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  1. Introductions
  2. Announcements
  3. TBA

If you have additions to the Agenda, please post them here after confirming with johnc4510 or scott_ev.


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<scott_ev> Ok, lets get started.  You know the drill - +1 to signify you're here.  Tyler, please log the meeting again. If this is your first meeting, please let us know so we can introduce ourselves.
<toddc> +1
<Flakeparadigm> +1
<scott_ev> First I'm going to run through some Ubuntunews and such
<scott_ev> huh, doesn't really suprise me much
<scott_ev> holiday weekend and such
<Flakeparadigm> fuzzy: ping
<scott_ev> Well, there's nor realy anything that important that it can't wait till next week
<scott_ev> let's just wait, OK?
<Flakeparadigm> Alright.
<Flakeparadigm> xHans: anything?
<scott_ev> we'll have a better meeting that way.  This week, please spread the word about the meeting please
<scott_ev> thanks for showing up gents.
<scott_ev> I'm goin to go back to making conky do cool stuff in a cool way
-*- Flakeparadigm puts on my advertising face
<scott_ev> thx
<scott_ev> you could get a spinning board like subway
<Flakeparadigm> haha or those home companies
<fuzzy> +1
<scott_ev> when I get this done I'll send you a screen shot and the code
<Flakeparadigm> mkay. I shold probably learn conky anyway. I've heard it does cool stuff :P
<Flakeparadigm> fuzzy: you missed it... The whole meeting dissapeared and we went back in time
<scott_ev> man, you won't believe what some people do with conky and some python
<Flakeparadigm> just a moment ago it was 2130
<fuzzy> haha
<fuzzy> sorry I was distracted by clonezilla for a sec
<Flakeparadigm> Well... this is going to be a huge log...
<Flakeparadigm> And that would be adjourned

No meeting, no links.

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