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If you have additions to the Agenda, please post them here after confirming with johnc4510 or scott_ev.


(19:00) ( scott_ev) OK, let's get started.  Welcome to the regular Sunday night meeting of the Ubuntu Az LoCo Team. 
                    Please let us know that you're her with a '+1".  If this is your first time here please tell us 
                    a little about yourself.  I'll start the meeting off with news about what's happening in and 
                    around Ubuntu Linux.  There will be several links that you can open in your browser for reading 
                    later.  Then Hans the president of The Phoenix Linux User
(19:01) ( toddc) +1
(19:01) ( Doorman352) +1
(19:01) ( Eric-A) +1
(19:01) ( fuzzyvader) +1
(19:01) ( scott_ev) nice, welcome everyone. I'm sure there will bve as few more showing up as the meeting 
(19:02) ( scott_ev) Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha-3 coming
(19:02) ( scott_ev) [1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeatureFreeze
(19:02) ( scott_ev) [2] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess
(19:02) ( scott_ev) 0.04.1 Release Schedule Update
(19:02) ( scott_ev) This is the current list of targeted bugs:
(19:02) ( scott_ev) https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-10.04.1
(19:02) ( scott_ev) Original Posting to the Ubuntu-Devel mailing list can be found at:
(19:02) ( scott_ev) https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2010-July/031016.html
(19:02) ( scott_ev) New Kubuntu website is live!
(19:02) ( scott_ev) The Kubuntu team have remodeled their abode, with astounding results.
(19:02) ( scott_ev) Many thanks to Ofir Klinger of the Kubuntu website team for his hard work making this happen!
(19:02) ( scott_ev) For more information as well as some screenshots and a link to the new site go to:
(19:02) ( scott_ev) http://dohbuoy.wordpress.com/2010/07/28/new-kubuntu-website-is-live/
(19:02) ( scott_ev) Ubuntu Font Beta: now with added Bold
(19:02) ( scott_ev) Ivanka Majic announced that the Canonical Design Team has updated the Ubuntu Font Beta ppa - 
                    Bold has now been added.
(19:02) ( scott_ev) http://design.canonical.com/?p=6571
(19:03) ( scott_ev) Ubuntu News Team – Needs You!!
(19:03) ( scott_ev) Do you want to be part of the Ubuntu News Team? Do you want to be part of a long standing and 
                    growing part of the Ubuntu Community? Looking for a place to contribute. Then the Ubuntu News 
                    Team is for you!
(19:03) ( scott_ev) To find out more about how you can get involved and help the news team go to: 
(19:03) ( scott_ev) Ubuntu Q&A community in Shapado - progress
(19:03) ( scott_ev) A few days ago I invited you to take a look at Shapado and its Ubuntu Q&A community.
(19:03) ( scott_ev) It's picking up nicely: http://ubuntu.shapado.com/
(19:03) ( scott_ev) If anyone in this list wants to be an admin my only requirement is that you are a current 
                    Ubuntu member.
(19:03) ( scott_ev) Most users are English and Spanish for now. The site supports 4 languages (French, Portuguese, 
                    English and Spanish) with the next release supporting many more, including Russian, Macedonian, 
                    Dutch, Galician, German and Catalan.
(19:03) ( scott_ev) Progress of translation can be seen here:
(19:03) ( scott_ev) http://translatewiki.net/wiki/Translating:Shapado/stats
(19:03) ( scott_ev) My personal experience using it has been great and I've learned quite a bit while exploring 
                    this new way of helping other Ubuntu users. My main focus is Spanish and English. I've asked my 
                    local team members to take a look at this but I don't expect much activity before school is 
                    back :D Right now in summer most everyone I know here in Quebec is out catching some sun.
(19:03) ( scott_ev) am I going too fast?
(19:04) ( scott_ev) For more information the original post to the LoCo contacts mailing list can be found at:
(19:04) ( soldats) +1 sorry forgot
(19:04) ( scott_ev) https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/loco-contacts/2010-July/004783.html
(19:04) ( scott_ev) welcome
(19:04) ( scott_ev) Why Ubuntu Linux Is a Good Business Choice
(19:04) ( scott_ev) Ken Hess, PC World discusses Ubuntu as a good business choice.
