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[21:00] <scott_ev> Good evening everyone, thanks for being here and welcome to the weekly meeting of the Arizona Ubuntu LoCo Team. Please let us know you're here with a +1.
[21:00] <Flakeparadigm> syn-ack: probably
[21:00] <scott_ev> Is there anyone here for the first time ?  Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about you.
[21:00] <Flakeparadigm> +1
[21:00] <scott_ev> Feel free, at any time during the meeting, to ask questions, make productive comments or observations: we want your input.
[21:00] <toddc> -1
[21:00] <Flakeparadigm> +2 :P
[21:00] <syn-ack> +1
[21:01] <scott_ev> OK, I have alot of news to run across the screen real quick then we'll discuss a few things
[21:01] <scott_ev> Rick Spencer, Canonical Desktop Team Manager, gives an overview of what to expect for Desktop in the Ubuntu 10.10 cycle.
[21:01] <scott_ev> http://theravingrick.blogspot.com/2010/05/track-desktop-and-une-in-maverick.html
[21:01] <scott_ev> averick Alpha 1 released
[21:01] <scott_ev> http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/maverick/alpha-1/  (Ubuntu)
[21:01] <scott_ev> http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/releases/maverick/alpha-1/ (Ubuntu Server for UEC and EC2)
[21:01] <scott_ev> http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/maverick/alpha-1/ (Kubuntu)
[21:01] <scott_ev> http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/maverick/alpha-1/ (Xubuntu)
[21:01] <scott_ev> http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/releases/maverick/alpha-1/ (Ubuntu Studio)
[21:02] <scott_ev> See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors for a list of mirrors.
[21:02] <scott_ev> Alpha 1 includes a number of software updates that are ready for wider testing. Please refer to http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/maverick/alpha1 for information on changes in Ubuntu.
[21:02] <scott_ev> This is quite an early set of images, so you should expect some bugs. For a list of known bugs (that you don't need to report if you encounter), please see:
[21:02] <scott_ev> http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/maverick/alpha1
[21:02] <scott_ev> Ubuntu Foundations and Maverick Meerkat 10.10
[21:02] <scott_ev> http://oubiwann.blogspot.com/2010/05/ubuntu-foundations-and-maverick-meerkat.html
[21:02] <scott_ev> man, I hate that name...maveric meercat
[21:02] <scott_ev> what happened to moaning manatee?
[21:03] <scott_ev> Call for Testing: Hardy Firefox Users (or willing to install Hardy in a VM)
[21:03] <scott_ev> Background: Firefox 3.0 and xulrunner 1.9 are now unsupported by Mozilla.
[21:03] <scott_ev> What we are going to do: We are going to release Firefox 3.6.4 as a minor update to the 3.6 series in Lucid.
[21:03] <scott_ev> http://ubuntutesting.wordpress.com/2010/06/01/call-for-testing-firefox/
[21:03] <scott_ev> for you syn-ack : Tutorial of the Month - AppArmor
[21:03] <scott_ev> Enjoy the readings, test it out and report back in the threads!
[21:03] <scott_ev> 1.http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1008906 2.http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1008911 3.http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1049698
[21:03] <scott_ev> Linaro: Accelerating Linux on ARM
[21:03] <scott_ev> http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/427
[21:03] <scott_ev> Towards Linaro 10.11
[21:03] <scott_ev> http://www.linuxuk.org/2010/06/towards-linaro-10-11/
[21:04] <scott_ev> Ubuntu 10.04 LTS: Lucid Lynx Benchmarked And Reviewed
[21:04] <scott_ev> http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ubuntu-10.04-lucid-lynx,2634.html
[21:04] <scott_ev> Ubuntu's Unity Desktop: Reality vs. Rationales
[21:04] <scott_ev> http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/osrc/article.php/12068_3884051_1/Ubuntus-Unity-Desktop-Reality-vs-Rationales.htm
[21:04] <scott_ev> Five Usability Improvements in Ubuntu 10.04
[21:04] <scott_ev> http://www.workswithu.com/2010/05/25/five-usability-improvements-in-ubuntu-10-04/
[21:05] <scott_ev> Flakeparadigm: HTML5 Video on Ubuntu
[21:05] <scott_ev> http://www.workswithu.com/2010/05/25/html5-video-on-ubuntu/
[21:05] <scott_ev> Canonical Pushes Skype into Ubuntu Repository
[21:05] <scott_ev> *[1] - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding%20Canonical%20Partner%20Repositories *[2] - https://launchpad.net/skype
[21:05] <scott_ev> For more information see:
[21:05] <scott_ev> http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=ODI4Mg
[21:05] <syn-ack> oh wow
[21:05] <scott_ev> LoCo Teams Best Practices and Guidelines
[21:05] <scott_ev> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/LoCoTeamsBestPracticesandGuidelines
[21:05] <scott_ev> http://www.lczajkowski.com/2010/05/30/loco-teams-best-practices-and-guidelines/
[21:05] <scott_ev> yessss..huh?
