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If you have additions to the Agenda, please post them here after confirming with johnc4510 or scott_ev.


Oct 24 19:00:38 toddc no meeting tonight?
Oct 24 19:01:59 Yorokobi No scott_ev, no meeting ...
Oct 24 19:03:27 toddc xhans do you have anything to night?
Oct 24 19:06:19 toddc http://www.infoworld.com/t/linux/linux-admin-iq-test-066 twenty question linux admin test how many do you get right?
Oct 24 19:11:27 xHans ABLEconf mtg in 2 hours
Oct 24 19:11:31 xHans new time at 21:00
Oct 24 19:11:52 Yorokobi erg, 13/20 (65%)
Oct 24 19:11:57 xHans PLUG/AZLoCo Installfest this coming Saturday
Oct 24 19:11:58 Yorokobi Lame questions, imo
Oct 24 19:12:41 xHans West Side meeting this Wednesday, topic is Inkscape
Oct 24 19:13:07 xHans http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/338
Oct 24 19:14:28 xHans and that's it
Oct 24 19:14:54 toddc thanks xhans
Oct 24 19:15:11 xHans bitte
Oct 24 19:15:26 toddc I might add there was a great turn out at the sever install yesterday
Oct 24 19:15:35 xHans excellent
Oct 24 19:15:41 xHans I was wondering how that went
Oct 24 19:16:08 toddc I also would like to add that at the last Installfest we a bit short handed and had a great turn out
Oct 24 19:16:58 toddc I know it hard to know how many will need help at these events but we could use a extra hand saterday
Oct 24 19:17:23 Yorokobi If I didn't have a 12 hour shift every Saturday, I'd be there.
Oct 24 19:17:24 xHans ok, I'll post that to the PLUG list
Oct 24 19:17:44 xHans Yorokobi: gives you 12 hours off every Saturday as well ;-)
Oct 24 19:17:55 Yorokobi at night ... :/
Oct 24 19:18:28 toddc also the sever install did not get finished sat so we are extending it to this saterday with the installfest to finish up the ones we started and should be able to answer most questions this saterday
Oct 24 19:18:52 xHans ok
Oct 24 19:19:54 toddc  we did talk about putting more server installfest in the future since it had a great turn out and we need to thank eric for a great job and putting it tograther
Oct 24 19:20:06 xHans ok
Oct 24 19:21:00 toddc that is all I have and hope to see more of you Saturday thanks
Oct 24 19:23:19 toddc non meeting adjourned???? see some of you later at able
Oct 24 19:23:36 Yorokobi Thanks, toddc
Oct 24 19:23:40 Yorokobi and xHans
Oct 24 19:43:55 * bitflipp has quit (Quit: leaving)
Oct 24 20:14:02 xHans ABLEconf mtg in 45 min in #ABLEconf
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Sun Oct 24 20:36:55 2010

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