(19:04) ( scott_ev) One of those choices is Ubuntu Linux, a greatly enhanced Debian-based Linux distribution that 
                    installs easily, has the familiar Windows look and feel, and operates well on older hardware 
                    (expensive upgrade not required). Linux fans tout the positive attributes, often at high 
                    decibel levels, of Ubuntu Linux, which is perhaps the world's most popular Linux distribution. 
                    But, is it business worthy?
(19:05) ( scott_ev) To decide for yourself and to find out more information go to:
(19:05) ( scott_ev) http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/201842/why_ubuntu_linux_is_a_good_business_choice.html?tk=hp_new
(19:05) ( scott_ev) Ubuntu's two big advantages over Windows and Mac
(19:05) ( scott_ev) 1. Comprehensive software updates 2. Integrated app store To read the article in full and learn 
                    more about these advantages go to:
(19:05) ( scott_ev) http://www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/ubuntus-two-big-advantages-over-windows-and-mac/37184
(19:05) ( scott_ev) Get a Blazing-Fast Computer for Free
(19:05) ( scott_ev) toddc is giving one away this week
(19:06) ( scott_ev) haha...not
(19:06) ( scott_ev) Farhad Manjoo discusses how Ubuntu can be used on older hardware - Well, I think they've done 
                    it. I made a second foray onto Ubuntu's shores a week ago, and so far, I like it quite a bit. 
                    The OS has progressed a great deal since I last checked in (in 2008 I installed version 8.04; 
                    now I'm running version 10.04). I found Ubuntu quick to install, speedy to do pretty much 
                    everything, and, thankfully, very easy to figure out. There were so
(19:06) ( scott_ev) dit all of that make it through?
(19:06) ( soldats) seems like it did
(19:06) ( toddc) k
(19:07) ( scott_ev) nice
(19:07) ( Doorman352) Lost you are There were so
(19:07) ( scott_ev) There were some rough edges; for instance, Ubuntu's designers ought to make some of its error 
                    messages more comprehensible to newbies. While installing Skype, I was informed that a "later 
                    version is available in a software channel. You are strongly advised to install the version 
                    from the software channel, since it is usually better supported." I'm pretty sure that could 
                    have been translated to, "Click 'Next' to install a newer version 
(19:07) ( scott_ev) how abouyt that?
(19:08) ( Doorman352) newer version
(19:08) ( scott_ev) dealing with it.
(19:08) ( Doorman352) buffer overflow.....
(19:08) ( soldats) i think it should still say what it says but give the option to auto install with a button 
                   making it easier for new peeps
(19:08) ( scott_ev) ok, I'll redo that paragraph in small pieces
(19:08) ( scott_ev) Farhad Manjoo discusses how Ubuntu can be used on older hardware - Well, I think they've done 
                    it. I made a second foray onto Ubuntu's shores a week ago, and so far, I like it quite a bit. 
                    The OS has progressed a great deal since I last checked in (in 2008 I installed version 8.04; 
                    now I'm running version 10.04).
(19:09) ( scott_ev) I found Ubuntu quick to install, speedy to do pretty much everything, and, thankfully, very 
                    easy to figure out. There were some rough edges; for instance, Ubuntu's designers ought to make 
                    some of its error messages more comprehensible to newbies. While installing Skype, I was 
                    informed that a "later version is available in a software channel.
(19:09) ( scott_ev) You are strongly advised to install the version from the software channel, since it is usually 
                    better supported." I'm pretty sure that could have been translated to, "Click 'Next' to install 
                    a newer version of Skype."
(19:09) ( scott_ev) For the most part, though, Ubuntu has broken free of technical mumbo jumbo, and if you've got a 
                    little bit of tech savvy, you'll have no problem dealing with it.
(19:09) ( scott_ev) how was that?
