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New To The Gang

A quick intro from a newcomer to our group:

<jawee> Well since this is my first time, I'm Jake. I'm actually not from AZ, I'm from GA but currently visiting here in Tucson. I met some of you guys the other days and am here with Flakeparadigm so I thought I would join in. You guys seem to be a great group!


This week's links are available below the log.

<Flakeparadigm> OK, it's time for us to get started on this week's meeting of the Ubuntu Az LoCo Team.
<Flakeparadigm> Show you're here with a +1
<fuzzyvader> +1
<jawee> +1
<Flakeparadigm> hrm
<jawee> This is going to be busy.
<Flakeparadigm> I shall continue none the less
<Flakeparadigm> Welcome everyone.
<Flakeparadigm> If this is your first time in this meeting, please introduce yourself and let us know a little about you.
* hutchnate (~hutchnate@ has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ
<Flakeparadigm> hey hutch
<hutchnate> hey
<hutchnate> we having meeting
<Flakeparadigm> (I will be logging this, it will be 1) on the wiki, 2) in scott_ev's inbox
<Flakeparadigm> )
<jawee> Well since this is my first time, I'm Jake. I'm actually not from AZ, I'm from GA but currently visiting here in Tucson. I met some of you guys the other days and am here with Flakeparadigm so I thought I would join in. You guys seem to be a great group!
<fuzzyvader> welcome jawee
<fuzzyvader> nice to meet you
<Flakeparadigm> Well, other than a lack of being able to be here physically, often... I'm sure you will be welcomed any time
<Flakeparadigm> Okay, so we have a few announcements
<fuzzyvader> indeed
<Flakeparadigm> <announcements>
<Flakeparadigm> Ubuntu Closes Root Hole
<Flakeparadigm> To find out more and to read the article in full go to:
<Flakeparadigm> http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Ubuntu-closes-root-hole-1034618.html
<Flakeparadigm> Dell cuddles Canonical for big Ubuntu fluffer love
<Flakeparadigm> Dell is working with Canonincal to provide "Amazon-cloud-ready" Ubuntu powered servers running on Poweredge C 100, 2100 and 6100 1U-to-4U.
<Flakeparadigm> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/07/07/dell_canonical_ubuntu_clouds/
<Flakeparadigm> (I guess this is more like news...)
<Flakeparadigm> Ubuntu's "Free" Ride Into the Enterprise
<Flakeparadigm> This article compares the methods by which some of the major linux distributions have found their way into corporations as an enterprise solution.
<Flakeparadigm> http://www.enterprisenetworkingplanet.com/linux_unix/article.php/3891546/Ubuntus+Free+Ride+Into+the+Enterprise.htm
<Flakeparadigm> My personal favorite little news bit...
<Flakeparadigm> Ubuntu 10.10 Will Have a Revamped Installer
<Flakeparadigm> http://news.softpedia.com/news/Ubuntu-10-10-Will-Have-a-Revamped-Installer-146644.shtml
<Flakeparadigm> Catching up with Canonical’s CEO, Jane Silber
<Flakeparadigm> http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/interviews/catching-up-with-canonical/
<Flakeparadigm> Freezing Maverick – behind the scenes on Ubuntu 10.10
<Flakeparadigm> http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/opinion/freezing-maverick-behind-the-scenes-on-ubuntu-10-10/
<Flakeparadigm> ARM muscling in on desktop space
<Flakeparadigm> To find out more about what Jerome had to say to Arm Devices as well as watch the video go to:
<Flakeparadigm> http://www.thinq.co.uk/2010/7/6/arm-muscling-desktop-space/
<Flakeparadigm> Nokia/Intel/Google/Canonical – openness and professionality in MeeGo, Android, Ubuntu
<Flakeparadigm> http://www.webupd8.org/2010/07/patched-notifyosd-updates-option-to.html
<Flakeparadigm> (I'm going to run these by real fast and then we can talk about them, I suppose. but feel free to interject any time)
<Flakeparadigm> BrtFS to butter your files
<Flakeparadigm> The BtrFS file system is coming to Ubuntu 10.10 (maverick).
<fuzzyvader> http://androidcommunity.com/htc-evo-4g-gets-ubuntu-install-video-20100709/#entrycontent
<Flakeparadigm> http://cityblogger.com/archives/2010/07/07/btrfs-to-butter-your-files
<Flakeparadigm> The Sound Indicator In Ubuntu Maverick Gets New Icons, More
<Flakeparadigm> http://www.webupd8.org/2010/07/sound-indicator-in-ubuntu-maverick-gets.html
<Flakeparadigm> related to fuzzyvader's link:
