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If you have additions to the Agenda, please post them here after confirming with johnc4510 or scott_ev.


[19:02] <scott_ev>      it's time to get started
[19:02] <scott_ev>      will everyone here for the meeting please signify that with a +1
[19:02] <Doorman352>    +1
[19:02] <Ricksna>       +1
[19:02] |<--    Eric-A has left freenode (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[19:02] <scott_ev>      welcome everyone
[19:03] <scott_ev>      I've been missing meetings lately due to b eing reallly sick and I asppologize
[19:03] <xHans> +$(( 2112*2-4223))
[19:03] <scott_ev>      and I don't really have anything prepared tonight so this will not ake too long
[19:03] <scott_ev>      normally I start off with Ubuntu news
[19:04] <scott_ev>      10.10 is in beta and will be released next month
[19:04] * Doorman352    does the happy dance
[19:04] <scott_ev>      I'm going to stay with 10.04 LTS until something really cool comes out
[19:04] <scott_ev>      10.10 doesn't offer much new and nothing really cool as far as I can see
[19:05] -->|    toddcnb (8cc64c64@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ
[19:05] <scott_ev>      LTS releases are always very stable and, of course, will ber supported dang near forever
[19:05] <toddcnb>       +1
[19:05] <scott_ev>      my 10.04 servers won't get upgraded untill the next LTS release
[19:05] <scott_ev>      evenin todd
[19:06] <toddcnb>       hi
[19:06] <scott_ev>      will you log the rest of the meeting and email it to flakeparadigm?
[19:06] <toddcnb>       'i drop here at mcc
[19:06] <scott_ev>      I want to remind everyone about all the things we have available to us
[19:06] <toddcnb>       i should have it at hone running
[19:07] <toddcnb>       home
[19:07] -->|    Eric_A (~Eric-A@184-98-89-56.phnx.qwest.net) has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ
[19:07] <scott_ev>      we have the azloco.com website where you can blog, learn about new ubuntu stuff, access our wiki and mailing list
[19:07] <scott_ev>      the mailing list is almost never used and I'd like to see that change
[19:08] <scott_ev>      send us an email anytime you come across anything that you think would be interesting to the team
[19:08] <scott_ev>      especially if it's ubuntu related
[19:08] <scott_ev>      communication is key to having a loco team
[19:08] <scott_ev>      especially since we are so spread out
[19:09] <scott_ev>      brb, myu pizza just showed up...talk freely
[19:10] <Ricksna>       fuzzyvader where r u???
[19:10] <scott_ev>      back
[19:10] <scott_ev>      xHans: are you ready with PLUG announcements?
[19:11] <scott_ev>      does anyone have anything to bring up
[19:11] <scott_ev>      any ideas for the team
[19:11] <xHans> scott_ev: ready
[19:11] <scott_ev>      ?
[19:11] <scott_ev>      kk
[19:12] <xHans> Software Freedom Day tour at Local Motors went well. We had 22 people and lots of questions for the tour guide.
[19:12] <scott_ev>      go ahead sir
[19:12] <xHans> thanks to everyone who showed up
[19:12] <scott_ev>      awesome
[19:12] <xHans> we also had some people at their even Tuesday that didn't come back Thursday
[19:12] <xHans> PLUG planning mtg tonight at 20:00
[19:12] <xHans> http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/2288
[19:12] <xHans> east side Free Software Stammtisch Tuesday at 19:00
[19:12] <xHans> NEW LOCATION: east side Free Software Stammtisch now at Iguana Macks in Chandler
[19:12] <xHans> http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/2670
[19:12] <xHans> lots of parking at the new location
[19:13] <scott_ev>      good
[19:13] <xHans> it's also a private meeting room, so shouldn't be a problem with external noise
[19:13] <scott_ev>      cool
[19:13] <xHans> PLUG west side this Wednesday
[19:13] <xHans> also a new location
[19:13] <xHans> Room 315 at DeVry University / Keller Graduate School of Management, 6751 N Sunset Blvd, Glendale, AZ - Westgate City Center
[19:13] <xHans> http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/339
[19:14] <Doorman352>    no wifi last month.... :(
[19:14] <xHans> doubt we'll get wifi at DeVry
[19:15] <xHans> instructor station usually has open wired network, so maybe someone can take a switch and a few cables
[19:15] <xHans> talk to Lyle about what we might be allowed to do
