Mar 27 20:59:54 toddc Welcome to AZLOCO IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1
Mar 27 21:00:08 ravitejavad +1
Mar 27 21:00:09 paul928 +1
Mar 27 21:00:15 syn-ack +1
Mar 27 21:00:16 toddc +1
Mar 27 21:00:44 toddc Our launch pad site  https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-arizona  Our web site is azloco.com
Mar 27 21:00:58 toddc Anyone here new tonight please introduce yourself  and tell us a little about yourself?
Mar 27 21:01:05 fuzzyvader +1
Mar 27 21:01:14 toddc Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.
Mar 27 21:01:31 xHans in the ABLEconf mtg now
Mar 27 21:01:33 toddc Here is new news from ubuntu news:
Mar 27 21:01:52 toddc Ubuntu passes on automatically including third party apps like flash by default
Mar 27 21:01:54 toddc http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2011/03/25/ubuntu_stealth_installs/
Mar 27 21:01:55 xHans my piece for tonight is that ABLEconf is Saturday and please register if you can make it :)
Mar 27 21:02:12 toddc ok
Mar 27 21:02:48 toddc Speed tests on win 7,ubuntu 10.10,osx 10.6
Mar 27 21:02:50 toddc http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/general/1283776/ubuntu-10-10-vs-windows-7-vs-mac-os-x-10-6-snow-leopard
Mar 27 21:03:05 toddc buntu 11.04 to include 2.6.38 kernal, see the new features
Mar 27 21:03:07 toddc http://www.muktware.com/news/23/2011/861/ubuntu-1104-upgraded-linux-kernel-2638
Mar 27 21:03:22 toddc How to install Firefox 4.0 on 10.10
Mar 27 21:03:24 toddc http://www.howtoforge.com/installing-firefox-4.0-deb-package-on-ubuntu-10.10
Mar 27 21:03:35 toddc Ubuntu Globbal Jam April 1-3
Mar 27 21:03:46 toddc http://www.linuxsouls.com/node/32
Mar 27 21:04:01 toddc we are signed up for it
Mar 27 21:04:13 toddc Linux, DOS, Vista -- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Mar 27 21:04:25 toddc Thursday will be the 11.04 Beta release 03/31/2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 27 21:04:35 toddc    JOB LIST
Mar 27 21:04:58 toddc php programmer needed
Mar 27 21:04:59 toddc Cindy Yetka, TSC
Mar 27 21:05:01 toddc TECHSTAFF INC
Mar 27 21:05:03 toddc 4450 S. Rural Road Suite E126
Mar 27 21:05:05 toddc Tempe, AZ 85282
Mar 27 21:05:06 toddc 480-456-4050
Mar 27 21:05:08 toddc 480-456-4048 fax
Mar 27 21:05:10 toddc cindy@techstaffaz.com
Mar 27 21:05:11 toddc www.techstaff.com
Mar 27 21:05:13 toddc TUCSON INSTALLFEST NEWS
Mar 27 21:05:26 toddc we were able to add a global jam event to our Tucson installfest. Simply put the global jam is to debug 11.04 installs and report them so this fits in with our installfest and we are part of the global jam which gives us a better standing with ubuntu /conical
Mar 27 21:05:45 toddc current plans are for me to drive to Tucson 4/2/2011 with my van to carpool leaving Azmills at 7:00AM
Mar 27 21:05:47 toddc Dazed_75 will be with me anyone else?
Mar 27 21:05:48 toddc We will be be meeting at the parking lot between el polo loco and the Bus transfer stop I will be in a Blue Dodge Caravan See you there or call 602-677-9402
Mar 27 21:06:09 toddc Thanks to azmike he has posted over 30 flyer's for the Tucson installfest
Mar 27 21:06:10 Dazed_75 time to meet?
Mar 27 21:06:23 Dazed_75 NM
Mar 27 21:06:28 toddc 7:00am that is in the morning
Mar 27 21:06:44 toddc TEMPE INSTALLFEST NEWS
Mar 27 21:06:46 ravitejavad i might tag along if no porjects come up
Mar 27 21:07:04 toddc would love to have you join us
Mar 27 21:07:29 toddc Last Saturday we had a good installfest working on servers and did 2 full installs and 3-4 upgrade repairs and had a lot of fun
Mar 27 21:07:49 toddc UBUNTU TRAINING
Mar 27 21:08:02 toddc This week I had the chance to use the lernid irc program and take all the ubuntu clould training classes
Mar 27 21:08:04 toddc and found it a great way to learn more about cloud computing  for free let me know if you heed help
Mar 27 21:08:06 toddc but is was very easy and I learned a lot.
