.05.2007|18:40( ianmcorvidae) Thanks, dx00.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:40( dx00) np
Sun,06.05.2007|18:40( ianmcorvidae) First rediscussion team: Computer Recycling/Localization Team.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:40( ianmcorvidae) johnc4510: Could you re-explain the proposed goals of the team?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:41( johnc4510) SloggerKhan: yes
Sun,06.05.2007|18:41( ianmcorvidae) SloggerKhan was out last time I checked.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:41( SloggerKhan) I'm here
Sun,06.05.2007|18:41( ianmcorvidae) Ah.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:41( SloggerKhan) I'm just typing.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:41( johnc4510) to recycle old computers with Ubuntu or edubuntu and to help localize language and history on rex
Sun,06.05.2007|18:41( johnc4510) rez
Sun,06.05.2007|18:42( johnc4510) indian rez
Sun,06.05.2007|18:42( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:42( ToddB) Who proposed this?  I can't remember that far back lol
Sun,06.05.2007|18:42( ianmcorvidae) Slogger sort of did.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:42( ianmcorvidae) The idea originated in the forums somewhere :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:42( johnc4510) i believe slogger is that person
Sun,06.05.2007|18:43( ianmcorvidae) SloggerKhan: Any additional stuff to say before we discuss the team?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:43( ToddB) Slogger - can you tell us any more about your idea?  How'd you implement it and such?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:43( SloggerKhan) Yes, I'm typing.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:43( azteech) quick note here: should we just limit our aim for recycling to just be just for the reservations, or should we look at expanding this team to include local elementary schools.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:43( br24) I agree with that azteech
Sun,06.05.2007|18:44( johnc4510) it's an idea, but we want to start with the rez
Sun,06.05.2007|18:44( johnc4510) most needy of it
Sun,06.05.2007|18:44( SloggerKhan) Oh, ok. Well, I've contacted some Navajo to find out if they are interested in having an Ubuntu localized to their language and culture, and if so, what could we do to help them. 2ndary to that, I've also inquired about what sort of technology problems are existant on the rez, and what we can do to help them. I've sent out an email and talked to a couple people. There seems to be interest, but I have yet to hear back.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:45( ianmcorvidae) Excellent, thanks Slogger.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:45( ianmcorvidae) Sorry to interrupt your typing repeatedly :P
Sun,06.05.2007|18:45( SloggerKhan) I really am waiting to hear back in order to find out what best course is.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:45( azteech) johnc4510: not diminishing fact that they aren't. just looking at possibilities of getting ubuntu to the masses and introducing it to the lower grades .. was all.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:45( johnc4510) understood
Sun,06.05.2007|18:45( SloggerKhan) Should have more to report next week.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:46( ianmcorvidae) SloggerKhan: Would you like to keep the proposed team tabled until you get a response?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:46( johnc4510) i have an old 166 mmx i could donate btw
Sun,06.05.2007|18:46( SloggerKhan) Sure.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:46( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:46( ianmcorvidae) Next, then. Thread/LoCo collaboration Team.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:46( SloggerKhan) I think it's mostly dependent on Navajo interest at this point.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:46( dx00) im sorry guys, i have to cut out short
Sun,06.05.2007|18:46( ianmcorvidae) No problem, dx.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:46( dx00) ill talk to you all latter
Sun,06.05.2007|18:46( johnc4510) thread team     i've got something on this
Sun,06.05.2007|18:46( azteech) have an older laptop, that will need to be dustoed off and tried out with ubuntu, that might be able to be used as well.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:46( ianmcorvidae) Before you leave, do you have a logo vote you could PM to me?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:46( SloggerKhan) And I'm also supportive of recycled comps for local schools, azteech
