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  • Lightning Round
    • 2-4 sentences on current work/roadblocks
  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Outstanding feature freeze exceptions
  • Milestoned bugs

  • Targeted bugs

  • Sponsorship queue

  • Any business from activity reports
  • Good news
  • Reminder for release meeting, if due this week
  • AOB

Lightning Round

Scott James Remnant

I've been working (shockingly) on boot performance all week as you may have seen, we're getting very close 10.83s is the lowest number so far Smile :-)

Loïc Minier

Focus on fixing various issues with ARM related tools; killed a bunch of FTBFSes

Gary Lasker

Finished up presentation of individual sofware sources feature in Software Center, it's landed. Now working on back/forward navigation feature, making good progress. Working to get it ready to go for FF. Also working on two bugs for s-c tagged for alpha-3.

Evan Dandrea

Adding some polish to the installer at the design team's request, unbreaking things after the plugins conversion, working through some finer points of the installer design specification (gtk doesn't make my life easy - need to write a new layout widget), trying to sort out shoving usb-creator inside wubi per a request from Mark, looking for bugs to fix before I head to Pycon tomorrow.

Michael Vogt

working on software-center ratings&reviews, wrote prototype django backend server (now that we know that launchpad will not be used), in discussions how to do authentication, moderation etc updating python-apt, apt

James Westby

Yay for feature freeze writing features, fixing bugs, merging code, talking to LP developers

Outstanding actions from last meeting


Feature freeze exceptions

From last week:

Chair for next meeting

  • Gary Lasker

Activity reports

Barry Warsaw

Colin Watson

Evan Dandrea

  • Short week; travel from Lucid sprint on Monday.
  • Tracked down why automation was failing on the latest daily-live

CDs for Scott and fixed as dhcp3 3.1.3-2ubuntu2.

  • Fixed casper to properly shut down debconf-communicate by ensuring

that its fds get closed, rather than killing the process.

  • Beat the slideshow into shape. Added some code to simplify merging

new translations from launchpad, fixed some errors and removed unnecessary dependencies after a discussion with Dylan.

  • Lots of work on the plugins conversion branch of ubiquity. Nearly

ready to be merged.

  • Fixed some small bugs in ubiquity.
  • Added multiple breakpoint functionality to casper.

Gary Lasker

James Westby

Distributed Development

  • Worked on bzr-builddeb features and uploaded to lucid (thanks
    • Jelmer). - bzr dh_make to allow you to start a new package with no hassle. - bzip2 support in v3 packages. Still incomplete v3 support due to
      • multiple upstream tarballs not mapping well to bzr.
      - Merged in a bunch of branches from other people, thanks.
  • Debugging a bunch of failures to import.
    • - Now under 500 failures from more than 700.


  • Meeting with noodles about build from branch/recipe UI. Discussed
    • his mockups and decided on a path to move us forward. Further discussions planned.


  • Archive admin duty.
  • A little sponsoring.

Loïc Minier

  • enabled RTC in linux/versatile config as to fix fsck from starting on each boot
  • disabled drivers which couldn't build in linux/versatile and that I had erroneously enabled
  • made some linux/versatile drivers builtins as these are always loaded on versatile
  • suggested additional patches to complete modules.builtin fsl-imx51 backport
  • suggested cdimage crontab fixes for ubuntu-netbook ports daily-live image
  • researched and provided solution for dove power button events not being correctly sent by the kernel
  • tested lucid's linux-image-versatile binaries under qemu (work \o/)
  • reproduced and filed a couple of annoying qemu issues: LP #520465, LP #520480
  • wrote qemu patch to use GCC atomic builtins for locking; helps build on armel where swp isn't available in thumb(2) mode
  • wrote qemu patch to implement a stub for pselect6() to avoid the console getting spammed by "qemu: Unsupported syscall: 335" when installing packages under qemu-arm, that was slowing down installation a lot and made debugging of dpkg errors impossible in many cases
  • reworked cairo's build to allow two udebs (one for xorg and another one with directfb), but that might turn out to be useless in the end
  • fixed parsing of XS-PV and debian/pyversions in pycentral; thanks mvo for handling of comments in control too
  • reworked the kexec packaging and merged against latest Debian upload, and merged some additional commits to fix build and usage under arm (notably armv7 uname handling); tested kexec support under versatile (doesn't work, but at least gets to the point that the system reboots into the new kernel, so probably not a kexec issue)
  • gathered feedback on versatile udebs and meta packages
  • chased and resolved FTBFSes: zshdb, git-buildpackage, valgrind (see below), apr *.la files issue (causing a bunch of FTBFSes), cdebconf (cherry-picked upstream gtk+2.0 patch)
  • reworked valgrind package; the package didn't build in lucid, didn't work either, and upstream had added armel support; took a new snapshot and fixed a gazillion of packaging weirdnesses
  • fixed qemu-kvm upgrade issue exposed by the renaming of the -static flavour

