[21:00]* johnc4510+1
[21:00]<syn-ack>I. am. TIRED. :(
[21:00]<syn-ack>And I can't sleep.
[21:00]<toddc>Welcome to AZLOCO IRC Meeting Please sign in with a +1
[21:01]<syn-ack>again, +1
[21:01]<toddc>Our launch pad site https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-arizona 
[21:01]<toddc>Our web site is azloco.com 
[21:01]<toddc>azlocobbb.banditti.com Big Blue Button sever-- Audio Video Chat with others but still in testing
[21:01]<toddc>Feel free to make comments and add input to our meeting at anytime.
[21:01]<toddc>Anyone here new tonight please introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself?
[21:01]<johnc4510>FernHans: hey bud
[21:01]<johnc4510>long time
[21:02]<toddc>Welcome back Johnc4510 and can you update us with the Team news?
[21:02]<FernHans>johnc4510: well, you went hermit on us and all that :)
[21:02]<johnc4510>toddc: thx
[21:02]* syn-acktrips FernHans since he is his body guard
[21:02]<johnc4510>ok, if you've been following the mailing list
[21:02]<johnc4510>you know that our team status is in question
[21:03]<syn-ack>It's not
[21:03]<syn-ack>we are NOT chartered
[21:03]<johnc4510>i've been working with the loco team council about this
[21:03]<johnc4510>and we are an approved team for 90 more days
[21:03]<syn-ack>I was just about to ask you that.
[21:03]<johnc4510>within that 90 days we need to re-apply for approval
[21:04]<LostPenguin>and what exactly is their peoblem?
[21:04]<johnc4510>being listed as an approved team up for re-approval is important
[21:04]<syn-ack>johnc4510, Did we ever figure out why it lapsed in the first place and who it was who dropped the ball?
[21:04]<johnc4510>syn-ack: from my research
[21:04]<syn-ack>Not that it's all that important, just curious, is all
[21:05]<johnc4510>it seems like maybe the council and our team was at fault
[21:05]<johnc4510>however i think it was mostly the councils fault
[21:05]<johnc4510>since they filed a bug report on the notification proceedure
[21:05]<syn-ack>ok. then that's ok because I was under the impression that it was all good from the people I spoke to
[21:06]<johnc4510>any how being on the approved list when going up for re-approval is important
[21:06]<johnc4510>they tend to be somewhat easier on approved teams
[21:06]<johnc4510>that's not to say they won't take a close look
[21:07]<toddc>can I assume we need to watch it better and set a chain of contact s to help stay on top of things like this? 
[21:07]<syn-ack>well, thats just it
[21:07]<johnc4510>toddc: correct, and that's probably the first thing we should talk about
[21:07]<syn-ack>We WERE working said list. heh
[21:07]<kennymc0>didnt we use to have a notification setup on the calender when it was time to reup?
[21:08]<syn-ack>yes, iirc we did
[21:08]<johnc4510>kennymc0: i think so...now i don't know
[21:08]<johnc4510>on that page
[21:08]<johnc4510>is out team in the approved section
[21:08]<johnc4510>and our team contacts
[21:08]<johnc4510>i'd like to stay on the list still
[21:09]<johnc4510>but should we change scott to todd?
[21:09]<kennymc0>i would think that would be a good thing to do
[21:09]<syn-ack>I don't know. Has Scott been around and would he approve of the change?
[21:09]<toddc>willing but it should be voted on 
[21:09]* FernHansagrees, but has no horse in the race :)
[21:10]<johnc4510>toddc: agreed....
[21:10]<johnc4510>i think we should
[21:10]<toddc>he has been willing but very busy latley
[21:10]<syn-ack>I'm going to abstain.
[21:10]<johnc4510>put out an email to the mailing list proposing next weeks meeting as a vote or update type of meeting for contacts
[21:11]<LostPenguin>whoever wants to do it can do it, it's not like anyone is getting paid
[21:11]<toddc>I did talk to him and he is ok either way
[21:11]<johnc4510>syn-ack: i'm not trying to oust anyone.....just trying to get a lay of the land
[21:11]<johnc4510>so to speak
[21:11]<johnc4510>they thing is this
[21:11]<johnc4510>the shipit cd's we can get
[21:11]<syn-ack>if he's fine with it, I'm willing to vote for Todd.
