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This application was reviewed on 20th of March 2012. Please check the meeting log for details.

Ubuntu-eg team has started to be a key player in the FOSS communities here in Egypt. We seek to get recognized and help other FOSS and LUG groups. We provide support in both Arabic and English languages. We constantly distribute CDs and printed material advocating Ubuntu and free software.

We aim to make Ubuntu a defacto standard through teaching it in universities so graduated student can have mentalities oriented towards Ubuntu/Linux and FOSS, hence growing up our community in Egypt and spread Ubuntu more faster.

Key Details


14th of March 2012

Team Admins:

Ubuntu eg Council

Team Contact:

Ahmed Toulan


272 launchpad members



Mailing List:

ubuntu-eg on (282 subscribers)


#ubuntu-eg on Freenode


@ubuntueg (687 followers)

Facebook Page:

Page (2867 likes)

Facebook Group:

Group (1155 members)

Linkedin Group:

Linkedin Group (130 members)

Flickr tag:


Team Reports:

Team Reports

Statistics: Social Media

We have a lot of social media channels which are mentioned before, and here are some insights from our Facebook page which has about 2867 likes.


Ubuntu Members


  • We are engaged now in working on a new team structure that would allow new comers to pick up quickly the methods of our community and start working directly with the team. Another thing we started is the usage of Launchpad to track our tasks to avoid having tons of emails and phone calls. (It's still a work in progress and is subject to change)
  • Launchpad project.

  • New team structure. The structure can be summarized in the following graph:

Team Structure

  • N00b: Refers to a new comer.
  • Orientation: A small event we gather all new comers to know more about our team structure and our methods.(Can be online or offline)
  • FG: At that point the N00b can join a Focus Group to directly start working with the team.
  • Ubuntu-eg members: Which allows him/her to vote in any elections.


Note: you can find photos of these events on our Facebook page albums and our Flicker Pool.

  • Created the team website.

  • Getting involved with local LUG and technical groups.
    • Ahmed Toulan gave a session about desktop programming using Qt in an EGLUG event.

    • Anas Emad gave a session about InkScape in an EGLUG event.

    • Mohamed Zaian gave a session about "How to setup a webserver in 10 mins on Linux" in an EGLUG event.

    • Mohamed Saudi gave a session about "How to install Ubuntu" in an EGLUG event.

    • Mohamed Gamal gave a session about "Git version control system" in Mansoura CAT community. Watch video.

    • Islam Wazery gave a workshop on Gimp for IShare community.

    • Abdallah Hodaib gave a workshop on Python for IShare community.


Islam Hassan making a question on Properties in Qt Ahmed Toulan and Omar Mohsen with some discussions on Signals and Slots A slide from Signals and Slots in Qt Mahmoud Ibrahim (left) and Islam Wazery (right) Abdallah Hodiab trying the new Ubuntu (right) Ahmed Toulan (left) and Jonathan Hindi (right) Jonathan Hindi Some of the Ubuntu Eg teams with some of the newcomers Ahmed Toulan Introducing our team Ahmed Kamal smiling to the camera (right) Sebastian Sebastian and Chris Some of the Ubuntu eg team Anas Emad in ICT Ubuntu is ready in Arab Hardware booth in Cairo ICT Ubuntu is ready in Arab Hardware booth in Cairo ICT Ubuntu is ready in Arab Hardware booth in Cairo ICT Anas Emad explaining Ubuntu and Open Source in Cairo ICT Anas Emad explaining Ubuntu and Open Source in Cairo ICT Group photo in Cairo ICT

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