Sun,06.05.2007|18:47( SloggerKhan) If you've looked at logos in last hour.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:47( johnc4510) are we ready to move on the thread team?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:47( azteech) SloggerKhan: was an idea that I felt we might look at tacking on, was all. all is good. :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:47( ianmcorvidae) Yes, go ahead and explain it, john.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:47( johnc4510)   Thread Team: A few of us were throwing this one around the other night. We thought maybe instead
Sun,06.05.2007|18:47( johnc4510)                of having a whole team devoted to this, we could put another person on the newsletter
Sun,06.05.2007|18:47( johnc4510)                team, and let them visit other loco sites. Then they could inform us through the
Sun,06.05.2007|18:47( johnc4510)                newsletter of what they found that was interesting.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:48( johnc4510) any thoughts?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:48( ToddB) I think that's a good idea, much better than the original proposal.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:48( SloggerKhan) Like LoCoLiaisons is the idea?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:48( br24) I like it
Sun,06.05.2007|18:48( br24) and I wouldnt mind doing it
Sun,06.05.2007|18:48( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: how about you
Sun,06.05.2007|18:48>> SignOff: dx00 ["leaving"]
Sun,06.05.2007|18:48( ianmcorvidae) Yeah, better idea than a separate team.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:48( ToddB) That having been said, I think it's still important for teams to do their own research concerning their own areas of development.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:49( ianmcorvidae) ToddB: Agreed.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:49( SloggerKhan) Not a bad idea. We have to balance input of ideas with output of our own organization.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:49( johnc4510) agreed, this is mainly for ideas
Sun,06.05.2007|18:49( azteech) cub reporter (ambassador-et-all) ...
Sun,06.05.2007|18:49( johnc4510) yes
Sun,06.05.2007|18:49( SloggerKhan) But sounds fine to me.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:49( ianmcorvidae) Can we consider that as official? Thread team will not exist, but will be an additional member of Newsletter team/
Sun,06.05.2007|18:49( ianmcorvidae) ?*
Sun,06.05.2007|18:50( azteech) agreed ..
Sun,06.05.2007|18:50( johnc4510) agreed
Sun,06.05.2007|18:50( ToddB) mhmm
Sun,06.05.2007|18:50( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:50( br24) yes
Sun,06.05.2007|18:50( johnc4510) br24: you on it as of now
Sun,06.05.2007|18:50( ianmcorvidae) Next, Forum Signature Idea: johnc4510, could you explain that?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:50( johnc4510) yes
Sun,06.05.2007|18:50( johnc4510) 4.Forum Signature Idea: This idea is strictly voluntary. I recently changed my forum signature
Sun,06.05.2007|18:50( johnc4510)                         It looks like this:
Sun,06.05.2007|18:50( johnc4510)                         Live in Arizona? Join the Ubuntu-Arizona loco to help spread Ubuntu!
Sun,06.05.2007|18:50( johnc4510)                         https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam
Sun,06.05.2007|18:50( johnc4510)                         https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-arizona
Sun,06.05.2007|18:50( johnc4510)                         If we all did this it would greatly increase our exposure on the forums,
Sun,06.05.2007|18:51( johnc4510)                         and possibly attract some new members. As I said, it is voluntary, but
Sun,06.05.2007|18:51( johnc4510)                         I would appreciate you giving it your consideration. Thanks
Sun,06.05.2007|18:51( ianmcorvidae) Ok. Thank you for the suggestion and information.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:51( ianmcorvidae) Don't think more needs to be said on this?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:51( ToddB) I don't think that's something we need to pass, but anyone interested in spreading the overall reach of the team should definitely add it.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:51( DrPppr242) can we modify that to be something similar and still use it?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:51( ianmcorvidae) Yes, feel free to modify.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:51( johnc4510) yes
Sun,06.05.2007|18:51( ianmcorvidae) It's a suggestion, nothing mandatory :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:51( johnc4510) yes
