02 July – Virtual AZLOCO/PLUG Installfest/Linux Workshop
  • 7 attendees. One new person.
  • Discussed how to make a bootable flash drive to install an ISO on a computer.
  • Discussed how to get started with Linux, which distribution to start using, and how to learn how to use the terminal.

03 July – AZLOCO Team Meeting chaired by Todd Cole

07 July – Virtual Tempe Ubuntu Hour hosted by Todd Cole

  • Data Not Available

14 July – Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour hosted by Rex Bouwense

  • 7 attendees
  • Discussed having a meeting during the week rather than a Saturday. It was decided to try a short meeting in August as a test in an attempt to get more people attending the events. The date and time will be released after a location can be reserved.
  • Discussed having a link to the Cochise Linux Google Group on the Cochise Linux User Group website. It was completed before the meeting ended. All someone has to do if they have joined the Cochise Linux Google Group is log into their Google account and select their Google Drive. The Cochise Linux Google Drive documents have been shared with them. Select “Shared with me” and you will be able to see the documents.
  • Discussed having a quick workshop to install Linux operating systems on 8 computers. The date selected was this Saturday, 16 July 2022, at 1000 until 1400 hours at the Warrior Healing Center.
  • Discussed the possibility of using Word Press to create a blog for the Group. Bruce is exploring this option.
  • Discussed a minor bug that was discovered in the Xubuntu install media. After you have finished installing Xubuntu or completed testing it and you have selected reboot, the familiar "remove the install media and press enter" message does not appear on the monitor screen. There is merely a blinking cursor in the left hand corner of the screen. So. remove the media without receiving the message and press enter. This only happens in Xubuntu. The message is received in all of the other flavors of Ubuntu, Linux Mint, MX Linux, and AntiX.

14 July – Virtual Phoenix Ubuntu Hour hosted by Todd Cole

  • 2 attendees
  • Discussed how to mount a data storage device automatically.

16 July - AZLOCO/CLUG Installfest

  • 7 attendees (5 physically and 2 via Big Blue Button)
  • 6 installs (3 Ubuntu 22.04, 3 MX Linux 21.1)

16 July - Virtual AZLOCO/PLUG Linux Workshop/Installfest

  • 3 attendees
  • Discussed Docker

17 July - AZLOCO Team Meeting chaired by Rex Bouwense

28 July - Virtual Tempe Ubuntu Hour hosted by Todd Cole

  • 3 attendees
  • Discussed the 120 new cases for the Raspberry Pi 4 that AZLOCO has obtained and are available to members free of charge.
  • Discussed a new physical location for the monthly Installfests that may be available now. If this site is acceptable, the Team will be able to once again conduct physical Installfests in lieu of the on line events that are being conducted now.

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