02 May - AZLOCO/PLUG Virtual Installfest/Linux Workshop

  • Conducted on line using

  • 12 attendees (2 new people)
  • Discussed promox issues and IPfire
  • Tested and conducted a demonstration Big Blue button features.

03 May - AZLOCO Team Meeting chaired by Todd Cole

14 May - Virtual Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour hosted by Rex Bouwense on

  • 10 attendees
  • Discussed scheduling an Installation Festival in the September time frame. Several locations were submitted all of which will be checked if the Warrior Healing Center is still not available because of the Covid-19 virus.
  • Discussed the possibility of a cook out later in the Summer providing the Covid-19 situation improves. It would be a family affair.
  • Discussed the future CLUG meeting presentations for May, June, and July which will be “Using Gparted”, “Conducting a dual boot and separate /home installations”, and a Hands on installation for Group members, respectively.

14 May - Virtual Phoenix Ubuntu Hour hosted by Todd Cole on

  • 2 attendees
  • Conducted a Big Blue Button demonstration

16 May - AZLOCO/PLUG Virtual Installfest/Linux Workshop

  • 8 attendees (1 new person)
  • Conducted on line using

  • Discussed procedures for disabling an administrative password on an HP laptop to get to the BIOS to change the boot order.
  • Discussed IPFire problem
  • Discussed Next Cloud issue
  • Assisted in developing procedures to have students log into their class.

17 May - AZLOCO Team Meeting chaired by Rex Bouwense

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