Sun,06.05.2007|18:52( ianmcorvidae) Ok. Next on the agenda is the vote on the Logo.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:52( johnc4510) that's me again
Sun,06.05.2007|18:52( azteech) johnc4510: already modified mine
Sun,06.05.2007|18:52( ianmcorvidae) I was going to talk, actually, but that's OK :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:52( johnc4510) first, when we actually vote, please no overtalk   thanks
Sun,06.05.2007|18:53( johnc4510) Everyone by now should have had a chance to look over the logos that have been submitted.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:53( johnc4510)                 All the logos to be voted on are numbered 1-19 and can be found here:
Sun,06.05.2007|18:53( johnc4510)                 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=428013
Sun,06.05.2007|18:53( johnc4510)                 We will give everyone a minute or so to find the number of the logo you want to vote for.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:53( johnc4510)                 Then we will call the roll of members one at a time to vote. Please vote by number.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:53( ianmcorvidae) Logos for voting are at http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=2600744&postcount=8
Sun,06.05.2007|18:53( ianmcorvidae) Posts 8 and 9 have the official numbering.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:53( ianmcorvidae) Note that all logos can have color changes and can be resized to any degree.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:54( ianmcorvidae) Oh, excuse me. Don't hit my link, just scroll down to posts 8 and 9.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:54( ToddB) How should we vote?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:54( ianmcorvidae) We'll have the votes here in the channel in a bit.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:54( johnc4510) i will call the roll of those here
Sun,06.05.2007|18:54( SloggerKhan) for 11-12, it's a font change, not a color change.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:54( ianmcorvidae) We're giving people time to look at logos :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:55( ianmcorvidae) SloggerKhan: Yes, but the colors in both of those logos could be changed.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:55( ToddB) Slackers - should've had that done before the meeting started :-p
Sun,06.05.2007|18:55( SloggerKhan) oh, ok
Sun,06.05.2007|18:55( SloggerKhan) got what you mean.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:55( ianmcorvidae) :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:55( ianmcorvidae) Ok, I think we've had enough time.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:55( ianmcorvidae) Also, I have dx00's vote; PMed it to me earlier.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:55( johnc4510) azteech: vote
Sun,06.05.2007|18:56( azteech) 6
Sun,06.05.2007|18:56( SloggerKhan) And I take it we are excluding AZ-shaped versions as someone up the ladder doesn't like them?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:56( johnc4510) br24: vote
Sun,06.05.2007|18:56( ianmcorvidae) I think that they are OK if we want them.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:56( br24) 8
Sun,06.05.2007|18:56( ianmcorvidae) But people should be warned they are 'officially' not OK :)
Sun,06.05.2007|18:56( johnc4510) chucks_: vote
Sun,06.05.2007|18:56( chucks_) 8
Sun,06.05.2007|18:57( johnc4510) DrPppr242: vote
Sun,06.05.2007|18:57( DrPppr242) 10
Sun,06.05.2007|18:57( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: vote
Sun,06.05.2007|18:57( ianmcorvidae) 10
Sun,06.05.2007|18:57( johnc4510) johnc votes 6
Sun,06.05.2007|18:58( johnc4510) rsthree: vote
Sun,06.05.2007|18:58( johnc4510) is rs here?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:58( ianmcorvidae) No idea.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:58( azteech) he hasn't said a word all night
Sun,06.05.2007|18:58( johnc4510) SlickMcRunfast: can you vote?
Sun,06.05.2007|18:58( johnc4510) slick is on phone
Sun,06.05.2007|18:59( johnc4510) but should get a vote
Sun,06.05.2007|18:59( ianmcorvidae) If we see him later in the meeting, we'll ask rs and Slick.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:59( ianmcorvidae) For now, move on with voting.
Sun,06.05.2007|18:59( johnc4510) ToddB: vote
Sun,06.05.2007|18:59( ToddB) 9
Sun,06.05.2007|18:59( johnc4510) looks like slick might be the decider
Sun,06.05.2007|18:59( azteech) what about slogger?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:00( johnc4510) did he leave?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:00( SloggerKhan) no...
