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  • Lightning Round
    • 2-4 sentences on current work/roadblocks
  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Outstanding feature freeze exceptions
  • Milestoned bugs

  • Targeted bugs

  • Sponsorship queue

  • Any business from activity reports
  • Good news
  • Reminder for release meeting, if due this week
  • AOB

Lightning Round

Scott James Remnant

Boot speed, boot speed, boot speed. Going to tackle Plymouth for the rest of this week.

Loïc Minier

Mostly more FTBFSes and qemu and/or ARM versatile work; some reviews and some ARM porting; now I need to document how this all fits together

Gary Lasker

Spent beginning of this week working on bug fixes for Software Center. Fixed alpha-3 targeted bugs LP: #496058 and LP: #523420. These plus four other bug fixes released Tuesday with version 1.1.13. Now I am back to finishing up the back/forward navigation feature.

Evan Dandrea

Seeing how solvable this install restricted extras as part of ubiquity is at this point in the release, writing some components of the new installer ui between activities to flesh out potential issues with the design, getting caught up on the pile of installer bugs, rewriting the installer's plugin orderer, catching up on email since Pycon.

Michael Vogt

bugfixing for alpha-3, work on ratings&reviews django server (plus auth against ubuntu SSO), some apt updates, auto-upgrade test setup in DC I may require a python-apt FFe

James Westby

fixing bugs, package importer work and allowing more people to fiddle with it. moving on to do some work that the LP need for building from branches.

Steve Langasek

alpha 3 all week NBS is down a bit from where it was, as is component-mismatches if you do an MIR for a package, don't forget to take care of its dependency tree Smile :)

Colin Watson

done: holiday; firefighting for alpha-3; more gfxboot-update integration blocked: design feedback for gfxboot-update: need icon representation of "press any key", and greeter styling todo: console-setup -> upstart and quite possibly some kernel fixes, to fix plymouth interaction problems; tail-end of fix-iscsi-root oh and also done, most of the work required to migrate to parted 2.1, awaiting FFe

Matthias Klose

Barry Warsaw

Outstanding actions from last meeting


Feature freeze exceptions

Notes from previous weeks:

This week:

  • <cjwatson> done: most of the work required to migrate to parted 2.1, awaiting FFe

  • <mvo> I may require a python-apt FFe

  • <tremolux> one small feature, back/forward navigation: foundations-lucid-software-center-ui-improvements

  • <ev> I may have one, for adding functionality to the installer to download and install ubuntu-restricted-extras (including running the decss script), as mentioned in the lightning round

  • <cjwatson> as noted in the lightning round, I'm still concerned about the gfxboot-update work

    • but am doing more or less everything in my power about that
  • <james_w> I probably have minor one for bzr-builddeb for something that is probably a feature, even though it fixes a bug Smile :-)

Chair for next meeting

  • Steve Langasek

Activity reports

Barry Warsaw

  • Pycon Smile :)

Colin Watson

(on leave last week, this report is for week ending 2/12)

  • foundations-lucid-ubiquity-partitioner-optimisation:
    • Cached output of resizing tools.
    • Profiled parted_sync_server experiment; negligible difference, so discarded.
    • Cached output of os-prober and linux-boot-prober.
    • Optimised away calls to method, mountpoint, and free_space partman scripts.
    • Cached question descriptions in partman plugin.
    • Now within target time; done!
  • Some openssh patch review.
  • Sponsorship:
    • docbook2x #514877.
    • ttf-sil-scheherazade #517297.
    • geronimo-jta-1.0.1b-spec #512430.
  • Caught up on DMB minutes and actions.
  • TB meeting.
  • foundations-lucid-support-timeframe-information:
    • Added statistics to update-manager-support-status.
  • foundations-lucid-gfxboot-update:
    • Added bullet-proof-x support to ubiquity-dm.
    • Integrated greeter code from Cody Russell.
  • Integrated multipath-tools patch from Intel (#520309).
  • Merged: debhelper, dpkg

Evan Dandrea

  • Finished the conversion of the last remaining ubiquity components to plugins.
  • Fixed some small bugs in ubiquity-dm, and some bugs that fell out of the plugins conversion.
  • Reviewed a small patch from mbp to usb-creator.
  • No longer fullscreen ubiquity when launched from "Install Ubuntu" on the boot menu, as requested by the design team.
  • Fixed display of partman and others when in oem-config.
  • Taught oem-config to install langpacks for the locale selected.
  • Wrote a testimonial for Dylan and helped him with issues around the mobile slideshow.
  • Added as-you-type validation to the user-setup component.

Gary Lasker

James Westby

Distributed Development

  • Started to fix some bugs in bzr-builddeb.
  • Merged some fixes from John for the importer. Thanks to him we are now below 400 failures.
  • Had a call with jml about recipes.
  • Updated some work item statuses to reflect reality.
  • Worked with IS to allow more people to control the importer. Thanks agy.


  • Belatedly enabled kerneloops again.
  • Archive admin duty.
  • A little sponsoring.