[21:12]<syn-ack>I just didn't want him thinking that I was stabbing him in the back for anything.
[21:12]<johnc4510>the person ordering the cd's must be one of the people on the list at that web page
[21:12]<johnc4510>syn-ack: right
[21:12]<soldats>scott seemed into the idea, he said it to me a lil while back
[21:13]<toddc>np that is the main point and 
[21:13]<soldats>im personally +1 for it if noone else was going to step up
[21:13]<johnc4510>soldats: k
[21:13]<syn-ack>+1 as well
[21:13]<johnc4510>and the person ordering the cd's must be the one receiving them
[21:13]<soldats>scott might be just too busy right now
[21:13]<johnc4510>no order by one person and ship to another
[21:13]<johnc4510>soldats: understood[
21:14]<johnc4510>i personally don't need the cd's at my place right now because of my situation
[21:14]<toddc>I did ask scott since he had done it before that is what led up to all this
[21:15]<soldats>everything should be fine the way its going
[21:15]<toddc>I do attand almost all the installfests so they end up here anyway
[21:15]<johnc4510>our biggest problem with the cd's is we have two areas of main distribution
[21:16]<kennymc0>well no one cares about tucson anyways ;P
[21:16]<johnc4510>and whoever has them has to coordinate with the other to make sure they have the cd's they need
[21:16]<johnc4510>and get them to them
[21:16]<syn-ack>kennymc0, agreed. :D
[21:16]<toddc>hey we just did Tucson
[21:16]<soldats>yea right in the butt
[21:16]<kennymc0>i'm sorry
[21:16]<johnc4510>right....but you'll be doing more i imagine and
[21:17]<soldats>hopefully more in tucson
[21:17]<toddc>and was down there last week end
[21:17]<johnc4510>are we still supporting the phoenix area that was doing the installfests at the college?[21:17]<syn-ack>I was just in Tucson today. :D
[21:17]<syn-ack>johnc4510, Yes, along with ABLE, as far as I know
[21:17]<johnc4510>syn-ack: good
[21:18]<syn-ack>Hans would be more able, pardon the pun to confirm that.
[21:18]<toddc>uat, host two events plus we just added ASUlugs
[21:18]<kennymc0>that will be a good thing to help with re-uping approved status
[21:18]<johnc4510>ok....so for now....lets do this for the contact and cd's
[21:19]<johnc4510>we'll put out an email to the list asking for attendance at next wks meeting to decide on how to proceed on the contact
[21:19]<johnc4510>then once that's set, we can order our cd's
[21:19]<toddc>+1 ok
[21:19]<soldats>johnc4510: sounds good, hopefully we can a lot of em in here
[21:19]<syn-ack>I'm not going to be able to attend next weeks meeting.
[21:19]<soldats>maybe the week after so theres more time for everyone to attend
[21:20]<kennymc0>i should be able to make it as long as i dont fall asleep too early
[21:20]<johnc4510>syn-ack: after the email goes out you can email your thoughts to the list if you want
[21:20]<johnc4510>we'll take them into consideration
[21:20]<johnc4510>syn-ack: KK ?
[21:20]<syn-ack>soldats, I work out on the road for up to a month at a time so I'll hit you all up by email ASAP
[21:20]<johnc4510>ok, next on my list
[21:20]<syn-ack>johnc4510, Works for me.
[21:20]<johnc4510>is the re-approval application
[21:21]<soldats>syn-ack: cool
[21:21]<johnc4510>now...the first thing that needs to be checked is our wiki page, web page, etc
[21:22]<johnc4510>they need to be brought up to date
[21:22]<johnc4510>cleaned up
[21:22]<johnc4510>such as
[21:22]<johnc4510>the tucson installfest....is it listed on the wiki page?