Sun,06.05.2007|19:00( ianmcorvidae) dx voted for 8, by the way.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:00( johnc4510) SloggerKhan: vote
Sun,06.05.2007|19:00( SlickMcRunfast) i only see 5
Sun,06.05.2007|19:00( ianmcorvidae) Sorry.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:00( SloggerKhan) I'm indecisive, sorry.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:00( ianmcorvidae) Go to post 9, that has 6-13
Sun,06.05.2007|19:01( azteech) slogger, have to scroll down the page to see the rest, and then on page 2 as well.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:01( johnc4510) refresh
Sun,06.05.2007|19:01( johnc4510) ?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:01( ianmcorvidae) No, just don't use the link I gave, heh.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:01( ianmcorvidae) Use this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=428013
Sun,06.05.2007|19:01( SlickMcRunfast) 8 or 6
Sun,06.05.2007|19:01( SlickMcRunfast) or 9
Sun,06.05.2007|19:01( azteech) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=428013
Sun,06.05.2007|19:01( SloggerKhan) I suppose I go with 9, otherwise I've completely wasted my vote.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:01( johnc4510) SlickMcRunfast: only one
Sun,06.05.2007|19:01( johnc4510) please
Sun,06.05.2007|19:01( SlickMcRunfast) 9
Sun,06.05.2007|19:01( ianmcorvidae) 9 for you, Slogger?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:01( SlickMcRunfast) its clean
Sun,06.05.2007|19:01( ianmcorvidae) And for slick.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:01( SloggerKhan) yeah
Sun,06.05.2007|19:02( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:02( SloggerKhan) I can't stand the font on DX's, apologies to DX
Sun,06.05.2007|19:02( ianmcorvidae) Hehe :)
Sun,06.05.2007|19:02( ianmcorvidae) Ok. No more votes need to be made, I believe.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:02( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: who?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:03( ianmcorvidae) None are left.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:03( ianmcorvidae) We have a tie; both 8 and 9 recieved three votes.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:03( azteech) we still have slick and rs3
Sun,06.05.2007|19:03( br24) slick voted for 9
Sun,06.05.2007|19:03( johnc4510) yes
Sun,06.05.2007|19:03( ianmcorvidae) rs is not here.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:03( azteech) but, as stated earlier, if they show
Sun,06.05.2007|19:03( ianmcorvidae) Well, he's here but not around.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:03( br24) what about Poly?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:03( ianmcorvidae) He's not in here at the moment...
Sun,06.05.2007|19:03( ianmcorvidae) Ok. We'll wait on it, in case either of them shows up.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:03( br24) was wondering if he has said anything...
Sun,06.05.2007|19:04( br24) I know hes not here
Sun,06.05.2007|19:04( ianmcorvidae) If neither does, we'll vote between only those two at the end.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:04( ianmcorvidae) He hasn't said anything to me.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:04( johnc4510) sounds good
Sun,06.05.2007|19:04( azteech) well, do we narrow down the field to just those vvoted on, now, and keep it open until they have chance to vote?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:04( johnc4510) tuson local meeting?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:04( johnc4510) ian
Sun,06.05.2007|19:04( ianmcorvidae) We'll wait and see if they show, and we'll limit it at the end of the meeting if they have not voted.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:04( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:04( azteech) k
Sun,06.05.2007|19:05( johnc4510) k
Sun,06.05.2007|19:05( ianmcorvidae) Obviously, this is for Tucson folks only; I was thinking since we have plenty of folks from here, we might be able to have a local (physical) meeting.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:05( ianmcorvidae) i.e. not IRC :)
Sun,06.05.2007|19:05( SloggerKhan) I am down.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:05( br24) as am I
Sun,06.05.2007|19:05( johnc4510) wait
Sun,06.05.2007|19:06( johnc4510) we will still need to break tie
Sun,06.05.2007|19:06( ToddB) I would be assuming that I haven't left to go back to Cali
Sun,06.05.2007|19:06( ianmcorvidae) john: not if they vote for 9 or 8 :P
Sun,06.05.2007|19:06( ianmcorvidae) I was thinking fairly soon, Todd.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:07( SloggerKhan) Maybe they'll vote for 10 and we'll have a 3-way tie
Sun,06.05.2007|19:07( ianmcorvidae) 10 or 6 :P
Sun,06.05.2007|19:07( johnc4510) k   i just want everyone to stick in case they don't vote
Sun,06.05.2007|19:07( azteech) or 6, and still three way ... lol
Sun,06.05.2007|19:07( johnc4510) tie breaker
Sun,06.05.2007|19:07( ianmcorvidae) Yep.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:07( ianmcorvidae) I messaged rs, we'll see if he shows.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:07( ianmcorvidae) (via AIM, that is)