(19:09) ( Doorman352) perect
(19:09) ( soldats) way better
(19:09) ( Doorman352) unlike my typing
(19:10) ( scott_ev) good
(19:10) ( scott_ev) So Ubuntu is good. But why should you use it?  Farhad Manjoo continues with - "To me, it's the 
                    perfect way to give an aging Windows PC new life." Want to learn more about this writers 
                    assessment of why Ubuntu 10.04 is great for older hardware go to:
(19:10) ( scott_ev) http://www.slate.com/id/2261781
(19:10) ( scott_ev) New Style Stickers for sale in Ubuntu store - perfect for covering netbooks with!
(19:10) ( scott_ev) http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/07/new-style-stickers-for-sale-in-ubuntu.html
(19:10) ( scott_ev) w00t w00t...STICKERZZZ
(19:11) ( scott_ev) if you9've ever seen my laptop.....
(19:11) ( scott_ev) GNOME 3 not ready yet, release pushed back to 2011
(19:11) ( scott_ev) http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2010/07/gnome-3-not-ready-yet-release-pushed-back-to-2011.ars
(19:11) ( scott_ev) Using ALSA to Control Linux Audio
(19:11) ( scott_ev) Carla Shroder discusses Using ALSA - Last week I wrote how to configure PulseAudio on Ubuntu so 
                    you could easily stop and start it when you wanted to, instead of being stuck with it being on 
                    all the time, or having to remove it just to get it out of your way.
(19:11) ( scott_ev) Today I'm going to show how to use ALSA, which has been the default Linux audio subsystem for 
                    many years. ALSA has its limitations, but it's perfectly fine for controlling both playback and 
                    recording volume.
(19:12) ( scott_ev) To learn more about using ALSA to control Linux audio go to:
(19:12) ( scott_ev) http://www.linuxplanet.com/linuxplanet/tutorials/7134/1/
(19:12) ( scott_ev) Try Out Opera Mini In Ubuntu
(19:12) ( scott_ev) Anurag Upadhaya discusses how to run Opera Mini in Ubuntu - You must have seen plenty of ways 
                    to run Opera Mini in Windows XP or Windows 7 (yes, we are not talking about mobiles here).
(19:12) ( scott_ev) Want to experience the same thing on Ubuntu? The process to run it on Windows and Ubuntu is 
                    almost same with the same software application required for emulation, but still we will take 
                    you through the required steps.
(19:12) ( scott_ev) To learn more go to:
(19:12) ( scott_ev) http://www.blogsdna.com/11590/try-out-opera-mini-in-ubuntu.htm
(19:13) ( scott_ev) Latest ATI Video Driver Has Support for Ubuntu 10.04
(19:13) ( scott_ev) http://news.softpedia.com/news/Latest-ATI-Video-Driver-Has-Support-for-Ubuntu-10-04-149158.shtml
(19:13) ( scott_ev) Dell to Continue to Sell Ubuntu Systems, Just Not on Its UK Website
(19:13) ( scott_ev) http://news.softpedia.com/news/Dell-to-Continue-to-Sell-Ubuntu-Systems-Just-Not-on-Its-UK-Website-149644.shtml
(19:13) ( scott_ev) Ubuntu Brainstorm Top 5 this week
(19:13) ( scott_ev)     *  option to keep bluetooth radio default off - http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/25499/
(19:13) ( scott_ev)     *  remember boot parameter (in grub.cfg) when installing / upgrading Ubuntu - 
(19:13) ( scott_ev)     *  Move Workspaces with their Contents - http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/25545/
(19:13) ( scott_ev)     *  An app or program to install Android free and priced apps - 
(19:13) ( scott_ev) hahahah..only 4 this week
(19:14) ( scott_ev) Ubuntu Brainstorm is a community site geared toward letting you add your ideas for Ubuntu. You 
                    can submit your own idea, or vote for or against another idea. http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/
(19:14) ( scott_ev) Free Books For Approved LoCo Teams
(19:14) ( scott_ev) http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/08/05/free-books-for-approved-loco-teams-2/
(19:14) ( scott_ev) Matthew Helmke: Interviewed by SearchEnterpriseLinux.com
(19:14) ( scott_ev) http://matthewhelmke.net/?p=1236
(19:15) ( scott_ev) Matthew Helmke lives in Tucson and gives the team a signeds copy of every book he authors or 
(19:15) ( scott_ev) right now I have a signed copy of the 5th edition of the official Ubuntu book
(19:16) ( scott_ev) it will be given away at the next team event
(19:16) ( scott_ev) I suppose we;ll do as we did ast the release partyu and do a gree raffle unless someone has a 
                    better idea
(19:17) ( scott_ev) any ideas?
