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Meeting 14 December, 2011

Meeting started by bodhi_zazen at 00:00:54 UTC. The full logs are available at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/12/14/%23ubuntu-meeting.html .

Meeting summary

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Meetings (bodhi_zazen, 00:01:33)
LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Meetings (bodhi_zazen, 00:01:40)
LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Meetings (bodhi_zazen, 00:01:56)

  • Focus Groups

IDEA: can the people interested in a focus group identify a task or classroom session - update the wiki page - and engage the team for assistance ? (bodhi_zazen, 00:10:24)

  • Team participation

IDEA: Try to be more proactive, even if it is for 10 minutes, do something and solicit team participation Wink ;) (bodhi_zazen, 00:19:49)

  • Open floor

Meeting ended at 00:32:14 UTC.


Action items

  • (none)

People present (lines said)

  • bodhi_zazen (39)
  • IAmNotThatGuy (27)
  • ashickur-noor (16)
  • MrChrisDruif (12)

  • JackyAlcine (9)

  • coalwater (7)
  • meetingology (3)
  • Unit193 (2)

Full Log

 00:00:54 <bodhi_zazen> #startmeeting

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 00:00:54 <IAmNotThatGuy> o/

 00:01:14 <bodhi_zazen> Agenda - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Meetings

 00:01:15 * Unit193 

 00:01:33 <bodhi_zazen> [link]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Meetings

 00:01:40 <bodhi_zazen> [LINK]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Meetings

 00:01:47 <IAmNotThatGuy> All of you raise your hands o/

 00:01:47 <MrChrisDruif> o/

 00:01:56 <bodhi_zazen> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Meetings

 00:01:56 <ashickur-noor> o/

 00:02:10 <MrChrisDruif> It accepts quietly bodhi_zazen

 00:02:19 <IAmNotThatGuy> bodhi_zazen, I believe it will set it and show in  logs

 00:02:48 <bodhi_zazen> [TOPIC] Focus Groups

 00:03:06 <bodhi_zazen> I think focus groups have been discussed before

 00:03:14 <bodhi_zazen> any focus group leaders here ?

 00:03:52 <IAmNotThatGuy> For the time being, No. duanedesign is working on the MOTU FG

 00:03:55 <bodhi_zazen> any suggestions for focus groups ?

 00:04:07 <IAmNotThatGuy> I am not seeing any other FGs active

 00:04:30 <MrChrisDruif> IAmNotThatGuy; I might be able to get some activity back in the Wiki FG

 00:04:39 <MrChrisDruif> But I'm not the Head of it

 00:04:53 * bodhi_zazen thinks too much time is spend discussion how FG will work and not enough time forming groups to accomplish specific tasks

 00:05:28 <bodhi_zazen> How about if we start with one or two tasks , define the task, see who is interested ?

 00:05:45 <ashickur-noor> +1

 00:05:54 <IAmNotThatGuy> bodhi_zazen, it will be the Heads to design the FGs. We can find people whoo has time and nominate him/her for the FG and let them form a group and work on structuring

 00:05:55 <JackyAlcine> o/

 00:06:11 <bodhi_zazen> speak up JackyAlcine

 00:06:32 <MrChrisDruif> I think he just said he was here ;-)

 00:06:34 <bodhi_zazen> I would make the FG very task specific

 00:06:42 <JackyAlcine> +1 to bodhi_zazen's idea.

 00:06:59 <JackyAlcine> I've been interested in the Dev FG for a while, I don't have the time to run it, but I'd love to be active in it.

 00:07:40 <bodhi_zazen> Any additional suggestions for the focus groups ?

 00:08:10 <IAmNotThatGuy> Nope

 00:08:17 <MrChrisDruif> Assigning tasks like updating a certain section on the wiki (for Wiki FG of course)

 00:08:20 <bodhi_zazen> I think they sort of die off because everyone gets excited about a topic, like development or packaging, without any tasks , so excitement dies out

 00:08:42 <JackyAlcine> Perhaps passing bitesize bugs to the Dev FG.

 00:08:58 <JackyAlcine> bodhi_zazen: +1

 00:09:06 <bodhi_zazen> learning to file a bug report -> triage bug reports ?

 00:09:06 <JackyAlcine> and packaging's a world of hurt in itself :P

 00:09:10 <IAmNotThatGuy> or we have many project ideas, where we can pull the new comers and work on

 00:09:20 <bodhi_zazen> we could do a classroom session on either packaging or bug reports

 00:09:36 <IAmNotThatGuy> Noted

 00:09:39 <ashickur-noor> bodhi_zazen: +1

 00:09:49 <JackyAlcine> IAmNotThatGuy: working on a project from scratch is hard work.

 00:10:24 <bodhi_zazen> [idea] can the people interested in a focus group identify a task or classroom session - update the wiki page - and engage the team for assistance ?

 00:10:27 <Unit193> Do current tasks not count?

 00:11:18 <IAmNotThatGuy> I think it can be done

 00:11:19 <bodhi_zazen> Other suggestions ?

 00:12:19 <IAmNotThatGuy> JackyAlcine, But it is the best way to learn both team work and complete development. ;]

 00:12:26 <bodhi_zazen> [topic] Team participation

 00:12:27 <coalwater> whats the question :D

 00:13:07 <bodhi_zazen> As a general reminder to the team, our goal is to help new users, new to ubuntu (beginners) and new to the ubuntu community

 00:13:22 <bodhi_zazen> Please help out on IRC, forums, askubuntu ...