Sun,06.05.2007|19:07( johnc4510) lets get on then
Sun,06.05.2007|19:07( ianmcorvidae) Ok. Agenda for next week.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:08( ianmcorvidae) Intros and Team reports.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:08( azteech) and poly was in earlier, but not for meeting. anyone have him, to message him?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:08( br24) um, what about the Tucson meeting?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:08( ianmcorvidae) Then re-re-discussion of Recycling/Localization team.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:08( ToddB) I have a proposal, actually.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:08( johnc4510) usual intros announcements and team
Sun,06.05.2007|19:08( ianmcorvidae) Go ahead, Todd.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:08( SloggerKhan) I think we should put #s 13, 11, 10, 8, 7, 6, 4 on a wikki page where people could just use them if they want to.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:08( johnc4510) go todd
Sun,06.05.2007|19:09( ToddB) So, no offense to anyone, but right now these meetings are kind of unorganized.  Side conversations make it difficult to follow what's actually going.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:09( ianmcorvidae) Agreed.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:09( br24) second that
Sun,06.05.2007|19:09( johnc4510) SloggerKhan: they can use them off the forum page, the wiki will have only the official one voted on
Sun,06.05.2007|19:09( johnc4510) agreed
Sun,06.05.2007|19:10( SloggerKhan) I agree a little bit, but for chat, I think we do a decent job of staying focused.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:10( SloggerKhan) Problem with the forums is that people who aren't forum members usually can't see images.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:10( ToddB) My proposal would be to organize a better format for the meeting.  I used to be a part of an organization that regularly held meetings in IRC.  The format focused on one central moderator who was a channel op.  He would set the channel to +m and then voice people who had something to say.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:10( ianmcorvidae) that's a good idea if we can get a moderator who would be able to do that.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:11( azteech) ToddB: this was discussed earlier in the week, amoung a few of us. moderating was possible solution.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:11( ToddB) People would either change their nick or PM the moderator if they had something to say.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:11( ToddB) Apologies, I've been relatively busy the past week.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:11( ianmcorvidae) No worries :)
Sun,06.05.2007|19:11( azteech) ToddB: none needed.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:11( johnc4510) ToddB: good idea,   i'm the channel op of this channel    didn't know we could do that
Sun,06.05.2007|19:12( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:12( johnc4510) ToddB: we'll have to get together to go over that
Sun,06.05.2007|19:12( ianmcorvidae) Who would be in favor of a moderated channel?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:12( ToddB) only during meetings, of course
Sun,06.05.2007|19:12( ianmcorvidae) Personally, I'm pretty much OK with this system, but I'd be fine with one if others would like it.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:12( ToddB) John, PM me after
Sun,06.05.2007|19:12( johnc4510) ToddB: k
Sun,06.05.2007|19:12( ToddB) the side conversations just really bug me
Sun,06.05.2007|19:12( ianmcorvidae) Nonetheless, we do need approval on this.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:12( ToddB) I lose track of what's actually going on
Sun,06.05.2007|19:12( SloggerKhan) Yeah, pretty much with ian on this one. I don't think it's that bad.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:12( ianmcorvidae) Who is in favor?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:13( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: do we want to break to tie now and tucson meeting after?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:13( ianmcorvidae) We want to vote on Todd's proposal now.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:13( ToddB) Ok, it may not be that bad now, but I guarantee you it will be unbearable if we grow larger.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:13( ianmcorvidae) And then move on.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:13( ianmcorvidae) Yes, I understand that.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:13( SloggerKhan) He has a point.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:13( johnc4510) I'm for it
Sun,06.05.2007|19:14( ianmcorvidae) I abstain for now.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:14( ToddB) I'm obviously for it.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:14( azteech) ToddB: agreed, when we grow larger, it will become an issue.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:14( ianmcorvidae) Yep.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:14( johnc4510) ok, agreed then
