Feb 20 20:59:51 toddc Welcome to AZLOCO IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1
Feb 20 21:00:01 Eric-A +1
Feb 20 21:00:01 toddc +1
Feb 20 21:00:03 kennymc0 +1
Feb 20 21:00:03 Dazed_75 +1
Feb 20 21:00:07 yourwhiteshadow +1
Feb 20 21:00:09 sloggerkhan +1 (semi-here_
Feb 20 21:00:10 sloggerkhan )
Feb 20 21:00:20 toddc star-date 64605.4
Feb 20 21:00:33 kennymc0 lol
Feb 20 21:00:35 toddc Our Team leader is johnc 4510 but he is unavailable for a while so I am filling in on nights when I am available.
Feb 20 21:00:38 Eric-A :)
Feb 20 21:00:49 toddc If any one else would like to help and fill in or take over or??? please step up we are behind on the web page, launchpad and should be doing more events/ party's
Feb 20 21:00:54 fuzzyvader +1
Feb 20 21:01:05 toddc our launch pad site
Feb 20 21:01:07 toddc https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-arizona
Feb 20 21:01:09 toddc our web site is azloco.com
Feb 20 21:01:19 toddc anyone here new tonight please introduce yourself  and tell us a little about yourself?
Feb 20 21:01:30 toddc Yes this means you  yourwhiteshadow and we did not hear from LostPenguin last week   !!!!!
Feb 20 21:01:35 kennymc0 website uses drupal if anyone was interested :)
Feb 20 21:01:51 toddc feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting
Feb 20 21:02:44 yourwhiteshadow Hello all, I'm Imran Ghare (yourwhiteshadow), fairly sort of new to ubuntu, not new at all to computing, I do research at ASU, and yeah...
Feb 20 21:03:28 toddc welcome we glad to have new users around here
Feb 20 21:03:31 Eric-A welcome Imram
Feb 20 21:03:45 sloggerkhan Hi!
Feb 20 21:03:48 kennymc0 welcome
Feb 20 21:04:03 Dazed_75 While not new, I am Larry Thiel and am primarily a member of PLUG and SLUG.  I run some installfests
Feb 20 21:04:35 toddc here is new news from ubuntu news
Feb 20 21:04:48 toddc how to make gnome panels in ubuntu totally transpaernt
Feb 20 21:04:50 toddc http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/43673/how-to-make-the-gnome-panels-in-ubuntu-totally-transparent/
Feb 20 21:05:02 toddc How to turn your ubutu Desktop into a LAMP web server
Feb 20 21:05:04 toddc http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/42480/how-to-turn-your-home-ubuntu-pc-into-a-lamp-web-server/
Feb 20 21:05:13 toddc Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal ALPHA 2 review
Feb 20 21:05:14 toddc http://www.techdrivein.com/2011/02/ubuntu-1104-natty-narwhal-alpha-2.html
Feb 20 21:05:52 toddc ubuntu 11.04 has support for Sandy Bridge
Feb 20 21:06:05 toddc http://news.softpedia.com/news/Ubuntu-11-04-Alpha-2-Has-Support-for-Sandy-Bridge-182478.shtml
Feb 20 21:06:20 toddc ustomise ubuntu with ubuntu tweak
Feb 20 21:06:21 toddc http://www.techradar.com/news/software/operating-systems/customise-ubuntu-with-ubuntu-tweak-919647
Feb 20 21:06:37 toddc ubuntu globbal jam april 1-3
Feb 20 21:06:39 toddc http://www.linuxsouls.com/node/32
Feb 20 21:06:50 toddc puppet labs mcollective ( framework for similar commands on mutable computers) will be 11.04 archive
Feb 20 21:07:11 toddc LostPenguin has made some contacts at UofA computer sciences Dept for a installfest
Feb 20 21:07:27 LostPenguin yeah, just need to set a date
Feb 20 21:07:31 toddc  I took the liberty of contacting Dazed75 with plug to see they could help us since the more people we get to help the more we can help. And HE/they would love to help out so the next step is to find a date that most of us are free to help and see if Uof A can schedule that date.