 00:13:23 <JackyAlcine> True.

 00:13:41 <ashickur-noor> Ya

 00:13:45 <bodhi_zazen> Invite people to the team to participate, if they are lost and need direction

 00:14:14 * MrChrisDruif has lost interest in helping on the main help channels. Also pretty busy on other parts in the community

 00:14:17 <ashickur-noor> I am thinking of it, to invite people

 00:14:34 <MrChrisDruif> But I'm still answering questions when they show up on the team channel

 00:14:56 <MrChrisDruif> Or anywhere else for that matter

 00:15:43 <IAmNotThatGuy> to be honest, The main thing missing is that we have people around, but none stepping forward to blast google and help the beginner. Thats the way I learnt about Ubuntu through the community

 00:16:11 <ashickur-noor> Me too

 00:17:10 <IAmNotThatGuy> Most of the time, what people think is that they don't know the answer and it is better to let someone help. But before coming to a decision, Just search in the net and see whether you can help. ;]

 00:17:23 <MrChrisDruif> Like I said, I'm pretty preoccupied with being active in the community myself...

 00:17:40 <IAmNotThatGuy> MrChrisDruif, Gotcha

 00:18:03 <MrChrisDruif> I know your not pointing any fingers around, but still...=]

 00:18:13 <JackyAlcine> I do my best whenever I think I can help. :$

 00:19:08 <bodhi_zazen> All good ideas

 00:19:14 <ashickur-noor> :-)  I also do it, when ever anybody need help I try my best

 00:19:17 <IAmNotThatGuy> So, the main point to remember from now is, "UBT's goal is to support the Beginners seeking help". So, try engaging some time in the support channel =]

 00:19:49 <bodhi_zazen> [idea] Try to be more proactive, even if it is for 10 minutes, do something and solicit team participation ;)

 00:20:09 <IAmNotThatGuy> bodhi_zazen, and I am not sure whether people idling in #ubuntu-beginners are active in IRC. I see many nick idling for years without talking a word

 00:20:26 <bodhi_zazen> such is irc

 00:20:40 <IAmNotThatGuy> ;P

 00:20:41 <ashickur-noor> IRC

 00:20:47 <ashickur-noor> what is IRC?

 00:20:53 <coalwater> this is

 00:20:55 <bodhi_zazen> [topic] Open floor

 00:21:06 <ashickur-noor> this is a common talk in my local community

 00:21:14 <coalwater> what we are talking through is irc ashickur-noor

 00:21:15 <bodhi_zazen> any other suggestions / comments / agenda items ?

 00:21:31 <ashickur-noor> coalwater: I know that

 00:21:49 <ashickur-noor> I am talking about my local community, who only know FB

 00:21:55 <ashickur-noor> :-D

 00:22:03 <ashickur-noor> Which makes me mad some times

 00:22:06 <bodhi_zazen> FluxBox ?

 00:22:10 <bodhi_zazen> FramBuffer

 00:22:32 <bodhi_zazen> The team is what you all make of it

 00:22:45 <IAmNotThatGuy> bodhi_zazen, Regarding FG, for the time being, lets go with duanedesign With MOTU and Wiki with myself and MrChrisDruif. If people comes forward for taking up the other groups, then we can officially bring them in. What do you think?

 00:23:19 <bodhi_zazen> Sounds good so long as the FG have tasks and spam -team looking for support

 00:24:32 <IAmNotThatGuy> Meanwhile, I will discuss with jacky and you in setting up the base for -dev team

 00:24:48 <bodhi_zazen> great

 00:24:56 <ashickur-noor> great

 00:24:57 <bodhi_zazen> Other agenda items questions ?

 00:25:05 <coalwater> you're gonna create a -dev team?

 00:25:41 <MrChrisDruif> I had one, but forgot it later =]

 00:25:42 <IAmNotThatGuy> coalwater, Set a platform for -dev team. (We already have one ;P)

 00:26:01 <coalwater> i know, thats why i was a little confused

 00:26:43 <coalwater> so um whats this platform

 00:26:54 <IAmNotThatGuy> bodhi_zazen, Will we be setting up a separate membership for each FG?

 00:27:09 <bodhi_zazen> Not unless the FG are active

 00:27:13 <IAmNotThatGuy> coalwater, Will come back to you in a minf =]

 00:27:21 <IAmNotThatGuy> okay

 00:27:25 <bodhi_zazen> Once they are active, FG lead can decide

 00:27:41 <bodhi_zazen> I suggest open team, informal membership

 00:28:11 <bodhi_zazen> people spend too much time with membership, not enough time doing, and then membership becomes a barrior

 00:28:22 <IAmNotThatGuy> coalwater, We have a dev team, without knowing what we have to work with. So, we are planning to find and list projects and places to find bug reports so that BT dev team can work on it and help them learn and contribute =]

 00:28:40 <coalwater> nice

 00:28:45 <IAmNotThatGuy> +1 bodhi_zazen

 00:28:51 <ashickur-noor> IAmNotThatGuy: +1

 00:29:30 <IAmNotThatGuy> Any other topics?

 00:30:59 <IAmNotThatGuy> Unit193, did we miss anything?

 00:32:14 <bodhi_zazen> #endmeeting

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