Sun,06.05.2007|19:14( ianmcorvidae) br?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:14( johnc4510) br24: what's you thought
Sun,06.05.2007|19:14( br24) so far I say yeah, but Im still pondering this thought
Sun,06.05.2007|19:15( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:15( ianmcorvidae) Shall we do a test run next week and then recheck the vote? We still have a few that are unsure.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:15( SloggerKhan) sounds like a good idea
Sun,06.05.2007|19:15( ianmcorvidae) Plus, we have absentees.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:15( ToddB) I think that would be the best idea.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:15( azteech) second that thought
Sun,06.05.2007|19:16( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:16( johnc4510) ok by me
Sun,06.05.2007|19:16( br24) yea
Sun,06.05.2007|19:16( johnc4510) put on agenda
Sun,06.05.2007|19:16( ianmcorvidae) john, Todd or I can bring you up to speed on that process later.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:16( ToddB) Ok, so PM me after this so we can discuss how this will work, John.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:16( ianmcorvidae) Ok; logo tie-breaker, then.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:16( johnc4510) k
Sun,06.05.2007|19:16( johnc4510) yes
Sun,06.05.2007|19:16( ianmcorvidae) rs and Poly seem to not be appearing.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:16( ianmcorvidae) So, the vote is between 8 and 9.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:16( johnc4510) azteech: vote
Sun,06.05.2007|19:17( azteech) hold one, looking again.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:17( azteech) I say 8, since it does have at least colors of the arizona sunsets, and arizona flag.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:18( ianmcorvidae) Ok, 8 for az.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:18( ianmcorvidae) br24.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:18( br24) 8
Sun,06.05.2007|19:18( ianmcorvidae) chucks.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:18( ianmcorvidae) chucks_: Are you around?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:19( chucks_) yeah i'm still l here
Sun,06.05.2007|19:19( ianmcorvidae) Vote between 8 and 9 on logos?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:19( chucks_) 8
Sun,06.05.2007|19:19( ianmcorvidae) DrPppr242.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:19( DrPppr242) 9
Sun,06.05.2007|19:19( ianmcorvidae) I vote 9.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:19( ianmcorvidae) johnc4510.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:19* johnc4510 votes 9
Sun,06.05.2007|19:20( ianmcorvidae) Slogger.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:20( SloggerKhan) 9
Sun,06.05.2007|19:20( ianmcorvidae) ToddB.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:20( ToddB) 9
Sun,06.05.2007|19:20( ianmcorvidae) SlickMcRunfast or rsthree: Are you here?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:20( ianmcorvidae) (just double-checking)
Sun,06.05.2007|19:20( SlickMcRunfast) i am
Sun,06.05.2007|19:21( ianmcorvidae) Vote between 8 and 9 on logos?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:21( SlickMcRunfast) 9
Sun,06.05.2007|19:21( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:21( azteech) what was dx's vote for, earlier?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:21( ianmcorvidae) 8
Sun,06.05.2007|19:21( ianmcorvidae) but 9 has won pretty significantly at this point.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:21( SloggerKhan) what, 6-5?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:21( br24) 5-4
Sun,06.05.2007|19:21( ianmcorvidae) 6-4 by my count.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:22( SloggerKhan) ok
Sun,06.05.2007|19:22( johnc4510) ToddB: vote
Sun,06.05.2007|19:22( ianmcorvidae) He did.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:22( br24) 6-4
Sun,06.05.2007|19:22( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:22( johnc4510) ok   was it 6 to 4 on 9?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:22( ianmcorvidae) Well, that's convenient.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:22( ianmcorvidae) Yep.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:22( ToddB) Shweet.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:22( ianmcorvidae) All the wiki pages already have it, so that was easy :)
Sun,06.05.2007|19:22( johnc4510) ok we have an official logo
Sun,06.05.2007|19:22( SloggerKhan) Well, guess we decided. I really like 4, 11, and 13, but I made them.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:22( ianmcorvidae) Hehe.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:22( ianmcorvidae) Motion: We keep the other logos as 'unofficial'
Sun,06.05.2007|19:22( johnc4510) HEEHEE
Sun,06.05.2007|19:23( johnc4510) agreed
Sun,06.05.2007|19:23( SloggerKhan) Second that.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:23( azteech) third it ..
