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If you have additions to the Agenda, please post them here after confirming with johnc4510 or toddc.


[18:48] <hutchnate>     good even guys
[18:55] -->|    tuxnme (8cc64c64@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ
[18:56] <toddc> 5
[18:57] * tuxnme        Dennis Kibbe
[19:01] <hutchnate>     hello Dennis
[19:01] <hutchnate>     or tuxme
[19:01] <hutchnate>     where's scott
[19:01] <tuxnme>        Hi all!
[19:02] <xHans> scott might be sleeping
[19:02] <xHans> <scott_ev> OK, back to bed I go
[19:02] <toddc> evening DK
[19:02] <xHans> that was just before 18:00
[19:02] <toddc> evening xHans!
[19:04] <hutchnate>     must be didn't answer
[19:04] <tuxnme>        Who's second in command then?
[19:05] <toddc> xHans I guess if you have anything you may as well go ahead!
[19:05] <hutchnate>     toddc
[19:05] <toddc> ?
[19:06] <xHans> toddc: ok, will be slow
[19:06] <xHans> had a baby put in my arms :)
[19:06] <toddc> cool baby chat
[19:06] <xHans> PLUG devel will be this Thursday
[19:07] <xHans> http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/545
[19:07] <tuxnme>        FYI: The $300 Aspire One (D260) Staples has on sale runs U10.10RC perfectly - webcam, wifi, suspend. Booted off a USB stick.
[19:07] <xHans> I think there's a topic, but don't remember what was decided
[19:07] <xHans> tuxnme: cool
[19:08] <xHans> there will be a PLUG planning mtg in an hour
[19:08] <xHans> there will be an ABLEconf planning meeting next Sunday
[19:08] <xHans> the time for that might change
[19:09] <xHans> security presentation a week from Tuesday
[19:09] <xHans> http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/security
[19:09] <xHans> that same night there is a Stammtisch in Prescott
[19:09] <xHans> http://www.lugy.net/
[19:10] <xHans> the Installfest is putting on a special event the second to last Saturday this month, the 23rd
[19:10] <xHans> http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/2782
[19:10] <xHans> Installfests are co-presented by PLUG and the LoCo, so I presume the server build workshop is as well
[19:11] <xHans> I want to give a reminder that several events have changed locations recently and we have at least one more change coming up
[19:13] <xHans> the Red Hat Road Tour will be in town the same day as the Prescott Stammtisch and the Hackfest presentation
[19:13] <xHans> http://www.LuftHans.com/node/5656
[19:14] <xHans> and that's it for this week
[19:14] <toddc> Thank you for all the great information
[19:15] <toddc> Would everyone here please sign in with a +1
[19:15] <xHans> bitte
[19:15] <xHans> thanks for the opportunity
[19:15] <xHans> +1
[19:15] <toddc> =1
[19:15] <hutchnate>     +1
[19:15] <hutchnate>     lolno thats 2
[19:15] <tuxnme>        +1
[19:16] <toddc> ubuntu is releasing version 10.10 release candidate
[19:16] <toddc> here are the release notes: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1010
[19:17] <toddc> http://www.edubuntu.org./ Check this one out too
[19:17] <toddc> so far testing on 10.10 has been very stable. bug testers are always welcome
[19:18] <tuxnme>        MCC has four computers running U10.4 in the computer lab.
[19:18] <toddc> if interested this is the link to download the 10.10 release candidate http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/download
[19:19] <hutchnate>     who's mcc
[19:19] <toddc> thats about all I have
[19:19] <tuxnme>        My Intro class designed a cool Linux sign in inkscape that tops each monitor.
[19:19] <toddc> anyone have anything else?
[19:20] <tuxnme>        MCC= Mesa Community College
[19:20] <toddc> do you have a sample of the sign?
[19:21] <hutchnate>     tuxnme you new?
[19:21] <toddc> Thank you everyone for coming - hope to see you next week!
[19:25] <hutchnate>     tuxnme good to have you here
[19:25] <toddc> http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/2129 instructors needed for online training for ubuntu open Week
[19:25] <xHans> or in 30 min in #PLUGaz :)
[19:25] <toddc> I will be there!
[19:27] <hutchnate>     k guys well the simpsons are almost over so i'm out.
[19:27] <--|    hutchnate has left #Ubuntu-US-AZ
[19:28] <--|    tuxnme has left #Ubuntu-US-AZ

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