Feb 20 21:08:00 toddc I wrote that befor I knew you would be here
Feb 20 21:08:13 sloggerkhan lol
Feb 20 21:08:15 toddc I would be availible most weekends that we are not doing the tempe installfest 3rd Saturday but conld miss the server installfest if needed. And am willing to drive my van there for carpooling
Feb 20 21:08:26 LostPenguin sorry I missed the begining new game came out this week --;
Feb 20 21:09:00 sloggerkhan I can probably do any UA event not during business hours on weekdays
Feb 20 21:09:23 toddc saterdays are usually the best
Feb 20 21:10:02 syn-ack Sorry I'm late.
Feb 20 21:10:04 toddc anyone have a date to put forth?
Feb 20 21:10:15 yourwhiteshadow for the installfest?
Feb 20 21:10:20 toddc yes
Feb 20 21:10:31 Dazed_75 I can make the 5th, 12th, or 19th
Feb 20 21:10:58 LostPenguin should probably take march to promote it and do it in April
Feb 20 21:11:15 kennymc0 that would be a good idea
Feb 20 21:11:24 Dazed_75 or the corresponding Sundays though that may not be a great day for it
Feb 20 21:11:30 kennymc0 dont want to do it last minute because attendance wouldnt be good
Feb 20 21:11:51 yourwhiteshadow what is the attendance like usually?
Feb 20 21:11:59 toddc I agree we need to the date out there
Feb 20 21:12:00 sloggerkhan if you do april, might as well do the 11.04 release, I guess?
Feb 20 21:12:05 Dazed_75 2, 9,16, or 23 in April
Feb 20 21:12:18 toddc last time we had 25-30 attend at UofA
Feb 20 21:12:35 syn-ack I'm currently putting together a talk for the Mountain View Computer Club here in Sierra Vista. I'm gonna try and recruit new users.
Feb 20 21:12:53 Dazed_75 I would not recommend Natty be installed at an April fest.  Too soon!
Feb 20 21:12:53 kennymc0 might be a little early to do the 11.04 release
Feb 20 21:13:02 toddc I do have to be there on april 16
Feb 20 21:13:54 sloggerkhan Beholdeth the macification of ubuntu...
Feb 20 21:14:04 syn-ack toddc, Be where? The UA?
Feb 20 21:14:23 toddc Uof A tucson
Feb 20 21:14:30 Dazed_75 Natty now scheduled for release on 4/28
Feb 20 21:14:47 toddc computer sciences dept
Feb 20 21:15:06 LostPenguin May might be too late, come up against finals
Feb 20 21:15:15 yourwhiteshadow it might be worthwhile contacting department secretaries, they are usually nice and send out emails
Feb 20 21:15:39 yourwhiteshadow we might gain some users that way
Feb 20 21:15:40 toddc we will need to post fliers and last time the computer dept promoted it on campus for us
Feb 20 21:16:09 LostPenguin this is my message:
Feb 20 21:16:11 syn-ack From the intel I did as soon as I moved here, there are only like 5 Linux users here in Cochise County so I figure if I put a good talk and presentation together I might be able to get a few to convert.
Feb 20 21:16:30 LostPenguin Hi Phil - we'd be happy to work with you.  I book the rooms and organize events here in the department so I'd be happy to help you find a space and advertise.  Do you work with faculty or our lab staff with this event?  Just let me know what you need and we'll help with the next event.
Feb 20 21:16:30 LostPenguin Holly B. Brown
Feb 20 21:16:30 LostPenguin Secretary
Feb 20 21:16:30 LostPenguin School of Information: Science, Technology & Arts
Feb 20 21:16:30 LostPenguin Department of Computer Science
Feb 20 21:16:31 LostPenguin Academic Services
Feb 20 21:16:31 LostPenguin 520.621.4632
Feb 20 21:16:32 LostPenguin advising@cs.arizona.edu
Feb 20 21:18:00 toddc UofA uses ubuntu on thir servers and recommends it to students and has/had a prebuilt VB version they recommend students use
Feb 20 21:18:11 LostPenguin so promotion at the U of A isn;t going to be much of a problem, I do want to make sure we cover Tucson and the computer shows on KNST
Feb 20 21:18:19 syn-ack nice to see someone not use RHEL
Feb 20 21:18:49 LostPenguin IDK if tucson public access is still around either
Feb 20 21:18:56 syn-ack afaik, it is
Feb 20 21:19:33 toddc so how much time to promote do we need mid april or can it be done sooner/
Feb 20 21:20:01 LostPenguin sooner in april we do it the better, the later in april the more has to be done for finals
Feb 20 21:20:21 yourwhiteshadow what do you guys think about craigslist ads?