Sun,06.05.2007|19:23( ianmcorvidae) i.e. they can be used on anything that's not our 'official' stuff (nametags or the like)
Sun,06.05.2007|19:23( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:23( ianmcorvidae) So, agenda for next week.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:23( ianmcorvidae) Intros. Team Reports. Rehash of Localization.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:23( SloggerKhan) I actually think long term we should look at establishing versions for specific use cases.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:24( SloggerKhan) But not now.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:24( ianmcorvidae) Moderated Channel revote after the meeting.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:24( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: usual   intro  announcements   team reports and agenda
Sun,06.05.2007|19:24( ToddB) With a test-run of the new format, correct?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:24( ianmcorvidae) ToddB: correct.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:24( br24) ianmcorvidae, dont forget about Tucson meeting
Sun,06.05.2007|19:24( johnc4510) yes
Sun,06.05.2007|19:24( ianmcorvidae) Slogger: A good idea :)
Sun,06.05.2007|19:24( ianmcorvidae) Tucson meeting, yes.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:24( ToddB) Guys, after next Saturday, I will no longer be in the Tucson area
Sun,06.05.2007|19:24( ToddB) I'm going back to California for the summer
Sun,06.05.2007|19:24( SlickMcRunfast) Hi
Sun,06.05.2007|19:24( ianmcorvidae) Also, any Tucson people who would like to discuss that, unofficial meeting after we finish here :)
Sun,06.05.2007|19:24( ianmcorvidae) I was hoping for sometime in the next week, so :)
Sun,06.05.2007|19:25( ToddB) but I will still be as active as I can
Sun,06.05.2007|19:25( johnc4510) ToddB: but you will attend from home right
Sun,06.05.2007|19:25( SloggerKhan) Well, enjoy Cali.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:25( ToddB) Correct,
Sun,06.05.2007|19:25( SloggerKhan) Where you from SoCal, or NarCal?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:25( azteech) k ian
Sun,06.05.2007|19:25( ToddB) NorCal.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:25( ianmcorvidae) Anything more for the agenda for next week?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:25( ToddB) Bay Area.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:25( SloggerKhan) I lived in norcal for high school
Sun,06.05.2007|19:25( SloggerKhan) near auburn.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:25( ToddB) oh, ok
Sun,06.05.2007|19:25( ToddB) I'm out in the East Bay.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:25( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: we'll hash out the rest of the agenda later
Sun,06.05.2007|19:25( azteech) maybe one more item, but john and I can discuss off line and add later.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:25( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:25( SloggerKhan) k
Sun,06.05.2007|19:26( ianmcorvidae) Agenda changes can always be made on the wiki; just alert john or myself to the change if you choose to make one.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:26( SloggerKhan) Tucson people, I think thursday would be the best day for me next week, if we were to meet somewhere.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:26( azteech) ianmcorvidae: understood
Sun,06.05.2007|19:26( ToddB) I have a final on Friday, so Thursday is going to cut into my study schedule
Sun,06.05.2007|19:27( ianmcorvidae) I'm in favor of weekends, but I could probably get away with any day so long as I have no school.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:27( SloggerKhan) Friday might work for me.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:27( br24) SloggerKhan, Thurs night?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:27( ianmcorvidae) At the time of the meet, that is.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:27( johnc4510) azteech has an idea for a sticky on forum   az
