Nov 14 18:37:30 Siph0n hey all
Nov 14 18:37:34 Siph0n meeting in 20min?
Nov 14 18:38:31 toddc I have not heard from scott but have a few note to include
Nov 14 18:39:06 Flakeparadigm Scott's here in Tucson, visiting syn-ack for dinner
Nov 14 18:49:48 scar i want to visit syn-ack for dinner and have bbq chicken
Nov 14 18:50:37 Flakeparadigm Eh, that sounds good - but tonight is a Chili type of night.
Nov 14 18:52:43 toddc I can be there in a couple of hours
Nov 14 18:59:02 * Flakeparadigm has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
Nov 14 19:02:51 toddc +1
Nov 14 19:03:05 Yorokobi +1, fwiw
Nov 14 19:03:25 toddc welcome all
Nov 14 19:04:14 toddc only new I have is nov and dec installfest has beed moved to dec 11 due to the holidays
Nov 14 19:05:16 toddc ubuntu news link http://fridge.ubuntu.com/
Nov 14 19:07:19 toddc I also have been using the ubuntu learning Irc class room it is a cool Idea but seldom used  if xHans is here we should see if it is something the we could use
Nov 14 19:07:37 toddc http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/2038
Nov 14 19:08:13 toddc xHans if you have any news?
Nov 14 19:10:09 toddc that is all I have unless anyone has anything else?
Nov 14 19:11:57 toddc I hope maybe next year we can get togeather to see every-one face to face --names to to nicks Have a great evening
Nov 14 19:15:20 * Siph0n has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Nov 14 19:16:13 xHans East Valley Free Software Stammtisch is this Tuesday
Nov 14 19:17:15 xHans http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/2672
Nov 14 19:18:05 xHans West Valley Free Software Stammtisch is Thursday
Nov 14 19:18:08 xHans http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/3006
Nov 14 19:18:49 xHans I believe the west side meeting for a week from Wednesday has been moved back to the beginning of December
Nov 14 19:19:18 xHans ABLEconf planning IRC channel tonight at 21:00 in #ABLEconf
Nov 14 19:19:22 xHans and that's it from me
Nov 14 19:20:43 toddc thank for addlle news and good evening, are there any other news or items we need to discuss?
Nov 14 19:24:05 Yorokobi Is there anything we should bring to the Stammtisch (aside from money for food/drink)?
Nov 14 19:25:08 xHans d'oh
Nov 14 19:25:17 xHans "NOTICE: Due to the Holidays, the "REGULAR" November and December Meetings have been canceled and REPLACED with one meeting on December 8, 2010."
Nov 14 19:25:23 xHans :)
Nov 14 19:25:36 xHans Yorokobi: curiosity :)
Nov 14 19:26:20 Yorokobi hrm, does that include this Tuesday's meeting? (Moved to 8 Dec)
Nov 14 19:27:19 xHans that's for next Wednesday's west side meeting
Nov 14 19:27:28 xHans Stammtisch remains the 3rd Tuesday of the month :)
Nov 14 19:27:37 Yorokobi k, see you Tuesday, perhaps.
Nov 14 19:27:45 xHans excellent
Nov 14 19:28:03 xHans I chose 3rd Tuesday as it seemed to avoid all the holidays
Nov 14 19:59:35 * Dazed_75 (~larry@173-16-160-52.client.mchsi.com) has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ
Nov 14 20:25:42 * Dazed_75 has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Nov 14 20:59:25 xHans ABLEconf mtg now
Nov 14 21:06:18 * Dazed_75 (~larry@173-16-160-52.client.mchsi.com) has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ
Nov 14 22:12:52 * Dazed_75 has quit (Quit: Lea 

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