Feb 20 21:20:44 syn-ack Probably not worth the effort, tbh
Feb 20 21:21:02 toddc I have used them before and they work well --I am on the linux forum quite often
Feb 20 21:21:08 LostPenguin if you want to do it go ahead
Feb 20 21:21:19 yourwhiteshadow also, are there legal waivers?
Feb 20 21:21:31 syn-ack There's no potential for flamewars?
Feb 20 21:22:12 LostPenguin legal waivers are in the software, it's provided free without waranty
Feb 20 21:22:24 toddc not for the installfest but craigs list forum is always a flame war
Feb 20 21:22:43 syn-ack toddc, That was my point in them not being worth it...
Feb 20 21:23:40 toddc so far we not had a issue doing the installfests and that would be a bigger concern to me
Feb 20 21:24:13 toddc but yes even with the flame war we could post on craigslist
Feb 20 21:24:16 yourwhiteshadow yeah, but if we're helping people install this stuff, there are always loopholes, best to have our butts covered
Feb 20 21:25:14 syn-ack Without warranty is generally looked as as without warranty
Feb 20 21:25:19 LostPenguin I'm not concerned about it, someone wants to sue me, they'll have to put me up in a hotel to do it cause my golf cart won;t make it out of Arivaca
Feb 20 21:25:27 syn-ack I've never had anyone try to come back at me wrt to that
Feb 20 21:25:53 sloggerkhan These evil people force me to install this evil communist software with no warranty! Bwahwahwhawhwhw.
Feb 20 21:26:03 sloggerkhan I don't think it's a big issue.
Feb 20 21:26:13 toddc I suspect that Uof A will have post and we will have enough students to both help and be busy answering questions that attendance will not be much of a question
Feb 20 21:26:14 kennymc0 in soviet russian software install you
Feb 20 21:27:35 toddc any one have a prefereed date
Feb 20 21:28:38 LostPenguin 4/2 or 4/9
Feb 20 21:28:55 LostPenguin should leave enough time for students to do finals stuff
Feb 20 21:29:29 Dazed_75 4/9 is the WE before taxes due.  Maybe not a big issue, but ...
Feb 20 21:29:49 toddc 4/2 then?
Feb 20 21:30:00 toddc 1
Feb 20 21:30:02 toddc 2
Feb 20 21:30:04 Dazed_75 1
Feb 20 21:30:08 toddc 3
Feb 20 21:30:20 toddc  april 2 is the date
Feb 20 21:30:50 LostPenguin what time should we start?  I'm asming we'll be there all day as lonfg as people are intrested)
Feb 20 21:31:59 Dazed_75 Would prefer not b4 10am myself, but can be flexible
Feb 20 21:32:01 * sloggerkhan is now known as sloggr|gone
Feb 20 21:32:04 LostPenguin 10-5?  1-6?
Feb 20 21:32:13 toddc LostPenguin I will get with you after the meeting  10-4pm is or standard
Feb 20 21:32:27 LostPenguin we do have 5to leave time for people to get to tucson
Feb 20 21:32:54 LostPenguin k
Feb 20 21:33:02 Dazed_75 Is parking close to lab for carting equip?
Feb 20 21:33:37 yourwhiteshadow is this at the science and engineering lab?
Feb 20 21:33:40 toddc and we should on the flyers get a email for them to contact us so we get a idea of what type of install to prepare for
Feb 20 21:34:25 toddc last time they had us on the third floor lobby area that had tables outlets and desks
Feb 20 21:34:33 Dazed_75 Todd: will we need our usual stuff, or does the U provide some of it?
Feb 20 21:35:02 Dazed_75 Internet access?  Limitations?
