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  • Lightning Round
    • 2-4 sentences on current work/roadblocks
  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Outstanding feature freeze exceptions
  • Milestoned bugs

  • Targeted bugs

  • Sponsorship queue

  • Any business from activity reports
  • Good news
  • Reminder for release meeting, if due this week
  • AOB

Lightning Round

Scott James Remnant

Battling with the kernel VT layer, Plymouth has swapped sides at least twice but I think it's on our side now and we're winning. It's truly amazing the number of invalid states you can put the kernel in

Gary Lasker

Back/forward navigation history feature for Software Center is landed, woo! Refactored PPAs/channel view code, it's cleaner and much easier to use. Added partner channel support in channel views. Fixed lots of bugs this week, emphasis on bugfixes needed before UI freeze.

Evan Dandrea

fixing language page when in oem-config mode, moving intro page contents into the language page (and making translatable), fixing a bug in usb-creator thats breaking bootloader installation, hunting down a bug in the slideshow/webkit (hitting a security check in the latest webkit), removing the partition page progress dialogs per discussion in 336751, adding a progress message for wiping swap in the installer when using encrypted home blocked on legal for the restricted-extras page.

Michael Vogt

worked on software-center (plus django rnr-server), update-manager and upgrade testing, some a3 data updates (like command-not-found, app-install-data)

James Westby

Tackling bzr-builddeb and import failures, and working with LP on building from branches directly. Going to be working on getting all my code in Ubuntu ready for release.

Steve Langasek

following through on the team merge for ubuntu-release and motu-release this week opportunistically converting the Debian Samba team to be bzr fans working on getting casper to talk to plymouth

Colin Watson

done: landed rest of foundations-lucid-gfxboot-update; landed parted 2.1; playing with 3.0 (quilt) source format, mostly liking it; made grub-probe filesystem queries about 10 times faster blocked: nothing todo: take advantage of parted 2.1 to set up proper partition alignment; get back to beating on the kernel for console-setup/upstart

Barry Warsaw

Returned from Pycon on Friday. Worked on Ratings and Reviews server; soon to have another branch for merging. Completed second and third drafts of PEP 3147 (PYC Repository Directories); probably ready for BDFL pronouncement and implementation. Released Python 2.6.5rc1. Not blocked.

Outstanding actions from last meeting


Feature freeze exceptions

Notes from previous weeks:

This week:

  • <mvo> I will add one for the new python-apt and for ratings&reviews

  • <cjwatson> both of my freeze exceptions from last week are done

  • <cjwatson> I actually want to upgrade to parted 2.2, but I think that's essentially a bug-fix release - the only "new feature" in NEWS is more appropriately classified as a bug fix IMO Smile :-)

  • <cjwatson> (sane default alignment instead of NULL when disk topology info is incomplete)

Chair for next meeting

  • Barry Warsaw

Activity reports

Scott James Remnant

  • In bed with Flu monday/tuesday Sad :-(

  • Fixed the rsyslog 100% CPU issue; due to the design of rsyslogd it wasn't possible to have it refuse to drop permissions, instead I had to make it disable the klog plugin if a zero-byte read() returned -EPERM
  • Patched Upstart to mount /proc and /sys itself on boot, solving all the annoying issues where things like mountall and ureadahead need it
  • usb-modeswitch discussion
  • Helping OEM team out with issues related to Plymouth
  • Been working on Plymouth's VT issues, and trying to understand the complex interplay between the X server and Plymouth (which both use KD_GRAPHICS and VT_PROCESS). I understand now, and it's a SMOP (which I'm going to have to do)

Evan Dandrea

  • Short week; travel on Monday and Tuesday morning from Pycon.
  • Fixed LP: #527932, #524827, #526581, and some more ubiquity bugs.
  • More work on new installer design automatic partitioner widgets.
  • Moved the slideshow translation code to po4a as html2po is no longer provided in Debian.
  • Changed the packaging of the slideshow so that each installer slideshow package provides ubiquity-slideshow and also conflicts and replaces on it, allowing only one installer slideshow package installed at once. Moved all slideshow files to /usr/share/ubiquity-slideshow and updated ubiquity to reflect this. This allows derivatives to create their own slideshows without us having to hard code their paths in ubiquity.
  • Updated slideshow translations, pruned a suspicious URL (LP: #528465), released a new slideshow package, and updated all interested parties on the aforementioned changes.