(19:17) ( Doorman352) I vote to give it to the father of twins...... ;)
(19:17) ( scott_ev) hmmm. deserving the are
(19:17) ( Doorman352) cute too
(19:17) ( scott_ev) but their father makes way too  much $
(19:18) ( scott_ev) Mark Shuttleworth: Healing Old Wounds
(19:18) ( scott_ev) http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/442
(19:18) ( Doorman352) nope, he has twins.....
(19:18) ( scott_ev) Dustin Kirkland: Celebrating the Big 3-0
(19:18) ( scott_ev) http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2010/08/celebrating-big-3-0.html
(19:18) ( scott_ev) yeah, when do they turn 18?
(19:19) ( Doorman352) 3 years 9 months and counting
(19:19) ( scott_ev) nice
(19:19) ( scott_ev) Workstation Benchmarks: Windows 7 vs. Ubuntu Linux
(19:19) ( scott_ev) http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_win7_ws&num=1
(19:19) ( scott_ev) Does Ubuntu Contribute its Share to Free Software Projects?
(19:19) ( Doorman352) make me an offer.....
(19:19) ( scott_ev) http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/osrc/article.php/12068_3896496_3/Does-Ubuntu-Contribute-its-Share-to-Free-Software-Projects.htm
(19:19) ( scott_ev) gonna put them out on their birthday
(19:19) ( scott_ev) ??
(19:19) ( Doorman352) yep
(19:20) ( Doorman352) I will of course help them pack...
(19:20) ( scott_ev) he New Ubuntu (10.10) Font Available For (almost) Everyone To Download [PPA]
(19:20) ( scott_ev) http://www.webupd8.org/2010/08/new-ubuntu-1010-font-available-for.html
(19:20) ( scott_ev) OMG! Interviews: Jono Bacon
(19:20) ( scott_ev) http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/08/omg-interviews-jono-bacon.html
(19:20) ( Doorman352) Gonna order 10.10 disks early? Hint Hint
(19:20) ( scott_ev) === A handful of Unity updates...===
(19:20) ( scott_ev) http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/08/handful-of-unity-updates.html
(19:20) ( scott_ev) I'll order them on the first day that I can
(19:21) ( scott_ev) this was the first time that I had to order them and I wasn't aware that John was no lomnger 
                    handling it
(19:21) ( scott_ev) The State of Ubuntu Studio 2010

(19:21) ( scott_ev) This post is from the blog 'Confessions of a Ubuntu Studio Developer' by Scott Lavender, 
                    currently the project lead for Ubuntu Studio. In this post, Scott gives us the facts on where 
                    the Ubuntu Studio project is right now, and where it is heading, and how the community can get 
                    involved to help the project maintain momentum. For those of us who take advantage of the 
                    Ubuntu Studio packages and development, this is a must-read, 'call to a
(19:21) ( scott_ev) http://dullass.blogspot.com/2010/08/state-of-ubuntu-studio-2010.html
(19:21) ( scott_ev) did that all make it?
(19:21) ( Doorman352) 'call to a
(19:22) ( scott_ev) call to action'.
(19:22) ( scott_ev) http://dullass.blogspot.com/2010/08/state-of-ubuntu-studio-2010.html
(19:22) ( scott_ev) Linaro Alpha-3 Released
(19:22) ( scott_ev) Check out this post from Jamie Bennett about the new Linaro Alpha-3 release. Highlights are: "A 
                    small Linaro headless image with basic OMAP3 beagle board support. A new software archive 
                    rebuild with GCC 4.4.4, CodeSourcery enhancements and ARM-related improvements. Support for 
                    opengl ES development through MESA.