[21:05] <syn-ack> Canonical renewed the contract with Skype...
[21:05] <scott_ev> ayup
[21:05] <scott_ev> Ubuntu Systems Management update
[21:06] <scott_ev> http://slgeorge.wordpress.com/2010/06/01/ubuntu-systems-management-update/
[21:06] <scott_ev> that was pretty painless eh?
[21:06] <scott_ev> first I want to see if any of you are interested in a get-together to have a key-signing party
[21:07] <scott_ev> we can easily do one up here and one in Tucson
[21:07] <syn-ack> That apparmor tutorial is pretty good... doesnt really cover anything that I personally don't already know though. :P
[21:07] <scott_ev> perhaps some sat afternoon, no huge production
[21:07] <syn-ack> hrm
[21:07] <scott_ev> some foods and beers if you imbibe
[21:08] <scott_ev> anyone?
[21:08] <syn-ack> lemme see what I've got going on
[21:08] <scott_ev> kk
[21:08] <syn-ack> Though... if you want my key... its in the keyservers. :P
[21:08] <scott_ev> I'm thinking about maybe in 3 or 4 weeks
[21:09] <scott_ev> man, it's an excuse to get together and ourt from behind our monitors
[21:09] <syn-ack> That would be cool. That's time inbetween my break from the summer session and fall semester.
[21:09] <syn-ack> I know. I'm just bustin' em some is all. :D
[21:09] <scott_ev> 3 or 4 weeks will give me time to send out a bulk email
[21:09] <scott_ev> understood
[21:09] <scott_ev> so, be talking about it in the channel OK
[21:10] <syn-ack> will do
[21:10] <scott_ev> me and heypete and yorokobi met yesterday as Az Mills mall for a key signing get togethere
[21:10] <scott_ev> it was cool as always to meet a few new faces
[21:11] <scott_ev> and for you folks up here, I'm going to start helping with the PLUG east side meeting
[21:11] <scott_ev> organizing and getting speakers
[21:11] <scott_ev> so, it's gonna be good.  I have a few good speakers if I can get them to do it
[21:12] <scott_ev> does anyone have any business, team or otherwise to discuss?
[21:12] <Yorokobi> +1
[21:13] <scott_ev> hey there
[21:13] <Flakeparadigm> hullo yorokobi
[21:13] <Yorokobi> yo
[21:13] <scott_ev> anyone have any ideas about how to get people to actually participate in this
[21:14] <syn-ack> hrm
[21:14] <scott_ev> as it is, we have a bunch of people that like to hang inIRC and nothing more.  Well, that's fine and well, but it won't keep the team going and that will cause us to loose ourt charter and out channel
[21:14] <syn-ack> I don't know, tbh
[21:15] <scott_ev> like, Flakeparadigm helped this week by working on the wiki and he's going to take on the responsibility for a litle bit ou that page
[21:15] <Flakeparadigm> yup. Working on getting the links down now.
[21:15] <xHans> scott_ev: since you're now the coordinator for the PLUG east side meetings, they can easily be considered LoCo events as well
[21:15] <scott_ev> so much time and effort has gone into this team before us and I feel like it's slipping through our fingers
[21:16] <scott_ev> xHans: good point
[21:16] <xHans> PLUG was open to that before, but it's now a bit more obivous :)
[21:16] <scott_ev> I'll be adding it to what I'm going to be adding to the UWN
[21:16] <scott_ev> understood.  and I think we really need to cross-support
[21:16] <xHans> cool
[21:17] <xHans> yes, we need to work together!