Loïc Minier


  • various small fixes to ubumirror, moved the Vcs around
  • reviewed ubuntu-dev-scripts edit-patch
  • filed an old expense
  • prepared a cubic meter of boxes to ship around with ARM hardware Smile :-)

  • chased adding valgrind to Packages-arch-specific for a good while, in Debian, and then in Ubuntu; documented the current process on wiki.u.c/Packages-arch-specific
  • poked FTBFSes further, requested cdebconf sync to fix cdeconf-terminal build-deps; looked into first user-mode-linux FTBFSes (empty linux-source package); requested xprint sync to fix some FTBFS
  • requested more versatile kernel packages tweaks to support installer properly: linux-versatile meta and udebs; thanks to apw for taking care of these!
  • uploded qemu-kvm pselect() support patch as well as the GCC atomic builtins patch since it passed basic testing
  • uploaded qemu-kvm with support with "credentials yes" for qemu-arm-static binfmt: allows running suid apps such as sudo under qemu-arm chroots; thanks cjwatson for merging my binfmt-support changes
  • upstreamed all current Debian/Ubuntu valgrind patches; all code changes merged upstream now \o/
  • chased valgrind doc build issue; got a workaround now, need to reupload a valgrind snapshot with docs, but waiting for some ARM fixes to land
  • upstreamed GCC atomic builtins qemu patch (+ volatile spinlock_t)
  • triaged some valgrind Ubuntu bugs

Matthias Klose

  • working on ARM bug fixes in the toolchain
  • update to OpenJDK 6b18, IcedTea and package build fixes

  • some Python bug triage
  • Traveling to PyCon, Python Language Summit, PyCon

Michael Vogt


  • wrote ratings&reviews server prototype (lp:~mvo/+junk/reviews.django) now that we know that we can not use LP directly

  • make lp:~mvo/software-center/reviews work with the new server
  • calls/coordination on how the server should work
  • review sourcesview branch
  • use gtkspinner instead of progress bar in reviews code
  • review/merge sourcesview branch
  • add SCPkgname xml filter
  • reviews discussion with ubuntuone
  • push server code to lp:~rnr-developers/rnr-server/trunk
  • work on channelsview
  • add abstractions/cleanup
  • add "XB-Softwarecenter-Appname" support for PPAs
  • add "Featured" section
  • headache about fixed_height mode (or the lack of it) - the center is sluggish without it and my upstream patch got no feedback so far
  • look into ubuntu SSO API/ubuntuone API


  • Work on kvm auto-upgrade-test setup in the DC
  • fix crash in hardy->lucid cleanup stage

  • fix bug in result publishing in the auto-upgrade

apt & friends

  • review/merge python-apt debian-sid branch, bugfixes in compat code
  • Debug apt configuration problem in buildd/pbuilder and upload new
    • util-linux that should fix the bug
  • Apt merges (merge from lp:~mvo/apt/debian-sid, lp:~mvo/apt/mvo)
  • Merge synaptic fixes from jibls (my hero this week)
  • Review/merge apt patch from lifeless (thanks), took a bit because bzr was giving me a hard time (#523703)
  • dd abicheck/ code that make testing for accidental abi breaks trivial (*happy*)


  • work on lp:~mvo/+junk/edit-patch
  • Commit edit-patch to lp:~ubuntu-dev/ubuntu-dev-tools/trunk
  • upload new squid-deb-proxy that contains squid-deb-proxy-client with auto proxy configuration


  • Review/sponsor ubumirror package (foundations-lucid-local-repository-support)
  • Test/review/sponsor aptitude #391035 (and submit upstream)

Scott James Remnant

  • Fixing daily bootcharts, and updating to use unity session difficulties actually getting unity to work
    • traced to very strange "cache" behaviour of the user's preferred session in gdm and fixed
  • Re-architectured daily scripts to support multiple images
  • Re-did netbook tests by installing netbook images instead
  • Lots more catching up on bugs and doing triage
  • Finally almost caught up on bugs e-mail
  • Updated e2fsprogs to 1.14.10
  • Uploaded ifupdown to use -n on initctl emit
    • fixes issues with "on net-device-up" combined with another event
    • helps boot time too
  • Fixed mountall to create /dev/console and /dev/null after mounting something over top of /dev
  • also switched to copying /lib/udev/devices again instead of using MAKEDEV in the devtmpfs case
  • Updated rsyslog to drop the dd job and read from /proc/kmsg directly
  • Uploaded initramfs-tools with moved blacklist job
  • Uploaded udev that depends on moved blacklist
  • udev upstream fix for buffer
  • include in udevadm monitor too
  • merge into ours
  • call from udev bridge
  • In bed with Flu thursday/friday Sad :-(

Steve Langasek

Release management

  • Feature Freeze
  • prep for alpha 3


  • ifupdown (bug #497299)
  • cryptsetup: doesn't need 'console output' anymore
  • libdrm: move libs to /lib for plymouth
  • mysql-dfsg-5.1: no-change upload to follow through on the
  • libmysqlclient16 debacle
  • lvm2: move .so to /usr/lib, to fix cryptsetup FTBFS
  • pam: merge from Debian
  • opensc: fix for pcsclite
  • kexec-tools (misuse of debconf, bug #518853)
  • add an apport hook to plymouth
  • bridge-utils, ifenslave-2.6: upstart support


  • upstart (bug #524484)
  • cloud-init


  • archive admin duties

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