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The Aluminum Case Badges have been delivered from the manufacturer, and are in the process of being mailed out to those teams and individuals who placed orders and paid for them. I would expect that we would receive our order sometime next week. To see some pictures of the final product, please visit the link below. Our thanks go to the Massachusetts Team and DoctorMO who put together this project for the US Teams Project. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MassachusettsTeam/Projects/AluminiumCaseBadges

Summary of the September 23, 2007 meeting

At 9:03 PM UncleSam welcomed us to the Ubuntu Arizona LoCo Team Meeting.

No new members were present to be introduced.

The discussion for the evening would be about the Gutsy Gibbon Release Party. Gutsy Gibbon will be released October 18, 2007. This is the new Ubuntu 7.10 release that various members have been playing with. John felt that this meeting should be about whether or not the team wanted to have a party, and to determine location and time.

Due to constraints of work and school, and the fact that October 18 is a Thursday, it had previously been suggested that the party be held in the evening. Also, because of the far-flung nature of the LoCo, a previous suggestion has been to hold one party in Tucson and one in Phoenix.

Another consideration was whether or not there would be wifi at whatever place was chosen for the party. If not, would members be willing and able to burn sufficient disks of the new distribution to hand out to other members.

And, of course, there can't be a party without food. What places could be chosen that would also have wifi or, to reverse it what places that had wifi would allow us to bring in food. John mentioned that Bookman's allows people to bring in food. Also, many coffee shops might allow it if asked ahead of time.

One important need in putting together a party is people to organize it. This would primarily be people to reserve a chosen location for the party. John felt that most of the rest of the organization he, himself, could take care of. John will handle the organization of the Tucson party along with the other general organizing, but we need someone to organize and set up a place for the Phoenix party. No volunteers were forthcoming at this time.

Since there was very little input from the present members, John felt that it would be best to continue the discussion next week (Sunday, September 30, 2007) when members have had more time to think about the questions raised and able to give some input.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:18 PM


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