<Flakeparadigm> How to Install Ubuntu on Your Nexus One/Android!
<Flakeparadigm> The latest hacker buzz of the week is a step by step guide regarding How-to install Ubuntu on a Nexus One phone.
<Flakeparadigm> http://nexusonehacks.net/nexus-one-hacks/how-to-install-ubuntu-on-your-nexus-oneandroid/
<Flakeparadigm> Ailurus - A Useful Ubuntu Tweak Alternative For Beginners
<Flakeparadigm> http://www.techdrivein.com/2010/07/ailurus-useful-ubuntu-tweak-alternative.html
<Flakeparadigm> GIMP Plugin Registry 3.5.1 Gets ~129 New Plugins
<Flakeparadigm> http://www.webupd8.org/2010/07/gimp-plugin-registry-351-gets-129-new.html
<Flakeparadigm> Getting Amarok running in Ubuntu 10.04
<Flakeparadigm> http://www.brighthub.com/hubfolio/matthew-casperson/articles/73177.aspx
<Flakeparadigm> Okay, I'll give you a minute to look at everything
<fuzzyvader> all bookmarked i'm good
<fuzzyvader> (since I'm the only one)
<Flakeparadigm> hutchnate, is here too. don't forgit him
<fuzzyvader> my bad
<hutchnate> thanks to those who showed up at my house yesterday it was fun.
* fuzzyvader is a little overzealous
<fuzzyvader> grrrr
<fuzzyvader> I heard the cook was fantastic
<jawee> For laughs: http://www.redmondpie.com/iphone-5-and-ihand-accessory-for-iphone-4-unveiled-humor/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+RedmondPie+%28Redmond+Pie%29&utm_content=Google+Reader
<Flakeparadigm> he is. I'm not one to like blue berries, but I loved the cobbler!
* fuzzyvader was upset about his absence
<jawee> hutchnate: Thank you again!
<fuzzyvader> next time
<jawee> And I'll agree the cobbler was great, as well as the brat I had. haha
<Flakeparadigm> </announcements>
<Flakeparadigm> I'm starting to loose my good coding habbits
<fuzzyvader> lol
* [R] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
<Flakeparadigm> As soon as someone gets ubuntu on the droid... haha
<Flakeparadigm> Actually, I can't wait till project Durden is officially released
<fuzzyvader> I can't wait for an Android
<Flakeparadigm> :D
<Flakeparadigm> xHans, if you have anything, go ahead
<jawee> fuzzyvader: you and me both!
<fuzzyvader> nice to know I'm not the only one!
<jawee> data plan is my problem
<fuzzyvader> having only ATT and sprint is my prob
<jawee> there are good Android phones on both of those
<fuzzyvader> well that and I'm poor, lol
<fuzzyvader> eh
<fuzzyvader> kinda
<fuzzyvader> evo is the only one worth a ****
<fuzzyvader> but I had an opportunity today I couldn't pass up so I'm back in the "ilife"
* fuzzyvader rolls eyes
<jawee> what is that>?
<fuzzyvader> Flakeparadigm: is that is?
<fuzzyvader> ilife is slang for followers of the other other OS ;)
<jawee> I get that; do you use an iphone you mean?
<fuzzyvader> 'phone 'pod 'pad...'insert latest product here...
<fuzzyvader> had one, it met with an untimely death
<Flakeparadigm> fuzzyvader, is thta what?
<fuzzyvader> have an opp to get another for pennies on the dollar compared to the evo
<Flakeparadigm> grr, having reading issues
<hutchnate> idonthavealife so i don't need apple
<Flakeparadigm> hehe
<fuzzyvader> f'n Flakeparadigm is getting all my money ;)
<fuzzyvader> :P
<fuzzyvader> it's worth it though I'm super stoked about my new logo(s)
<fuzzyvader> and mildly excited about re'entering ilife
<fuzzyvader> atleast I won't have gay's hitting on me anymore (I'm borrowing a pink Razr right now ugh)
<fuzzyvader> is that it for the meeting then?
<hutchnate> theres gays out there?
<fuzzyvader> apparently
<hutchnate> or do they travel from phoenix to hit on u
<fuzzyvader> LGBTS meets at my work... I see them weekly
<fuzzyvader> It's my understanding that Havasu is the Palm Springs of AZ
<fuzzyvader> jawee: ihand... love it, lmao
<hutchnate> anywho i guess its off to bed for me
<fuzzyvader> 'night buddy
<hutchnate> will sleep soundly thinking about fuzzy's pink phone
<fuzzyvader> sorry I missed ya this weekend
<fuzzyvader> :P
* hutchnate (~hutchnate@ has left #Ubuntu-US-AZ
<Flakeparadigm> well, I guess I'll call this adjourned unless xHans has anything
<fuzzyvader> i thought he was gone...
<fuzzyvader> the week before last he told me he was going on vaca or something
<Flakeparadigm> oh, okay.
<Flakeparadigm> then we're all good

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