Colin Watson

  • Another fix for gfxboot handling of Hebrew (#212491).
  • foundations-lucid-gfxboot-update:
    • Merged Cody's language selector for ubiquity-greeter-gtk, and dealt with integration.
  • Switched to automatic LP git import of packages-arch-specific.
  • Did most of the migration to parted 2.1. One or two pieces remain.
  • Fixed up grub2 integration in memtest86+ (#435153).
  • Fixed desktop icon handling in example-content (#458250).
  • Tackled most of #526422 ("Grub installer asks too many questions to the user", actually a messy image assembly problem).
  • Tried to stop update-notifier from popping up during the live session. I think I mostly managed it, although Dave Morley still reports some problems.
  • Fixed corrupted text display in d-i (#526391).
  • Various other bits of installer bug firefighting for alpha-3, e.g. migration-assistant ordering (#524993), a regression from the plugin migration (#524169), a crash on non-resizable partitions (#527057), and some KDE frontend fixes (#527457, #527468).
  • TB meeting.
  • Merged: debhelper

James Westby

Distributed Development

  • More debugging of failures from the importer. Lots more packages that people care about are now imported.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in bzr-builddeb.
  • Wrote some specs for LP developers to review concerning bzr-builder recipes that will allow them to implement something good based on them in LP. Positive feedback on my first drafts from them.


  • Archive admin duty
  • Sponsoring

Michael Vogt


  • review/merge lp:~gary-lasker/software-center/lp496058 (many thanks!)
  • debug/fix aptdaemon backend interaction
  • fix update progress reporting (#514861)
  • setup doc translation infrastrcutre based on po4a (#439353)
  • work on a11y (#526384)
  • ubuntu-sso research
  • add a bunch of rnr-server tests
  • use SlugFields more in rnr-server

  • add test for moderation feature
  • work on package verification in reviews django app
  • add report_abuse code and write tests for it
  • work on moderation code in the rnr-server
  • discuss with nzmm clever ways to overcome the treeview slowness
  • fix crash in AnimatedImage

  • work on lp:~mvo/s-c/fastapp
  • atk.Component stub implementation
  • report-inappropriate client feature
  • make report-abuse work (client + server)


  • automatically create diff on conffile prompt
  • fail the test if conffile prompts are found
  • Work on auto-upgrader tester setup on pommerac
  • fix crash when /home is not present
  • fixes: #463506, #518856, fix in component-inconsitency detection



  • Synaptic merges (from jibell)
  • fix backgrounding problem (#486222)


  • Review ubumirror changes

Barry Warsaw

This week, after returning from Pycon, I worked on the ratings and reviews Django server for Software Center. I also worked on PEP 3147 (PYC Repository Directories) which is almost ready for BDFL pronouncement, followed by implementation work. I also released Python 2.6.5rc1, with a final release slated for March 15.

Matthias Klose

  • PyCon sprints, will followup later

  • llvm/clang updates, will follow up with upstream updates until the 2.7 release after getting a freeze exception.
  • eglibc, gdb, oprofile, newlib merges
  • GCC update for ARM.

Gary Lasker

  • Concentrated on bug fixes/bug triage for software-center this week
    • Fixed alpha-3 targeted bugs LP: #496058 and LP: #523420
    • Fixed ten or so other bugs, a couple with many duplicates
  • OEM tasks
  • OEM, Foundations team weekly meetings
  • Next week: Finish up back/forward navigation feature, continue bug work

Steve Langasek

Release management

  • alpha 3
    • metapackage, d-i uploads



  • nfs-utils: start on new 'mounting' signal instead of obsolete 'mount' signal;

but this seems to have gone wrong and may need reverted

  • slang2: drop a non-main build-dep
  • samba: transition to upstart to finally fix 523868

  • liblog-log4perl-perl: drop unneeded build-deps from universe, so this can be MIRed easily
  • ifupdown: SRU to close out 497299

  • initramfs-tools: fix hibernate support (499940)


  • archive admin duties

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