[21:22]<toddc>I have done some work on them but I do have a call for help from the team to help with this
[21:22]<toddc>later in this meeting
[21:22]<johnc4510>toddc: good
[21:23]<soldats>im willing to help as well if i have some extra time, just gotta learn some skills again lol[21:23]<johnc4510>i'll be glad to lend my thoughts on how to organize things
[21:23]<johnc4510>wiki is easy
[21:23]<soldats>i havenbt messed with anything is a year probably
[21:23]<kennymc0>i do believe that drupal needs some updates on the website
[21:24]<toddc>I just recently got access to edit and just started learning to edit but really need some help as it can be a lot of work
[21:24]<johnc4510>but since i haven't been keeping up, it'll be up to you folks to remember and update things
[21:24]<syn-ack>kennymc0, Many.
[21:24]<toddc>we are working on a date to update the severs 
[21:24]<soldats>it uses css right
[21:24]<kennymc0>isnt drupal at least about to be updated remotley?
[21:24]<toddc>with shane we called him last week
[21:25]<johnc4510>i'm also will to help with the most important thing....the re-approval application
[21:25]<soldats>good toddc hes always been a huge help
[21:25]<toddc>current versions can be but out is not
[21:25]<johnc4510>i know pretty much what the council wants on those and have done it before
[21:25]<johnc4510>with our team and others....also with many individuals
[21:25]<soldats>do we have another cousil meeting again?
[21:25]<johnc4510>soldats: yep
[21:26]<johnc4510>but it shouldn't be as involved as before
[21:26]<soldats>yea, seems fair enough
[21:26]<toddc>welcome ricksna
[21:26]<johnc4510>once we get the wiki pages updated....and the application done....we'll submit it for the next council meeting
[21:27]<johnc4510>that's when it's important for team members to attend and show their support for the team[21:28]<rav-_>and when is the next council meeting scheduled ?
[21:28]<soldats>I do believe that eventhough we are/still an approved Ubuntu Loco team we should still consider that we as a group should still advocate Linux as a whole
[21:28]<johnc4510>rav-_: i'd have to check, but we have 90 days to day this....but
[21:28]<johnc4510>soldats: agreed....and we've always tried to
[21:29]<soldats>i know :) just throwing it out there
[21:29]<toddc>it would be helpfull to have someone that has done this to lead the charge and task list
[21:29]<johnc4510>i don't really care what dist you use....although i prefer ubuntu
[21:29]<johnc4510>toddc: lol
[21:30]<johnc4510>i can lead, but i'll need you folks to do the grunt work if that's ok
[21:30]<johnc4510>what does everyone think of that?
[21:30]<toddc> love to have you lead just give a task list 
[21:31]<syn-ack>If I have the time, I will try, That is all I can guarantee
[21:31]<johnc4510>ok, then by next week, i'll have a task list together for us to go over
[21:31]<johnc4510>even though we have 90 days, it would be better if we could get this done in 30 to 45 days[21:32]<soldats>agreed
[21:32]<soldats>makes us look good too
[21:32]<johnc4510>that would show the council that we aren't sitting around on our hands
[21:32]<johnc4510>also after next wks meeting we should be able to order our cd's for 11.04
[21:32]<ricksna>+1 ??
[21:33]<toddc>if someone has to to help with the wiki we start on that this week
[21:33]<johnc4510>for some of you folks....cd's are very, very important
[21:33]<johnc4510>it makes it soooooo much easier to run an installfest
[21:33]<toddc>PR wise at installfest they are very important
[21:34]<johnc4510>it makes the team look like they belong to a professional org.
