Jan 30 21:00:56 toddc Welcome to AZLOCO IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1
Jan 30 21:01:03 LostPenguin +1
Jan 30 21:01:05 toddc +1
Jan 30 21:01:21 fuzzyvader +1
Jan 30 21:01:50 toddc Our Team leader is johnc 4510 but he is unavailable for a while so I am filling in on nights when I am available.
Jan 30 21:02:06 toddc If any one else would like to help and fill in or take over or??? please step up we are behind on the web page,lanchpad and should be doing more events/ party's
Jan 30 21:02:23 toddc any new news to bring up?
Jan 30 21:02:30 paul928 +1
Jan 30 21:02:45 toddc our launch pad site
Jan 30 21:02:47 toddc https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-arizona
Jan 30 21:02:48 toddc our web site is azloco.com
Jan 30 21:03:00 toddc anyone here new tonight please introduce yourself  and tell us a little about yourself?
Jan 30 21:03:17 toddc here is new news from ubuntu news
Jan 30 21:03:32 toddc Home accounting your personal accountant on ubuntu
Jan 30 21:03:33 toddc http://www.muktware.com/a/50/379/26/2011/708
Jan 30 21:03:49 toddc guide to keyboard shortcuts
Jan 30 21:03:50 toddc http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/41418/how-to-be-more-productive-in-ubuntu-using-keyboard-shortcuts/
Jan 30 21:04:13 toddc guide for new ubuntu users
Jan 30 21:04:15 toddc http://www.lifehacker.com.au/2011/01/some-useful-basics-for-newcomers-to-ubuntu/
Jan 30 21:04:29 toddc QT in 11.04
Jan 30 21:04:30 toddc http://www.linuxinsider.com/story/Ubuntus-Warm-and-Fuzzy-Qt-Embrace-71735.html
Jan 30 21:04:56 LostPenguin is this Muktware like Peachtree/Quicken?
Jan 30 21:05:34 toddc Ipad look alike dual boots ubuntu and win7
Jan 30 21:06:06 toddc ttp://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/217347/ipad_lookalike_dualboots_ubuntu_and_windows.html
Jan 30 21:06:38 toddc not to my knowledge from reading the article
Jan 30 21:06:40 toddc  
Jan 30 21:07:05 toddc Mark Shuttleworth Says OpenStack and Eucalyptus in Ubuntu 11.04
Jan 30 21:07:36 toddc Are there any interests in doing any other group projects--instalfests or server projects?
Jan 30 21:07:50 LostPenguin so did they clear up multi touch in court yet?  last I knew apple was suing anything that used it for copyright infringmrnt
Jan 30 21:07:57 toddc there is also a hackfest lab on 1st and 3rd Wednesday at GangPlank in chandler 1800to2100
Jan 30 21:08:09 fuzzyvader toddc: hit me up in a month or so
Jan 30 21:08:21 toddc the last installfest had a great showing and a lot of new users showed up for installs and help
Jan 30 21:08:23 toddc we even put Mr. Wong from MS to work which lead to interesting conversations
Jan 30 21:08:36 LostPenguin is there anyone in tucson who regularly goes to phoenix events?
Jan 30 21:08:59 toddc fuzzyvader let me know when you are ready
Jan 30 21:09:09 fuzzyvader will do
Jan 30 21:10:00 toddc it is a ip[ad look alike but run ubuntu and win7 dual boot so no to any apple copyright issues
Jan 30 21:11:07 LostPenguin the copyright comes in with software that uses multi touch.  they claim to have the patent on it
Jan 30 21:11:33 toddc we used to do a installfest at Uof A but not in over a year we just need a local contact to setup and make the arrangements and normally several of us will drive down together
Jan 30 21:12:04 toddc The last several installfests have been very busy so if you have time or want to meet any of us or have problems feel free to show up.
Jan 30 21:12:16 toddc Installfests are last Saturday of the month at UAT 48st and baseline in Tempe right off the I10 and across from Fry's electronics from 10am to 4pm
Jan 30 21:12:31 toddc Anyone have any other news or things to bring up?
Jan 30 21:12:39 LostPenguin I have no wat to get to phoenix
Jan 30 21:13:13 LostPenguin way*
Jan 30 21:13:47 fuzzyvader greygoose might be around in more often, he's two days old on 'nix everyone give him a warm welcome if you see him and he might have a lot of noob questions... his LoCo isn't that great so I invited him here
Jan 30 21:14:31 fuzzyvader other'n that just gimme some time ;)
Jan 30 21:14:49 toddc stick with us a while and maybe several of southern can get a carpool going or a set up one down there so we can go south once in a while
Jan 30 21:15:28 fuzzyvader hutchnate and flakeparadigm are down that way aren't they?
Jan 30 21:15:47 fuzzyvader perhaps down the road they could hook up
Jan 30 21:16:39 toddc tho I should be heading to tombstone next month but with family and yes there quite a few from that direction we just need to get every one togeather
Jan 30 21:17:05 toddc xHans if you are here do you have any news for us?
Jan 30 21:18:36 toddc that is about all I have tonight
Jan 30 21:18:49 toddc Thank you for coming here this evening and have a great week!
Jan 30 21:18:56 fuzzyvader you too
Jan 30 21:18:59 fuzzyvader thx
Jan 30 21:19:13 fuzzyvader later all
Jan 30 21:21:02 toddc P.S. soldats is leading the meetings next week per our vote last week
Jan 30 21:24:06 fuzzyvader wow
Jan 30 21:24:12 fuzzyvader rain like hell just now
Jan 30 21:24:15 fuzzyvader bizarre
Jan 30 21:24:31 fuzzyvader soldats next week... got it
Jan 30 21:25:09 fuzzyvader gotta change, got wet checking on the windows on the cars...
Jan 30 21:25:14 paul928 fuzzyvader: it's been cloudy all day here in Yuma
Jan 30 21:25:14 fuzzyvader really gone this time
Jan 30 21:25:18 fuzzyvader later all
Jan 30 21:25:58 paul928 never rains in Yuma
Jan 30 21:27:25 LostPenguin http://gizmodo.com/5483632/apple-sues-htc-for-infringing-on-20-iphone-patents-the-complete-documents
Jan 30 21:28:13 * paul928 has quit (Quit: Page closed)
Jan 30 21:36:28 toddc nice read but very similar to the old MS lawsuit that they never acted on but I can also see two coders writing the same code for two different projects and if the code is even similar or along the same function or thought could be considered copyrighted sadly but I guess the courts will have to decide
Jan 30 21:37:57 LostPenguin apple was sued by a forign company trying to say the patent is too broad but they lost. 

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