Welcome to the Arizona LoCo Team Open Source Conference planning page. BarCamp The idea of this conference is to educate and promote open source in the state of Arizona. For our team the purpose of the conference is not only the aforementioned goal, but also the advocacy of Ubuntu and the continuing collaboration with the state LUGs. We have provided this page as a working outline and planning page for the event. At the bottom, you will find a section titled "Ideas". Please feel free to add any ideas you have that would help to make the event a success for our team.


  • This conference is planned for Phoenix.
  • Initial planning date is in September/October 2008, but is flexible at this point.
  • This conference should be a day to a day and a half depending on the number of speakers we can secure. Speakers are on a volunteer basis only.
  • It should start on a Saturday and run through Sunday noon if possible. Starting time(s) should be 9:00AM and ending time should be 4:00PM with a lunch break.
  • Advertising is a must, and we should explore tv, radio, team wiki, team website, personal team blogs, etc.
  • Sponsorship is needed. Some ideas for sponsorship would be Google,, Ubuntu, Ubuntu partners, and any others that we can attract.(This should be one of the first priorities)
  • Booths by the sponsors would be an added draw for this event and should be explored. Our team would be responsible for manning an Ubuntu booth.
  • Inclusion of the state LUGs should be a priority in setting up and running of this conference. This should include talks by members of the LUGs.
  • Talks should be on open source and geared to not only the desktop user, but also the commercial sector.
  • Planning to include a meetup of the AZ LoCo Team seems appropriate since we will all be in the same place at the same time. Possible activities to include a short(1 hr.) meeting after the Saturday Conference is over, and then moving to dinner at some convenient local establishment.

  • Possible event: GPG key-signing; thoughts?

Conference Name


Date: September 20th, 2008
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: University of Advanced Technology, 2625 W. Baseline Road, Tempe, AZ 85283-1056

Mailing List

Subcribe to the conference planning list:



For our first effort at a statewide conference, ABLEconf was a success. We had representatives from most of the major user groups that are active in the state. We had 12 team members present, and our booth was the busiest one at the conference. The team pitched in and we had our team logo made into a 6x2 foot vinyl banner that we proudly displayed on the front of the booth. Most everyone commented on what a great job we did with our booth. Special thanks to Paula Eddy and Sarah for manning the booth all day. Paula is a new team member and we are working on Sarah to join up too.

We were able to have presentations in 4 rooms for 5 hours of presentations, and we ended with a panel discussion on community. A total of 21 presentations in all. Our own Craig Eddy gave a presentation on Open Source copyright and licensing. For a listing of all the presentations, visit Presentations. I gave a presentation on Ubuntu, and joined in on a panel discussion on Community at the end of the day. We had two main goals of the conference, advocacy for open source computing in Arizona, and to unite the user groups together to work as a team to show that working together we could accomplish more than we could as separate entities.

We had a about 60 attendees, and everyone seemed happy with the content and the planning. Except for a couple of presentations that went long, most everything went off on schedule. There were drawing for prizes every hour, and we donated 3 Ubuntu shirts and an Ubuntu hat. The hat was one item everyone had their eye on. Several people asked about what our booth had for sell in the way of Ubuntu gear, so I think we need to have some items on hand for the next conference. We gave away lots of Ubuntu CDs and answered lost of questions. We also gave a flier out to everyone who came to our both tell a little about our team, what we do, and how to join our mailing list, launchpad team, and how to find us in IRC.

We had hoped for about 100 attendees, but ended up with 60. I consider that a success for a state that hasn't had an open source conference before, and I think once word gets around about the great time everyone had, we have a bigger turn out next time. We are planning to have the next conference in about 6-8 months and we plan to take this one to a different city. The obvious choice for our next conference would be Tucson, but we'll have to wait on the conference committee to make that decision.

Best of all, we made a lot of contacts, most notable were with the ASULUG, and the U of A. These two college campuses have been on my wish list for release/installfest parties for some time, and both seemed enthusiastic about hosting parties for the Intrepid Ibex release. We learned a lot from this experience and we plan on putting it to good use in planning and executing the next conference. Thanks to all the state user groups that participated, and a special thanks to all the Arizona LoCo members who did such a great job. Special thanks go to PLUGAZ, and of course Lufthans a real driving force.

BTW, the after conference party was great too!!


Team members who attended the conference

Craig Eddy, Paula Eddy, Kenny McHenry, Travis McHenry, Will McNulty paul928, Steve Peterson, Sarah Feight, Sherman, Shawn Nock, Shane Lofgren, and John Crawford




Team setup. Check out our new team banner!!

Paula, John, and Kenny with attendees



John working on table

Pavlos with his giant penguin prize



Penguin salesman wearing his new Ubuntu hat

John, David, Hans, and Darrin at Community panel discussion



Community Panel discussion

After conference party



Will, Shane, Kenny, and Word at party

AZ team members leaving the party.



Sherman, Will, and Shane with unidentified game player in hat.

Paula Eddy and Kenny McHenry



Hans and John setting up for prize drawing

Kilted Hans going over his presentation



Craig Eddy making his presentation

John making his presentation



Hans showing off 1 of the mini ogg player prizes

Paula and Craig Eddy discuss how best to get a silly picture of John



Craig Eddy makes penguin friend

Shawn, Kenny, John & Mark enjoy lunch



Open Source discussion in common area

Ubuntu demo at booth



attendees at a presentation

Presentation on open source voting software



Sandbox demo at booth

Foot traffic at booth during the day

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