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The Ubuntu Documentation Project has had a rather a big bang start with many parties seeking to contribute, help and comment and with many others already writing and participating. The ongoing work is already useful and is a very good start, however the future of the Ubuntu's UDP would depend on more long term planning, design and community consensus. Due to this, I propose a special, seperate IRC meeting dedicated to everything's documentation.


  • Current state of documentation team, (who's who && who does what), what tools are we currently using?

  • Start thinking of how to approach now members, foster them and respond to their help offers:
    • These currently seem to drift away, usually to be answered with a range different responses which might confuse the newbie at start.
    • Documentation team leader responsibility?
    • Make sure current and future facilities do not impose a blockage infront of new comers to the team. (e.g, wiki)
  • Wiki plans:
    • Do we like the new wiki? What can we do to make it better fit our needs? Coping strategies? Can we offer anything better if we don't like the current new dropped up on us one ?
    • Maybe conduct some perliminary vote counting for a specific wiki system, maybe assign someone to investigate and offer us the best wiki to best fit our needs?
    • Canonical Website/Wiki/Admin officials should attend, we have many questions and issues to discuss with them.
    • DocBook integration as a preferred offline-online publishing scheme ?

    • Should the wiki remian central to our works? What about offline authoring as an alternative? Measure must be taken to minimize work for streamlining offline to online docs and vice versa.
    • I had no answer from Canonical people about the license of wiki contents, and last time I asked I also told "if I don't get an answer before the doc team meeting, we'll propose one for you". So, if there is time, reaching a documentation team consensus on this would be very useful. --EnricoZini

  • Offline documentation:
    • Discuss about core team acceptance of DocBook as document source.

    • Conversion strategies on different formats from outside team contribs. (i.e plaintext etc)
    • Agree on a unified license scheme that would allow Debian to massively use our works. (Modified artistic, GFDL, pure GNU, BSD..)
  • Devising a Hoary milestone strategy:
    • Devise a plan to get already contained material in shape. (GNOME and Debian basis)
    • Specific solutions to implement for Hoary. (i.e. Ubuntu in a nutshell, kick arse admin guide, Ubuntu for dummmies etc..)
    • Agree on developers documentation milestones, or just collect ideas for further discussions on doc list.
    • Dedicate time for Canonical staffer's wishes, comments about system components requiring documentaion presently.
  • Start Working:
    • Assigning tasks?
    • Putting up a perliminary timetable, preferably in sync and accordance with the Hoary release.


Date and Time

  • Please list yourself on the following table below, with a preferred time window that you think best suits you for attending the meeting. However do bear in mind that the time will be chosen on a majority rules basis.
  • Time should be specified in UTC format. For a UTC convertor see this for help.








12:00 or after 18:00 (prefer after 18:00)



Any time between 18:00 and 22:00

Any Mon-Thur


Anything until 18/10 14:00 UTC; then, I'll leave for and will be somehow around but unreliable about timings. Post me the meeting log and I'll make and post the summary


12:00 - 5:00



09:00 - 18:00

Any Mon-Thur


12:00-14:00 UTC

Not wednesday's




Future meetings

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