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Lightning round order

   1 from random import shuffle
   2 team = [
   3     'Keybuk',
   4     'barry',
   5     'cjwatson',
   6     'doko',
   7     'ev',
   8     'james_w',
   9     'lool',
  10     'mvo',
  11     'slangasek',
  12     'tremolux',
  13     ]
  14 order = team[:]
  15 shuffle(order)
  16 print ', '.join(order)



  • Lightning Round
    • 2-4 sentences on current work/roadblocks
  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Outstanding feature freeze exceptions
  • Farming out tasks that aren't being handled
  • Sponsorship queue

  • Any business from activity reports
  • Good news
  • AOB

Outstanding actions from last meeting

Actions from this meeting

Chair for next meeting

Activity reports

Barry Warsaw

  • computer janitor dbus refactoring; ready for review
  • python-argparse MIR and 1.1 update
  • ratings and reviews server for software center
  • update-manager bug 537250
  • review of doko's pycompile patch for 2.7 and 3.2
  • pep 3147 work - first simple support for pycache working! (lp:~barry/python/pep3147)

  • prep for python 2.6.5 final (due out on friday)

Colin Watson

  • Sponsorship:
    • vim #509900.
    • hostname #523588.
    • emacs23 #444094.
  • Migrated to parted 2.2, in both Debian experimental and Lucid. (Awaiting Debian release team approval before putting it into Debian unstable; looks like it could take a while.) Based on this, arranged for partman to use optimal alignment constraints when creating new partitions or maximising an extended partition (#530071).
  • Fixed grub-installer partition offset handling for GRUB Legacy.
  • Tried a hardy->lucid upgrade, and fixed a couple of bugs that showed up, including a messy libc6/findutils/dpkg dependency loop which I avoided in findutils.

  • Upgraded to grub2 1.98.
  • Fixed klibc (#534281) and libtommath (#534293) build failures.
  • dpkg performance/reliability/security backports (#442114, #512096, #532445). (The fsync change turned out to regress performance; discussing upstream.)
  • Various ubiquity bug-fixes (#531864, #535630, some small unfiled ones).
  • Ported console-setup to udev/upstart (#524439). This included extending loadkeys to try to find a non-raw-mode console by itself.
  • Updated installation-guide for Lucid (#501572, #415469, #496554).
  • Fixed an infinite loop in blkid (#528073).

Evan Dandrea

  • Fixed a bug in usb-creator that surfaced with the move to parted2.1.
  • Brought back the resize progress dialog in ubiquity that went away when we hid all progress dialogs on the automatic partitioning page.
  • Made the strings for the keyboard query widget translatable.
  • Fixed the focus grab on the next button on ubiquity startup.
  • Hunted down bug 534473 (apt-setup selecting the wrong CD mountpoint), thanks to sabdfl lending me his usb disk.
  • Looked into a bug for bigjools that turned out to be 528667.
  • Michael Forrest is working on a simplified version of usb-creator for Mac, but separate from the usb-creator codebase. Helped him with that a bit.
  • Created a new LabelledEntry subclass of GtkEntry to provide hints on the user setup page. Freeze exception request filed as bug 537986.

  • Working with Michael, Ken, and Otto to get the time zone map updated and fixed around India.
  • Imported translations from gnome-panel to let us strip the seconds from the time zone map time. Freeze exception request filed as bug 538156.
  • Created a password strength meter for the user setup page. Freeze exception request filed as bug 537995.
  • Fixed the bug whereby we weren't setting the language for the live environment when exiting ubiquity.
  • Fixed some small bugs in ubiquity (thanks pycheck).
  • Worked on moving the partition bars on the automatic partitioning page to sit directly under the option they reflect. Still a work in progress.

Gary Lasker

  • Was pulled in for OEM tasks for much of the week:
    • Time allocation: 80% OEM, 20% platform
  • Software Center
    • Bug work, triage, fixes
    • Cleaned up some fixme's in partner channel code
    • Weekly call with mvo and mpt

James Westby

Distributed Development

  • Quiet on the bugfixing front, there seem to be few problems that people are hitting currently.
  • Got the latest code in to lucid (thanks Jelmer).
  • Have a couple of branches to merge.


  • A chunk of sponsoring.
  • Launchpad hacking to fix a few important issues for us.
  • Spoke with Jos about opportunities on the server.
  • Archive admin duty.

Loïc Minier

Matthias Klose

  • two new lucid test installations
  • llvm, clang, llvm-gcc-4.2 updates from the 2.7 branch
  • again, some toolchain updates, too many test builds
  • openjdk update to the icedtea6 trunk; will become the 1.8 release; volunteered as 1.8 release manager.
  • python bug triage
  • python bug fixes and updates in preparation for the coming subminor release 2.6.5 and 3.1.2.

Michael Vogt


  • work on ec2 rnr instance (setup, debug failures)
  • upload reviews branch into software-center PPA and make it work against reviews ec2 instance
  • add gnome-app-install transitional package
  • work on review-stats branch (lp:~mvo/rnr-server/reviews-stats)
  • Prepare ratings&reviews call

  • upload new version with new theme and notifiy ubuntu-docs
  • cherry-pick progress bar improvements from michaelforrest (thanks!)


  • debug/fix #415026 (fold do-release-upgrade --check and check-release-upgrade into the same program)
  • work on "do-release-upgrade"
  • test upgrade on real HW
  • document "nomodeset" kernel cmdline workaround in ubuntu wiki
  • analyize failure
  • Debug/report i830 based graphics failure #534375
  • move XF86Config-4 away on upgrade (really really outdated)
  • merge fixes from Wesley Schwengl (thanks)
  • import updated translations from rosetta
  • Debug/fix(?) update-manager/apport issue #369951


  • Apt: add "oldlibs" to Apt::Never-Mark-AutoRemove

  • review/sponsor SRU for python-apt (#531876) with persia
  • Python-apt: debug/fix FTBFS
  • look at download problem with > 4GB (#510543)

  • debug timeout failure (#517797)
  • Python-apt: review/merge latest debian-sid changes and upload to PPA
  • Python-apt: test new merge (in ppa:mvo/python-apt)
  • Apt: debug/fix #502641 (apt-get source version selection)
  • fixe three letter language codes
  • fix sudo/http_proxy interaction (#432631, #391409)


  • run app-install-data/command-not-found updates


  • comment on Mirrors RT #9459
  • Apturl: port from gtkhtml2 to webkit (part of lucid-depulication)
  • Kvm: ran into #531823 and test fix
  • Gdebi: new 0.6.0 version ready for lucid (fixes only)


  • Ubumirror: review/sponsor upload
  • Review/sponsor/upload app-install-data-partner package
  • Review/merge update-manager dpm, barry branches
  • Review/merge update-manager LTR fix
  • Review/sponsor computer-janitor UI fix (#536908)

Scott James Remnant

Steve Langasek

Release management

  • FFe processing
  • Preparations for beta-1


  • sync pinyin-database to get pinyin packages installable on DVD again
  • mass-rebuilds for NBS: libhdf5-openmpi-1.8.4, libhdf5-serial-1.8.4
  • transfig: FTBFS fix
  • x11-apps: fix conffile prompt on upgrade from hardy (518045)

  • handhold plymouth for soname change
  • plymouth bug triage in preparation for beta
  • fix casper to work with plymouth (506418; 500198)

  • tweak ruby-pkg-tools so it's suitable for MIR


  • archive admin duties
  • look into the Kashmir map question

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