(19:23) ( scott_ev) GPS support via gypsy and geoclue. Netbook user interface capabilities with the latest EFL 
                    software stack." More Information on this development release can be found at 
                    http://wiki.linaro.org/Releases/1011/Alpha3 .
(19:23) ( scott_ev) http://www.linuxuk.org/2010/08/linaro-alpha-3-released/
(19:23) ( scott_ev) 5 Linux powered e-book readers
(19:23) ( scott_ev) In this blog post by Prakash Advani, 5 popular e-book readers that run linux are listed, and 
(19:23) ( scott_ev) http://cityblogger.com/archives/2010/08/04/5-linux-powered-e-book-readers
(19:23) ( scott_ev) OK, that's all the news.  Was that enough?
(19:24) ( Doorman352) Yep, what about the Wikis?
(19:24) ( scott_ev) Eric-A: did you get a chance to introduce yourself in a meeting yet?
(19:24) ( Eric-A) not yet
(19:24) ( scott_ev) Doorman352: in a sec
(19:24) ( scott_ev) please do.
(19:24) ( scott_ev) tell us your computer experienmce etc
(19:25) ( scott_ev) credit rating
(19:25) ( soldats) ssn
(19:25) ( Eric-A) Hi all, nice to meet you, I started playing with linux 6 months ago after killing off a windows 
(19:25) ( scott_ev) ribbed or smooth
(19:25) ( scott_ev) lubed or not
(19:25) ( [R]) wtf
(19:25) ( soldats) lol
(19:25) ( Eric-A) I have been around pc's since the old BBS days
(19:25) ( Doorman352) dial up!
(19:25) ( Eric-A) yes
(19:26) ( Eric-A) wi-fi is down tonight
(19:26) ( Eric-A) neighbor turned off her router,, lol
(19:26) ( soldats) ouch
(19:26) ( scott_ev) Guys, I met Eric-A and his wife today.  It's always nice to have a face to go with a NIC
(19:26) ( [R]) lol
(19:26) ( [R]) maybe you shoudln't be stealing
(19:27) ( scott_ev) Finally someone that lives further east than I
(19:27) ( Eric-A) :)
(19:27) ( [R]) scott_ev: out of state?
(19:27) ( fuzzyvader) I think I hold the record on east
(19:27) ( Eric-A) I'm almost apache junction
(19:27) ( fuzzyvader) oh wait that's west
(19:28) ( scott_ev) Doorman352: this last week quietstorm and I got him set up with the beginnings of his own wiki
(19:28) ( scott_ev) that way he could learn wiki and put his together
(19:28) ( Doorman352) I need info if you want me to keep sites updated.....
(19:28) ( soldats) scott_ev: has lenards been around lately that i may have missed him
(19:28) ( scott_ev) I suggest you and I do y9ours this week
(19:28) ( scott_ev) soldats: no
(19:28) ( soldats) damn
(19:29) ( scott_ev) well, lenards was at hutchnates house when we had the bbq
(19:29) ( scott_ev) Doorman352: you just have to get in touch with me \
(19:29) ( scott_ev) so we can get you started
(19:29) ( Flakeparadigm) I am here.
(19:30) ( Flakeparadigm) I totally forgot about meeting...
(19:30) ( Doorman352) Bad! Bad Flakeparadigm..... No biscuit!
(19:30) ( scott_ev) I have so much that I do for and because of this team that I can't remember to get in touch 
                    with you so please call me after work one evening and we'll get you started
(19:30) ( scott_ev) Doorman352: will that work?
(19:31) ( Flakeparadigm) Doorman352: it's okay... I'm going to have a steak soon
(19:31) ( Doorman352) Sure....
(19:31) ( scott_ev) great
(19:31) ( scott_ev) I went through the wiki and dit a little
(19:31) ( scott_ev) it's not quite as behind as I had thought
(19:31) ( toddc) scott_ev should maintain all of our wiki's---hiding in a corner
(19:32) ( scott_ev) Doorman352: and I will have a fairly subsdtantial task getting the education page caught up
(19:32) ( scott_ev) but it will be a nice, learning experience
(19:32)  * Doorman352 flexes mouse fingers and cracks knuckles.... Bring it on!
