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  • Lightning Round
    • 2-4 sentences on current work/roadblocks
  • Outstanding actions from last meeting

Outstanding actions from last meeting


Actions from this meeting

Chair for next meeting

Activity reports

Barry Warsaw

I was off last Wednesday so it was a short week for me.

I worked on packaging a Python library not currently in Ubuntu from scratch, and got it successfully built in my PPA. I update the Python distribute package from Debian, got that successfully built in my PPA, and submitted a merge proposal for updating Lucid. I did both using the UDD method, sent an email of the experience to the mailing list and updated the wiki pages.

I spent some time reading up on the dh_python thread in debian-python, made some responses, and worked on my own fat byte-compilation file PEP.

I also did some planning for Pycon.

Colin Watson

  • Finished grub2 merge.
  • Fixed d-i build failures following switch to eglibc 2.11.
  • Fixed partman-base #507059 (infinite loop; regression from performance work).
  • ubiquity fixes for frozen choices (another regression from performance work).
  • Reviewed and merged Kees' openssh patch to add DebianBanner configuration option (Debian #562048).

  • foundations-lucid-reliable-device-id-in-grub:
    • Resurrected some old work on removing grub-installer's reliance on device.map, using grub-probe etc.
    • Resurrected old work on storing grub-pc/install_devices as persistent by-id device names. Sent to Debian for feedback; rewarded by being given commit access, so apparently I get to decide for myself. I'd like to see how it works with dmraid before committing.
  • TB meeting (chaired).

Evan Dandrea

  • Added support to ubiquity for generating AppArmor's cache to speed up the first boot.

  • Released a new ubiquity-slideshow, which now has a Kubuntu variant, thanks to Roman and Dylan. Added the Kubuntu slideshow to the seeds.
  • Fixed use of printf in casper that was preventing GDM from starting properly.
  • Added xkb-data-i18n to the pkgbinarymangler striptranslations blacklist on the advice of pitti.
  • Arranged Pycon attendance.
  • Briefly chatted with David Bensimon about him taking on a bug contact role for usb-creator, and helping in testing Wubi. Had some further chats with him on particular usb-creator issues.
  • Fixed a small bug in ubiquity's new network configuration copying code that was breaking automated installs.
  • Tested and committed a patch from Colin for handling plymouth in ubiquity's display manager.
  • Brought the KDE frontend's slideshow handling into line with the GTK frontend.
  • Worked on merging Debian's console-setup translation code into Ubuntu console-setup and ubiquity. Done and waiting for a merge review.
  • CD testing. Ran into bug 506996.
  • Ran into a number of odd resets shortly after initial boot, and then X failing to start up properly. Martin pointed me at the fix, but it ate up a good chunk of the morning.
  • Added some initial review to the ubiquity design document.
  • Built and uploaded a new Wubi as we haven't had any on the Lucid CDs yet.
  • Finished the "remove oem-config on successful completion" work item.
  • Fire-fighting bug 506585 (deleting a partition in ubiquity doesn't work) with Colin.
  • Call with Colin and OEM services to discuss foundations-lucid-oem-dvd-iso.

Gary Lasker

Software Center

  • Finished code to maintain app selection for all
    • cases when the list view is refreshed. Some misc small fixes. Branch reviewed by mvo and merged.
  • Working on additional performance and user experience
    • improvements for app reselect.
  • Some bug work and triage.
  • Weekly call with mvo and mpt.


  • Time allocation: Platform 70%, OEM 30%.
  • OEM engineering meeting.
  • Foundations team meeting.

