Welcome to the Ubuntu-Arizona Weekly Newsletter, Issue #31 for the week December 31 - January 6.

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  • Wednesday-January 9, 2008
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With tyche going up for Ubuntu Membership, it's important to have as many team members present to cheer him on as is possible. The meeting of the council is tomorrow, 1/10/08, at 9:00AM AZ time. Please show your support if you can get free and join #ubuntu-meeting, irc freenode to help cheer him on. I know he would appreciate it.

Summary of the January 6, 2008 meeting

johnc4510 called the meeting to order at 9:02 PM

There were no new members to introduce.

johnc4510 then announced that tyche was applying for Ubuntu membership. His wiki page can be seen at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CraigAEddy. johnc4510 congratulated tyche and added that the next Ubuntu Community Council meeting would be announced and hoped that some Team members would show up to cheer him on. He added that it is usually early, since it's held at a reasonable hour for London, and that the Council loves it when a candidate has a cheering section. johnc4510 again congratulated tyche and commented that he was a shoe-in, but that he should wear both of them to the meeting.

The first order of business was the Team Server. There was a discussion concerning the automation of a computer maintenance job - setting the permissions properly for files dumped onto the server. johnc4510 then asked enigmastrat if he'd updated the main server page any. enigmastrat replied that he could probably make up excuses, but the fact was that he was just lazy. johnc4510 replied that with the holidays, it was understandable. enigmastrat responded that, with the holidays over, he'd do more with it. johnc4510 then asked for people to suggest uses for the Server. It was suggested that the channel stats could be added to the server. The Team had been without them since ianmcorvidae had had to drop them from his server. The stats are a fun way of looking at the way the Team interacts. ianmcorvidae acknowledged that it could be done, and slofgren granted him the rights on the server to do so, after a discussion of what programs were on the server already, and what else was needed. johnc4510 commented that we can't do any file hosting because the HD is tooooo small. After finding out how small the Hard Drive was, juggy said that there was a possibility of his donating a 20 gig drive. Another possibility for the server was to host the tetrinetx game that ianmcorvidae used to host. ianmcorvidae put the game up, and can be found at http://ubuntuaz.selfip.com/. Use GTetrinet to play against others.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:47 PM


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