(19:33) ( Flakeparadigm) looks like Doorman352 is asking for a battle with of the wikis
(19:33) ( Doorman352) My Wiki will beat up your Wiki....
(19:33) ( syn-ack) errrr
(19:33) ( syn-ack) +1
(19:33) ( scott_ev) will someone please volunteer to bring up pre planning for the 10,10 releasde party at next 
                    weeks meetring
(19:33) ( syn-ack) sorry about that
(19:34) ( scott_ev) welcome syn-ack
(19:34) ( Doorman352) Party at Scott's house
(19:34) ( soldats) woot
(19:34) ( soldats) ill bring my bike
(19:34) ( scott_ev) 153 n 58th st mesa
(19:34) ( scott_ev) 152
(19:34) ( toddc) can I bring my bike too?
(19:35) ( syn-ack) that's like 58th and the 60, no?
(19:35) ( scott_ev) of course
(19:35) ( scott_ev) and the tryke
(19:35) ( Doorman352) No drinking and riding......
(19:35) ( scott_ev) OK, does anyone have any questions, news or anyuthing at all to add to the meeting?
(19:35)  * syn-ack has no car to get up to the Valley
(19:36) ( toddc) My bike will beat your bike!
(19:36) ( syn-ack) scott_ev, I would like to add that you're my sweety.
(19:36) ( syn-ack) EoT
(19:36) ( scott_ev) hjaah
(19:36) ( syn-ack) :D
(19:36)  * syn-ack waits for the whole channel to finish the full body shivers
(19:36) ( Doorman352) I'll have Ubuntu 10.04 disks at Hackfest next week, Out of Kubuntu, a few server and a bunch 
                      of desktop CDs available
(19:36) ( soldats) :D
(19:36) ( scott_ev) I'm very tired this evening as I havent slept since yeaterday morning
(19:37)  * Doorman352 threw up in his mouth...... a little
(19:37) ( soldats) do some shrooms
(19:37) ( scott_ev) Doorman352: save me a Kubuntu pkease
(19:37) ( soldats) itll keep you up scott_ev 
(19:37) ( syn-ack) scott_ev, man... the 80's are over. Leave their drugs back there. :P
(19:37) ( scott_ev) caffeine
(19:37) ( scott_ev) caffeine
(19:37) ( scott_ev) adderall
(19:37) ( scott_ev) dilaudid
(19:37) ( Doorman352) Vicodin......
(19:37) ( toddc) legal drugs
(19:37) ( scott_ev) all of it keeps me awake
(19:38) ( scott_ev) and it's prescribed
(19:38) ( scott_ev) enough of that
(19:38) ( scott_ev) anything gents?
(19:38) ( soldats) wait
(19:38) ( Doorman352) Hackfest next Tuesday at Devry....
(19:38) ( syn-ack) I'm all out of ideas, sadly.
(19:38) ( scott_ev) next week we start planning release party for 10.10
(19:38) ( syn-ack) already?
(19:39) ( syn-ack) it's still two months out
(19:39) ( scott_ev) sept..oct..
(19:39) ( Doorman352) Big party, needs planning
(19:39) ( syn-ack) oh wow.
(19:39) ( soldats) i thought about having a portion on the wiki about little tips and tricks possibly not mentioned 
                   elsewhere that we as a team or individually came up with to make work easier
(19:39) ( syn-ack) I was counting August in there too
(19:39) ( scott_ev) I don't do last minute since I'll end up doing almost everything yself
(19:39) ( Flakeparadigm) soldats: if we were still back in jaunty day, I had solved a big problem. But it doesn't 
                         work elsewhere
(19:39) ( soldats) like small how-tos and stuff, could be anything really
(19:39) ( Flakeparadigm) I felt quite accomplished
(19:40) ( soldats) yea i used to use the hell out of xfce with a bunch of stuff i edited in xml files
(19:40) ( syn-ack) scott_ev, would it be conducive to have an "Ubuntu forums" like wiki on on azloco?