Sun,06.05.2007|19:27( SloggerKhan) Anytime thurs.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:27( SloggerKhan) This weekend is OK, my Dad is visiting, tho.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:27( ianmcorvidae) johnc4510: Do we want to cover that before we end the meeting?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:27( SloggerKhan) Or next I mean.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:28( SloggerKhan) the 12th/13th
Sun,06.05.2007|19:28( azteech) Until Oct, Sunday is my only day off, during the week, and this weekend coming up is Mother's Day. Don't know who all will be available during the weekend.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:28( johnc4510) well, it was something az wanted brought up
Sun,06.05.2007|19:28( SloggerKhan) Yeah, 12/13 isn't great for me.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:28( SloggerKhan) The friday might be OK.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:28( br24) I would say Fri evening
Sun,06.05.2007|19:28( ianmcorvidae) I guess not. I'll put it on agenda for next week.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:28( johnc4510) up to everyone else, i'm flexable
Sun,06.05.2007|19:29( ToddB) Friday is no go
Sun,06.05.2007|19:29( azteech) was just saying it is on the team forum. john and I briefly discussed, and there may need to be some polish needed. figured might be good for next agenda
Sun,06.05.2007|19:29( ToddB) I'm moving out
Sun,06.05.2007|19:29( ianmcorvidae) Ok. It's on next week's agenda.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:29( johnc4510) azteech: can you link that sticky you wanted brought up?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:29( SloggerKhan) You in a dorm Todd?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:29( ToddB) Yeah.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:29( SloggerKhan) which?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:29( ToddB) Arizona/Sonora
Sun,06.05.2007|19:29( SloggerKhan) I'm in Yavapai
Sun,06.05.2007|19:29( ToddB) no shit?
Sun,06.05.2007|19:30( azteech) johnc4510: getting it now
Sun,06.05.2007|19:30( johnc4510) k
Sun,06.05.2007|19:30( SloggerKhan) Moving to Cienega sunday. I have a job on campus this summer, and leadership training.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:30( ToddB) fun
Sun,06.05.2007|19:30( azteech) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=435197
Sun,06.05.2007|19:30( ToddB) I'm moving into one of my brother's houses.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:30( ToddB) for next semester
Sun,06.05.2007|19:30( johnc4510) az has a new sticky for approval   it updates all our info on the team
Sun,06.05.2007|19:31( ianmcorvidae) johnc4510: We're covering that next week.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:31( johnc4510) oh   ok   is that ok with you az
Sun,06.05.2007|19:31( ianmcorvidae) 'Twas his suggestion :P
Sun,06.05.2007|19:31( azteech) johnc4510: fine by me. gives everyone chance to look it over.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:31( SloggerKhan) Sticky change seems fine.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:31( ianmcorvidae) If we want to do it now, I'm in favor.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:31( azteech) figured that way we could finish discussing it, and polish it, as you suggested.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:32( ianmcorvidae) Ok. Next week, then.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:32( ianmcorvidae) (already on the agenda, hehe)
Sun,06.05.2007|19:32( johnc4510) ianmcorvidae: let us polish it some more
Sun,06.05.2007|19:32( ianmcorvidae) Ok.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:32( SloggerKhan) OK.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:32( SloggerKhan) I'm gonna grab some food.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:32( SloggerKhan) I'll be around.
Sun,06.05.2007|19:32( ianmcorvidae) This meeting's over, too. Log will be up in a bit.

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