[19:15] <xHans> Doorman352: or just let everyone use your android tether ;-)
[19:16] <xHans> PLUG/AZLoCo Installfest is this Saturday, still at UAT
[19:16] <xHans> http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/195
[19:16] <xHans> oh, I forgot to mention that the west side meeting is now really west side
[19:16] <xHans> those in Surprise and Arrowhead should now be happy with the location
[19:17] <scott_ev>      yup, now it's definitely too far for me
[19:17] <scott_ev>      well, maybe
[19:18] * Doorman352    liked the old location better
[19:18] <xHans> scott_ev: we can visit it on the way to SCaLE :)
[19:18] <scott_ev>      ayup
[19:18] <xHans> ABLEconf planning meeting next Sunday at 20:00
[19:18] <xHans> the meeting will take place
[19:18] <xHans> LAMP/Ruby devel gig in Chandler is on the PLUG site
[19:18] <xHans> http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/node/2749
[19:19] <xHans> ok, that's it from me
[19:19] <xHans> thanks again to those who went to Local Motors for SFD
[19:19] <scott_ev>      great, thanks Hans
[19:19] <xHans> bitte
[19:20] <scott_ev>      I want to point out that for those in the PHX Valley there are several opportunities to get together with other Ubuntu users at PLUG events
[19:20] <scott_ev>      I have a lot of sun at meetings and stammtische
[19:20] <scott_ev>      xHans:
[19:21] <scott_ev>      the security mneetings. do they conflict with east side meetings?
[19:21] <scott_ev>      hmmm
[19:21] <scott_ev>      ran away I guess
[19:21] <xHans> scott_ev: I believe not
[19:21] <scott_ev>      excellent
[19:21] <scott_ev>      I have to start making it to those
[19:22] <scott_ev>      is anyone here interested in trying to put together a 10.10 release party here in PHX?
[19:22] <xHans> hmm, looks like a Hackfest event got in the calendar incorrectly again
[19:22] <scott_ev>      ahh
[19:22] <xHans> description says it's the first Saturday of the month, so not this coming Saturday
[19:23] <scott_ev>      I meant to fix that and forgot
[19:23] <xHans> only the Installfest this coming Saturday
[19:23] <xHans> scott_ev: do you know what date it might be?
[19:23] <scott_ev>      plus I forgot to add stuff to our site
[19:23] <Doorman352>    xHans: Lisa is using other means to comunicate as the website is really misbehaving....
[19:23] <scott_ev>      good
[19:23] <scott_ev>      no idea yet
[19:23] <scott_ev>      I'm going to try to figure that out this week
[19:23] <xHans> Doorman352: the web site works well for several people :)
[19:24] <xHans> scott_ev: maybe just schedule it at the Free Software Stammtisch following the release
[19:24] <scott_ev>      great idea
[19:24] <scott_ev>      that'll do. I'll just put out a call for demonstrations
[19:24] <xHans> seperate events keep not working out, so let's push to get people to show up to an existing event until we build up enough people used to showing up every 6 months :)
[19:25] <xHans> scott_ev: new location has a screen :)
[19:25] <scott_ev>      we'll need 2
[19:25] <scott_ev>      sweet
[19:25] <xHans> I want to put Free Software games up on it every month
[19:25] <scott_ev>      then I'll put something together and put it up on our site
[19:25] <scott_ev>      ]nice idea
[19:26] <xHans> cool
[19:26] <scott_ev>      I'm going to re contact the asulug pres and invite them to start showing up
[19:26] <xHans> it would be great if they did
[19:26] <scott_ev>      demo'ing games might draw them
[19:26] <xHans> that would also increase the likelihood of us being able to get games going :)
[19:27] <scott_ev>      exactly
[19:27] <scott_ev>      who here right now lives in phx or close?
[19:27] <Doorman352>    so would strippers
[19:27] <scott_ev>      Doorman352:
[19:27] <scott_ev>      whgo else
[19:28] <xHans> Doorman352: they have natural wood walls, nothing to strip
[19:28] <scott_ev>      I vote for midget strippers
[19:28] <scott_ev>      OK, does anyone else have any input?
[19:28] <scott_ev>      or did everyo9ne leave already?
[19:29] <scott_ev>      OK then. we can close the meeting now due to lack of participation
[19:30] <scott_ev>      I hope to see all of you next week. I'll have more prepared
[19:30] <Doorman352>    ok, nite all!
[19:30] <scott_ev>      take care and thanks for being here

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