(19:40) ( soldats) but i havent used it in ages
(19:40) ( fuzzyvader) like that right click to run as root thingy
(19:40) ( scott_ev) next week Doorman352 and I will have an update on the state i=of the education page in the wiki
(19:40) ( Flakeparadigm) soldats: http://tan-com.com/blog/posts/technology/fix-ubuntu-904-ati-driver-issue
(19:40) ( scott_ev) hey
(19:40) ( scott_ev) we're having a meeting here
(19:40)  * Doorman352 will be edumacated......
(19:41) ( soldats) scott_ev: it was about the meeting
(19:41) ( soldats) you asked if anything should be added or suggested
(19:41) ( scott_ev) kk, sorry

(19:41) ( scott_ev) tired and grumpy
(19:41) ( soldats) scott_ev: i mentioned above about the wiki
(19:41) ( scott_ev) my fault and I appologize
(19:41) ( soldats) good
(19:41) ( soldats) :)
(19:42) ( scott_ev) what else will be in next weeks meeting?
(19:42) ( scott_ev) soldats can you do a small thing for us?
(19:42) ( soldats) like?
(19:43) ( scott_ev) on the team wiki
(19:43) ( scott_ev) near the top on the right is a grey box that lists the next meeting
(19:43) ( scott_ev) would you change that each week to reflect the correct date/time
(19:44) ( scott_ev) you can do it right after the meeting so it won't be much of a bother
(19:44) ( soldats) i could do that
(19:45) ( scott_ev) awesome.  that would be so great
(19:45) ( scott_ev) I just keep forgetting to do it
(19:45) ( scott_ev) OK, I saw Hans step in.....
(19:45) ( scott_ev) the mic is yours sir
(19:45) ( Doorman352) err keyboard?
(19:45) ( scott_ev) pfffft
(19:46) ( scott_ev) LuftHans:
(19:46) ( scott_ev) pingerino
(19:46) ( Doorman352) true...probably dictating this conversation on his droid
(19:46) ( scott_ev) someone crack open a beer to get his attention
(19:46) ( Doorman352) Cerveza!
(19:47) ( Doorman352) Porn!
(19:47) ( scott_ev) OK, I guess there's no PLUG announcements this week
(19:47) ( LuftHans) scott_ev: OK, will be slow, as I'm on the freeway
(19:47) ( Doorman352) OK, he must be dead....
(19:47) ( LuftHans) PLPLUG east side meeting this Thursday at Southern and Dobson MCC campus
(19:47) ( LuftHans) Versuch
(19:47) ( LuftHans) just lagged
(19:48) ( LuftHans) Prescott Stammitsch is Tuesday
(19:48) ( scott_ev) brb. Flakeparadigm take over if need be
(19:48) ( LuftHans) Doorman352 said the Hackfest is this Tuesday as well
(19:48) ( LuftHans) both Valley Stammtische are next week
(19:48) ( Doorman352) Bring friends!
(19:49) ( LuftHans) ABLEconf mtg is in 10 min
(19:49) ( LuftHans) as posted here during the week, FUDconf will be coming to Tempe in January
(19:50) ( LuftHans) ABLEconf has agreed to help with both Software Freedom Day and FUDcon preparations
(19:50) ( LuftHans) finally, community college classes are starting up in the new few weeks
(19:51) ( scott_ev) back
(19:51) ( LuftHans) Mesa, Estrella Mountain, Paradise Valley definitely all have Free Software classes
(19:51) ( LuftHans) I believe others do as well
(19:51) ( scott_ev) nice
(19:52) ( LuftHans) topics include GNU/Linux, Bash scripting, C programming, PHP programming and Game Design
(19:52) ( fuzzyvader) are any of those classes online?
(19:52) ( LuftHans) scott_ev: that's it, danke
(19:53) ( scott_ev) there are some online classes.  yuou'll jave to chjeck out wehich ones are
(19:53) ( scott_ev) Ok, if there's nothing else, we'll adjourn

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