Mar 27 21:08:21 toddc April 1-15 will have seveal classes including ARM delv.triage,and appdevel check it out
Mar 27 21:08:31 toddc FUTURE EVENTS
Mar 27 21:08:40 toddc Are there any interests in doing any other group projects--installfests or server projects?
Mar 27 21:08:50 toddc Any thoughts for a 11.04 release Party?
Mar 27 21:09:05 toddc ABLEconf this Saterday at UAT see http://www.ableconf.com/
Mar 27 21:09:20 toddc we should have someone to attend and represent us since I will be in Tucson for the Installfest there
Mar 27 21:09:22 toddc we hope to have live video both ways. ABLEconf will have live feed for us to watch and syn-ack
Mar 27 21:09:23 toddc is working on our feed. But we could use some  help. And we should look into video conf like big blue button for future events and or meetings would be cool.
Mar 27 21:09:43 Dazed_75 Will Red Seven be hosting another release party?  I've not heard anything
Mar 27 21:10:11 syn-ack what I need asap is to have my pass set on the test server so I can install a prototype
Mar 27 21:10:16 toddc syn-ack work most the afternoon to get it working but we will try again this week to get big bluebutton working
Mar 27 21:10:37 syn-ack I have less than a week to get it up and final. I start working thur or fri
Mar 27 21:10:59 toddc it is a web conf tool that has mutible users and voice and video
Mar 27 21:11:27 toddc it may also work for out meetings so we trying
Mar 27 21:12:16 toddc that is all I have tonight any questions or comments?
Mar 27 21:13:00 * fuzzyvader has quit (Quit: Bye)
Mar 27 21:13:35 Dazed_75 anything special I should bring saturday besides some switches and cables?
Mar 27 21:13:44 toddc we will try to use big bluebutton to connect with ableconf this weekend and see if it might be a better tool for meetings
Mar 27 21:13:47 syn-ack toddc, who was the vps provider who does the free services?
Mar 27 21:14:01 Dazed_75 probably some disks and my laptop
Mar 27 21:14:43 toddc I checked and it was only discounted hosting
Mar 27 21:14:48 syn-ack shoot
Mar 27 21:14:53 syn-ack hey xHans you still around?
Mar 27 21:15:13 toddc Dazed75 correct cables and switches disks and laptop
Mar 27 21:15:42 toddc xhans is in ABLEconf ATM
Mar 27 21:16:01 ravitejavad any help needed from my side?
Mar 27 21:16:27 syn-ack slofgren, ping
Mar 27 21:16:43 toddc syn-ack I can build a 10.04 dedicated or see on testazloco.com
Mar 27 21:17:04 syn-ack well my plan is to use our server since it's got pipe
Mar 27 21:17:07 syn-ack brb
Mar 27 21:18:09 Dazed_75 away for a minute ...
Mar 27 21:18:43 toddc ravitejavad we need a clean shell account server fist but we will see after that then testing and setting up
Mar 27 21:19:13 syn-ack anyway, I was looking for a server from which would could set up the actual software, then we can bounce our feed to it
Mar 27 21:19:27 toddc with only 6 days we may be rushing too fast but it would be cool
Mar 27 21:21:09 toddc scott was going to call slofgren today about the test server but I did not hear back from him
Mar 27 21:21:15 syn-ack nor did I
Mar 27 21:22:02 toddc last time we were able to feed it to azloco.com blog but that was over a year ago
Mar 27 21:22:48 syn-ack todd you have access to the blog, correct?
Mar 27 21:23:03 toddc yes
Mar 27 21:23:16 * tagumcity (~dwayne@wsip-184-183-27-236.ph.ph.cox.net) has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ
Mar 27 21:23:19 toddc and I set you up as admin there also
Mar 27 21:23:22 syn-ack fix the banner for the 11.04 countdown banner.
Mar 27 21:23:28 syn-ack oh am I?
Mar 27 21:23:34 toddc yes
Mar 27 21:24:36 toddc hi tagumcity
Mar 27 21:25:11 tagumcity hi Todd
Mar 27 21:25:56 tagumcity do you have enough equipmnet for saturday?