[21:35]<johnc4510>ok, i'm going to turn this meeting back over to todd with my thx......i can still talk(type) a blue streak can't i
[21:35]<toddc>thanks johnc5420 for the news and help
[21:35]<syn-ack>johnc4510, I'll be getting my new Android device here, hopefully within the next couple days and once I do, I'll shoot you an email with my new number as well. That way we'll be able to communicate that way as well
[21:35]<toddc>Here is new news from ubuntu news: 
[21:35]<kennymc0>bet you're hands are starting to cramp up since you havent done that in a while ;P
[21:36]<toddc>Commodore 64 Returns with a new computer updated and running ubuntu
[21:36]<johnc4510>syn-ack: cool
[21:36]<syn-ack>Same for you too, toddc
[21:36]<johnc4510>kennymc0: lol
[21:36]<toddc>kk I do roots
[21:36]<toddc>hotssh-Graphical to secure shell
[21:36]<syn-ack>I can do that myself. I have the mad skillz, yo. :P
[21:36]<toddc>Registration open for DebConf
[21:37]<toddc>rooted mine as soon I got home
[21:37]<toddc>ubuntu 11.04 new app will allow you to test new apps be for installing them
[21:37]<toddc>Ubumatic is a tool that build simple scripts to make configuring ubuntu easy for us none coders
[21:38]<toddc>Failure is not an option -- it comes bundled with Windows
[21:38]<toddc>top 5 office spaces setups 
[21:38]<toddc>NOTICE ubuntu 9.10 end of life april 30
[21:38]<toddc>If the shoe fits get another one just like it.
[21:39]<toddc>Ubuntu 8.04 End of life on may 12 2011 our servers
[21:39]<toddc>I also would like some help copying meeting logs to out team wiki and azloco this would be weekly and should only take a few minutes
[21:39]<toddc>Much Thanks to banditti for the server and help with setup on BBB server
[21:39]<toddc>Thanks also to Syn-ack for all the debugging and setup testing. He spent a lot of time trying to get something up and going
[21:39]<toddc>Future BBB server thoughts are a log in screen and copy chat to IRC and back and syn-ack is writing
[21:39]<toddc>a blog for azloco.com on thoughts after he installed and configured it.
[21:39]<johnc4510>toddc: what is our server running....i don't remember?
[21:40]<toddc>8.04 on both[21:40]<toddc>TEMPE INSTALLFEST NEWS
[21:40]<toddc>Azloco/plug installfest is Saturday 4/30 at UAT 48st and Baseline road Tempe across from Fry's Electronics 10AM to 4M 2625 W Baseline Rd 85283 Room 208
[21:40]<johnc4510>hmm, that definitely needs to be addressed
[21:40]<toddc>The last several installfests have been very busy so if you have time or want to meet any of us or have problems feel free to show up.
[21:41]<johnc4510>toddc: great
[21:41]<toddc>just waiting on shane then we plan to have a class to update both servers and add new programs
[21:42]<johnc4510>toddc: oh great...he's a great IT guy
[21:42]<toddc>FUTURE EVENTS
[21:42]<toddc>Are there any interests in doing any other group projects--installfests or server projects?[21:42]<toddc> 
[21:42]<toddc>I was unable to attend the ASUlugs installfest but look forward to events with them in the future[21:42]|<--syn-ack has left freenode (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[21:42]<johnc4510>i want to help on the tucson events so sure
[21:43]<johnc4510>i just missed the announcement for the last one
[21:43]<toddc>FernHans would like to do the plugaz stuff?
[21:43]|<--ricksna has left freenode (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:44]<johnc4510>toddc: i'm sure he would
[21:44]<FernHans>PLUG west side meeting this Wednesday
[21:44]<FernHans>HTML parsing and using libraries to scrape web pages
[21:44]<toddc>johnc4510 if you want to do the local contact for the event---set dates ect that is all we need to start planing another
[21:44]<FernHans>toddc already covered the PLUG/AZLoCo Installfest this Saturday
[21:44]<FernHans>http://PLUG.phoenix.az.us/calendar/icalrepeat.detail/2011/04/30/1528/-/linux-installfest.html[21:44]<FernHans>ABLEconf planning meetings will be on odd months after the east side Free Software Stammtisch, starting at 21:00
[21:45]<johnc4510>toddc: kk, we'll talk about that....since i'm going to around for a bit
[21:45]<FernHans>we're already doing planning so if you'd like to participate in ABLEconf please join our mailing list
[21:45]<FernHans>and that's it for this week
[21:46]<toddc>Thanks FernHans for keeping us up to date
[21:46]* johnc4510points out how important ablecon and the lugs are to promoting linux
[21:46]<toddc>anyone have anything else at this time?
[21:46]<toddc>if there is nothing else? 
[21:46]<toddc>hanks for coming tonight but I will be here a while if anyone needs help or has a question 

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