Feb 20 21:35:10 scott_ev hello
Feb 20 21:35:16 LostPenguin if someone has a trailer and wants to come get me, I can use my golf cart for hauling stuff to and from cars
Feb 20 21:35:16 scott_ev just got home
Feb 20 21:35:21 Dazed_75 Hey Scott
Feb 20 21:35:23 kennymc0 scott_ev: fix the topic ;P
Feb 20 21:35:33 Eric-A yeah
Feb 20 21:35:38 toddc I took my stuff last time and plan to again but as I recall we only used wifi but I can use ddwrt and cinvert to lan if needed
Feb 20 21:35:40 scott_ev yeah, I have to remember how
Feb 20 21:35:55 * kennymc0 zap
Feb 20 21:35:58 kennymc0 now you remember
Feb 20 21:35:59 kennymc0 lol
Feb 20 21:36:07 scott_ev now I do
Feb 20 21:36:17 syn-ack scott_ev, /msg nickserv set topic blah. :P
Feb 20 21:36:31 toddc https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam/Installfest/Jaunty-Tucson
Feb 20 21:36:32 scott_ev yeah, after I OP myself
Feb 20 21:37:04 kennymc0 you forgot that too? thought you were oping yourself all the time a while back
Feb 20 21:37:07 Eric-A (poof) your an OP
Feb 20 21:37:09 syn-ack or on undernet /msg x topic #channel <topic_here>
Feb 20 21:37:11 syn-ack :P
Feb 20 21:37:29 scott_ev well, fool, this IS freenode
Feb 20 21:37:34 syn-ack :D
Feb 20 21:37:34 scott_ev HA
Feb 20 21:37:44 toddc scott_ev they also want meeting time in gmt and utc and stardates
Feb 20 21:38:07 scott_ev yeah, well fuck them.  they'll get what I give them
Feb 20 21:38:10 scott_ev HA
Feb 20 21:38:26 scott_ev howulikemenow
Feb 20 21:38:37 * scott_ev is quite an ass sometimes
Feb 20 21:38:39 toddc Azloco/plug installfest is this Saterday at UAT 48st and Baseline road Tempe across from Fry's Electronics
Feb 20 21:38:55 toddc Plug planning meeting have been canceled due to lack of attendance
Feb 20 21:39:11 scott_ev toddc: I have to miss it again this month because I'm getting a tooth out at 11 on sat
Feb 20 21:39:11 toddc he last installfest had a great showing and a lot of new users showed up for installs and help
Feb 20 21:39:13 toddc we even put Mr. Wong from MS to work which lead to interesting conversations
Feb 20 21:39:34 toddc The last several installfests have been very busy so if you have time or want to meet any of us or have problems feel free to show up.
Feb 20 21:39:56 toddc ok I thought you were going to do that last week
Feb 20 21:40:05 scott_ev now that I'm not involved in that start-up any longer I think I'll start getting more active in the LoCo again
Feb 20 21:40:06 syn-ack Oh speaking of Phoenix you guys here that Intel in Chandler is getting a fab plant?
Feb 20 21:40:19 scott_ev was too infected to do it yesterday
Feb 20 21:40:32 syn-ack supposed to bring in something like 4000 jobs
Feb 20 21:40:57 toddc yes it was on the news it should be great for local it/tech/engineering jobs
Feb 20 21:40:58 * scott_ev has a new job sitting right here at home
Feb 20 21:41:11 scott_ev telecommuning to the NYSE
Feb 20 21:41:27 toddc and scott cannot keep up on that
Feb 20 21:41:37 scott_ev ?
Feb 20 21:41:46 Eric-A :)
Feb 20 21:41:55 Dazed_75 Todd: I just put next weks installfest on the PLUG front page
Feb 20 21:42:04 toddc xHans if you are here do you have any news for us?
Feb 20 21:42:26 toddc cool will you be there or a t scale?
Feb 20 21:42:43 Dazed_75 Will be at SCaLE
Feb 20 21:42:54 Dazed_75 Sorry Todd
Feb 20 21:43:07 syn-ack I would love to hit SCaLE one year
Feb 20 21:43:15 toddc sad I will be lonely
Feb 20 21:43:21 Dazed_75 This is my first time there
Feb 20 21:43:35 scott_ev SCaLE was a blast last year and I can't go this year
Feb 20 21:43:43 scott_ev that makes me sad
Feb 20 21:43:57 toddc have fun there and let us know about it when you return
Feb 20 21:44:23 syn-ack hrm
Feb 20 21:44:46 toddc if there is nothing else?