Mar 27 21:26:04 * ravitejavad is now known as rav
Mar 27 21:26:07 toddc just finishd the meeting but we are working on the live stream to able conf/Tucson events
Mar 27 21:26:50 toddc rav is easyier, read up on bigbluebutton that is what we really want to try
Mar 27 21:27:12 syn-ack Todd somewhat OT but you are aware there's a drupal update that should be performed
Mar 27 21:27:17 tagumcity are they going to record the ABLE presentations?
Mar 27 21:27:27 toddc I will have my stuff and Dazed75 will bring extra
Mar 27 21:27:31 rav toddc: ok, will get it done
Mar 27 21:27:35 syn-ack If I can get things all setup, yeah tagumcity
Mar 27 21:28:33 syn-ack like a LOT of updates are needed...
Mar 27 21:28:36 toddc  we are working on bigbluebutton and but may only have live video streaming each way
Mar 27 21:29:12 toddc syn-ack a complete rebuild update is in the works already
Mar 27 21:29:22 syn-ack ah, ok
Mar 27 21:29:45 syn-ack I won't touch anything then
Mar 27 21:30:25 toddc shane is working on doing a class where we will new os update on both servers but waiting to see when he and devry can get us in
Mar 27 21:31:34 toddc I think they are on 8.04 ATM
Mar 27 21:33:32 syn-ack ah
Mar 27 21:33:53 syn-ack yeah, that's coming to it's end of life here next month, iirc
Mar 27 21:36:45 toddc I am looking for my shell on testazloco.com but that was a year ago
Mar 27 21:39:53 syn-ack I would need a vhost set up for it as well. I don't know Apache 2 all that well though
Mar 27 21:40:11 syn-ack something like presentation.azloco.com
Mar 27 21:40:17 toddc ok
Mar 27 21:42:23 syn-ack I went ahead and changed my account from "syn-ack" to my given name by the way which is Matt Eskes
Mar 27 21:43:24 toddc I hoped you would and then changed the password
Mar 27 21:44:45 syn-ack I need to remove my old user too so I'm getting that done as well
Mar 27 21:46:35 toddc able conf is planning on  a live feed of just the presentations but that may not happen either
Mar 27 21:46:46 syn-ack why not?
Mar 27 21:50:22 toddc talking it about it but not sure the person will follow thru but I am trying to get someone to be there for the loco that could if we can get bbb or???
Mar 27 21:52:41 syn-ack ah
Mar 27 21:55:07 toddc look back in the blog and see how tyche did it?
Mar 27 21:55:24 syn-ack Tyche did what?
Mar 27 21:55:53 syn-ack Set up the video conferencing?
Mar 27 21:57:00 toddc he did several live feeds stright to azloco.com video only but---
Mar 27 22:00:46 toddc it linked to USTREAM  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/install-fest-from-uat---5-30-09 and in the blogs as 5-30-09
Mar 27 22:02:41 syn-ack yeah
Mar 27 22:02:56 syn-ack I think this is probably the quickest way to get it done as well
Mar 27 22:03:11 syn-ack I even mentioned it in the beginning
Mar 27 22:03:20 toddc ok
Mar 27 22:03:40 syn-ack It's certainly not two way, but it will get the job done
Mar 27 22:05:21 syn-ack toddc, using something like this, actually: http://sourceforge.net/projects/webcamstudio/
Mar 27 22:13:47 toddc I usually take a laptop and a netbook to installfests should  I go ahead and set up one ? then---
Mar 27 22:14:53 syn-ack sure, you wanna try it go ahead. You have any issues, just give me a holler.
Mar 27 22:14:58 toddc looked at ustrem needs a accountbut have to sign up to find out price
Mar 27 22:15:11 syn-ack They have a free one, iirc
Mar 27 22:15:14 toddc the other two look free
Mar 27 22:15:35 syn-ack I'll talk to Andy Taylor formerly of KLPX and see what he has to say about it
Mar 27 22:15:47 toddc do we want to get on azloco and how?
Mar 27 22:16:08 toddc ok I will seee how far I can get
Mar 27 22:16:45 syn-ack Well, if we can get into the server, we can install big blue installed and control the whole thing better han we can with ustream
Mar 27 22:16:58 toddc agreed 

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