[21:17] <scott_ev> volunteer ideals like this wax and wane
[21:17] <syn-ack> A lot of disorganization is in the Tucson area as well. The bad part with that is we down here aren't quite in as good of a boat as Phoenix is job wise so a bunch of us don't have the time due to that or school, etc
[21:17] <scott_ev> right now both of us are on a slow decent from a couple of years ago
[21:18] <syn-ack> that and since we can't count on TFUG, or anything, I know I don't know the right people at school (yet) to get that covered
[21:18] <scott_ev> syn-ack: actually it's easier to get people together down there
[21:18] <scott_ev> for me anyway
[21:18] <xHans> syn-ack: try for a Stammtisch type of thing
[21:18] <azteech> whoops ... sorry I'm late
[21:18] <Flakeparadigm> hey azteech
[21:18] <scott_ev> all I have to do is call a few folks and we can get together
[21:18] <xHans> syn-ack: PLUG is mostly just a few people doing the work
[21:18] <syn-ack> interesting
[21:18] <scott_ev> it's worked everytime I've been to tucson
[21:18] <Flakeparadigm> Well I would be up for helping get something going here.
[21:19] <xHans> syn-ack: start meeting at the Irish pub once a month :)
[21:19] <scott_ev> nice tyler
[21:19] <syn-ack> I'm speaking from personal time and such
[21:19] <Yorokobi> Which one?
[21:19] <scott_ev> Flakeparadigm: we'll get together tomorrow and chat
[21:19] <xHans> Yorokobi: which pub?
[21:19] <scott_ev> syn-ack: I underastand
[21:19] <Yorokobi> xHans, aye
[21:19] <scott_ev> you're nowin schjool
[21:20] <scott_ev> and that makes it rough to do much
[21:20] <xHans> syn-ack: yeah, I understand, but it just takes one or two people and something worth attending
[21:20] <syn-ack> Hans, good point
[21:20] <Flakeparadigm> scott_ev:  alright
[21:20] <scott_ev> but even a tiny amount of input means so much
[21:20] <syn-ack> I have a habit of thinking "big"
[21:20] <xHans> Yorokobi: dunno the name, but it's not too far from the frog
[21:21] <scott_ev> me too, but I've had to become a realist
[21:21] * Yorokobi could use some good bangers and mash 
[21:21] <scott_ev> two or three people is a get togethere
[21:21] <scott_ev> and it can be docummented in the wiki
[21:21] <scott_ev> see?
[21:21] <scott_ev> Yorokobi: haha
[21:22] <syn-ack> wow. this freaking awesome: http://www.youtube.com/user/dioseolo#p/u/5/zPHCoKAqox0
[21:22] <azteech> all attempts to get something started here in Tucson have failed, for one reason or another ... but, like syn-ack said .. TFUG wants nothing to do with us ...
[21:22] <scott_ev> so, what I'm asking everyone to do is just think about
[21:22] <Flakeparadigm> One of the problems in tucson is that a lot of people are with the TFUG and sway to linux distros and unicies other than ubuntu
[21:22] <syn-ack> Sorry for being OT but I thought it's worth sharing
[21:22] <Flakeparadigm> dang, azteech got that before I did
[21:22] <Flakeparadigm> and syn-ack I suppose
[21:22] <syn-ack> azteech: you don't want my opinion of TFUG, tbh
[21:23] <scott_ev> Flakeparadigm: we might be a Ubuntu team but we just support Opensource anyting
[21:23] <Flakeparadigm> scott_ev: I understand, but some don't
[21:23] <scott_ev> azteech: and I disagree with you
[21:23] <scott_ev> johnc4510: used to get people together alot
[21:24] <xHans> Flakeparadigm: that's OK, I'm one of the main reasons PLUG won't go to a specific distro and I've been the largest proponent of debian and Ubuntu :)
[21:24] <azteech> nope, but, have to agree with your reasoning .. since I'm pretty sure I know what they may be ..
[21:24] <xHans> most stuff isn't distro-specific
[21:24] <azteech> you can if you want, scott_ev ... but, johnc4510, and I both tried to pry open the doors down here .. and they basically said join us, but we won't go the other way around ....
[21:25] <xHans> but, if tfug doesn't want to work with the loco, that's tfug's choice
[21:25] <Flakeparadigm> yeah.
[21:25] <syn-ack> scott_ev: That's seriously how they are.
[21:25] <xHans> meet at a bar, have a good time and invite friends :)
[21:25] <scott_ev> OK, azteech maybe my impressions were wromng
[21:25] <azteech> have to remember, I, and a few others are founding members of this loco ...
[21:25] <scott_ev> azteech: yeah
[21:25] <azteech> and we have been down the long road with tfug ...