Feb 20 21:45:06 scott_ev is this how I OP myself? /msg chanserv op #ubuntu-us-az
Feb 20 21:45:07 toddc 3
Feb 20 21:45:09 toddc 2
Feb 20 21:45:13 toddc 1
Feb 20 21:45:19 syn-ack scott_ev, yep
Feb 20 21:45:22 toddc Thank you for coming here this evening and have a great week!
Feb 20 21:45:32 kennymc0 you too toddc
Feb 20 21:45:37 kennymc0 :)
Feb 20 21:45:41 Dazed_75 GN
Feb 20 21:45:44 scott_ev it's not working
Feb 20 21:45:51 kennymc0 you arent doing it right then
Feb 20 21:46:01 kennymc0 did you try asking it nicely?
Feb 20 21:46:01 * Dazed_75 has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Feb 20 21:46:02 toddc night all I will be here a bit tho
Feb 20 21:46:04 syn-ack ugh, I can't find out which package the Gnome-shell launcher is in
Feb 20 21:46:17 syn-ack scott_ev, try putting the nick in there before the channel
Feb 20 21:46:22 scott_ev kk
Feb 20 21:46:49 scott_ev nope
Feb 20 21:46:56 syn-ack I know how to interface with GNUworld much better than freenode's chanservice
Feb 20 21:47:29 toddc LostPenguin can you set up the date with UofA?
Feb 20 21:47:33 scott_ev send a email to johnc4510
Feb 20 21:47:52 LostPenguin yeah, gonna drop them an e-mail, but need to know the time
Feb 20 21:48:37 toddc 10am to 4pm but may run longer see if they have any time issues
Feb 20 21:48:55 yourwhiteshadow anyone have any home automation set up?
Feb 20 21:49:00 LostPenguin you sure 10 am is enough time to get people down from phoenix?
Feb 20 21:49:20 toddc as I recall last time they closed the building at 6 as we were finishing up
Feb 20 21:49:48 toddc better to have more time and 10 is when we did it last time
Feb 20 21:49:56 LostPenguin ok, I'll just have to make sure I hitchhike early sothat I'm at least there by 10
Feb 20 21:50:22 toddc we understand if your a bit late
Feb 20 21:50:58 toddc I will try to be there by 9:30 to setup
Feb 20 21:52:26 kennymc0 scott_ev: /msg chanserv op #ubuntu-us-az scott_ev
Feb 20 21:52:28 kennymc0 try that
Feb 20 21:52:41 toddc if they setup the date and time then we will need to make flyers and contact info and I may have someone to pass out those to libray and the other schools for us
Feb 20 21:53:34 scott_ev kennymc0: nope
Feb 20 21:53:39 toddc make sure to let us know if they have us in the lobby or a room so we can put that on the flyers
Feb 20 21:53:44 kennymc0 did a chanserv window come up?
Feb 20 21:53:50 scott_ev nope
Feb 20 21:53:55 kennymc0 weird
Feb 20 21:54:16 LostPenguin that would be awsome if you could do that so I don;t have to make a trip in to town to do it
Feb 20 21:54:17 scott_ev wait, it did
Feb 20 21:54:19 kennymc0 i was never given that power so i cant do it :(
Feb 20 21:54:24 scott_ev someone took away my rights
Feb 20 21:54:35 kennymc0 that's no good
Feb 20 21:54:50 kennymc0 then that means that no active people in this channel have ops i guess
Feb 20 21:54:59 scott_ev OK, I know only one person that can.  and ....  I'M DONE
Feb 20 21:55:28 kennymc0 lol
Feb 20 21:55:37 kennymc0 well i'm going to go to bed now
Feb 20 21:55:55 kennymc0 it's 11 here and i have to work tomorrow
Feb 20 21:55:59 kennymc0 talk to ya later
Feb 20 21:56:01 scott_ev atleast PLUG doesn't operate as a monarchy
Feb 20 21:56:02 LostPenguin -ChanServ- Entry Nickname/Host          Flags
Feb 20 21:56:02 LostPenguin [21:46] -ChanServ- ----- ---------------------- -----

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