James Westby

Loïc Minier


  • Discussed/spec-ed pbuilder profile support with Osamu Aoki on the pbuilder list
  • Sent patch to fix mk-build-deps -i with aptitude
  • After a system hang while upgrading libc6, my laptop wouldn't boot; as a result I went to check debsums for all installed packages and noticed that one was broken and a bunch were missing; fixed all packages installed on my system to have correct debsums: dput, debian-archive-keyring, bzip2, bogofilter (was actually fixed in Debian; did some other fixes in Ubuntu too which were also done in Debian), mawk, liblockfile, lockfile-progs, update-inetd (was actually fixed but blocked on a main promotion of a build-dep), gnome-pilot
  • MIRs: poked psycopg2 MIR issue with respect to running the testsuite, green flag on edje, ctdb, took a look at libplist + usbmuxd + libiphone
  • Triaged some pbuilder, flumotion, bzip2 bugs
  • Researched fixing MAIL= handling in sudo (LP #507934)
  • MIRs: ctdb, looked into psycopg2 testsuite issue, green-flagged edje, looked at libplist + usbmuxd + libiphone
  • Some bug triaging on flumotion, pbuilder, bzip2
  • Researched how to fix handling of MAIL= in sudo (LP #507934)
  • Reviewed + uploaded indicator-me
  • Fix install-info trigger transition warning in readline5
  • Solid work on pkg-create-dbgsym to avoid some warnings during all builds using it, and to run the testsuite during build (much more work than I anticipated -- had to patch pkgbinarymangler too)


  • Worked quite a bit on fixing + sanity checking the new uboot image generation script for imx51 which ogra provided me with
  • Reviewed proposed rootstock changes from Robert Nelson
  • Fixed ffmpeg build with lucid toolchain and greatly improved features detection: now the VFP flavour will only be built if the toolchain doesn't enable VFP by default, same for NEON

Matthias Klose

Michael Vogt


  • work on ratings&reviews (lp:~mvo/software-center/reviews)

  • added login/submit support with launchpadlib/gtk and add utils/submit_review.py that can log into launchpad without the need for a browser and proper threading etc (took a bit)
  • talk to Debian about review db sharing
  • work on fix for #486474, update SRU insruction, upload to karmic-proposed
  • debug/fix crash in delete_event handler
  • fix crash in threading code, upload new version, properly fix removal warning (needs latest python-apt)
  • debug/fix software-center app-reselect scrolling bug
  • review/merge lp:~gary-lasker/software-center/app-reselect
  • code cleanup (use Application object all the time)
  • fix race condition in JS injection in wkwidget
  • hide reviews when no package is available
  • discuss sub-category design (likely to change)


  • bug triage/fixing, prepare new version

apt and friends

  • debian branch review
  • python-apt: fix low-level DepTypes API, add some missing contants, add DepTypeEnum

  • Synaptic: fix ftbfs with gcc-4.5
  • Unattended-upgrades: updated for lucid, add Automatic-Removal flag
  • Unattended-upgrades: bugfixing, add conffile_prompt tests
  • Unattended-upgrades: backport fixes to hardy, upload to ppa:~mvo/unattended-upgrades


  • add /bin/static-shell to busybox-static
  • add static-sh support to sulogin (sysvutils)
  • push seed changes to lp:~mvo/ubuntu-seeds/platform.lucid
  • booting with init=/bin/static-sh for super emergency works (not uploaded yet because of alpha-2)


  • Command-not-found: data update/review, bug triage/fixing
  • Apt-ddtp: updated, upload to lucid (alpha-2)
  • Friendly-recovery fix xfix option
  • talk with TeTeT about upgrade system design
  • Ubuntu-weatherreport: updated branch for new auto-upgrade tester location and submit patch
  • debi: review/merge code from DktrKranz

  • Python: debug failure with pycentral and python-pyatspi (#507842), fix pycentral, upload

Scott James Remnant

On Leave last week.

Steve Langasek

Release management

  • alpha 2
  • preparations for Ubuntu 8.04.4



  • mountall: fix an unlikely race condition (bug #506902)
  • follow through on plymouth/cryptsetup integration, fixing the problem that was causing plymouth to never display any text (bug #496765)


  • mountall (bug #503212, bug #505748, bug #505530)

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