[21:26] <scott_ev> what happened to sloggerkhan and jsonder?
[21:26] <azteech> xHans .. I agree, it is their choice ...
[21:26] <xHans> azteech: have fun without them :)
[21:26] <azteech> went on their merry way to do other things if I recall ...
[21:26] <scott_ev> see...this right here is helpful...this is the most participation I've seen in this meeting in many months
[21:27] <syn-ack> Man, I've personally gotten into quite a few verbal altercations because of their elitist bs
[21:27] <scott_ev> it's just a simple willingness to participate
[21:27] <scott_ev> and to contribut whowever little
[21:27] <azteech> and even the things we tried to get going over at UofA .. failed, for one reason or another ... mainly do to coordination, and a really total backing by the IT dept there ... but, I think syn-ack can speak to that ...
[21:28] <scott_ev> well, tfug can stick Gentoo up their arse as far as I'm concerned
[21:28] <syn-ack> azteech: I can't, sorry.
[21:28] <syn-ack> Well, Angus likes deb and fBSD, iirc
[21:28] <scott_ev> hey, I had all the intros to the dept from lenards
[21:28] <scott_ev> I just couldn't do everything
[21:28] <azteech> syn-ack .. okay .. somehow I got the impression you and john were trying to break down that door ...
[21:29] <scott_ev> that was me
[21:29] <scott_ev> and I got in
[21:29] <syn-ack> azteech: I did at one point, but I gave it up.. That was outside of this loco though
[21:29] <scott_ev> but it was rightas johnc4510 left and someone had to step up and run these meetings etc
[21:29] <syn-ack> Then I was gonna help scott_ev out but my job was kicking me pretty good
[21:29] <azteech> as far a tfug ... since their got their start in the debian world (since Debian was developed in tucson) .. they seemed to have pulled away from their roots after Debian and its development left Tucson ...
[21:30] <scott_ev> OK< can I ask one favor of everyone>
[21:30] <Flakeparadigm> sure
[21:30] <scott_ev> just keep thinking of little get togethjers whoever small
[21:30] <azteech> scott_ev .. and I know you stepped in ... but, there was actually someon that was in the group, that was actually at UofA that way taking on things there along with jonc ...
[21:30] <Flakeparadigm> (links are done. This is going to help me with note taking some time this summer)
[21:30] <syn-ack> wait
[21:30] <scott_ev> it's an aple seed thing
[21:31] <syn-ack> Ian went to school here?
[21:31] <scott_ev> or a mustrd seed
[21:31] <xHans> syn-ack: yup
[21:31] <syn-ack> I did not know that.
[21:31] <azteech> yes, went to HS here ....
[21:31] <syn-ack> really? Where?
[21:32] <syn-ack> scott_ev: will do
[21:32] <scott_ev> thanks
[21:32] <azteech> TH or MV if I recall ...
[21:32] <syn-ack> wow
[21:32] <scott_ev> that's all we have to do
[21:32] <syn-ack> I knew Perens was here for a while, but I didn't know Ian was
[21:32] <scott_ev> we don't need to think of this LoCo as a huge time eater
[21:33] <Flakeparadigm> MV? North side?
[21:33] <xHans> didn't realize Perens had been down there
[21:33] <Flakeparadigm> north-sider? *
[21:33] <azteech> and, xHans, you are correct .. TFUG can take their pride and go do something with it ...
[21:33] <scott_ev> it's a chance to meet other like minded people and have fun trying to spread the word aboutFOSS
[21:33] <syn-ack> yeah, he started TFUG
[21:33] <syn-ack> back when it was still the HAM Radio thing
[21:33] <xHans> ah, I thought Murdock started TFUG
[21:34] <syn-ack> Tucson HAM radio club? iirc
[21:34] <azteech> I went to grade school here, but middle and hs were up in wash state
[21:34] <syn-ack> Brought back some memories over the weekend being at NAU
[21:35] <scott_ev> OK, guys...
[21:35] <scott_ev> xHans:  surely has some PLUG announcements
[21:35] <syn-ack> I had been accepted to NAU's wildlife management program right after highshool and before joining the Army
[21:36] <syn-ack> many times I kicked myself about not going that route
[21:36] <azteech> TFUG had their start when Debian was down here is all I meant, xhans ... whom started the group, is beyond me ...
[21:36] <scott_ev> man,it's still 108 in my carport
[21:36] <azteech> still 101 out here in desert ...