Matthias Klose

Was on leave last week.

Michael Vogt


  • work on stepmaker based gui upgrade test (lp:~mvo/autotest/gui-upgrades)
  • Report/fix firefox-branding upgrade error (#518747)
  • Report network-manager upgrade problem (#518760)
  • debug/fix brltty upgrade conffile prompt (#518775)
  • Create a bunch update-manager bugs from marks feedback and target them
  • detect auto installed packages and remove from demotion list, show only non-auto packages as bold in upgrade confirmation dialog
  • review upgrade test data
  • add python-desktopcouch to post-upgrade test blacklist (needs gnome-keyring)
  • improve result publishing
  • Debug/fix nm-applet upgrade bug #518760 (lp:~mvo/network-manager-applet/fix-518760)
  • Debug upgrade failures, turns out to be a failure to bring up /etc/network/interfaces (send evan fixed it already Smile :)

  • Add stepmaker 8.04 upgrade ui and file a bunch of bugreports (8.04 -> 10.04 - not in good shape)

  • Work on setup of the auto-upgrade-tester in the DC (Chris Jones is my hero)
  • speedup cleanup phase
  • improve space required caclulcation,
  • work on ubuntu-support-status code
  • Work on desktop-lucid-update-upgrade-requirements (check-new-release-gtk) - not finished yet


  • review/merge debian branch
  • review/merge debian and rtl-fixes branch
  • merge spinner branch
  • review/merge software-center branch from nzmm
  • Review/fix-conflicts/merge software-center sourcesview branch to lp:~mvo/software-center/sourcesview
  • Work on lp:~mvo/software-center/sourcesview, fix bug in db generation
  • Update aptdaemon branch
  • Port software-center to new removal API and fix bug in aptdaemon along the way
  • discuss OAuth design for reviews


  • Review/sponsor vte upload
  • Review/sponsor compiz,metacity,mutter uploads


  • Apt-ddtp update
  • Improve apt-ddtp-tools scripts to utilize the bzr tree of ddtp-ubuntu (improve the process a lot)
  • Fight with bzr (#519769)
  • Work with tkamppeter on hplip firmware integration (needs support in u-n)
  • work on dbus listener for hplip & friends

  • Launchpad-integreation: fixes with bzr-builddeb and sponsoring upload
  • Debug/fix cpu bottleneck in synapitc (#387297) and upload to lucid
  • Review/merge gdebi patch, talk with DktzKranz about debian merge

  • Review ubumirror script and prepare sponsoring

Scott James Remnant

  • Couple of days of leave due to travelling back from Portland, and getting laundry done, etc.
  • Lots of catching up on e-mail and especially bugs.
  • Updated udev to 151-1
    • Firmware helper moved from shell script to C, had to do a brown paper bag due to a missed reference in the initramfs hook
  • Updated util-linux to 2.17
    • Merged back with Debian, out delta remains very small (yay co-operative maintenance)
  • Updated e2fsprogs to GIT HEAD
    • Typically a 1.41.10 release came out the next day or something
  • Netbook install testing; using the approach of installing from the desktop then adding the netbook package ontop

Steve Langasek

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