Welcome to the Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #15 for the week September 19 - September 25, 2007.

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Hello to all members! Cooler weather is just around the corner here in Arizona, and I'm hoping we can now start to do some things outdoors to help advocate Ubuntu. We have been burning CD's to distribute to the public to help advocate Ubuntu. I would like to see us have some events at swap meets, fairs, etc. to give some of these CD's away. Also October Fest events will be starting next month and that would be another event that draws a number of people. So, come to the next meeting and give us your ideas and help us plan new ways to advocate and spread the word about Ubuntu and Open Source Software. Get involved and help us to increase the awareness!!

Summary of the September 16, 2007 meeting

The meeting was called to order by johnc4510 at 9:02 PM

First on the agenda was to welcome new members. genmud was unavailable, but we invite him to come to our next meeting so we can all say "HI!". Next was rrbiz. He was an IT for Adelphia back in L.A. for little over 7 years, and then left to reside in Tucson. He got acquainted with knoppix back in 03/04, and has had on and off experience, including taking Linux classes. Next was ngtmagicks, who is living in Mesa AZ now, and has been using Ubuntu for a while now, since right before Edgy came out. Before that he was on again and off again for like 5 years with Slackware and Debian. He has been active for last release on the forums, and posting about it on my livejournal (ngtmagicks.livejournal.com). ngtmagicks was a member of the team for a while when it was first formed, and has now come back. We welcome our new members and are glad you're here.

Next on the agenda was the announcement of a potential upcoming event. Johnc4510 and slofgren have been considering the idea of havning a linux conference to be held on a yearly basis. It was noted that Google has participated in such a conference in Utah in the past. It has an office in Tempe associated with ASU and there would be a chance of getting them to help sponser this. Johnc4510 believes we can also get Ubuntu, and maybe some of it's partners to also help with this idea. This is a long term idea, that would not be implimented until next year sometime. We would try to get the lug's in the state to help work with our team to put this event on. A list of the lugs in the state will be coming out shortly. "It would feature talks on linux and open source from speakers we would try to secure from the open source community in AZ. So, it would be an educational event to further promote linux and open source within our state." ngtmagicks mentioned that Monster.com also has an office in Tempe. This event is in its earliest planning stages, and no team participation is needed at the present, though would be later on. This announcement was for the purpose of informing the team as to the potential of such an event.

The third item on the agenda was the introduction of the Newsletter team. Tyche has taken over translating the log of the meeting into comprehensible minutes. This means that the Newsletter should be coming out every Wednesday, as had been previously done. It was suggested that new members be sure to be signed up on the team mailing list.

Fourth agenda item was the report of the Education Committee. Last week's meeting of the committee didn't happen as planned. A future meeting for this next week will be announced by email later. Polygon89 did mention that his ability to create screencasts has been severely hampered bu kernel updates to his system, but that he is continuing to work on the problem.

The fifth agenda item was Software Freedom Day (SFD). sloggerkhan keeps running into red tape as he tries to get U of A approval for a table to distribute cd's. However, we are not giving up on this project. We'll be late but can still do something as soon as he gets approval. Distributing CD's at the University is a great way to get the word out about Ubuntu and Open Source to a segment of the population that would be open to changing the operating system that they use. They would in turn tell their friends on campus about the great new operating system that they found out about and are presently using.

The status of the server was the sixth item on the agenda. Little is known at the present time, as there is some difficulty in getting a hold of the individual doing the repairs. We are waiting on the installation of a new hard drive to replace the one that died. While this project has taken more time than we anticipated, it is in our best interest to be patient since the equipment was a loaned to us by a Phoenix LUG, and they are the ones doing the repairs and furnishing the needed parts. Johnc4510 and slofgren will continue their efforts in gaining information.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:32 PM

Come join our team and help us advocate Ubuntu in the State of Arizona!!


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