[21:37] <scott_ev> nice
[21:37] <scott_ev> xHans: ping
[21:37] <xHans> azteech: ok
[21:37] <syn-ack> Hrm
[21:37] <xHans> scott_ev: pong
[21:37] <xHans> :)
[21:37] <scott_ev> plug stuff
[21:37] <scott_ev> ??
[21:37] <syn-ack> Seems that Murdock still has a house in Oro Valley
[21:37] <xHans> coming up
[21:37] <scott_ev> kk
[21:37] <xHans> planning meetings for ABLEconf 2010 start next Sunday at 20:00
[21:37] <xHans> please join the ABLEconf discuss mailing list and hop in #ABLEconf
[21:37] <xHans> http://www.ABLEconf.com/
[21:37] <xHans> Prescott Stamtisch will be this Tuesday
[21:38] <azteech> if I recall, he does syn-ack ....
[21:38] <xHans> http://www.lugy.net/
[21:38] <scott_ev> prescott?  cool
[21:38] <xHans> PLUG east side meeting is this Thursday
[21:38] <xHans> the main presenter will be the ever-wonderful scott_ev
[21:38] <azteech> and if I recall, we have a opensource writer either in tucson, or up in phx area ....
[21:38] <xHans> scott_ev will do a short presentation on Android
[21:38] <xHans> there will be a panel on Android following the presentation
[21:38] <xHans> the meeting is at a new location, the Kirk Student Center on Mesa Community College's Dobson and Southern campus
[21:38] <azteech> remember johnc and tyche speaking of that fact a while back ..
[21:38] <syn-ack> azteech: Matt lives down here. ;)
[21:38] <azteech> kk
[21:38] <xHans> pizza and drinks will be provided
[21:38] <xHans> http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/184
[21:39] <xHans> scott_ev: Prescott is slofgren activity :)
[21:39] <scott_ev> I know, I've been upo to a meeting
[21:39] <scott_ev> thanks
[21:39] <xHans> my sister knows Matt, but hasn't introduced us
[21:39] <xHans> Both Valley Stammtische will be in a week
[21:39] <xHans> Tempe on Tuesday and Avondale on Wednesday
[21:39] <syn-ack> scott_ev: introduced us.
[21:39] <xHans> http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/425
[21:40] <xHans> http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/593
[21:40] <scott_ev> syn-ack: to who?
[21:40] <xHans> the next PLUG IRC planning meeting is in two weeks
[21:40] <xHans> it's at 20:00, the hour before the LoCo meeting, in #PLUGaz
[21:40] <syn-ack> scott_ev: typo
[21:40] <xHans> http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/2280
[21:40] <syn-ack> xHans: scott_ev introduced us
[21:40] <xHans> syn-ack: cool
[21:40] <syn-ack> and scott_ev Helmke
[21:40] <scott_ev> haha
[21:41] <xHans> and finally, a reminder that next Sunday at 20:00, the hour before the LoCo meeting will be the kickoff meeting for ABLEconf 2010
[21:41] <scott_ev> w00t w00t
[21:41] <xHans> ABLEconf is a great opportunity for us to showcase Free Software for Free Enterprise!
[21:42] <scott_ev> awesome as always xHans : thanks
[21:42] <syn-ack> xHans: And since google knows all, it seems that Murdock did start TFUG
[21:42] <xHans> scott_ev: bitte
[21:42] <xHans> as ever, thanks for letting me do the announcements
[21:43] <scott_ev> OK gents, I'm suffering from sleep deprivation psychosis compounded by Dilaudid on an empty stomach...I'm gonna shut 'er down for me.  Feel free to stay ahd mingle all night.....
[21:43] <azteech> have a good night scott_ev
[21:44] <scott_ev> oh, and, great meeting
[21:44] <scott_ev> thanks for all the discussion
[21:44] <syn-ack> later, scott_ev
[21:44] <xHans> syn-ack: when I first joined the channel years ago it was mostly Progeny employees :)
[21:44] <scott_ev> that's what it's going to take to shake things up for us as a rweam
[21:44] <syn-ack> hahaha LWN from 2000
[21:44] <syn-ack> awesome
[21:44] <xHans> scott_ev: get some sleep, thanks for everything today!
[21:44] <scott_ev> indeed
[21:44] <scott_ev> nite all
[21:45] <Flakeparadigm> Adjourned?
[21:45] <scott_ev> yessir

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