[21:00]<toddc>Welcome to AZLOCO IRC Meeting Please sign in with a+1 
[21:00]<toddc>Star Date 64757.8
[21:01]<toddc>Our launch pad site https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-arizona 
[21:01]<toddc>Our web site is azloco.com 
[21:01]<toddc>azlocobbb.banditti.com Big Blue Button sever-- Audio Video Chat with others but still in testing
[21:01]<toddc>3 of us?
[21:01]<syn-ack>wow, seems that way, toddc
[21:01]<toddc>Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.
[21:01]<toddc>Anyone here new tonight please introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself?
[21:01]<kennymc0>yay i'm one of the 3 i feel special ;P
[21:02]<toddc>Here is new news from ubuntu news
[21:02]<toddc>Commodore 64 Returns with a new computer updated and running ubuntu
[21:02]-->|SlickMcRunFast (~mark@host-86-116.aztegmo.clients.pavlovmedia.com) has joined #Ubuntu-US-AZ
[21:03]<toddc>commodore ???? again
[21:03]<toddc>6 handy sites for ubuntu news tricks and tips
[21:03]<toddc>Gnome 3 released yesterday
[21:04]<syn-ack>May I make a comment about that?
[21:04]<toddc>how to control ubuntu from the command line tutorial for starting level command line
[21:04]<toddc>go ahead 
[21:04]<toddc>it was a cool machine in its day
[21:04]<syn-ack>For those of you who are wondering what Gnome3 is like and would like to install it on your 11.04... DON'T
[21:05]<syn-ack>installing Gnome3 will break Unity. Badly.
[21:05]<kennymc0>ah so it's like when kde 4 first came out
[21:05]<toddc>oh I thought you were talking about the commodore
[21:05]<kennymc0>as in it left beta way too early
[21:05]<syn-ack>Unity is built on GTK2, not 3.
[21:05]<syn-ack>So, yeah, that's my friendly word of advice
[21:06]<toddc>ubuntu 11.04 new app will allow you to test new apps be for installing them
[21:06]<toddc>that is why ubuntu went to unity I thought
[21:06]<toddc>Ubumatic is a tool that build simple scripts to make configuring ubuntu easy for us none coders
[21:06]<syn-ack>Unity at this point, imo is a competitor to Gnome 3 is all.
[21:07]<toddc>debian has gnome 3 I played with it today a while then installed 11.04
[21:07]<syn-ack>There are a few GTK3 backports in the Ubuntu code, but nothing more
[21:07]<toddc>Never go for Windows airlines. When you are in situation to open your parachute, you will get a message   "Do you wish to open the parachute? Yes No".
[21:07]<toddc>Are you sure? Yes/No.
[21:07]<toddc>Parachute needs permission to continue. Allow/Ignore/Cancel.
[21:08]<toddc>Two ways to sync using drop box or Sparckle share
[21:08]<toddc>Puppy linux just released 5.25 and I just installed it today also
[21:09]<toddc>NOTICE ubuntu 9.10 end of life april 30
[21:09]<toddc>We are currently a un-approved Team with ubuntu but we are currently trying to change this
[21:09]<toddc>so we can get cd's and be official Team. They check activity so please update your personal wiki
[21:09]<toddc> JOB LIST
[21:09]<toddc>Linux Developer: Linux open source development using C with Security expertise. Location-Chandler,AZ...contact me mdutta@volt.com 
[21:10]<toddc>TEAM SERVER NEWS
[21:10]<toddc>I also would like some help copying meeting logs to out team wiki and azloco this would be weekly and should only take a few minutes
[21:10]<toddc>Much Thanks to banditti for the server and help with setup on BBB server
[21:10]<toddc>Thanks also to Syn-ack for all the debugging and setup testing. He spent a lot of time trying to get something up and going
[21:11]<toddc>Future BBB server thoughts are a log in screen and copy chat to IRC and back and syn-ack is writing
[21:11]<toddc>a blog for azloco.com on thoughts after he installed and configured it.
[21:11]<toddc>zloco/plug installfest is Saturday 4/23 at UAT 48st and Baseline road Tempe across from Fry's
[21:11]<toddc>Electronics 10AM to 4M 2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Room 208
[21:11]<toddc>The last several installfests have been very busy so if you have time or want to meet any of us or have problems feel free to show up.
[21:11]<toddc>UBUNTU TRAINING
[21:12]<toddc>ubuntu App Developer week starts monday on lernid or Irc training learn how to build apps and get involved 
[21:12]<toddc>April 1-15 will have several classes appdevel check it out
[21:12]<toddc>FUTURE EVENTS
[21:13]<toddc>ASUlugs have asked for help and want to do some events with us they have a hackfest on 4/9
[21:13]<toddc>from 12-3 I will post it on azloco calender also they have a installfest 4\16 9am-5pm that I will post to azloc calender. both events are at ASU
[21:13]<toddc>PLUG EVENTS
[21:13]<toddc>plug east side meeting thursday see azloco.com calender for more info    [21:13]<toddc>Linux Security Hackfest 12-3 Sat AT Gangplank see azloco.com calender for more info [21:13]<toddc>XHans if you are here do you have any news for us? 
[21:14]<toddc>any one have anything else?
[21:14]<syn-ack>I'm good.
[21:14]<toddc>thanks for coming tonight but I will be here a while 

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